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  1. Brandon O. Swope
    "And....there!" Brandon set down the colorful pen that Mrs. Villa handed to him on top of his finished form. He stretched out his fingers, trying to relieve his hand from the pain that was shooting through it. It was cramped from him trying to rush through the form. Honestly, all that he wanted was to head up to his dorm, get settled, and stay there until the Induction Ceremony took place. Getting to his feet, he shuffled his way back to the front desk of the Office. Making a light cough to capture the brunette's attention, he smiled softly as Mrs. Villa whipped her head in his direction. She noticed that he had placed the clipboard with his finished form on her desk and nudged towards her. Immediately, she reached out for it, beaming as she was once before.

    "All done, sweetie? Yes? Well, I'll just get the rest of your things ready...," Mrs. Villa rambled before trailing off, taking the clipboard back. Brandon watched as the woman got to her feet and began to shuffle around, grabbing multiple things. Soon, she was back in her seat and handing the brunet a few things. "Now, you should have all of your paperwork and your set of dorm keys. Your dorm number should be engraved on the key. To find the boys' dorms, just follow the signs that are placed on the wall to guide you places." Brandon could only nod as he took everything in. "Off you go, little one! Oh, I almost forgot. The Induction Ceremony shall be at eleven-fifteen," Mrs. Villa added as an afterthought before bidding him one more farewell. Being as polite as he was, he bid her a farewell, too, before exiting the Office. Once outside of the room and into the halls of Poloure Academy, his eyes immediately began to search for the signs that she had spoken about. It didn't take him long to find them for they were quite large and stood out from the walls. They really made sure that no one would get lost, the Dragon Shifter thought as he began to follow the signs and what direction they pointed in. As he walked and turned corners, only to walk some more, his mind began to wander on that morning.

    "Brandon, honey! Get up before you'll be late to school!"

    Brandon groaned as his Grandmother's voice floated up to his room, sounding muffled as it tried to penetrate the door. Slowly sitting up, the brunet sat in his bed, blinking slowly. Spending as long as he did sleeping late and waking up late, he definitely wasn't use to waking up before the Sun approached. Why was he even up so early anyway? Oh, right, his Grandmother wanted him to be on time for his first day of school. If it wasn't for his Grandmother in the first place, he would have still been sleep. Hearing his Grandmother call him once more, the young male decided to actually get out of his bed, shivering when his legs swung out of the warmth from his covers. One thing that he always hated about waking up: the cold air that would nip at his bared, or even clothed, skin. Moving with speed of a zombie, Brandon went around his room to take care of his business - brush his teeth, wash his face, get dressed in his uniform. It was a quite spiffy uniform and he enjoyed wearing it. After he was dressed and had all of his belongings, he put them all in his backpack, throwing it onto his back afterwards. It was then that he went downstairs for breakfast.

    The brunet's Grandmother was quite the cook. That being said, she had made him a big and nutritious breakfast to start him off for the day. It was rare that he got such breakfast buffets so he savored it as much as he could. Or as much as his Grandmother would let him before she was rushing him and unconsciously making him stuff his face. After a few near-death experiences (not really, he just chocked a few times) and a cup of orange juice, Brandon was ready to take on the academic universe that was known as school. His Grandmother had offered to drop him off, but he declined it, saying how she had already done enough for one morning and should relax, which is exactly what she went to go do. With a smile on his face, he had kissed her goodbye before heading out of the house, to his car, and heading to Poloure Academy.

    Now, he was walking up a mahogany, spiral staircase that had interesting markings in black on its railings. He would take some to trace them and analyze them, but he was to close to his dorm to stop now. Upon his arrival to where the dorms where held, the hall would split into two paths. On the left was the girls' dormitory and to the right was the boys' dormitory. Taking the right path, obviously, Brandon scanned the numbers of the dorm rooms until he reached his own, which happened to be Dorm 1. Fishing his key out of his back pocket, he placed it into the key lock and gave it a turn, hearing the familiar click. Twisting the door knob and pushing it open, he let out a relieved sigh as he entered, happy to be somewhere where he could relax for a while. The brunet wondered if he would have a roommate and if it would be a Hunter. Most likely, he thought with a slight frown. It was a school for both of the species, after all. Rolling his luggage near the one of the empty beds, he flopped down onto it in no time. It was silent as he let his mind wander for a moment, looking at his phone every now and then. Once, he caught the time, which read 8:30 AM. He still had a lot of time to settle in and break in the new bed, which is exactly what Brandon was going to do because he was tired from that morning. As his eyes fluttered close, he wondered how school would be like here.

