[OOC]Return of the Dragon Tamers: The Plague of Ogual

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    • Welcome to Illos....
      Note: Only the accepted users on the list below may post in this thread, if you'd like to signup, please head on over to the signups and work on your CS there. Any non-accepted players' posts will be removed. Thankyou.

      Sign ups are now closed for chapter one.
      Please check in for more slots when chapter two opens.

      The following players are accepted and have claimed their dragons.
      Soulserenity20 ---- Merrik Tetra ----- Obsidian Nova, Nightmare Dragon
      Soulserenity20 -----Terria Tetra ----- Ataegana Kuu'iah, Lunar Dragon
      Soulserenity20 -----Avren Lebram ----- Viridian, Forest Dragon
      Rainjay -----Saira Rinien ----- Aerarya, Atmosphere Dragon
      Rainjay -----Illyria Rowena Renthir ----- Mirazh, Desert Dragon
      Firejay1 -----Narien Ki'ila ----- Angi, Arcane Dragon
      White -----Rèverie Gray ----- Celeste, Celestial Dragon
      Mowkie ----- Pomona Ayelet Muldell ----- Katla, Vanity Dragon
      Mowkie ----- Alder Balthazar Grey ----- Andraste, Valor Dragon
      Crimson77 ----- Xylia Kalei Iwalani ----- Deventh, Swamp Dragon
      Remaining Dragons are:

      The Following Dragons Are Out of Commission:
      +Orange (Solar) - Deceased

      Roleplay Website*: Click Here

      *Please note that the information on the website is largely a WIP. While the posted information is generally going to stay as is, the pages are constantly being updated and added to. (By constantly I mean as often as I can. ^_^)

      Link to the IC
      Let the Journey Begin

    • Link to Roleplay Info:
      Tamers Perk List (Not relevant as it stands since it's not up to date, but will soon be.)
      Illos Land and Settlement Page
      Tamers Information Page
      Beastiary (Forever a WIP)

      COMING SOON: Character asset List.

      Merrik's Thoughts on the Army:
      I first and foremost aim to fill the following ranks:
      1st Captain: my right hand tamer whom I will trust with all leadership in my stead should the times call for it.
      2nd Captain: one who will be a support to myself and my 1st captain.
      Scouts: those whose primary duty is to be our first line of offense and defense: observance
      Defenders: these tamers must be powerful protective mana users. A strong defensive wall against our enemies will be infinitely useful.
      Warriors: as with any army, all soldiers are to fight, but I will need a team with a powerful offense specifically to be send out to deal damage. These will have to be skilled in mana, but also very well trained with a weapon and as a team with their dragons.

      ASSIGNED RANKS: (Not to be confused with combat roles, as listed below)
      1st Captain: Goliath Atreus
      2nd Captain: Terria Tetra
      Scouts: Saira Rinien, Avren Libram, Aris Vaughn
      Defenders: Goliath Atreus, Narien Ki'ila, Dalaith Malai, Illyria Renthir,
      Warriors: Terria Tetra, Kalona Fischer, Requiem Mortalis, Reverie Gray, Aiko Vadarys, Aislin Whitely

      I've set out the following fighter classes to establish a means of arranging the army, each tamer must fall into one category of combat roles as a primary and one as a secondary:
      Offensive Mage
      Defensive Mage
      Offensive Non-mana Fighters
      Ambush Warriors

