November Rain

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  1. "Yeah. I will." Lucius said with a smile.
  2. "Why are you talking about someone else with me?" Harmony sulk.
  3. Or John Cena's power.

    John Cena is the strongest person in Singularity besides Chuck Norris, did you know that? Both of the have reality warping strength and can one shot both Crichton and Accelerator, the immortal and the strongest esper, respectively.
  4. Approved please repost in the approved character thread
  5. Approved please repost in the approved character thread.
  6. Sodika:*Reads MagiSaki*whispers to self-I have to make friends.I probably have people that hate me already.-
  7. Andrea looked at his book and heard her whisper. Well then, he could ' help' with that. He silently casted a dream for people to surround her, ' friends'.
  8. Anya held her little sister tightly in her embrace and rock her gently, "Its ok.. I'm here with you always." The crying slowly subsided to gentle sobs and soft sniffles as Aria gently drifted back to sleep.
  9. Figured I'd put Jamie Lee's CS on it's own so don't gotta backtrack for her CS alongside Rewind's.

    Shoutout to @SirKaltao for having this awesome CS format which I'm shamelessly borrowing. But giving credit where it's due c:

    Name: 'Jamie Lee' (Rewind's nickname for her. Real name unknown)
    Alias: Living Dead Girl
    Age: ???(Rewind assumes her to be late teens-early twenties)
    Height: 5ft 7in



    Normal(i.e the shell Rewind created for her to inhabit)

    Her true form:



    Intelligence (3): Died as a freshman in college though given when she died(the 1980s)times have changed quite a bit.
    Strength (5): Superhuman: Able to lift over 25 tons, up to 75 tons. This range includes Class 50 (up to 50 tons) and Class 75 (up to 75 tons).
    Speed (5): Supersonic: peak velocity between Mach-2 to Orbital Velocity approximately 17,000 mph)
    Superhuman Durability (6)
    Short Range Ectoplasm Manipulation(3)
    Combat ability: Got into a fair share of scuffles while she was alive-took self defense classes. (3)
    Total: 25, Superhuman

    • Superhuman Strength: Exceeds the limits of any normal human.
    • Superhuman Speed: Top speed of 17,000 mph. Though going this far pushes Lee's shell to it's limits/it'll begin falling apart at the seams and if she doesn't get a chance to stop and tend to the tears in her shell, it might rupture entirely and she'll be left to float along.
    • Superhuman Durability: Highly resistant to injury and is capable of withstanding great impact forces that would greatly injure or even kill a normal human. Also, plus the fact that she's already y'know, dead. But if her shell's destroyed then their isn't much she can do on her own. She's just a spoooooopy ghost in that case :<
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Capable of regenerating from injury faster than a normal human.
    • Ectokinesis Manipulation: Jamie can manipulate ectoplasm into varying forms such as balls of ectoplasm she can throw, armor, and the like.

    These are the kinds of songs that the rebellious girl who would go on to be known as 'Jamie Lee' would listen to her in youth back in the 1980s. It was a welcome reprieve from the necessities of everyday life. 'Oh your grade's slipping' 'Stop sitting in your room all day' 'Hahah, look at that chick! Sits alone by herself at lunch!'

    All the same kind of nonsense chatter that 'Jamie Lee' wanted nothing to do with. At least when she put on her walkman and laid down in bed, she could pretend as if nothing else in the world mattered. It was just her in her own small island and if she could have had it that way forever? That's how she would have preferred it to be. That was until she found someone who she felt understood her. Understood her in a way that nobody else ever would.


    The field of forever stubble spread across his chin, the cigarette drooping out of his mouth. Not to mention the bandage wrapped around his head, bloodied from a scuffle no doubt. The leather jacket and the messy hair. There was always the stereotype of finding 'the perfect one.' The one who would do anything for you in the blink of an eye.

    Well, fuck that noise!

    'Jamie Lee' didn't find this guy conventionally attractive. Hell, half of the girls at school couldn't even stand to be around him. Guy smelled of underage drinking, tobacco and who knew what else? But that's what drew Jamie Lee in, someone who didn't dare to stand by the norms of society. Someone who saw potential for a kindred spirit in this guy. Which is why one day after school was out, she finally approached him.

    "Hey! Cigs and pot! Got a second?" She called out to him and he wheeled around on his heels with his eyebrows raised and his hand clenched into a fist as he spat out in a deep baritone "Hey what? You whacked in the head or something? The fuck kinda nickname is cigs and pot anyway?"

