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    Connor's eyes shot wide open as he woke up. He lurched forward and tried to stand up, but a metal ceiling hit his head. Connor gave a muttered curse and rubbed his head, looking around to see where he was. Were those...bars? Connor reached out to grab them. Yep, full metal bars, he was trapped, but...where was he?

    "Connor? You finally awake?" Asked a familiar voice. Connor turned his head to see his hunting trainer Rand sitting next to him in another cage. Rand gave him a small grin. "Good, you're not actually dead. I assume they took everything from you too?"

    Connor checked his pockets. Rand was right, all of his stuff was gone. It was just him and his clothes. "Rand...do you know where we are?"

    Rand stopped his grin and gave a frown, something Connor hardly ever saw his trainer do. "No Connor," Rand said. "I have no idea."


    The Manager stepped into his office bright as he usually was. The new humans would create some more guests coming in and Zzyxx even had the opportunity of snatching some hunters too, which would make things very interesting. Hunters did not concern the Manager much as along as they didn't get out, and so far that had proven to be impossible. No human had ever left this place alive, and he planned that they never would. Secrecy was of utmost importance, and without it his hotel couldn't exist.

    Grabbing a hold of his microphone on his desk the Manager set the output to all floors except for the human containment area:

    "Attention, a group of fresh humans have just arrived in containment and are ready for delivery upon request. Remember, if you have any specific instructions just remember to ask during your request."
  2. Jay Karmill, black Jay entered the gigantic hotel, ready to hopefully pick up her spirits. Walking up to the front desk, she informed the man, "Jay Karmil. Succubus, permanent guest.". She hoped her reservation went through, and she couldn't wait to see those humans. She tapped her foot in wait, for she wasn't exactly the 'patient' type of girl.

    Katherine Ilio, blue Katherine awoke, and felt around her. "Where's my knife, my wood, my everything?" she screamed, hopping up and searching her enclosure. "Wait, where the heck am I? Kasey, is this one of your pranks?" she asked, looking at the exit as she asked in an annoyed voice.
  3. Lillian stepped out of the gate and up to the Hotels doors. She opened the and walked in before looking around at the interior "This is beautiful looking... I hope it all works out for me.. I need somewhere quiet to run my tests.. I already booked ahead.." She mumbled to herself before approaching the main desk. She looked at the desk and began to rethink everything 'I look to much like a Human.. I heard the rumors of this place... Vampires, Demons, Succubus's and other supernaturals you can sense.. A witch just looks like a human.' She thought to herself. She looked at the man at the front desk "Uhm.. Hello.. I am here for one of the rooms." She said before taking a deep breath "Lillian Thule is my name." She said then waited for the response.

    The man behind the desk nodded and gave her a Keycard before pointing to an elevator. Just then a voice came over the microphone and she smirked slightly 'Alright... I have people to help me I guess... Two should do.. I wonder if they will let me have the dead ones.. Oh I hope they dont hurt them.' She thought to herself as she got onto the elevator and rode up to her room. She stopped at the top floor and stepped out and into the hallway. She walked down the hallway and into her room. Before she even unpacked she picked up the phone "Uhm.. This is Lillian Thule on the top floor... Please bring me one Male Human and one Female human.. No specific instructions.. Make sure they are healthy and fully clothed please." She said before hanging up and beginning to unpack.
  4. When Tiana woke up, she stared around with wide eyes. She had barely missed smacking her head on the top of a cage. 'What the....' She thought, looking around worriedly. There was a girl frantically grasping about looking for a knife, or at least that's what she seemed to be mumbling about, and a pair of boys talking down a ways. She realized her purse was gone and she was stuck with nothing but her and the uncomfortable outfit she'd been wearing. Sucking in a big deep breath she put on an at ease face and leaned over toward the girl next to her, "hey, sup?" She asked casually, ignoring their situation completely.
  5. Phil was walking through a dense forest. It had been a full day since he had ventured forth into the woods. He was tired, hungry and thirst. He felt a little paranoid as the dense fog made it almost impossible to see. Phil slumped against a tree and closed his eyes. "You're far from home human" a deep voice growled. Phil jumped up onto his feet drawing his knife. The fog was too thick to see anything, so he attempted to listen for the footstep's of the unknown voice; however, Phil felt someone hit the back of his head and everything went black.

