November Rain



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***work in progress***

Set in the ever sunny yet perfectly gray city of Seattle WA, the lives of two very different people are about to change with a single chance encounter. Challenging both individuals morals, principles and values will the out be what they want or what they need?

Character Name: Melody Huse
Gender: female
Species/Race: human
Age: 32
Birthplace/World: West Port, WA
Occupation/School/Grade: International Sales Rep, Global Medical Supply Inc
General Appearance:

Strengths: Charming and friendly
Weaknesses: flowers and driving
Current Goal/Purpose: Stay at the top of her game and NOT fall in love.
Talents: Loves to cook
Inabilities: To understand relationships
Fears: dogs and snow storms
General Personality: Melody is very sweet and wants everything to be perfect before she falls in love. Her main goal is not be like her parents and have no plans for her life. Perfection is her obssesion.
Inner Personality: Unforgiving of her own weaknesses, she is very hard on herself and will pick up the slack for others that let her down. She asks nothing of others and will do it all herself, to the point of no return. She is relentless and always wants perfection.
Secret: She will never admit that she needs help.

General History: Melody comes from a poor family that never thought she would amount to very much. She refuses to talk to them and never goes home for the hoildays. Her parents think she is wasting her life by not getting married and not having kids. They dont care about money and success. They want grandkids and thats it.
Present Life: Work is her life. Its the only thing that makes her happy and its the only place she feels safe. She is away from her other worries and its where she can hide.
Special Historic Notes: Melody is extreamly lonely but has her walls up and refuses to let anyone in. It just might be her demise.
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Character Name: Calvin Stoner
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: 35
Birthplace/World: <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">California</st1:place></st1:state>
Occupation/School/Grade: Head of a security company called First Defense
General Appearance: Calvin stands about 5’11’’ with a thin but fit frame. His eyes are dark green and he keeps a light scruffy beard from sideburn to sideburn along with a light goatee. He usually keeps his hair trimmed short like a buzz cut. When he’s not dressed for work he normally wares a T-shirt with his company’s logo or some teenage logo shit with a design that’s not too childish, black cargos with his work boots, and a brown overcoat on top of all that.
Strengths: While climbing the ‘corporate ladder’ Calvin has gained a lot of hands on experience that has carried him farther in life then he expected, and he has learned to use this knowledge to his advantaged in life to get what he wants.
Weaknesses: Calvin has succeeded so fast in life he finds it hard to make friends and finds himself clinging to his fiancé.
Current Goal/Purpose: Calvin’s main goal in life was to work hard and make as much money as he could to retire in the ‘good life’, but now he finds himself slowing down and just wanting to enjoy what he’s got.
Talents: He has a vast knowledge of electronics and knows how to fix almost any personal appliance.
Inabilities: He’s stubborn and tends to annoy people while arguing or not taking no for an answer.
Fears: Dying alone.
General Personality: Calvin has become very kick back and relaxed about his position that he comes off as a care-free fun loving guy. He always finds time to goof off and is very outgoing.
Inner Personality: On the inside Calvin is a very cocky, this mixed with his stubbornness become very dangerous. When ever he goes out he feels like nothing bad can happen to him is tends to be careless.
Secret: He only proposed to his girlfriend so she wouldn’t leave him.

General History: Calvin grew up in <st1:state w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">California</st1:place></st1:state> with his parents in a little beach side town. His father was a cop and his mother was a pro surfer. Growing up he was influenced by both his parents’ lifestyles with his father being the stricter one and his mother the laid back one. Thanks to his father he learned to works hard and be a law abiding citizen. His mother on the other hand taught him to enjoy the little things in life, she would sometimes check him out of school early to teach him surfing. Calvin’s father never approved of course and that would always conflict with Calvin’s up bring. After awhile his parents finally split when he was 17 and he was forced to move up to <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Seattle</st1:place></st1:city> with his father. Influenced by his father Calvin joined the <st1:city w:st="on"><st1:place w:st="on">Seattle</st1:place></st1:city> police force and stayed in for 5years after he left in search for better opportunities by joining a small security firm and working his way up until finally he opened First Defense and has made quite the living for himself.
Present Life: He now lives as close as he can to the shore in a nice condo with his fiancé, Jesse, and reminisces about his mother and remembers to tries to enjoy the life he made for himself..
Special Historic Notes:[/FONT]
It was almost midnight and Melody was still working on the presentation for the Oggta account. Endless numbers and cross referencing orders with on-hand reports was just to much. Rubbing her temples she sighed and thought about heading home but there was no point. Her light blue Betta fish died that her secratry gave her. It was pointless. Grabbing her coffee mug with her initals one it, she went into the common breakroom and started to make another pot. She was the only there this late, but that was the only ways she knew how to get the thing going.

It had been a long day but as soon as the coffee machine click that it was done, a smiled instantly warmed her soft face. Letting her bangs fall into her eyes as she sipped the perfect cup kept her going, at least for a little while longer. Making her way back over to her desk she noticed a red light above the stairwell. It was on, but she didnt know why. It was odd, she walked by it everyday but never noticed it. Was it new? More over why was it red?