    [The introduction everyone! I'm sorry for any mistakes or anything, I was practically falling asleep while writing this. Hope it's okay, though. ^^]
  2. [​IMG]

    "Well, this is it," Elizabeth hands a swiftly-finished form to the one known as Mrs Villa, almost superhuman in mannerism, "I've checked every detail to ensure that there are no errors."

    As she handed the form over, she was greeted by Mrs Villa and provided with dorm keys.

    Dorm 2. Interesting.

    To think that she went all the way here by wing while retaining enough stamina to fill a form.

    "This Poloure Academy... We Tepes have always avoided humans and other dragons. Inferior they are as single entities, but around the crowds, you must be wary, especially in an environment where revealing your true nature as a Count is inevitable. Hunters are wary to carry silver and garlic when we are around..."

    Vlad Tepes XIII speaks to his spawn, Elizabeth Tepes. On this day, she has donned a new uniform - red with gold linings. It matches her eyes and hair, that can be said. "I understand, father. I believe that I must be off now."

    With that, Elizabeth carries her heavy lugguage with little difficulty, before sprouting wings and taking off into the distance...

    And there she was. swooping through the spiral stairs before reading the available directions. Since it was a little too bright, she remembered to veil herself with her umbrella. Boys dorm, girls dorm. Obviously the girls dorm. With that, she slowly walks towards her room, unlocks it and lay down on a selected bed. She looks at the curtains, wide open for sunlight. She closes the curtains before beginning to unpack her things and placing them in her new closet and such...



    "Nozomi, we here at Yamamoto Corps have always been standing on the sidelines - providing the technology while our affiliates do the hunting. If it is true that a future where dragons and humans are harmonious is possible... well, then you're our hope."

    Yamamoto Kenshin guides his daughter, Yamamoto Nozomi, through an odd room filled with various devices and inventions.

    "I see now, daddy. So, apart from learning more and actually seeing dragons in person, what else do I learn?"

    "Well," Kenshin keys in some codes on a container containing some sort of bronze-hued briefcase, "remember this little guy? You've been practicing how to use heavy weapons for a while, but your real challenge is learning how to master..."

    "... DB Unit Mk62? Can I really... I've wielded it many times before..."

    "Yes you can, Nozomi. This device has been optimized for your usage. It is a device that was built specially for you, and you alone," Kenshin responds, "Dragon Buster Unit Mk62, it was originally called, but... you are being sent to a school where... you do not bust dragons. You will however, hone your skills in the usage of this weapon."

    "But... don't I already..."

    "There are no limits. In fact, we've added another Power source - magic - to your device."

    "I see," Nozomi nods as she holds the briefcase, "I guess I'll treat this little baby like a... my own. Yes. My own child. By the way, what's that over there?" Nozomi points to a containment unit holding an odd chest with four different emblems, one on each of its four sides.

    "What I call the Heart of Huanglong. As of this instance, four different dragon races, seperate from the known feud and partaking in a battle of their own, are fighting to find it, as they are the only races who can use its power naturally. It is said to hold the potential for... I think I'll tell you the story another time. You might be late soon. The helicopter has already arrived"

    As of now, Yamamoto Nozomi sat at the floor of Girl's Dorm Room 3, tinkering with some odd device while checking her laptop. She did wear the blue-silver uniform, except she also donned a white labcoat over it. She had previously brought a pre-printed form and pre-printed paperwork to Ms Villa. "Hmmm... the story dad was talking about... ah, gotcha... these aren't dragons at all. Nevermind..."



    "I'm sorry for wasting your time!" Huang Jin apologises to Mrs Villa as he completes his form in a rather average pace. After being told not to worry, he recieves his dorm keys and proceeds towards the spiral stairs.

    His panicky nature caused him to accidentally pick the wrong path, heading towards the route of the girl's dorm. As he tries to fit the key in, he notes something - it would fit.

    Was it faulty? Maybe.

    Just then, the doors opened. The petite, black-haired person before him seemed to believe he was a girl. "I would say that 'hey there roommate' but this is obviously not your room. Nice to meet you anyways."

    She is right.

    He chose the wrong path.

    "I... I'M SORRY!"