      So far, my thoughts are as such:
      +Goliath has proven himiself a valuable warrior and earned both my respect and confidence. He will be my 1st Captain without question. I trust him to keep the others safe in battle with or without me. He will double as a defensive mage, as his bonded ability has grown much stronger since his time in Kona Petl.
      +Avren has grown as a healer and has put effort into developing himself as a warrior. While I will continue to encourage him to grow as a warrior, his role will be that of a healer. He will work as an archer as well, should the need arise.
      +Saira has gained my confidence as she has shown her capability as a survivor, a soldier, and a friend to many in the order. She will serve as an archer, as this has been her strength, but I would double her as an offensive mage, given she continues to develop her elemental mana.
      +Kalona concerns me as she grows more and more ill. She holds a vast amount of potential as a mage but if this mark brings the end of her mana use, which I sometimes fear it will, she will need to serve as a spear-woman, for she works well with her weapon and is quick on her feet. I hope to maintain her in her role as an offensive mage and a defensive mage, but time will tell if such hopes will be for naught.
      + Dalaith continues to grow and develop her capability in fields of both mana and combat. Now that she has established a level of self-sufficiency with a weapon after her time spent at the Stallion tribe, I am more confident putting her in the front line as a mage. She must be able to defend herself if her mana fails and now, I feel she can do at least this. She will now serve as a defensive mage primarily, and an offensive mage secondarily.
      +Terria will serve as an offensive mage, as I originally planned. But we may need to pull her back at some point and use her to heal the wounded with Avren, for there are no others with any level of skill in the healing magicks.
      +Requiem has begun to show potential. His bonded ability has become well established after his time at Kona Petl and after some displays of aptitude in combat, I'm confident in placing him onto the battle field. I am most inclined to position him as an offensive mage and an offensive non-mana fighter.
      +Reverie has finally dealt with the disturbing issues she had previously displayed and grown to be a stronger mage because of it. I feel she can now work to gain aptitude with a blade, but I still am not confident in her combat abilities. She will play the role of a dragon warrior and fight from atop her dragoness, keeping herself out of harm by remaining in the skies. She will lead the three newcomers.
      +Narien has displayed a level of courage (or craziness) that leaves me oddly comfortable about his place on the battle field. The man is adept with a blade and has incredible perception. A bit unorthodox, but capable. I fear his elemental mana is not yet stable enough to be a strong weapon, but his bonded ability has grown since his time at Kona Petl, as was hoped. I will aim to utilize him primarily as a defensive mage, but also as an offensive non-mana fighter.
      +Aislin TBA
      +Aiko, Aris, and Illyria have not yet gained my confidence that they should be in the midst of the battle. They will serve as dragon warriors and remain airborn, dousing the foes with fires and transporting the injured back to the healers with Reverie as their lead.
      (Note to crimson: I'll edit this once Xylia is in)

    • Posting Rules. Please Read (open)

      +Posting/Activity Rules and Regulatory Fun
      +Lengthy Unexplained Absences+
      Any unexplained absence proceeding the span of one week will result in a warning. If said absence continues for two weeks, you will be considered MIA and you will lose your slot in this roleplay, but are welcome to apply again in the second chapter.

      +Multiple Unexplained Absences+
      If you regularly go missing for several days without a word and are constantly responsible for holding up the progress of this roleplay, you will receive a warning. While real life isn't always predictable and you may have other roleplays, I expect you to have a level of dedication and respect for this roleplay just like everyone else. Should your behaviour continue and I or Erranruin feel that you have are severely dragging the roleplay down, your slot in this roleplay will be removed.
      Again, you're more than welcome to apply in the second chapter.

      +Locking up Another Player's Character+
      In the case of a collaboration or interaction between characters, you will be expected to post in a punctual manner. If you do not have the time to do so at that moment in time, please refrain from entering into collabs or arranging character interactions.
      In a personally arranged collab you will be expected to post every 5 or 6 days. Failure to do so will be considered "locking up" another player's character and that player gains the right to end that interaction either by voiding the collab or by closing the interaction with a generic, non-altering post for your character. If you don't want to have your character spoken for, don't lock other player's character up.
      In a GM initiated collab you will be expected to post once a week, with a grace period of 2 days for explained tardiness. If you do not post within the week, you will be contacted and asked to post. If you do not post within the two days, your character will be moved along by either myself or by Erranruin to prevent the other players from being held up.

      +Low Quality Posts+
      While I generally don't believe I hold the right to harshly criticize other player's posts, I expect a level of writing from this roleplay. If you are continually posting posts with less than 2 paragraphs, improper grammar, violations to the lore, or character altering of other player's characters, you will receive a warning which may lead to the loss of your slot in this roleplay. If you aren't willing to put effort into this roleplay like everyone else, you don't need to be in this roleplay.

      +Time Limits+
      Unexplained Hiatus: 7 days warrants a warning. 14 days warrants your removal from this RP. The countdown for any future or current Hiatus will commence upon the posting of this rule-set.
      Multiple Unexplained Hiatuses: 4+ days of unexplained absence warrants a warning. 3 warnings in one month warrants your removal from this RP. The countdown for any future or current Hiatus will commence upon the posting of this rule-set.
      Multiple Excused Hiatuses: 5 or more absences with excuses, spanning 4+ days in one month will warrant the discussion of your removal from this RP. This means you are absent from this roleplay 20 days out of the month. If this persists into a second month you may be asked to leave this roleplay on the grounds that you do not have the time for it. The countdown for any future or current Hiatus will commence upon the posting of this rule-set.