Melody wanted to know more so she pushed the door open to the staircase and an alarm started to go off. She jumped and dropped the cup, sending hot coffee all over the wall and silver trashcan. She tried to close the door to stop it, but that only muffled it. It was still going off and echoing from the stairwell. She didnt know what to do, but knew that security would be reall pissed off. Red faced and nervus Melody jogged back to her office to collect her things and leave. Her hot cup of coffee long forgotten as she scooped her things and shoved them into her breifcase. She had to get outta there before they yelled at her.
Calvin Had just found a song on the radio he really like as he leaned back in his chair behind the security desk. He had just got the contract for the building the other day before realizing that he didn't have the man power to cover all shifts, so he was forced to work the grave yard.

He knew that Karen, his fiance, was fast asleep so he had no one to call and talk to, and the clean up crew just left a few minutes ago leaving his no one to socialize with. Calvin started playing with the cameras when a trouble alarm went off. One of the emergency exits had been opened. Thinking the building was vacant Calvin grabbed his gun and sprinted to the location of the alarm. It was up a couple flights of stairs so he didn't bother waiting for an elevator and took the ran up the stairs.

He soon came upon the door and went through it, not even noticing the spilled coffee, with his gun readied with both hands. He quickly checked around and saw someone moving fast with something in their hands.

"Hold it right there and don't move!" He ordered and walked over to the suspect with his gun aimed right at her, "Who are you and how did you get in here?" Calvin ask the question right out of the handbook. Considering his line of work Calvin felt like he was going above and beyond his duties, but as all security guards know the job is boring so when something does happen you have to enjoy it.
Melody screamed and dropped her breifcase on her foot and then yelped from that monster nearly cushing her toes. Her arms shot up like in the old movies she felt stupid on so many levels. "Dont shoot me please.. god.. Im sorry Im sorry I work here I sware.. " Melody was shaking from head to toe. She felt like she was going to throw up and cry at the sametime. Who the hell was this man? He had a gun in the office.. he must have gone postal. "dont.. dont hurt me please.." she begged again as her toes throbbed.
Calvin tighten his grip on his gun as the lady's arms shot up and she dropped what appeared to be a brief case. He looked her over and couldn't help but laugh to himself, he had just scared the crap out of a late night worker. He could have kicked himself, but he was too busy checking her out. She looked good real good.

"All right you say you work here, give me some I.D., but keep your hands up. Tell me where it is and I'll grab it." There was no doubt in his mind that she worked here, but she was too pretty to let go of so easily. He was even looking foreword to frisking her.
"Im.. Im.. Melody Huse, my badge is clipped to my suit, I cant, I cant reach it. Please let me put my arms down this is insane." she was trying to stay calm as her heart raced. "Please... let me just explain, I work her late every night, who are you where is Edgar? Who are you?" she asked him. "You are going to be so sorry that you did this, you have no idea who I am, I will have you so fired for this.. you've made a huge mistake." she snapped.
Clavin had his fun and checked the girls I.D. for good measure.

"Sorry about that Miss. I'm with the new security company that was just hired on not too long ago." Calvin holstered his gun, "You can never be too careful, even with a business like this." Calvin walked over to the sourse of the alarm and turned it off as he shut the door. After that he walked back to the lady who's I.D. read Melody Huse, and helped her gather her things,

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to scare you like that. If you like I could walk with you out of the building, I should do my rounds anyways. Oh! and the name's Clavin by the way, but you could just call me Cal."
"ah okay.. but" Melody's ears were still ringing from the horrible alarm. She was trying to get her things together but her mind was on the presentaion she left on the desk. "Um hang on I have to check something." Walking over to her desk she smiled and saw the flash drive. Picking it she headed back over to Cal.

"So Cal your always armed are you?" she teased him eyeing his gun. "I mean were really low key here and you should know that Im always here late and they've never set that thing before. I mean they just know its me, Im kinda always here, even very late.." her tone drifted away as she closed her brief case and stuffed the flash drive into chest pocket.

"I have to go home and pack anyway, I have a plane to catch in about oh... three hours, I better hurry." she smiled at him and went toward the elevator. Hitting the button she fixed her hair in the shinny finish of the doors and sighed. Rubbing her eye she fought off the sleep depervation, knowing full well he was checking her out, just as he had gropped her under the premise of looking for her id. What a guy.. she thought as the doors chimmed open.
Calvin quickly checked around and jumped into the elevator with Melody.

"I'm sorry 'bout the mess up, but since I'm covering a shift I just wanted to do everything by the book. As for the gun my company has never once had a breach in security at any building. I intend to keep that." Calvin realized that he still had the gun in his hand and put it back in his holster.

"So, Miss. Huse. Are you going away for business or pleasure?" He asked just as he hit the button to send the cab to the ground floor.
"Well its for work I have to seal the deal and they want me there in person since its so high profile, but Ill be back and you better not try and shoot me again" she blushed as they stepped into the elevator.

