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    This is the story about Hybrids who left behind by their father and eldest sister. No one knew the reason, it was too sudden to understand. They decided to step out from their comfort zone and bring back their beloved ones. One thing that they never knew... The day they chose to follow them was the day their true fate would be revealed.



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    CHAPTER I : Change of Pace
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    It's been a week since Aster took Perican and left the house. Though the hybrids decided to follow them, they had no clue about where Aster would heading. No letters, no signs, nothing. Belethia, who became the eldest one now, turned her head upside down to think about an idea. This herd of hybrids needed to stay alive no matter what, stepping out of this comfy house might lure danger and death closer to them. Even if they needed to find those two, Belethia didn't want to cost any life.

    Today was supposed to be the day they decided to heading to the nearest town from here, Lymicia. The only place that Belethia could think off. It might need more than one day to reach that town, but it was better than staying here and do nothing. Belethia felt responsible to protect her younger siblings. They might know one two thing about fighting, but they, even Belethia, never faced real battle before. Just like Perican used to say, outside world was full with monsters and dangers. Without proper preparation, those monsters could crush the hybrids in no time even though they had special abilities. The other problem was how human would react to them. Perican said that they were special, they were different, and human was afraid of diversity. No one knew what would they do after seeing their animal features.

    Sighing, Belethia put everything she thought important into her backpack. The living room was totally empty without Perican and Aster. Belethia never imagined how two person's presences could make such an impact. No turning back after this, Belethia was ready for every consequences that she would deal with. After she put everything in her backpack, Belethia called the second eldest, Nyla to come, "Hey, Nyla, go check Alastor and Jack, we need to make sure that everyone is ready with this journey. I will check the rest."

    Belethia marched her way to check the first sibling, Oran, since he is so lazy, Belethia guessed that he might still sleeping in his room. She was readying herself to wake that lazy ass if he wasn't ready. Her mind was thinking about several wake up ideas to do, the more surprising it was, the more she would feel satisfied. As soon as she arrived in front of Oran's door, she reached the knob and turned it open.
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    Nyla had been rummaging in the kitchen since early in the morning baking brownies. Sadly that was 10 minutes ago... and there were no more brownies. Though Nyl was satisfied and ended up happy with the beginning of her morning. Her long strands of black hair had been braided back, her ears were flattened against her head; yellow eyes that glowed. It was the silence that was killing her. When Perican had been around, he always sat at the table with Nyla as he drank his oatmeal and coffee with hazelnut cream poured in the liquid that had a strong scent. The last time she had taken a sip while Perican wasn't looking, she had been flying off the walls. The taste had been horrible as well. It didn't matter though, Perican liked it and aroma wasn't all the bad when it was from a distance.

    Then there was Aster... her sibling. The one who had betrayed them all. She had taken Perican from them and Nyla hated just sitting around doing nothing. Not that it was surprising. If anyone was going to betray them it was Aster. Even though Aster had been older and more knowledgeable, Nyla was always good at sniffing out trouble. Not that she was like that in the beginning. When Nyla had been born, Aster was kind and sweet. Like a sister should be. Then came everyone else and at first Nyl didn't see the change but then she started to see the small things. The way Aster began acting toward everyone, like she was angry at something. Though there were still times when she was kind to them.

    Nyla kept her distance from Aster while Belethia was the closest one with her. It was alright, Nyl had Perican. He didn't judge her, made her feel comfortable with all the white fluffy tails behind her. There had been a time when Nyla and Aster had gotten into an argument and when Aster had mentioned Nyla's tails, Nyl was ready to fight but Perican stepped in.

    That argument was about 2 years ago though but Nyla remembered it clearly.

    "Hey, Nyla, go check Alastor and Jack, we need to make sure that everyone is ready with this journey. I will check the rest."

    When Belethia called to her from the living room, Nyla's left ear twitched a bit but a her soft pink lips pulled into a grin. A glint of mischief shining in her golden-yellow eyes.

    Nyla was swift and light on her feet as she quietly raced up the flight of stairs, the thing about the big cabin was that the rooms were all over the place. Because of her natural speed it didn't feel like a lot and she certainly preferred the extra space. Nyla knew her tails could take up room. She usually used them as a bed though and that was all she really needed. Made things more comfortable if she decided to take a nap outside somewhere, usually the roof.

    "Alastor, Jack!" Nyla shouted in the hallway before opening the door to Alastor's room, a big smile on her face as she prepared herself to jump on him.