      +I love you all+
      I don't like having to inflict these kinds of rules but I firmly believe they are for the good of the RP as a whole. I don't WANT to lose any of my players but I'd rather lose one or two instead of having the entire RP fail because it's constantly being held up. If you find these rules to be unfair or unjust, please contact me VIA pm and we can discuss your concerns.
      Thank you,

    • (I know there are two Char. List tabs. I can't get rid of the one -_-)
      Character Hexes
      Aerarya is #800080
      Saira is #33cccc
      Merrik is Lime
      Nova is Black with Shadow and Italic.
      Avren is Green
      Viridian is Yellow Green with Italic.
      Terria is Dark Azure
      Taega is Medium Gray with Glow and Italic.
      Requiem is Maroon
      Aleria is Dark Green.
      Agni color is #999999
      Narien is #0092b3
      Kalona is #cc8080
      Lyre is #8fb2b2, with italics and [ shadow ] [ /shadow ]
      Goliath is Amber
      Hezekiah is Red and bold

      *Any not listed here were not provided to me.
      {td=center|@x45}Merrik Tetra{/td}
      Nightmare (Black)
      Obsidian Nova{/td}
      {td=center|@x45}Terria Tetra{/td}
      Lunar (Pewter)
      Ateagana Kuu'iah{/td}
      {td=center|@x45}Avren Lebram{/td}
      Forest (Green)
      {td=center|@x45}Saira Rinien{/td}
      Atmosphere (Silver)
      Illyria Rowena Renthir{/td}
      Desert (Tan)
      {td=center|@x45}Dalaith Malai{/td}
      Intellect (Gold)
      A'untyr Miirym{/td}
      {td=center|@x45}Kalona Fischer{/td}
      Deep Sea (Blue)
      {td=center|@x45}Goliath Atreus{/td}
      Noble (Iron)
      {td=center|@x45}Aislin Whitely{/td}
      Dream (Pearl)
      {td=center|@x45}Requiem Mortalis{/td}
      Jungle (Rainbow)
      Narien Ki'ila{/td}
      Arcane (Platinum)
      {td=center|@x45}Rèverie Gray{/td}
      Celestial (White)
      {td=center|@x45}Nimrielye Elyen{/td}

      Inferno (Red)
      {td=center}Aiko Vadarys{/td}
      {td=center}Vanity (Amethyst)
      {td=center|@x14}Xylia Kalei Iwalani{/td}
      {td=center|@x14}Swamp (Olive)

    • War is starting! Please remember that if you encounter any dice-based events, you do not have to take part. You can choose to opt out. The events are purely to help me better develop my dice system and add some random chance to the game. Be sure to read all battle posts carefully and work together to win the war!
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  2. Well, this is where players can chat out of character about the roleplay. :|

    Lol what do you mean what's the point of this?

    The other one is for whoever is interested to discuss joining and character development. This one is strictly for accepted players. Any one else's posts will be deleted and they will be directed to the signup thread. There's alot of junk in the other thread already lol so I wanted a fresh start with a more organized thread with the accepted group of people.