    "Well, doesn't seem like anybody knows you apart from what they can sniff as you slump down the halls. Which happens to be..." Jamie Lee let that hang as a grin spread across her face. 'Cigs' blinked before his shoulders slumped. "Well, fine ya got a fuckin point? You want a medal?"

    "Heh, nope. Just some of your time. You ever listen to The Cure?"

    "Have I listened to them???"

    That was just their first encounter. After that, they hit it off like nobody's business. She already earned dirty looks for just being herself, what was the harm in earning a few more? The two exchanged favorite songs, cigarettes when the other got enough money to buy a pack, and before long they were a couple.

    But the good times couldn't last forever. Months went by, and despite greatly enjoying her time with her new lover, Jamie Lee's performance at school and at home only seemed to have gotten worse. Having picked up the habit of ditching classes thanks to Drew(Cig's REAL name)and staying out longer than she should have, it shouldn't have come as a surprise that Jamie Lee's friends and family were a bit concerned.

    Many times did both parties try to sit Jamie down and tell her that while she might have been happy now, hanging with Drew wasn't going to be great for the longhaul. But Jamie Lee couldn't believe what she was hearing! The few people that she had considered friends and her own family? They knew how much of a hard time she had feeling like she fit in.

    Now the one time she does? She has to go and break it up. But she wasn't going to let it end like this! Packing up her belongings, Jamie Lee sneakily snuck out of her house after calling Drew to meet her at the train tracks. If her family didn't want her and Drew to be together? Then she'd go off with him to somewhere that would accept them! Sure, work would be hard for a couple of drop-outs but they'd get through it!

    Drew did show up of course but with what appeared to be a camcorder and a pistol. Confused by the items, Jamie Lee understandably spoke up. '...Drew?'

    Drew's face seemed pale and there was no cigarette dangling from his mouth this time. His entire body seemed to be alight with nervous jitters as he shakily looked his girlfriend in the eyes.

    "Everybody hates us! W-We can run but where will we go? What if we run into the same kinda people? Will we just keep packing up and go..?"Drew whimpered as he gestured to the camcorder. "I...I thought you called me here so we could be together...One last time."

    She couldn't believe this. The guy she'd fallen head over heels with and decided she'd run off with to find a place where they wouldn't be judged? The guy who didn't give a shit about what the world thought of him wanted to end it all like *snap* that?! As she felt her own eyes growing misty, thoughts raced through her head. How scolding her parents had been of her spending so much time locked up in her room, how she should go out and get some fresh air like a 'normal' girl.

    Would they be upset if she was gone? Or would they shed crocodile tears and think about where they went wrong as if their beloved daughter was imperfect in some way? What about her friends? She wasn't exactly a social butterfly so their likely wouldn't be too many non-family mourners at a funeral for her. Hell, that brought up it's own set of queries. How many people would even bother attending? How many of those who did truly did it because they cared or because it's what was 'expected' of them?

    Maybe Drew was right. Maybe they could hop onto a train and go to who knows where and they'd run into the same problems. Just a constant cycle of trying to find that perfect place. But what Drew was proposing? When both of them 'left' so to speak, they could be together for all eternity. Where no one could judge them.


    Without a word, she stepped onto the tracks as the train's whistle could have been heard approaching steadily in the distance. Realizing what she'd done, Drew held up the camcorder and believe you, me, it was quite the task to hold it when tears made everything a blur for the man. Deciding that this would likely be the last time she'd ever get to speak her mind, she decided to put all that she could into it.

    "...Mom? Dad? I know...I wasn't exactly the daughter you were looking for. You probably wanted a Tiffany when I turned out to be Dinah Cancer. But you raised me, fed me, clothed me and I know I was disobedient, even an outright bitch at times. But you stayed your hands and never struck me even though I would have done it had I been in your shoes. You tried to do right by me and even got me an education! I'm sorry I couldn't finish...Oh God!"

    Pausing as tears streamed down her face, the train loomed ever closer on the tracks. Pulling out her walkman, she took a deep breath and placed the headphones on and let the music play as she smiled.

    "Mom, dad, friends...Drew? I love you.."

    And like that? She was gone and Drew was all alone. Turning off the camcorder, he fell to his knees as he pulled out the pistol. He had made sure to load it before coming out here. But as he stared down the barrel, minutes passed by as beads of sweat rolled down his face. Though he knew full well what was happening.

    The gun dropped from his hand as did the camcorder and Drew glanced up at the sky with tear-soaked eyes.