    With that, the young boy runs away from the girl's dormitary area, before bumping into someone, or something on the way out...​
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  3. Ri-Yu Yun had arrived at Poloure Academy one day ahead of most of the other students, having already filled and signed the form a day ago. It wasn’t that she was particularly eager to live amongst Dragon Shifters and be forced to not kill them, but it WAS useful, arriving early. In that one day of free time, the Chinese Hunter had unpacked her luggage, memorized the basic layout of the Academy, and had a long night’s rest. Her dorm mate had not yet arrived, and, with that in mind, Ri-Yu spent the morning out in the fields, doing her daily exercise regime. Though her Dragon Blood injections already made her superhuman, training would serve to improve herself even further, providing her with a strong foundation and all.

    Or maybe she was just bored, cause she had nothing else to do.

    Either way, after a refreshing morning spent lifting boulders, sprinting up stairs and all that other fun stuff, a tired, but satisfied Ri-Yu headed back to Dorm Number 4 to shower and get back into her uniform. It would have been nice if the girl’s uniform didn’t make skirts mandatory though. Like, really? Gender discrimination at this day and age? How disappointing. Heading through the now-familiar hallways, she was spacing out, when, rather unexpectedly, someone bumped into her.

    More specifically, a boy bumped into her.

    A cute, feminine boy, but still a boy, a few inches shorter than herself.

    A boy that wore the colors identifying him as a filthy, disgusting Dragon Shifter that, nevertheless, Ri-Yu couldn’t smite into oblivion.

    All of that morning’s joys and happiness disappeared from the raven-haired girl’s face, replaced with an expressionless mask. Staring down at him with a black-ice gaze, she held that glare for a few seconds, before walking off, without a word.

    It was a test of willpower, not snapping his neck.

    But this too, will be a form of training then.
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  4. "S- sorry about that!" Jin bows, before looking up at the taller beauty. Her cold expression, her slender figure, he couldn't help but look in awe for a while. She seemed to be the kind of person Jin wanted to be, but nevermind that. "S- s- see you around!" He jittered and blushed as he ran off, his legs seeming to move as if he was a fish out of water.

    As he reaches the entrance of the boy's dorm, he hangs onto a pole and begins to pant. It was a close call, too close. She drags his body towards Room 3. This time, it was the right Room 3 of the boy's dormitaries. He unlocks the door, wondering what surprises he would meet...
  5. Lyon Adam / Morning / Male Dorms (Outside Room #3)Thankfully Lyon seemed to have arrived before the latest batch of students as he managed to finish signing the last signature box as the Office doors opened to reveal half a dozen students or so. He managed to reach the desk just ahead of them, and it was only a few moments before she finished with the documents with a nod and a smile. “Well here you are then,” she said as the key was dropped into his hand, “I hope you have a great year here, and remember I’m here to help.” He nodded in a gesture of thanks before he stepped aside to let the new arrivals grab their paperwork.

    The key was twirled around a finger as he found his way from the Office to the Dormitories, spinning fast enough that it was a barely visible blur. His destination was easy enough to find, and he caught the spinning key as he began to ascend the spiral staircase. The whole place was rather decadent for his taste, but he supposed it was better than spartan furnishings to remind him of the lab. His head twitched upwards as he caught the sound of rapid footfalls from above. By sheer coincidence, he managed to reach the top of the stairs just as a black-haired boy dashed from the female to the male side. A somewhat confused expression formed as he tried to figure out how someone could have mixed the two given the rather prominent signs, but eventually figured it was simply the nerves or something.