    Show Spoiler

    Merrik Tetra
    Birthday: December 20
    - Hair Color
    Merrik's hair is an ashy shade of dark brown, though in most light it appears black. There are slightly noticeable strands scattered about that bear a lighter tone, this he got from his mother who bore chocolate brown locks.
    - Hair Style/Length/Texture (widow's peak? bangs? soft? fine? thick?)
    His hair is worn short and all too often reaches a slightly shaggy length, but its norm stands at about 3 inches, laying about in whichever way it so chooses. Thick and full, much like his mother's, he won't be balding any time soon.
    - Eye Color
    Emeralds of the trees, or so some have said. Merrik's eyes take on an elven tone, just like his father's, a hint at his ancient ancestors. Flecks of lighter, almost lime green and gold dapple his irises, but one would have to get awfully close to notice this.
    - Shape/Look of Eyes (eyebrows, cat eyes? sleepy eyes? wide eyes?)
    Merrik's eyes are rounded ovals with a slightly narrow pull at the end, giving him a timeless appearance, though just slightly. Thick lashes match his thick head of hair and dark brows, ever furrowed, roof his emeralds.
    - Shape of the Face/Head (cheekbones, etc)
    A strong jawline and brow-line give Merrik a manly appearance, but his mother's cheekbones and chin offset them to provide him with a subtler look. His face is oval with a slightly pointed chin and a curved hairline.
    - Mouth
    Thin lips, pale pink and as prone as any man's to being chapped. Merrik certainly isn't known for plump luscious lips and he's not much of a prince charming with those to-die-for kissing lips.
    - Nose
    Merrik's nose is best described as what, in this world, is called Finnish. In Illos, it's much like any other North Sylvian's, medium-large, thin and a fairly defined point.
    - Chin
    His chin is fairly pointed, giving his face a longer look, and no. He doesn't suffer from the "butt chin" syndrome.
    - Ears (shape? piercings?)
    Merrik's ears are of average size, though more on the long side with hardly noticeable points, yet another indicator of his ancient heritage. He has a thick scar running from the top, centre of his right ear that extends all the way to the top outer edge, having been placed there by a run in with a branch while playing tag with Terria in the woods.
    - Hands
    Slender, for a man's hands, they are well worn and bear the calluses of a swordsman. They're covered in scars, despite his ability to heal them. He wears these as a reminder of his mistakes, to help him strive to grow stronger.
    - Feet
    Size 10 1/2, his first and second toes are close in length and longer than the others which descend evenly.
    - Chest and Hips
    Merrik bears a broad chest, but his slightly slender build is apparent. He will never be a bulky, behemoth of a man, for neither his mother nor father were built bulky. His tone is from working out and regular training. His hip bones are well defined when exposed, though in terms of curves, he has little to offer.
    - Boobs and Penis
    Merrik would be the last to discuss such a matter, but he is endowed as any slightly-above-average man would be. Thick, but nothing dangerous, and length standing at just over 6 inches. Circumcised, by his father's will and traditions, and
    - Height
    Merrik is 6"3'
    - Weight
    Merrik weighs around 175 lbs.
    - Skin Color & Complexion
    Pale, at best. Merrik tans very little, despite the amount of time he spends outside. This is likely an inherited trait from his ancestors. Though faint, Merrik has freckles, a light brown color he's told he inherited from his mother's side.
    - Race/Species
    Human. But his ancient ancestors were indeed elves and very slight physical indicators are still visible on him and his family to this day.
    - Skin Texture (Soft skin, rough skin, scaly, furry, dry, bumpy)
    His skin is healthy, to reflect his lifestyle. While he could stand to moisturise a little more often, he doesn't struggle with blemishes.
    - Fur/Scales/Other? Colors? Feel? Coarseness?
    - Body Shape/Build (Thin and lanky, round and fluffy, pudgy, muscular)
    Merrik is slender by nature, tall, and muscular by inheritance slightly and by exercise largely.
    - Posture
    He has the posture of a swordsman and a rider (though any horseman would see his posture unsual, for dragon riding take a slightly different set of balance)
    - Distinguishing Features (that set them apart from others or might be unusual or special)
    - Tattoos, birthmarks, scars.
    Obsidian Nova often wears a pendant made of his namesake, Obsidian. It has been magically moulded into the shape of the symbol of the dragonlords and has been passed down to each dragon bonded to the Tetras since the time of Cosmaur Sarpe. Merrik has what can't really be considered a tattoo, but a rune like mana imprint, of the same symbol. He bears this on the centre of his upper back, so few have ever seen it.

    Favorite Color: Blue, like his mother's eyes
    Favorite Dessert: Lemon Cake
    Favorite Past Time: Writin about and sketching wild animals
    Favorite Food: Roasted Stag Flank with a honey glaze, cooked beets, steamed fruits and wild rice.
    Favorite City/Town in Illos: Kona Petl
    Favorite Animal: Dragons of course, oh, and songbirds
    Favorite Trade: Potion making
    Idol: Merrikhai Tetra and Aglares

    Merrik was terrified of heights as a child.
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  4. @haybalebarn lol there. What's your favorite dragon pic?
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  6. Lol it's interesting, and different, :) I like it
  7. How open are you to a different picture of the swamp dragon by the way? I like most of the picture, but the feet... That would be such an awkward dragon in any other enviroment than a swamp. I'm not even sure it would be able to walk on land. XD So if we could say the webbing isn't that ridiculous for a swamp dragon, I would appreciate it. Or use another image.

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    If we used this one, we could just say there was webbing between the feet and get rid of the talisman things on the horns. And the leaves on the end of the wings... I kinda like the original picture better, actually. XD Either way works, just as long as I have a dragon who can walk on land and fight somewhat well. :)
  8. so I have a few pictures that I will post here for general viewing and the decision, though the choice is ultimately left to soul
    dragon (open)

    amazing-fantasy-dragon-pics7.jpg maybe.jpg maybely.jpg sigh.jpg

    my chari (open)
    teh girly.jpg
  9. Lol. Oh. Whelp. Then choose I shall :3

    Defs like the last one the most for the profile of the gold dragon.

    The first looks too... Dinosaurian lol
    And the second two are fucking awesome but I feel like they look to brutish, whereas the last one looks flat out intelligent and cunning
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