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  1. So he has his own place now? Excellent. Archie thought as he stood outside of the apartment. The vampire could smell his old friend's delicious scent from where he stood. Licking his sallow colored lips, his eyes seemed to redden as he took in gulps of the sweetened air. He smelled so pure, so full of life, he wanted....No he needed it. Archie stood in the bitter cold, only wearing a black turtle neck and tan slacks. The cold had no effect on him anymore. Nothing did. He was so.... detached nowadays. He should have been excited, even a little anxious to see his old friend, the love of his life again, and yet? All he could think about was how nice, thick, and creamy his blood would be. Archie felt as though he died, and his spirit was just lingering in his dead body, trying to break free. He felt so...numb. Bringing his pasty knuckles to the door, he gave it a single tap, his face still a clean slate.
  2. Peering over at the door, he quickly shot his eyes over at the time. It was what, eleven at night? Who the Hell could be knocking this late?... Was it Xavier's goons?! Panic set in almost immediately at the thought as he scrambled to his feet, grabbing the aluminum bat he hid in the closet before opening the door cautiously.

    Though the sight he saw caused him to drop the bat immediately, all color in his face leaving. Was this who he thought it was?.... No, impossible! It had been a whole YEAR, 365 DAYS, since seeing his best friend, and for him to just reappear out of nowhere? His initial emotions were naturally joy.

    Tackling the man in a sudden hug, he buried his face in Archie's neck, soft sobs being muffled from their embrace. Though the joy vanished once he finally calmed down.
    "You... You jackass, where have you been?!" Squeaked Marcus, "Do you know how long you've been gone?! And to fucking just not appear for a YEAR?!"
  3. Archie stood their, barely even moving. He didn't crack a smile, or anything. He just patted his back before looking down at the human who was in tears. He didn't even know it had been a whole year since he seen the boy. He smelled even better up close. Gulping in his scent he gave the boy a smile, that seemed far from his care free one. It seemed like he was thinking of something evil as he smiled. "How've you been, my dear friend." He whispered only thinking about sucking the life out of him. Marcus basically was his old life, so close and yet so far. It was torture to see him. "It's been...all to long. You smell so nice." He whispered, stroking his hair down.
  4. Wiping his tears away with the sleeves of his sweater, he had managed to stop his sobs and reduced them to sniffles. "Where have you been?! A-Answer my question, Archie! I've been worried sick- I thought you had DIED! Sit down, will you? You're so cold..." He muttered, hurrying to lead him to the couch, the heater blaring right in front of it. Wrapping a blanket around the other, he hurried off to start some tea.
  5. "I...I was traveling, nothing that would interest you Marcus. I promise." He mumbled, leaning back on the couch, crossing his legs as his brown eyes looked over to his friend of many years. All his human memories had been fuzzy, but....Looking at him was slowly bringing everything back. But he didn't feel anything for it.....No fondness or anything. He vaguely remembered being nervous all the time around him, and now? Nothing. He must have been such a coward then. Standing up he walked up to him, turning the other around swiftly. "I thought about you. The whole time I was gone." He whispered, his eyes cold, yet charming. This was a lie. He hadn't even remebered his dear friend of many years until a few days ago. But he would tell the boy what he wanted to hear.
  6. "... You did?" He blinked, clinging tightly to the tea kettle. "Then why didn't you tell me you left? You... Didn't even show up to Christmas! You could have at least told me then, instead of you just disappearing out of thin air! I told you, I thought you DIED. You have my number! Y-You could have texted me, or called me..."
  7. "I couldn't.....I am very....very sick now Marcus. I didn't know what to say to you, how to tell you that I was sick. This past year was terrible for me, and not a day went by that I didn't think of you, or where I missed you. I was sure I was dying, and I didn't want you to upset you...You believe me don't you." He spoke calmy, not an once of emotion on his face. Leaning in he kissed him softly, something his human self wouldn't be able to do because he was such a coward. But now? He could easily do it. And it felt nice, and a bit like tortue. It was as if everything his human life represented stood right in front of him, and he couldn't go back to it. Not ever. Slowly pulling away, he looked into his eyes. "That Christmas night, I wanted to tell you I loved you."
  8. His cheeks instantly ignited, so much so that he practically passed out in shock. Covering his lips, it took him a moment to take in his words before tears sprang to his cheeks. "I-I... I love you too..." He managed to stammer out, though it was only just above a whisper. "You don't understand how hard it was without you, Archie..."