    What kind of cruel fate was this!? The one girl who had given him a chance when nobody else had, who had taken time out of her life, out of her studies to hang with him. She was gone and it was now when he stared down the barrel of a revolver that he decided that he still wanted to live. But what reason was there?

    His mind was racing and until he found an answer, he couldn't sit out here! Grabbing the camcorder and pocketing the revolver he raced off from the scene and this time? There was no more music...


    It's not known what exactly became of Drew. Those who knew him claim that he moved towns, changed his name. Whatever the case may have been they said he was terribly shaken up over something. For what he was doing these days? Rumor has it he's trying to help teens who were in bad spots like him and Jamie Lee. Perhaps to ease some sense of guilt? Nobody but Drew knew for sure.

    But as for the tape that contained Jamie Lee's last moments? In an frantic moment while he was consumed by panic sometime after the incident, Drew sold off the VHS tape along with a few others to a family that had just moved from the United Kingdom to New York. Given that this family in particular had quite the collection of VHS tapes, the tape in question didn't see use until much later.

    This family in question? It was the family of the internet personality Rewind, otherwise known as Andre Delgado. Having been obsessed with VHS thanks to the advent of Video Nasties in the UK preventing him from seeing many films until his family moved back to the states once his father's military commission over there was done. Deciding to pop in a tape that his father had mentioned he'd gotten in a deal back in the 90s, the tape wasn't exactly what Andre had in mind.

    Had his father unintentionally or intentionally bought some kind of snuff film!? Disgusted at what he was seeing, Andre normally would have taken the damn thing out and destroyed it! But this tape wasn't just any kind of tape, this one was haunted. Not having been able to rest due to Drew's change of heart, Jamie Lee's spirit lingered within the tape waiting for someone to play it. She had hoped it'd be Drew! At least then she could try to find out what had stopped him. What made him go back on their promise?

    But as the spirit pulled herself free from Andre's TV, she was just as surprised as Andre was mortified.

    "You're...You're not Drew!"

    "...You're a ghost! Who the hell's Drew!?"

    "He's my boyfriend!"

    "WAS your boyfriend! I mean...Don't hurt me!"

    Andre exclaimed as he glanced around the room for a stray tape. He sure as hell couldn't fight off a ghost as he was! Aha! Spotting a Robocop VHS on his table, Andre leaped for it and closed the tape into the slot on his shirt. Could Robocop even take on a ghost? He had no idea but he was about to find out! Pressing 'play', the mirror image of Robocop appeared around Andre as he rose to his feet and aimed his gun at the ghost.

    "Your move, ...creep?"

    But this ghost wasn't here to fight. She had been waiting so long to try and find any kind of explanation. Whatever reason Drew might have had for doing what he did. She had to know and instead? Here she was in some stranger's apartment as nothing more than a ghost! Tears streamed down her face as Andre pressed 'stop' and removed the tape.

    "...You okay, ghost? You got a name?"


    "...I probably did, but like hell if I remember it. All I can remember is the train tracks and Drew.." The ghost's eyes watered once more and her bottom lip trembled as Andre grimaced. This was one of his break days meaning he didn't have to worry about uploading anything. But if this was going to be a thing with a ghost now, he couldn't have her crying all the time.

    "How about Jamie Lee? Y'know like Jamie Lee Curtis? Halloween, Prom Night, those times she was on SNL?"

    "...I guess that'll do. At least until I can remember anything else."

    Alright! So he had a remorseful ghost who was upset with her past boyfriend named Drew. One who didn't even remember her own name but hey! Jamie Lee was pretty cool, right? Though, it still looked a bit odd just having a ghost hanging around his place. What if he got visitors and they got spooked? He liked the thing he had going and he didn't want to be pigeonholed as the 'spooky ghost guy.' Tapping his chin in thought, Andre blinked as he suddenly grabbed Weird Science off the shelf and rushed off into his backroom.

    Not exactly wanting to intrude since she hadn't even meant to appear before this guy, the ghost-now christened-Jamie Lee floated idly outside the room in the living room as she heard...Oingo Boingo in the background? Hours seemed to click by and if she could have fallen asleep, she most certainly would have! But as midnight finally started to draw near, Andre stepped out and motioned inside the room.

    "I...Dunno about why you're in my tape or what's your deal. But I'm not an exorcist or a Ghostbuster. Plus, crying aside? You seem pretty alright...So I whipped up something you can shift your ghostly self into." Andre pulled the tarp off the robotic shell which stared blankly at Jamie Lee. The ghost was dumbfounded. What kind of guy had she stumbled across?