    Dismissing it as unimportant, he continued along his way to find his dorm. Unsurprisingly, it wasn’t far from where the two dorms split from one another given it was supposedly the third. What was a bit unexpected was that the same black haired kid seemed to be his roommate, poking his head into, what Lyon assumed to be, an empty room. “Hey roommate,” he called out as he approached, duffel bag hanging over a shoulder. Unlike the other student, Lyon had yet to put on his uniform though Mrs. Villa had kindly informed him it would be required for the upcoming ceremony. As of the moment though he simply had on a brown coat, a black shirt of some sort underneath, a pair of similarly colored track pants, and some sneakers.
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  6. ~~~~~
    Amber quietly hands a filled out form to the one Mrs. Villa, who does a quick check over it before giving her instructions to the dorms and gives her a key.
    'Dorm 5, it looks like.' She thought to herself as she examined the key given to her.
    After being instructed to head to the dorms and be sure to attend the ceremony, she leaves the woman behind with a nod farewell.
    As she walks to the dorms she wonders who she'll be forced to room with. She'll be happy with anyone long as they're not too annoying and won't distract her from studies. and kept the room clean
    She entered the building, having followed the signs accordingly and ended up in the girl's dorm. She checked the key she'd been holding in her palms one last time to make sure she had the room number correct then headed down the hall to her room, the last one on the hall.
    She opened the door to find it lacking another person, dragon shifter or hunter. Her roommate wasn't there yet.
    She shrugged and set down her bag by the door. Checking the time she saw she still had some time to kill... secluded in her room until 11:15 sounded like a good idea.
    She sat down on her bed, uncomfortable. Were uniforms really necessary? She was used to her normal usual clothing, not this uncomfortable formal uniform. When was the last time she even wore a skirt?
    Aaiona smiled brightly as she handed back the colorful pen, which she enjoyed writing with very much. She laid the clipboard out on the desk in front of the cheerful Mrs. Villa and handed her the pen.
    "Very well, Mrs. Virtanen, you are free to go! Be sure to be at the induction ceremony no later than eleven fifteen. That's when we will begin." She said to her kindly, removing the form from the clipboard and tucking it away somewhere for her eyes only. She took the pen and placed it behind her ear, smiling softly.
    "Yes ma'am! I'll be there." She said happily before taking off from the office, nothing more to say. She followed the directions given to her and followed the signs to the dorm rooms. She quickly checked the number on her key then stuffed it back in her pocket.
    'Dorm 4.' She kept reminding herself as she walked down the hall, and to her new door.
    As she opened the door, she noticed to room looked like someone had already been there, but no one was present in the room. Shrugging her shoulders, she set her things on the bed that looked currently unoccupied and sat down.
    Now what to do until 11:15???
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  7. Danica sat in front of the headmistress, quietly filling out the paperwork. It seemed that awe-inspiring supernatural abilities were no match for red tape. Finally, she was done. As she handed Mrs. Villa the form, she received a key in return. "Dorm 5."

    Danica reached the girl's dorm, noting that her room was at the far end of the hall. At least it was small, so she wouldn't be stuck out somewhere past Timbuktu. When she opened the door, Danica found that her roommate was already there. "Danica Schmidt, at your service. So, the big question: you a Shifter, or a Hunter?"
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  8. [​IMG]

    Delia Powell turned in her signed form to Mrs. Villa, a bubbly kind of woman who accepted the clipboard with a wide smile. She filed the form away before pulling out some keys and handing it to Delia.

    “There you go! Also, our induction ceremony is at 11:15! Don’t forget, it is mandatory to attend,” she reminded. Not like Delia needed any, especially when she was told about it fifteen times today and saw notices all over the place.

    Delia picked up her belongings and rolled them out of the staff office as a boy with blond hair and green eyes entered. He regarded her coldly, indicating he was a Hunter. She returned the expression, the slight shadows of a chair waving a little as she passed by. Even though this was supposed to be a place where Hunters and dragonshifters could live peacefully, that still didn’t eliminate the animosity between the two sides.

    Once she was past him, she continued towards the dorms, taking the left sign that indicated the girls’ dorms. As she entered her assigned room it became apparent she was the first one here. Delia threw her stuff on the nearest bed, automatically claiming it for her own. She pulled out her current book, lying on her back to read as she waited for her roommate and the upcoming ceremony.


    Evan watched the girl go, already finding a dragon in just five minutes of being on campus. It wasn’t even hard with their distinctive gold uniform. Her little magic shadow trick didn’t go unnoticed by him either. It seemed every single one of them had some unnatural ability. Freaks.

    He approached the desk and Mrs. Villa handed him a form, which only took him a few minutes to complete.

    “Aah, a Gallahad!” she said. His chest swelled with pride as she read his name. “It is such an honor to meet a member of the Gallahad family and it means so much to our cause to have a Round Table member attending this school. Truly is.”

    She smiled at him and gave him his set of keys. Giving his thanks, he picked up his stuff and made his way to the dorms, entering his assigned room. Seems he was the first person here. With a snort, Evan claimed the top bunk, climbing in and deciding to take a nap before his roommate came.
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  9. "H... hello there... roommate," Huang Jin enters the room alongside his new roommate, before occupying a bed. "I... my name is Huang Jin... I... was sent to this school to... become a dragon- I mean... nevermind..."

    He was shivering a little at the sight of taller individual. "So, what is your name?"


    "Odd girl. Or was that a dude? Eh, doesn't really matter," Nozomi grins as she completes her newest creations. "Well, here's the base. I can do loads with these babies. Now I just need a good disguise and we're all good."

    She looks at the bronze-hued briefcase. "So, this is it huh? This is where I shine. This is the stage where I will evolve into a greater genius. Not that I am not, anyways. Hmph."

    She then continues to look at and browse her laptop, which displayed various dragon races from A to Z...

