November Rain



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They flew on for a while and then on some more. "Seems we have to either go back or use SeaTac Mel.. whats your call. They over shot the field and are now in a holding pattern." The pilot told her as she held Cal. "Oh god, cant they get anything right. Look just head back and have a car meet us, he is out like a light. We can stay at the Marriott or something. Stupid... jerks. Please tell me they arent the ones taking us over seas." she was mad

"No hey listen we have enough fuel we can get you to San Fran if you want." smiling at Cal while he slept she touched his hair and sighed. "yes, that would be great. He can sleep and it will be perfect to get a non-stop from there." They flew on into the night. About an hour later she was out too.

They flew into the night sky like a shooting star. Her company gave her nothing but the best and having a chopper like the one she was in proved it. Long range and powerful. It was almost 5 am by the time the Golden Gate bridge came into view, but she was still out. The light was just right and the fog rolled in like a thick blanket. It was perfect, just like every postcard ever made of the city by the bay.

The end