    "It can do some pretty crazy stuff. You don't have just me to thank for this by the by. You got Oingo Boingo, and Kelly Lebrock to thank for this. Go on, give it a try! Then we can kick back and you can try to explain this whole ghost deal to me, eh?"

    This all felt so surreal to Jamie Lee and she was the ghost! She had so many questions of her own. Like what happened to Drew, how this guy got ahold of this tape, and how much had changed since she...died. But it'd probably be better if she was in a form that let her interact with this place beyond just floating around. Closing her eyes, Jamie Lee phased into the shell and everything went silent..

    "Jamie Lee...?"


    "...Heh, it's alive! It's alive!"
  10. Accepted... with the 1 speed I keep thinking of "I am not fast" from Big Hero 6. Please repost in the thread so I can index.
  11. "Can I see Ashley?"
  12. "Well look at you a real go getter, well take care miss it was a pleasure meet'n you." Calvin watched Melody walk away into the cold think it was a shame that some lucky guy was going out with her.

    He just shook his head and went back to the security desk. Everything was quite and nothing else happened the whole night, just the way he liked it. Calvin managed not to fall asleep until the next guy came in and took over. Calvin drove home and crawled into to bed with Karen and slept all morning.
  13. Melody almost feel asleep in the warm cab just when her eyes were about to close the driver yelled at her for the fare and to wake up. She paid the man and went inside to her condo over looking the waterfront. Dropping her things she settled in for another night or early morning alone. It was all the same and just as always her flat looked bare and unlived in. For no real reason she went to her fridge but there was nothing in there but old take out and about 30 bottles of water. Grabbing one she went to her sofa and watched the ferry boats cross the sound. It was a nice night, however late and slowly she nodded off, the bottle of water falling to the floor never even being opened.
  14. Calvin woke up that day a little after Karen left for work. He was supposed to be at work, but decided to call out today. He knew what he had to do but he knew that Meryl, his security chief, won't mind doing his paper work. Besides he was drained from covering that shift. He showered up and got dressed and strolled down to the beach.

    Once he got there he stared at the surf shaking his head in disappointment as once again the waves sucked. He was excited at first being so close to the water and he soon found out why he got such a good deal on his condo. Calvin decided to walk along the waters edge until he came upon a shack he didn't notice before. It was a kayak shop and it looked like it had good business. He went over to check it out, never having kayaked before Calvin was interested. He looked around the store and started examining the craft that they offered for rent and waited for someone to come help him.
  15. Two voiced filled the air as a young man and a woman walked into the shack from the side entrance. They were carring a kayak between them and laughing. They were each in wet suits and the woman had wet hair.

    "Oh just stop okay, that was so your fault, your lucky I didnt..." The young man stopped talking as the pair set the kayak down. Not even looking up the woman grumbled.

    "Ah dont even tell me your stopping Marc thanks, Im gonna go change before I get..." the womans voice trailed off as her eyes came to rest on Cal.

    "Sir can I help you?" Marc asked just seonds before Melody turned her head and tried to hide behind the counter.

    "We have a great selection of new and used kayaks, this one here we just go in and its great for pairs and open Ocean, but well the sound isnt really open ocean but umm... Melody what would you call it? You know the surf in the sound?" Marc turned to ask her a question but blinked seeing that she was gone. Rubbing his neck Marc smiled.

    "Um we rent by the hour or day or week whatever you want.. "
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    "Oh! Right. I'll probably just take a couple hours. So do you need any experience to ride these things? Also do you rent out partners as well? I came alone today."

    Calvin looked around the shop and wonder how many times he walked down this beach and never noticed it before.
  17. "ah " the guy looked at Calvin and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um well Melody is off today or called in sick, let me see if she can take you out for a while" he went back to the counter and looked for her. He found her hidding behind the counter.

    "What the hell you doing? Look can you take a guy out for a few hours I really dont have the time, oh lock up too okay" the young guy tossed her the keys as she stood up and blushed. Tucking her hair behind her ear she sighed and walked over to Calvin.

    "So... this your first time?" she asked as her face turned bright red. She was being coy and just couldnt help it. She wondered if he even recognized her.
  18. 'That name...'

    The second mention made Calvin think. He thought it held some significance but he couldn't think of what. As soon as she came around the corner with a shy red face Calvin knew,

    "Melody!? Well you're a long way form an office building, so just couldn't wait to see me again heh?" Calvin had a grin from ear to ear, "Lucky for me anyways, I thought I was going to get stuck with that dude paddling me around for an hour. So where do we start?"