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  5. ~Sorena~

    Sorena had been up since before first light. The Snowy Owl girl lay on her stomach on the floor, a book in front of her. Her brown speckled white wings were draped lazily on either side if her. A brown leather satchel leaned against the bookshelf. Sorena had packed the essentials shortly after she had awoken that morning. The white haired avian girl was sad to have to leave behind her beloved stories, but she simply did not have the space to take them all. She faintly heard someone bustling about the kitchen earlier. The only one of her siblings she thought it could be was her older Fox sister, Nyla. The smell of brownies had alerted her to that fact, and the baked treats were likely gone by now. Belethia, her second oldest sister, was in the living room with her. The Bull was packing a bag. They had all taled for what felt like forever about going after thier eldest sister Aster. The Snake had disappeared with thier father. Belethia's voice briefly brought Sorena out of her book, but it was not the owl the bull was asking for. Sorena returned her attention to the book in front of her.
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  6. ORAN
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    Oran’s room was sparse. He had his bed, a chair, and a dresser, but little else. His favorite feature was the room’s single window overlooking the back of the house. Oran kept it open, a ready escape into the forest surrounding their sanctuary. He’d learned right around the age of twelve that he had very little interest in the goings on inside of Perican’s home.

    Outside. That was where Oran wanted to be. He’d just stay out there if he thought he could get away with it, but Belethia got a little antsy when any of them stayed gone for too long. And antsy for Belethia meant that doors came off hinges. How Alastor got away with it again and again, Oran couldn’t figure. He had better things to do than resecure his privacy on the premises. Today was the day they finally got to break away from their territorial bounds. Today they would travel beyond the edges of the map.

    Contrary to his nature, Oran hadn’t slept well at all. Instead, he’d slipped down into Perican’s study. The old man had all manner of books and parchments. As a child, Oran had taken particular delight in looking over his father’s maps. Once he became older, however, and realized that he would probably never leave the forest, Oran had become disillusioned with the idea of the world beyond. But with their quest to pursue Aster and Perican dawning, Oran had felt a desire to look over Perican’s map collection once again.

    He was sitting in a crouch in the middle of the bedroom floor, balancing expertly on the balls of his feet as he studied the alien shapes of hills, forests, rivers, and ponds beyond their little corner of life. The map currently unrolled across his knees covered the local area for several miles in every direction. It didn’t reveal much down the road, but the detail was impressive. Oran had no idea what the features illustrated on the parchment would look like in person, but after several hours of intensive study, Oran was feeling confident in his new knowledge of the trails and roads leading away from their home to Lymicia.

    Belethia’s appearance wasn’t much of a surprise. He had been listening to her and Nyla move around the house for the better part of the morning. Her arrival was inevitable.

    “Good morning, Bell.” He muttered, sparing a brief golden glance away from the map as his door swung inward. “That time already?”
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  7. Alastor

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    Alastor found himself feeling rather conflicted at the given moment. His emotions were clashing with one another, almost tempting to place the feline in a irritable mood. However, those thoughts were quickly shaken away. After all, there was no real way of knowing the stunt Aster would pull with their creator, Perican. Despite the knowledge Perican's disappearance wasn't his fault- a part of him still felt responsible for not noticing sooner what Aster's plan was. She was his sister- their sister- yet he failed to notice the change that was going on. He was the fourth hybrid Perican created yet the changes that Aster underwent hadn't been noticed by him.

    At least, the occasional hunts with Oran and projects with Jack helped distracting him. Distractions were something he was in desperate need of right now, anyways. Maybe a little trip outside would help lift up his mood? It was possible, after all. However, now wasn't the time to be leaving considering the ongoing crisis on hand.

    Releasing a harsh sigh as his ombre colored tail swished slightly to the side, the blond resumed an upright sitting position against his bed frame. Slender digits briefly ran through ruffled blond locks, only serving to dishevel his appearance even further than before. Oddly enough, this reminded him of the time when Perican would occasionally ruffle his hair- a habit that had developed since he was only a small child. "I need some air.." He muttered aloud, moving the book in his lap beside him before beginning to stand.

    It was around this time that his ears twitched once, or possibly twice, from the sound of approaching footsteps. Based on the shout he heard down the hallway, the caller was Nyla. "-.. I'm in here-!" Alastor called out from his closed room before beginning to lightly stretch his tired limbs. Maybe if he focused on other things he'd be able to concentrate on the task ahead of him. After all, their priority now was finding Perican.
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    When Belethia pushed the door open, instead of finding Oran still laying on his bed, she found the hyena was looking at something. A map, she assumed. Belethia approached him and nodded, "Yes, it is, I guess you are ready?" Oran seemed eager to start this adventure. He could never stayed in house for long time, Belethia needed to put her feet down to stop him from straying too far. She had to make her brain worked harder finding a way to keep him at home. So, when Aster left the house with Perican and they needed to find them, Oran was... surprisingly happy? Belethia didn't know, she was just guessing since this boy was hard to predict.