    "Lots of backstory here. How much of this is fancy, unscientific fairy tales?"
  10. ~~~
    Amber looked up when the door opened, letting her shoulders fall slightly. She was slightly hoping she wouldn't have a roommate at all. but now she supposed she'd just have to hope she wasn't a bad roommate.

    "Hunter." She said simply in response to her question. And from the look of her uniform, she was a shifter. Something which, unlike other hunters, she had no problem with. As long as she leaves her alone and doesn't become problematic, she's okay with her. However, she didn't see the chances of her hopes actually coming true. She knew shifters were incredibly problematic, especially to hunters.
    She groaned inwardly but kept herself silent. She could already tell this would be an interesting semester.
    Aaiona sighed after a short moment of just sitting around. This wasn't going to cut it. She certainly wasn't going to just sit her for so long, especially not when there were things to do and so many people to see! She could explore the campus, or go talk to somebody. She saw plenty of other students on her way to her room. Maybe she could go walk around and find someone. Maybe she'll meet her new roommate and introduce herself!
    Aaiona hopped up from her bed and exited the room. There were places to explore and people to see!
  11. Danica rolled her eyes. "Well, this could be an issue. I hope you don't mind rooming with a girl who can transform into something that's large, scaly, and has really bad breath."

    She paused, a thought coming to her. "There's a question I have to ask: why? Why hunt us? None of my family has ever so much has killed livestock, much less a human. Yet several times, we had to move because we were harassed by hunters. What did we do wrong?"
  12. Mood music.

    Sebastian signed off his name with a flourish, grinning down at Mrs. Villa's choice of writing utensil - brightly coloured pens, just the way he likes it. He ran a hand through his hair in a vague attempt to tidy the shock of brown on his noggin, peering down at Mrs Villa's form with a sort of curious, sort-of impatient stare. "Thank you, sweetie. Here's your paperwork - don't lose that now, mind! It's very important. And here's your dorm key too. At the moment, you've got your dorm all to yourself!" she chriped, handing a stack of papers to Seb and a key to his other outstretched palm. "Just follow the signs, dearie. You'll know where to go! The Induction Cereomy is at eleven-fifteen."

    Sebastian grinned, nodding as he turned his lanky body to leave the front office, but Mrs. Villa's calls of "Hey, wait!" caused the boy to pause. He turned around to peer at Mrs Villa; her voice was lowered a slight pitch, as she leaned in confidentially. "The staff have been notified about your special arrangements. Just put your hand up in class if it gets a little too much for you, okay? And be careful; if we see you using your privileges to slack off, we'll take them away A.S.A.P, mister."

    Sebastian pulled his signature 'Punch-me-in-the-goddamn-face" grin, twirling the set of keys around his finger. "Relax, Mrs. Villa, I'll be good!" he called out cheekily, sauntering out of the office and down the corridors.

    The place was pretty deserted, all things considered. He saw all of the students rushing off to their dorm rooms ASAP, and not wanting to cause a huge scene YET, Sebastian followed to his dorm, down the corridors. He fumbled with the key for a while, humming the tune of one of the Gorillaz tracks under his breath - with a satisfying and heavy click, the door's lock was unlocked and he pressed down on the smooth handle to enter the room.

    His throat closed up and his breath shortened, as he stepped back a little into the corridor again. The dorm room was-...small. He felt as if the walls were pushing in on his shoulders, that he needed to just...get rid of all the furniture just to survive in there. They thought he could sleep in somewhere like that? No. No, there's no way he could-...

    Sebastian took a deep breath, dumped his paperwork onto one of the chest of drawers and made a beeline for the window, cracking it open as far as it can possibly go with a slam. A gust of wind drafted through the room, fluttering the curtains and sending the sounds of the outdoors into his head and elevating his spirits. With the window open, sure, he could deal with it here. He could tolerate his room.

    Sebastian turned and locked the door behind him, settling in. For starters, he took his shoes off and kicked them under one of the two beds - then he unpacked his suitcase into the very same chest of drawers he used to shove his paperwork on. The uniform he was wearing was scratchy, but it was essential; Sebastian was pretty sure it accounted for shifters' abilities in some way he wouldn't bother to look into...

    His gaze slipped to the open window...



    A blur of blue-black blots out the light across all of the windows as Sebastian, in his dragon form, soared around the academy building at an alarming speed. Like a train through a tunnel, there was the signature rush of air as his massive mass rushed past the windows frantically, dipping and diving in the clouds and the air. His elated cries of joy and roars of happiness intermingled in the grounds, his wide wings beating at the winds, weaving upwards, further and further away, until the Academy looked like something akin to a doll's house.