"So your covering a shift huh, Im sure your wife hates that, late nights and cant be easy" she turned the tables back to him as she tried to find out more about the man that nearly killed her. She was trying to not run from him and stand her ground. She was never on to let a man get in her way and now was not the time to freak out. Melody flashed him a slight smile as they arrived on the ground floor and stepped out into the lobby.
Calvin stepped out into the lobby with her,

"Well it more like fiance, we have yet to decide when to get married. Oh and don't worry about that, you probably won't be seeing me again. I own the company that is now pulling security for this building I won't have a need to cover for anyone once it all gets straighten out."

Calvin walked with Melody out the elevator and asked,

"How 'bout you, I don't suppose that Mr. Huse enjoys you being away on a business trip?"
Melody almost tripped on the weather mat as they reached the spining doors. "Um no, there is no Mr. Anything right now and thats how I like it. All I need to focus on is work." She was real clear about that as she smiled at him and pulled her coat about her as the wind kicked up. She was about to hail a cab when her phone rang. With a quick flip of her wrist the phone was open.

"This is Melody..." she listened and nodded. "I see, well yes but... no I understand... no thats fine and thank your for thinking of me, Ill see you on the comline later on or perhaps in a few days when the weather is better, yes thank you again." Melody hung up and let out a sigh.

Well looks like Im not goint to Japan, some typhoon or something. She rubbed her eyes and blinked as the night air did nothing to wake her. Half yawning she tried to say goodnight but her words were grabbled.

"Um night Cal I get the next, crab, thanks for all your helps." She stepped toward the edge of the sidewalk and raised her arm. She wobbled a little bit and giggled.
"Well look at you a real go getter, well take care miss it was a pleasure meet'n you." Calvin watched Melody walk away into the cold think it was a shame that some lucky guy was going out with her.

He just shook his head and went back to the security desk. Everything was quite and nothing else happened the whole night, just the way he liked it. Calvin managed not to fall asleep until the next guy came in and took over. Calvin drove home and crawled into to bed with Karen and slept all morning.
Melody almost feel asleep in the warm cab just when her eyes were about to close the driver yelled at her for the fare and to wake up. She paid the man and went inside to her condo over looking the waterfront. Dropping her things she settled in for another night or early morning alone. It was all the same and just as always her flat looked bare and unlived in. For no real reason she went to her fridge but there was nothing in there but old take out and about 30 bottles of water. Grabbing one she went to her sofa and watched the ferry boats cross the sound. It was a nice night, however late and slowly she nodded off, the bottle of water falling to the floor never even being opened.
Calvin woke up that day a little after Karen left for work. He was supposed to be at work, but decided to call out today. He knew what he had to do but he knew that Meryl, his security chief, won't mind doing his paper work. Besides he was drained from covering that shift. He showered up and got dressed and strolled down to the beach.

Once he got there he stared at the surf shaking his head in disappointment as once again the waves sucked. He was excited at first being so close to the water and he soon found out why he got such a good deal on his condo. Calvin decided to walk along the waters edge until he came upon a shack he didn't notice before. It was a kayak shop and it looked like it had good business. He went over to check it out, never having kayaked before Calvin was interested. He looked around the store and started examining the craft that they offered for rent and waited for someone to come help him.
Two voiced filled the air as a young man and a woman walked into the shack from the side entrance. They were carring a kayak between them and laughing. They were each in wet suits and the woman had wet hair.

"Oh just stop okay, that was so your fault, your lucky I didnt..." The young man stopped talking as the pair set the kayak down. Not even looking up the woman grumbled.

"Ah dont even tell me your stopping Marc thanks, Im gonna go change before I get..." the womans voice trailed off as her eyes came to rest on Cal.

"Sir can I help you?" Marc asked just seonds before Melody turned her head and tried to hide behind the counter.

"We have a great selection of new and used kayaks, this one here we just go in and its great for pairs and open Ocean, but well the sound isnt really open ocean but umm... Melody what would you call it? You know the surf in the sound?" Marc turned to ask her a question but blinked seeing that she was gone. Rubbing his neck Marc smiled.

"Um we rent by the hour or day or week whatever you want.. "
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"Oh! Right. I'll probably just take a couple hours. So do you need any experience to ride these things? Also do you rent out partners as well? I came alone today."

Calvin looked around the shop and wonder how many times he walked down this beach and never noticed it before.
"ah " the guy looked at Calvin and rubbed the back of his neck. "Um well Melody is off today or called in sick, let me see if she can take you out for a while" he went back to the counter and looked for her. He found her hidding behind the counter.

"What the hell you doing? Look can you take a guy out for a few hours I really dont have the time, oh lock up too okay" the young guy tossed her the keys as she stood up and blushed. Tucking her hair behind her ear she sighed and walked over to Calvin.

"So... this your first time?" she asked as her face turned bright red. She was being coy and just couldnt help it. She wondered if he even recognized her.
'That name...'

The second mention made Calvin think. He thought it held some significance but he couldn't think of what. As soon as she came around the corner with a shy red face Calvin knew,

"Melody!? Well you're a long way form an office building, so just couldn't wait to see me again heh?" Calvin had a grin from ear to ear, "Lucky for me anyways, I thought I was going to get stuck with that dude paddling me around for an hour. So where do we start?"