    Belethia sat beside him and tilted her head, she found Perican's map in his hand, "Are you trying to find the best way to Lymicia?" she grinned and ruffled his hair, "That's my brother! I'll see you at the living room, don't be late or you know what will I do," Belethia waved her hand and left Oran alone in his room. Next one, she must find Sorena, the owl. It was better to leave Cazanna the last one since she could cause problems and Belethia was not ready for that.

    Belethia knew it best that Sorena must be still in her room. Turning at the end of hall, Belethia reached the sole room at the corner. The bull knocked the door slowly and swung it open, "Sorena, are you ready? Oh, you should be ready because we need to leave soon so we will reach Lymicia before night, it's much safer," Belethia slid inside her room and she found no one inside, maybe Sorena already downstair, but Belethia didn's see her? She hoped Serena was more than ready to do this adventure. Since Sorena often spent her day alone, Belethia afraid that Sorena would feel uneasy leaving her comfort zone here. However, Belethia needed to bring her too, leaving her here alone would do no good.
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  9. Jack

    Jack was sitting on the windowsill of his room when he heard his sister call out his and Alastor's names. He turned his head quickly and suddenly, looking at his door with his sharp, yellow eyes. Adjusting the large brown wings on his back in a fidgety manner, he returned his feet to the interior of the room and walked over to the door in a calm manner. He could guess what the ruckus was about. They'd been discussing leaving the house since Aster had taken off with Perican. From the way he reacted, one would have thought that he really didn't care about the transition, but it was more that he was confused about how he felt. He wasn't scared, that was certain, but he wasn't sure what to expect from the outside world, since they'd never ventured far from this place they called home. Should he be excited? Angry with Aster? Annoyed with the sudden move? Just honestly speaking, he didn't know. Still, it was going to happen, even if they ended up not leaving today. He could feel it somewhere in his gut. Just like he'd been able to feel that something bad was going to happen with Aster. And yet, he'd said nothing. He quickly banished the thought, refusing to dwell on it, even if it nagged at the back of his mind.

    The hawk hybrid popped his head out of his door and looked both ways down the hall, catching sight of Nyla at Alastor's door, looking just about ready to pounce on his brother. Eyeing her in a slightly dubious manner, he walked closer smoothly and rather slowly, not wanting to interfere with her plans, if she really was going to pounce.

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  10. ~Sorena~

    Sorena heard Belethia call from her room. "I'm down here in the living room, Bel." She called back. "I'm already packed." She added. The owl closed her book and set it next to her bag and headed upstairs. "Jack! Are you up? Have you packed?" She addressed her Hawk brother, one of her siblings she felt closest to.

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  11. Nyla opened the door to Alastor's room and jumped on his back, wrapping arms and legs around him for a secure grip. They were in a very depressed state with the betrayal of their own and the disappearance of their father. She could see it in their eyes. There were not words needed that everyone was affected by it. This was going to affect them mentally and emotionally but this trip was a physical test. To see if they were truly worthy of saving the man who made them. She laid her head on Alistor's back as she gathered her thoughts. It wasn't time for her to be emotional and so she put on a playful expression on her face as she leaned forward, her golden eyes shining with a new energy. As Belethia and Nyla are the eldest, it only made sense that she think about these things later. Right now, it would only make things worse if she was depressed along with them. It would bring them down, someone had to think with a clear mind and that was just up Nyla's alley.

    "Are you ready for the trip, Aly?" Nyla asked, her ears flickering a bit as she heard noises downstairs and in the hallway.

    Nyla had already been packed the moment they learned what happened when Aster left with Perrican, ready to go after him. The only thing that stopped her from leaving were the others. Abandoning them wasn't possible. She wasn't like Aster. All Nyla would be bringing were things that fit in a little pack, neatly placed in a specific order. Nyla never went to far from their home and to be honest, she wasn't all that sure what she was supposed to be bringing.

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    Belethia heard familiar voice from downstairs, Sorena was already packed and ready. It was surprising actually, Belethia used to think that Sorena would be the one who opposed this plan, butit turned out that she accepted it just fine. Two siblings were already up, now was the time to find the last one, Cazanna. Belethia walked pass the hall again, skipping the stairs to another corner of the hall. She met Sorena who came upstairs to find Jack. That would be so helpful because it seemed Nyla was still busy with Alastor.