    He stuck his tongue out, tasting the frost of the high altitudes, feeling the thin air coursing through his lungs. Sebastian pulled back his lips, revealing row upon row of frightening teeth as those smooth, feathered wings ceased to pulse at the air, drawing into his body and tilting his form straight down.

    There's another loud rushing noise as the bloody kid dived towards the school, spreading his wings up at the last minute and a rustling roar of the leafy trees being blown wildly in his wake. He laughed wildly, continuing to do laps around the schools, his bright green eye peering into the windows for a split second as he does several loops before landing with a crunch on his talons on the roof. His thin tail looped around a support as his gaze peered out across the school in its entirety, the morning sun splashing light across the skids of cloud in the horizon.

    I wonder how long it's gonna take for one of the staff to yell at me, mused Sebastian from his airy perch.
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  13. [​IMG]


    Brandon's eyes shot open at the noise of elated cries of joy reaching his dorm, even though it was muffled. The noise was still enough to shake him from his semi-nap. Eye twitching slightly in irritation, he slowly rose from his bed. In the amount of time that he was knocked out, his roommate had not graced him with his appearance. Getting to his feet, he silently made his way to the one window that decorate his dorm. Unlatching it, he used all of his strength that was packed within his noodle arms and pushed it open as far as it would go, grunting along the way. As soon as he opened it, a rush of wind slapped him in the face. Blinking owlishly, the brunet shook it off as he stuck his head out of the window, searching for the cause of his abrupt wake up call. Upon finding it, he locked his heated gaze on it, watching it do loops and flips within the air. Soon, it landed upon the roof. He knew that he would regret his decision later, feeling guilty and terrible inside, but, at the moment, he could care less.

    With a mutter, Brandon burst out of his dorm and began to march down the spiral staircase. Other kids glided to the sides of the staircase, parting to he could get by. They sensed his attitude and tried not to get it directed towards them. After the last step, the Dragon Shifter made his way outside of Poloure Academy, throwing open the double doors and descending upon the stairs that led up to them. Walking a bit further, he suddenly stopped and whipped around, eyeing the blue and black Dragon sat perched on the roof. His mind took a moment to take in the beauty of the person's Dragon form before returning to its original, irritated thoughts, which he was about to regrettably act upon.

    "HEY!" He shouted, something he only did every blue moon. Deciding that he didn't have to be mean and rude, he came to the decision that he could just politely ask for the other Dragon Shifter to keep it down a bit. Even though he wasn't sure that he would consider yelling it polite. How else was he suppose to convey his message, though? "COULD YOU KEEP IT DOWN? JUST A LITTLE BIT," he requested in the politest way that he could muster. It was taking quite a lot out of him to not just snap and he was proud of himself, mentally patting himself on the back.

    [I have no idea how to convey shouting. Does bigger font count as shouting?

    I promise that Brandon is a timid, little thing (usually). He's just sleepy at the moment.

    P.S. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, hell yes.

    @RainyDays ]
  14. ~~~
    And so the bothering commences.
    Did she really have to ask her questions? So many questions? Ones that she doesn't even have an answer to?
    "How am I supposed to know?" She asked simply. "Our kinds have been fighting for years. Long before I was born. And I was born to fight, not to question why." She said in her monotone voice.
    She glanced out the window to see a dragon zooming through the skies of the campus and sighed, shaking her head. School hasn't even begun yet and there's already someone probably causing mischief.
    Aaiona exited her room, taking in every detail of these new halls. She was so excited! New school, new people. New excitement and adventure!
    She walked outside just in time to catch a fellow dragon shifter flying through the sky. She grinned widely as she watched him soar, he looked like he was having so much fun. A gust of wind whipped her hair around as he zoomed by and perched himself atop the school. She laughed, wondering what kind of mischief he was going to get himself into.
    But her eyes shot down once she heard the front doors to the dorm slam open and a kid walked out. He looked... angry maybe? And tired. She flinched and frowned when he shouted up at the dragon boy.
    "yeesh." She mumbled as she brushed her bangs from her face and fixed the messy bun on her head. She'd never heard someone yell so loudly while still managing to kind of sound polite.
    She turned, glancing down at her watch. Well the whole point of coming out here was to explore, so that's what she planed on doing. She still had plenty of time.​
  15. Someone had been in her room.

