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  1. 'what a beautful day at Ouran high the best please for your educason. for your childern wow i sound like an add right now but anyways this school is amazing for me to laern things i want to become a lawer like my father but my mother wants me to be a singer and a moive star. and like as if i say' Lucka was talking to her self again. licky in her head but real she need to get out there. she was wondering her new school sh tranfer her frpm some differnt school. she was tall for a normale girl her age. she was 6 feet and her hair was dyed purple. and cut very short more like a boys cute. she was walking aound hoping to not see that host club place she about. she didnt know where it was and sare. and with that she saw the miusc room. she loves miusc she opend the door with wide bark blue eyes to see....
  2. The men of the Host Club were seated in tables around the room. Some were drinking tea, others eating cake. One of the mean, Keith was sitting down with a tablet, obviously lost in thought and calculation. The largest table was featured in the middle of the room, piled high with cakes and sweet things. Two men, one looking more like a boy were seated at the table, chatting with some high class and giggly girls. A different man, blonde hair and blue eyes roamed the center of the room, flattering and enchanting girls left and right.
  3. Oh dear god" she said just to be pushed away by some girls when they walked in. she triped and landed on her burr. "ow stupid girls and there host freaks" she mummbled to herself. but the girls heard her. "what did you call us and the hots peoplein the world" they hissed the first girl hade black hair the other two looked like twins becuse of there blond hair. she makes her self look like she was thinking "well i called you stupid and the club people freacks and uglys happy good i am out of here" she gets up just to be push right back down by the black haird girl. " ok thats it" she makes the black haird girl fall to the floor and then gets on tp of her and pull her hair. then the black hair pulls lucka's hair
  4. "Titus...there's another fight you need to stop..." came a grumble from Keith.

    At once, Titus rushed in, separating the girls and winning them over with sweet words and gallant gestures.
  5. the black hair girl giggled and Lucka was not wined over she just rolled her eyes and left the room. but not with out saying a few nice word. "bunch of-" she slamd the door behind her.
  6. Titus frowned, appealing to the girls left over by bringing out cakes and tea. "Girls, girls...we all know there are those that don't approve of the club...but such sophisticated ladies like yourself need not get worked up over them..."
  7. Lucka passed by Jassie her friend seince who knows how long. "OMG that cant be you Jassie" her eyes when wide. Jessie changed big time. she had Long brown hair and the school unaform looked amazing on her. "Omg Lucka thats you your hair look at it" she saw shocked. "are you new here omg i need to show you this club but first fix that her" Jessie was the only one to ever notice the wing tand that allways got Lua to smirk. "sure" she removes it to show her real herir dark raven black it was long to her wast. "what is it-" sh e didnt finish she was alread puched to the muice room again but this time by her friend. "oh gods no" she said sotfly. lucky no one would notice her when she walked in. she hoped
  8. Titus walked up to the ladies, bowing and kissing Jessie on the top of her hand. "Miss Jessie, it is wonderful to have you here again." He smiled winningly. "What brings you here?"
  9. Lucka didnt want to make a sean like before and keep a smile on her face. "Titus you allwas know the right words to make a girls day" she said with a smile "i would like you to meet my friend Lucka" lucka keep her hand behind her back and gived him a nice smile. this was something her father told her. just to keep smiling even at the worst time or even if you hate the guy keep smiling.
  10. Titus let go of Jessie's hand. "Anything for a princess such as you..." He smiled and turned to Lucka. "Good afternoon miss. I hope you find something you like here." He gestured towards the rest of the room where separate parties were being held.
  11. "why thank you but i must get-" her mouth was coverd by Jessie who smiled "we will" then looked at her moving Lucka away from Titus. "Are you crazy. I want you to sit at each guy talk with them all of 25 ments and i will be with you." Lucka did have anyroom to argue. Jessie walked up to Titus with lucka and said "who should we start with first Titus this is Lucka first time and i dont know who to start with."
  12. Titus looked around the room. "Honey and Michael have room at their table and are the easiest to start with..." He said, offering an arm to both ladies so he could lead them to their table.
  13. Lucka didnt take his arm but Jessie was over joyed and toke his arm. 'I dont get this world. but sometimes you got to live like your young.' the girls walked with him to Honey and Michael's table Jessie with a big smile and Lucka with a small one
  14. Titus pulled out a chair for both ladies as Honey ate another piece of cake. He was so child-like that all he had to do was look at girls for them to go into mutters of ooh and ahhhh. Michael, the silent and strong type, remained composed and seated without touching the cake.
  15. Lucka looked at Titus as she sat down and gived him a real shy smile as se looked away from him at to the two hosts in frount of tthem. Jessie smiled at honey. "Omg honey stop beening cute you going to be the death of us al" Lucka giggled at Jessies joke. "but anyways Honey Michael meet Lucka" Lucka smiled and gived a small wave.
  16. Honey scooted over and peered up at Lucka as he took a bite o cake. "Nice ta meetchya." He smiled.

    Michael nodded, "Very nice." he said in his deep baritone. Several of the girls around them sighed and murmured at this.
  17. Lucka hade to look away from Honey he was just to cute to look at. "So cute cant take it" she said to herself but then breath in and faced Honey. "the plaser is deeply mine" she was starting to like ths place a little. "and its 'very nice' to meet you too Michael"
  18. Honey hugged Lucka, before grabbing his stuffed bear and eating more cake.

    Michael frowned, taking away Honey's fork. "You've had enough today..."
  19. Lucka blushed. its been a long time truly. "Jessis help me cutes kid ever is hugig me" she whispers to Jessie. but she just gigled. once Honey let go she notice Michael and Hoonys act "Are you to brothers? i ummm didnt mean to sound rude sorry for asking"
  20. Honey shook his head. "Nope! Mikey takes care of me since his family is friends with my family."

    Michael responded, "It's complicated." While several girls tittered on about how Michael was talking more than normal.
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