    Phil woke up enclosed in a cage. Next to him were others. "Dammit..." Phil muttered. He looked at the people next to him. Two men. One young and another around his age. Then Phil heard a scream of a young woman in the cage next to him. "This ain't no prank princess." Phil said nonchalantly in an almost detached fashion. Phil felt the back of his head. There was a huge bump. "Ow...shit" he cursed. "Any of y'all know anything about were we are? I was on the hunt..." Phil cut himself off incase he revealed too much information about what he did. "So where are we?" he called out asking.


    Dexter opened the front doors to the hotel. He walked in looking around. He grunted. "Beautiful place." Other Dexter said. "Do you have a goal in mind, Dexter? Perhaps brutally murder the humans here? What?" Dexter shrugged. He hadn't thought about it. He goal was just to be alive again. That would be impossible though. There was no cure for vampirism, well as far as Dexter knew. He decided to act impulsively. What ever action came to mind first when he got a human would be the first thing he did.

    Dexter walked to the front desk. "Dexter Bennett." he said dully, grabbed his hotel key and set off to his room. It was one of the cheaper ones on the 13th floor, but it would get the job done. As soon as dexter got into his room he picked up the phone and dialed the front desk. "Dexter Bennett in room 1313. I need one female human, don't have any special instructions....Just bring her.


    Zzyxx walked into the Manager's office. "New batch is all ready for delivery sir. We caught a few hunters this time. One was traveling through the forest like a bloody idiot." Zzyxx sat down across the Manager. He watched as the Manager radioed all the guests through the intercom. "Anyway, we should probably talk about plans for the anniversary of the Hotel and wether or not we want to do another special event. Last year was a lot of work for my workers, so if we're going to do something I'd like to get started now." Zzyxx smiled. "We could do gladiator fighting. Human versus Human and place bets on them? We would need a big supply of humans, but that wouldn't be too hard to get if we start now. What are your thoughts?"
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    I wake my head throbbing I look around everything was black. "We're am I" I say I was beginning to panic. "Hello!" I say "father!!!" I add I was starting to hyper ventalate. I was scared where was I, where was my father, why was I in a cage? I look around franticly seeing two boys closer to me and two girls a little ways infront of me. "Please anyone? Can anyone tell me where I am" I ask, I was completely clueless and I wanted answers. Had I been kidnapped or something, I had just been with my father bringing our game into town to sell. I got separated from him, I was looking for him and now I was here confused and scared.

    I walk up to the hotel well it looked like I was in a fashion show. My big wings are held high in the air. I wear a short black dress and heels. I enter the hotel taking in the sights, then I hear them announce the new humans. A wicked smile spreads across my face. I walk up to the desk smiling sweetly "one room please, with a nice view of course" I say. Then front desk worker hands me a key "thanks" I say winking before making my way up stairs to my room. I wanted to get a human it didn't matter who a male would be easier to control but a female would be fine. I reach my room opening it I step inside closing the door behind me I take in my surroundings. It was a beautiful room with a great view just as I'd asked. I smile grabing the phone I hold it to my ear with my shoulder. I examine my finger nails as I here a voice, I answer "yes, hello I'd like a human please. Yes, no gender doesn't matter but a male would be preferable. Have a good day thank you" I say putting the phone away I wait.
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  7. Kay didn't like it when they brought in new humans. Over half of them wouldn't end up being workers in the hotel, they'd end up dead. He'd been put on cleaning duty again, since that didn't require seeing things long distances. Kay was good at cleaning, and it meant he didn't have much contact with the supernatural since he only cleaned rooms when they weren't inside. But he'd seen some gruesome things here.
    And it didn't take long for new guests to arrive, some had reservations, others did not. He just made sure he stayed out of the way, and didn't attract attention to himself.
  8. Chase sat silently in his cell, looking down at his dirty feet and scowling when more humans where brought in. He had been here for the last four years, and had given up hope of ever getting out. It wasn't like he could return home if he escaped, not after his father betrayed him like that. He heard the newcomers talk among themselves. He took a deep breath and looked up.