    Reaching the end of the hall, Belethia faced another door. Sighing, Belethia knocked the door three times. She didn't expect to get warm welcome from the jaguar. She had changed a lot since the incident. It was so depressing and Belethia wished that Cazanna could be back into her former self. She was more... friendly and delightful. Without waiting to be welcomed, Belethia opened the door. She leaned her body to the wall while talking to her little sister inside, "Cas, are you ready? We need to go as soon as possible."
  13. ~Sorena~

    Sorena had just reached the top of the stairs when she crossed pathes with Belethia, who was trying to get everyone up. She peered down the hall towards Jack's room. The owl caught a glimps of the hawk's head poking out of his doorway. She gave her best impression of an owl greeting call as she walked down the hall. It was something she had always done since Jack was a 'Fledgling'. "You want to take a flight before we leave here? Say goodbye, at least for now, to out favorite roosts?" She asked.

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  14. Alastor

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    Despite hearing Nyla opening his bedroom door, Alastor still found himself caught off guard by the abrupt pressure of another body against his own. Fortunately for the two of them, the feline managed to catch his balance before the two could fall. His own arms had already moved to her legs, mainly to offer support incase the two took a tumble. It wasn't odd to see her quiet.. though he didn't blame her given the circumstances. They were all affected by it in the end. His ears twitched slightly at the sound of her voice, earning a brief smile from the male. "I am, though it's not much." He answered, using his head to gesture towards the small pack on his bed.

    Alastor didn't have much besides a few necessary items. He figured it wouldn't be a good idea to bring a majority of things besides the necessities they needed on the trip. After all, the less stuff they carried on them the better. Who knows what they would encounter once they set foot outside of their home. Releasing a small sigh, he forced a smile on his lips seconds later. It wouldn't do him any good to dwell on the possible dangers ahead of them.

    "Is everyone else packed?" He questioned, adjusting his grip slightly on her before using one of his hands to grab his own gear. Cerulean hues flickered behind him at Nyla, a thoughtful look briefly lingering in them. "Since I'm your transportation for the hour, should we stop by your room to pick your things up?" Alastor mused, taking on a playful tone at the given moment.
  15. JACK

    Jack heard Sorena's voice drift up the stairway. If anyone else had spoken, he would've practically snarled back, but he had a bit more patience for his owl sister. "Yes," he called back, "I've already packed." Of course he had. He'd been more than ready for a while now, and had already said his goodbyes to this place, but he would indulge Sorena. She'd always been the least pushy of his siblings, after all. He saw her heading towards him, having just made it to the top of the stairs. "Yes, let's go take a flight." He said calmly, approaching her himself. "Have you also already packed?" He asked, expressionlessly. His eyes twitched towards the sight of Alastor being jumped by Nyla, but he ignored the pair of them as he waited for Sorena's reply.

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  16. Sorena nodded. "Yea, I've been packed for a while." She said. "Where do you want to fly?" She asked. She never aked to race because the Hawk was faster, but the Owl was better in stealth.
  17. @Azula

    Cazanna's room was... A complete mess to say the least, her clothing was strewn across everywhere likely due to her looking for something and couldn't find it. Cazanna herself was sitting on the side of her bed, quickly shoving a book of some sorts inside her satchel that looks like she has stuffed a lot of things into. She quickly turned her attention Belethia and let out a sort hiss. "Yea, yea i know can't you just wait for me to get out than getting into my room you impatient cow?" She says before getting off from her bed and quickly making her way out of the door, shoving Belethia aside, though Belethia could notice that Cazanna's eyes seemed a bit fluffy as if she had been crying but asking about that may cause bigger trouble.
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    As the door revealed a girl sitting on the bed inside, Belethia knew that this little sister was not in a good mood. Cazanna's room, just like usual, was a complete mess, much worse than usual actually. Belethia had told her to keep her room neat and tidy, but Cazanna always had excuses to fend off Belethia's lecture. The jaguar shoved her aside as she grumbled in harsh words, Belethia sighed and closed the door behind her, "Stop that poisonous tongue before I teach you some manners."

    Dealing with Cazanna was a bad way to start the adventure. Belethia could do nothing about her, after Pelican left, she turned into a pain in the ass. She pissed off everyone, making the other hybrids grew dislike toward her. A slight of her fluffy eyes poked Belethia's soft side, she couldn't blame Cazanna for everything. Her act, her words, everything was caused by the incident. She wasn't mature enough to handle the situation. She wondered how the youngest one, Jack, could handle it better. Well, he was not the best either, at least slightly better. Bethia shook her head, no, they were both the worst.

    Belethia sighed again and followed the jaguar downstairs. She checked the outside to see how the sun was doing, thankfully it still showing the morning light. They would arrive at Lymicia before night, she was sure. Belethia slung her bag on her shoulder and looked upstairs before calling the rest of the hybrids, "I WANT EVERYONE DOWNSTAIRS RIGHT NOW!"
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