    Ri-Yu narrowed her eyes when she saw that Dorm Room 4’s door was ajar, open. Within it, she could see the luggage of another person. It made sense, of course, that her dorm mate may have arrived and then left the room before the Chinese Dragon Hunter could catch a glimpse of her new roommate, but…

    She recalled the Dragon Shifting scum that had bumped into her before, running away in a hurried manner. Why was he there? Why was he in such a rush? Suspicious. She closed her eyes, recalled his childish, fat, round face, and then burned that into her memory. Once inside her room, the girl closed the door, locked it, checked to see that all her possessions were in place, and then slowly breathed. Her heartbeat calmed, and Ri-Yu cast away her thoughts of thievery. Then, she walked into the shower room and took a long, cold shower.

    At least, that’s what she intended to do, when the roar of a dragon could be heard, followed by the heavy flapping of wings. Immediately, Ri-Yu got out of the shower and into her white combat suit, dragon-hair armor harvested from the snake-esque dragons of China. She grabbed her spears, strapped her Ascalon Buster onto her back, and then popped open the window of the dorm room. The monster definitely was fast, and she’d have a disadvantage if she couldn’t land the first blow, but that was alright. She was used to this.

    And its flight definitely wasn’t anything beyond the speed of sound.

    Ri-Yu could see its tail spilling over the roof of the academy, like that of a whip.

    She’ll wait. The moment it showed any aggression, she’ll attack.
  16. The flapping of wings resonated through the air.

    Nozomi had learnt the various dragon cries of dragons that accompanied their flight, but there was literally nothing about "wooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!".

    She sent three of her newly-created spherical drones out of the window, allowing them to hover out of the room towards the source of the noise. She proceeds to check the status report on her computer - in other words - the cameras equipped on her drones.

    "What is this? Featherjay? Jaydragon? Bluejay? Whatever it is, it is a very intriguing specimen. I guess collecting just one little feather wouldn't hurt, in the name of science. Feathered beasts are naturally adapted to shed another wing for balance, after all," Nozomi smirks, "but just to be safe, two could do!"

    Nozomi batters the keyboard....


    The drones that began to surround the blue-feathered being circled him. One positioned itself high, while the other two stood on both sides, extending a minor claw akin to that of a claw machine and reaching towards feathers that were directly opposite of each other. They were ready to pluck the two feathers...
  17. Sebastian's great, feathered head tore from the sky and leaned down to peer at the speck on the floor. A small crowd was forming - why? Hadn't they seen a dragon before? This incited a chuckle from Sebastian's great maw, which could be mistaken for laughing at poor Brandon below. His thick claws dug into the tiles of the roof, cracking them and sending them pattering to the floor like little pebbles. He was about to make his way down, when three spheres surrounded him.

    Sphere Data Bank: New Species Scan... (open)
    From the looks of the images on the camera, this isn't a big dragon at all. In fact, he's pretty small and skinny for a dragon - which suggests that it's built for speed. The feathers shine iridescently in the sunlight, covered with some sort of oily substance-


    "Oi, leave off it." he grunted, sending his huge form in a shuffling, nonchalant manner - it had the desired effect, however, as huge packs of muscle shifted and the beast shuddered himself, trying to smack the drones clean out of the air simply by shaking. Even if the damage was minimal (Seb kinda hoped it was minimal anyway), the dragon took the message the wrong way and thought it might be the school's security system about to kick in and electrocute him to high heaven and back again.

    But the probes managed to do something, at least - some of the older, broken feathers from Sebastian's rough-n-tumble in the clouds separate and flutter to the floor. Two, in fact - one lands near Brandon's fet, whilst the other floats and catches in a tree by the doorway. These feathers are huge, the length and width of one's forearm, with a thin layer of oil covering them from quill to tip, causing strange colours and patterns to form on the blue-grey-white feathers.

    So what did the idiot do? He only went and dived down from the roof, cutting it dangerously fine as he tumbled through the air to the floor and spread out his huge wings, his claws only just skimming above the grass, kicking little chunks of turf everywhere. He skims right past Brandon gleefully, and just shrinks rapidly, turning into his human form again and tumbling against the grass with a grunt. His lanky body comes to a stop near Aaiona, and he flashes the girl a big, wide grin. "Mornin'!"

    Of course, he wasn't there to chit-chat with girls. Sebastian stood up, noting the uniform - dragon shifter - and giving the girl a polite, gentle nod. She was younger than he was, and had light pink hair. "The name's Sebastian, call me Seb. I'll leave you to your strolling, but come find me at the Ceremony - I saw you rushing about, you're like a tiny me!" he continued briefly, his blunt honesty softened by the look of excitement in his eyes. At least not everyone's a kill-joy like the yeller by the doorway; This girl has that spark in her eyes, the spark of adventure. Sebastian was relieved to find another of his kind around the school.