    "Welcome to hell, everyone. You might as well kiss your lives goodbye and get used to being some supernatural's bitch." He said bitterly

    @ Every Human


    Saul was sitting down in one of the employee breakrooms, thinking about he could get into the human's heads. "A fresh shipment of humans, this will be fun." Saul said, chuckling to himself.
  9. A few hours earlier
    The sound of muffled steps hitting the sod on the rang out through the empty forest, well...empty for the most part anyway. A hunter was tracking his prey and the prey knew it, giving the hunter no other choice than to give choice. They prey item wasn't like most game, it was far different, more unnatural in origin. The distant panting as if someone were out of breath could easily be picked up by the hunter. "No use running now, demon!" The hunter ran before taking a final step, a metallic click, like something was put into place resonated. "Wha-?" The hunter's speech was cut off the moment he was flung into the air by his feet, his body suspended and his arms dangling. Now he was vulnerable and unable to reach anything to free himself, the sound of laughter caused the hunter to look down, locking eyes with his form prey. "Good effort hunter, but now it's time for you to sleep.." The demon spoke, slowly Marcus' worlds began to darken before he slipped into a coma of sorts.

    Present Time
    As the hunter awoke, he jumped up, reaching for his boot knife on instinct only to find it missing, along with his blade. "The hell am I?" He asked himself as he looked around the cage he was held in, rust lined the bars. It was like being in a gallows, looking down he found that he was suspended in air....again. He looked up to see a chain leading to the ceiling, the only thing holding him up.
  10. Katherine Ilio, blue "The heck? How the hell did I end up here? Oh..." she asked the man, ending with a silent whisper. She facepalmed herself, realizing that her 'trip' wasn't just a stick. "God damn it." she muttered to herself, staring at the many cages around her. When one girl whispered to her, she turned. "Us, apparently. We are suspended above ground." she answered, gulping at how high up they were.

    Jay Karmill, black Jay thanked the man giving her the room key, and went up to her room. When she arrived, she wondered what to pick. Then, after unpacking, she phoned, "Jay Karmill in room 158, I'd like 1 female, fully clothed, and a new one, please.".
  11. The Manager looked over at Zzyxx as he walked in and gave a pleasant smile. At the suggestion of the anniversary the Manager turned to his computer to look at the human count. "Hmm, judging by the count I don't think we can do a gladiatorial fight this year due to the demand. Maybe a feast would do, or a maze hunt," he said, turning back to him. "Speaking of which, I should probably send off the humans." After a few clicks the humans were sent off to the supernaturals who ordered them.

    Several cages began to rattle as the orders came in. The cages themselves attached to wires started moving off. Katherine and Marcus were zoomed off to the right and ended up inside Lillian's room. Connor's cage was taken up to Pria's room. Tiana was shot off to the right to end up at Dexter's room. Finally, Saphira's cage was taken to Jay's room.


    Connor looked over at one of the others who actually seemed to know what was going on. "Wait you know about supernatural?" He asked, turning to him. "What-" Connor looked around as his cage began rattling then suddenly shot up. Connor suddenly ended up in a room still in his cage. Connor muttered a curse, this wasn't good.


    Rand looked around as several cages began to move, including Connor's next to him. "Connor!" Rand shouted as his trainee's cage disappeared. Rand waited to see if his cage would move, but nothing happened to his. Rand turned to the other boy (Chase) and said, "You know what's happening here, I need you to tell me."
  12. Jay Karmill, black When a human was speedily coming towards her room, Jay gulped. She didn't want to hurt them, maybe just improve them? She didn't know, and something told her this human wasn't happy to be here. She knew that this could be changed, and couldn't wait to help her.

    Katherine Ilio, blue When her cage started moving, Katherine shreaked, "What the heck!". She grasped on one of the bars, holding it for her life. When she noticed another guy right next to her, her heart lifted a teeny bit. She wasn't alone. "W-w-who are you?" she asked him, noting that they were moving rather fast.
  13. [​IMG]
    I sit in a chair in the corner of the room my legs crossed I read a book sipping at a cup of tea. I look up slightly as a cage is moved into my room my mouth spreads into a wicked smile. Setting down the book I stand, and clap my hands together. "Fast service, very nice!" I say before turning and picking up the cup of tea. I move to the kitchen and begin to refill the cup. "What's your name boy?" I ask as I finsh not looking at him, I pick up the key to the cage holding it up so it was visible over my shoulder. Taughnting humans was so much fun for me. "Well?" I ask still not looking at him.