  9. "I'm here now aren't I? So don't think about the times I weren't. They're being us now." He whispered into his ear, hugging him tightly. He wanted nothing more than to sink his fangs deep into his veins and drank from him but he held himself from that and simply hugged him
  10. Letting out a shudder from the surprising chill of Archie's breath, he buried his face close into the other's chest. He had spent a whole year, absent of the other's touch and smell and embrace. While Archie wanted to drink every last bit of blood from he, he wanted to suck in every familiar scent and every familiar touch from his friend. He wanted to be reassured that this was no dream or tired hallucination. When he dug his nails into the other, he wanted to feel flesh, skin, not air.
  11. He was greeted with hard cold skin. Archie just held him close, not bothered by the digging of the nails. He simply placed a kiss on his lips before Pl ulling away. Being this close to him was a bit too much. He would loose his cool if he continued. "I need a place to stay...."
  12. Letting out a nervous, shrill giggle, he awkwardly tugged on his sweater with a smile. "A-Ah, well... I mean, you could stay here! It would be nice to have a roommate for awhile, especially if it's my best friend! You haven't found a new best friend, have you? I'd be heartbroken, honestly. Um, is it okay to sleep on the couch for now? I mean, you smell awful, no offense. Like rotten flesh or something! Ugh, you seriously need a shower. You can borrow my clothes, but they might be a bit too small... You've really gotten a growth spurt, haven't you?" He babbled, a classic sign of his nervousness as he placed the kettle down once again. "You still seem a bit cold, so it'll be nice to sleep in front of the heater. I can grab a few blankets if you want, I've been hoarding them lately. There's no heat in my bedroom, but I don't spend much time in there so it's just easier to, like, pile on a ton of blankets you know?"
  13. Pressing a cold finger to his lips, meaning to shush him, he walked away walking to the bathroom. He could smell where it was so he opened the door. "I'll take a shower now." He mumbled, and shut the door behind himself.
  14. Marcus stood there, his head still spinning. His friend of practically two decades had disappeared for a year, and is suddenly back? And kissing him?! It made him need to sit down for a moment before finally getting up and starting to gather blankets and a spare pillow. Pushing his textbooks and whatnot onto the coffee table, he made a rather neat bed on the futon before wandering to his own bedroom to get ready for bed. A classic pair of pajama pants and a tanktop would do. Once dressed properly, he took some sleep medicine to at least help cure his recent bouts of insomnia before making himself some chamomile tea. He waited patiently on the armchair besides the futon to hear the water turn off, in which he would quickly hurry and hand off a pair of pajamas.
  15. And soon the water did shut off, he dried himself off. Glancing at the mirror, he grimaced a bit, before turning away to get dressed. He didn't recognize himself anymore. He hated to look at himself, he looked so....dead. well he was, but still.
  16. "You done in there?" Came the human's voice. Covering his eyes rather shyly, he opened the door and held out the fresh clothes. "Here, you can wear these. They're my old pair, you know, the ones with the puppies on them? Ugh, those were awful, but they're a bit big, so it'll probably fit perfectly. I'm going to go to bed, alright? I've got classes in the morning, so I won't wake you up. You've had a long drive, I imagine." Closing the door once again, he offered a soft smile even if the other couldn't see. "Don't stay up too late, alright?"
  17. Walking over he moved the boy's hands from his eyes making him look at his body. Humans tend to love his body and thay was a way he could lure him in. "Thank you." He whispered and made the other touch his chest that felt war from the hot water.
  18. Quickly bursting into another fit if nervous giggkes, he had to look away in embarrassment. Marcus woukd be lying if he said he was absolutely taken with the way the man now looked. No longer was Archie the scrawny, fearful boy he grew up with. No, he was a MAN... and that change, while it made him flustered, did disappoint him in the back of his mind. "S-Seriously, Archie, put on some clothes! You'll get cold again, aha..."
  19. "You like this don't you. The way I look." He whispered, making his hands slide down his now fit body as he leaned in close. "Why don't you want to sleep with me tonight....I just told you I love you. So you should sleep with me."
  20. "A-Archie, I don't know..." He whispered, his palm closing. "It doesn't feel r-right! I haven't seen you in over a year...."
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