    He raised his palm up in the air as a farewell, jogging back to deal with Brandon, slowly lolloping to a stop. His socks are filthy now, all damp and grey and muddy. "Sorry about that mate, didn't think anyone would be asleep -now- of all times; I think we're getting off on a bad note here. My name's Sebastian, better known as Seb. You should take off and go up there too, the sky's brilliant this morning!"

    Sebastian smiled down at Brandon. On the surface he seems be be mocking Brandon - his cocky accent, the way he exaggerates his body language and looks down on him just a little; mainly due to his height, at least Brandon wasn't as small as Aaiona. Seb could've scooped the girl up if he felt like it, the poor thing was a little waif. However, when Sebastian stuck out a muddy palm for Brandon to shake, and his grin softened into an encouraging smile, it became clear that the man didn't want to offend and was making a clear effort to be as welcoming and as friendly as possible.

    A long shot from five minutes ago, where he was flapping around in the air like an idiot, screaming his head off.
  18. Lyon Adam / Morning / Male Dorms (Room #3)He slipped in behind the equally small boy and took the bed further from the door, dropping his duffel bag at the foot and throwing the still wrapped uniform onto the covers. "Lyon Adam, call me whatever," he replied as he pulled the chair from one of the desks and sat into it with a quiet sigh. "Sent here because it was the best place for me apparently." He couldn't really figure out why Huang seem so worked up, or maybe it was just how the boy was.

    A rather loud roar snapped his eyes open and he nearly bolted from the chair before his mind caught up. Sadly the surprise had been enough to get the machines riled up and Lyon could already feel them getting to work underneath his skin. It was about as much as he could do to keep his expression rather impassive as he didn't really want to startle his roommate's fragile psyche. A few deep breaths managed to slow his heart rate before he tapped his right ring finger. If Huang had listened for it he might have heard a faint whine as the ring delivered its payload or maybe noticed Lyon's expression tightened just a tad as the machines were forcibly rebooted, but both signs were fairly brief.

    His hand rose slowly to pinch the bridge of his nose as his body's weight seemingly doubled, a quiet groan slipping from his lips. "Too early for this shit..." he murmured quietly before he stood and began to try and work out the effects of the shock with a slow stretch. His jacket had been left on chair's backrest to reveal a black sleeveless shirt that utterly clashed with the piece of outerwear.
  19. "New species? That's intriguing,]" Nozomi chuckles for a bit.

    "Oi, leave off it," the dragon speaks as he proceeds to heavily damage the drones.

    "Well, such is the life," Nozomi sighs before giving a few clicks of the mouse, causing the drones to self-destruct in a non-violent manner, into simple iron and carbon powders that were washed by the wind.

    She had lost sight and connection to them.

    "I've got my data anyways. Something tells me I'll be seeing loads of that big guy."


    "I see... It's nice to... meet you... Lyon..." Jin nervously speaks and reaches out his land for a handshake, before noting a loud roar from outside. "Wha- what was that?"

    He notices that Lyon's reaction was... odd. It was as if his internal mechanisms were not natural. Jin chose not to question this possible medical condition for the time being.
  20. ~~~
    Aaiona flinched as the boy landed near her, instantly growing worried as she wondered if he hurt himself. But when he hopped right up and flashed her a big smile, she couldn't help but do the exact same back.
    But he was gone so quickly, clearly in a rush. Off to go talk to Mr. yelling man. She didn't even get to introduce herself!
    "See you at the ceremony!" She called after him in her cute accent as he ran farther away.
    She smiled softly as she turned and began down the path to begin her "adventure" around the campus. She made a note to remember to try and find her new friend during the ceremony. He seemed so... rushed? Or energized. She wondered if he was always so brief and straight forward. Regardless, was looking forward to meeting him again.
    She laughed at his comment. "You're like a tiny me!" he'd said. What a strange thing to say to someone. Especially one you'd just met or never spoken to before.
    She was proud that she'd already talked to someone. Surely she could have waited a little white until her roommate showed up, but she'd be living with her. She had all the time in the world to be friends with her. But she was a little afraid of what she will be like. What if she's a hunter? They don't like dragon shifters... But that seems like a rather silly idea. Why would they pair two people who are so likely to get in a fight together? she really didn't want to fight with anyone.
    But she shakes that from her mind and goes back to enjoying her walk. She was just thinking of the worst case scenario.