    I gasp my eyes big as my cage begins to move and I'm carried off. I lay on the floor of the cage curled up shaking I had no ideas what was happening and a part of me didn't want to know. My cage stops abruptly in a room with a jolt my back hits the bars and I cring cursing under my breath. I look up my hand on my back I see a women (Jay) and gulp "hi um can you tell me what's going on here?" I ask a little shaky but I was becoming more confident, I wanted answers.
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  14. Oh sorry she was talking to Jay, she was taken to her room...

    I take in my surroundings the room was nice. How had no one known about this place, where we far from the village. I was so confused and had so many question. I had heared a few people talking about...supernaturals but they didn't exsit...right? I didn't know what to do I was alone with what I though to be some form of supernatural.
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    "Now listen here you little, shit." Kaori her voice oddly calm, letting a punch soar onto the bars of her cage, which responded with a low, hollow echo. It wasn't the first, it was the the 20th out of many yet to come. And they all had reached the manager's ears. Given the LONG history/knowledge/mysterious powers the hunter had with the hotel and the fact that it proved to the other humans they can expect to spend a long time here, it would be unwise to put her with the other humans, so there was no other place better than right in the manager's room. The girl was fearless and was banned from daggers- they'd almost always end up in some supernaturals side. She watched the manager's fleshbag servants snibble on about finding more humans, and she was deathly quiet about it up until now. " What's your name? Zzyxx- I-forgot-the-order-of-the-alphabet, your events are all types of unfair. Humans at least deserve the chance to win at your games. Last time i was at a feast, i remember having to follow around a supernatural like a puppy on a chain leash."

    Kate's fingers skillfully ran through her long hair, in the Hotel room of her and Nixon. It was much too long...soon enough here, she wouldn't have much time for herself. Hazel eyes stared back at her, filled with so much happiness yet lifeless at the same time. They followed the scissors she held in her hands, beginning to snip her golden hair until it was shoulder length. The ends of her hair were sort of curly now. She attempted to paste a smile on her face. She had something to tell her supernatural. Nixon was off lounging somewhere, as mental as ever from the recent events. At times she loved who she was talked to, other times she had to treat the vampire like a child, mothering him, urging him to not sink below the levels of beyond return. Kate sat down next to him on the couch, he rarely looked her in the eyes. She tried this whole affection thing, slinging her arms around his shoulders and resting her cheek upon his shoulders. "Hey, Nixon.... Do you remember more now? Do you remember me more? You really need to remember now, i have something important to tell you." Damn, damn...she chanted in her mind, trying to keep her emotions from making these incoming news much too dramatic.
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  16. @Doctor Hi

    Chase watched expressionless as several cages were taken out of the room and whisked off to god knows where. Chase noticed that a man, a few years older than him, He took a deep breath and sighed. "Your friend there, Conner right. He was sent to one of the guests rooms. The guests here are free to do anything to their humans. As we speak, Conner could be having the crap beaten outta him, having cruel medical experiments preformed on him or worse." He took a minute to gather himself. "The best thing you can do now is to keep you're head down, you'll survive." Chase said
  17. Kain sat in the recliner seat in a slumped posture, his right hand wrapped around a glass that was filled to the rim with a golden liquid. He was alone in his hotel room with only a bottle and the said cup being his company. It was just another day of slouching around without the worry of dealing with hunters, but something felt... Off to him. Eventually he gave into the demands that were building up in the back of his mind.

    I need someone.. Lets see... He thought as his free hand trailed off the arm rest and inched closer towards the bottle on the table, but it went past the bottle and pressed the button that activated the speaker, the lycan pausing for a minute before he spoke with an attempt to keep the drunken slurred words out of his dialogue. "Good day.. Or evening.. Whichever..." He said, clearing his throat and shifting around on the seat "I wish for a human.. What do you have available at this time? Preferably a cute one if you catch my drift." After submitting his request the lycan slouched his his seat again, his human form starting to become rather uncomfortable. Perhaps being in the fur again will make me feel a bit more free in this kind of day.
  18. , green [​IMG]

    There was a flash of blue black light, it was in an alley way a few blocks away from the Hotel. Aurora had just finished off a victim. Her beautiful butterflies took the decayed body away. No evidence made it easier for Aurora to get away with things. Aurora now filled with new energy made her way to the hotel entrance. Aurora walked into the grand hotel. -Wow Amelia was right about this place, it "was" amazing.- Aurora couldn't believe how beautiful this place was. Aurora walked over to the front desk. "Hi! I am Aurora Minerva Del la Rosa! I have a reserved top floor room." The front desk manager looked at her weirdly, most supernaturals didn't know anything about Energy Fairies; so Aurora wasn't surprise that the desk manager didn't know that she was in a "disguise" of sorts. When her butterflies reappeared the desk manager shook his head and handed Aurora her keys. "Thank you very much, kind sir." Aurora walked off to the elevator heading to her room, with her lovely "babies" fluttering behind her.
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  19. Jay Karmill, black As the cage came into her room, Jay unlocked it kindly, motioning for the girl inside to come out. "I'm Jay, and apparently you are a human slave to this hotel, you did not know that? Oh, these people are so cruel. Well, I do not plan to do any harm to you, let alone even touch you physically." she informed her new human, sitting on a comfy couch.

    Katherine Ilio, blue As her cage neared her desired destination, Katherine's grip became stronger. 'Cling, Kathy, cling!' she screamed in her head as her hands turned red. She didn't even care if she was going to a vampire's lair, all she cared about was getting out, and soon.
  20. [BCOLOR=transparent]Nixon gave a stare towards Kate, his eyes giving a strange look towards her. He looked up, as if trying to rotate his eyes into his head. "I...sorry I got nothing. You sure you didn't mix me up with my evil twin in Alberta? Wait...I think it'd be better to think of him as my good twin, or neutral twin. Oh wait, I think I killed him. Did I? Um..." Nixon gave an inquisitive look at the ceiling. "I need to...think about it, right?" [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]Kate...Kate...[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]did it sound familiar? [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]It kind of...No of course it-You bloody-Why am I thinking thi-Carry on my-Knives...electricity…-Kate…-Torture-Big Boss guy-Wayward soooOOOoon-WHY ARE YOU-Blood and guts-Shot to the head. I am dying, I am dead.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent] Nixon had lost his focus for a bit, then shook his head. So that’s why he didn’t want to think, thinking was where all those scary things came from. Were those his memories? Maybe. “Reeeeminder?”[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Rand gave a perplexed look and stared at the bottom of his cage. “Supernatural. What kind? How long have you been here?” Rand asked, looking back up at the guy. Connor wasn’t trained enough to fight supernatural solo, and the situation would be worse if they were ready and he wasn’t. Rand looked around the cage for a possible exploit. He looked intensely and scrutinized everything, but found nothing. This cage was the perfect design to keep a human prisoner. Rand breathed, trying to slow down himself. “Lovely, we are literally slaves now. That’s a problem though, I’m too stubborn to be a slave.”[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]The Manager slowly looked over to Kaori, giving a small smile. He did like her little outbursts from time to time. "Kaori, you always seek to amuse me. You know, I think I actually enjoyed you on one of those leashes. In fact," The Manager said, pressing a key on his computer. "I'm sending you to a certain someone. Try not to kill them." Kaori's cage shot down, ending up in Kain's room. The Manager turned back to Zzyxx. "Back to the event, you think maze or feast? Maybe both?"[/BCOLOR]


    [BCOLOR=transparent]Connor snapped his head over to the girl who was also in the room and now asking him questions. As she held up the keys Connor frowned. He still had little idea what was going on but now he knew that this girl had the keys and wasn't immediately letting him out. Perhaps he could try to appear friendly to get out then try breaking out of here. "Con-" He cut himself short. Rand had said that names held power sometimes with certain supernatural, he should be careful. "Mark, now can you please let me out? It's not too comfortable in here."[/BCOLOR]