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  1. New York

    The Ghoul situation in New York is about the same as in Tokyo. There are a few groups of ghouls that have banded together and attack the organisation. But no serious movements, at least not yet. Just like in Tokyo there are many shops run by Ghouls to help others who do not believe or physically can not hunt. People dying is still a regular occurrence in the news with the large amount of Ghouls inside the city. As well as Ghoul deaths being aired when the doves manage to get a kill.

    Many Ghouls attempt to fit in with society, going about a normal life. Some even have made strong relationships with humans. But in the end a Ghoul is a Ghoul, or at least that's what everyone will tell you. As for the organisation, they are seen as the saviors of the human race. But in the eyes of the ghouls they hunt, they are seen as living demons.

    Things have started to get lively. With all the commotion in Tokyo, many people fear that the same sort of thing will happen in their city. But at the moment New York seems stable, well as stable as it can be. But that could change very soon. More Doves are patrolling the streets, and Ghouls are finding it hard to hunt. But more Ghouls are working together now. The citizens of New York are stuck in the middle, and fear that there could be a outbreak soon. But for time being, everything seems relatively stable.​
  2. Harvey smiled as he saw the girl enter the room and look around for him, but after he sent her a smile she came over. "Harvey ?" she asked seeming slightly nervous. "Yes, that's me. You have to be Isabel" He got up from his chair and gave the girl a hug "You look even better in person." As the mixture of her perfume and natural human scent entered Harvey's nose his heart started to race, but he had to control himself. Time flew by as the two enjoyed each others company. They laughed together, shared things about their lives, talked about their hopes and dreams. It was truly a great date.

    The date lasted long into the night and before he knew it the two were standing at the entrance to Isabel's place. The red dress hugged every inch of her body and left very little to the imagination. Long strains of black hair draped down just in front of her right eye. "It was a nice night Harvey" she said biting her lip "Wanna... come inside for some coffee ?" All though Harvey worked at Starbucks he still had a tiny bit of joy left for coffee, but he was pretty sure this wasn't about coffee.The two barely got inside the door before the girl kissed Harvey. The feeling of her lips against his just made it harder to control himself, thankfully he didn't have to anymore. He pushed her against the wall and started to kiss her neck, biting softly until he opened his jaw and bit down as hard as he could.

    The blood rushed from her neck into Harvey's mouth, complementing her juicy flesh. Isabel struggled to breath, but was unable as blood started to stream into her lungs. Blood sprayed everywhere as Harvey kept finding new spots to eat from "I gave you something to eat, now you return the favor" a bloody grin was the last thing Isabel ever saw before she died.It took him 20 minutes before he couldn't bring himself to eat another piece and it that time the once pretty girl had been turned into nothing but skeleton with one leg that still had meat on it. Another date and another meal was over.

    Harvey's whole upper body was drenched in blood, but after cleaning his face and hands and throwing on a slightly to big coat it wouldn't be to easy to notice. He made his way out into the world and started to make his way home.
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  3. Leo had been revising all day. He had a test coming up soon for his college, and he had to get a decent grade. He allowed his body to fall back onto the grass. It was a hot day, and the sun was shining nicely. He wouldn't say it was hard being around so many humans, Leo knew other Ghouls wouldn't be able to contain themselves. But Leo disliked eating human, he wasn't really one to eat for taste. He much preferred the thrill of the hunt before the meal.

    It was nice in central park. It was surprising that such a foul creature could enjoy something so picturesque. Yet the boy happily lay on the soft, green grass of the park. He listened to the people walking past, the smells filling the air. He stayed in the park for a few hours, until a certain scent caught his nose. Ghouls. Leo smiled as he got up off the grass. He shoveled his books into his bag, then began to follow the three men. It was late now, and he could tell more Ghouls would be out. After all, hunting at night was much easier.

    Leo slowly stalked the group, he watched each of their moves and when they turned into an alleyway he took his chance. The moment the boy stepped into the alleyway, voices could be heard. They were questioning the boys presence, but they questions soon became screams that were cut short to a blood filled cry. Leo sighed as he sat upon the small pile of corpses, he dug out a chunk of flesh and shoved it into his mouth. It tasted bitter. "Tonight's hunt wasn't great" he said to himself. Digging out a part of one of the Ghouls Kagume. As he ate he felt a strange feeling travel up his spine, it was the same every time he ate Ghoul.

    Once the boy had finished his meal he rummaged around in the men's pockets. He pulled out their wallets and searched for more valuables. The boy sat for a bit counting up the money. It looked like enough for the months rent, but only just. Once finished he cleaned up his appearance a bit, then made his way home.
  4. Having finished his studies for the night, Damien was at the prison, cleaning up from the most recent..... incident. The manager in charge of moving the death row bodies was a ghoul as well, so when Damien approached him to work as a cleaner, the two struck a deal. As long as they kept each other's secret, they would share the convicts that came in, some of them not even waiting for the chair before the two got to them. The most recent was a mass murderer that had been there for years awaiting the deciding trial, and after some evidence came to light, his death date was set.

    "Sir, have you taken your fill?" He asked when he brought the mop over. With a nod, the manager walked to the back room, a small pocket bathroom that they always cleaned up in, before making it shine. When that was all said and done, he made his usual rounds, cleaning the outdoor areas, and the lower security halls.

    When he left the prison, it wasn't all to late, maybe just after ten, dark enough to hide any hunting the others would do, but also not enough to mask a fight between two ghouls. Lost in thought, he didn't realize that he had hit someone until he stumbled. Looking around and finding the other person, he quickly moved to apologize. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there." He looked the man up and down, and could smell a slight amount of copper. "You know, you shouldn't be walking around alone at night, who knows, the ghouls may come after you, or your recent kill." He smiled at this last line, hoping the person realized what he was getting at.

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  5. Harvey walked around feeling slightly intoxicated, it would be the last time he would eat a date that had been drinking so much through the evening. However he couldn't say it was a bad feeling, it dulled some of his sense and made him react to things a bit slower sure, but it also made him relaxed and calm. He snapped out of this state as he felt someone bump into him and felt his eyes instantly turn into their ghoul red state.

    "Very funny, she is in apartment 5 b if you want the leftovers" He answered the man as he made a joke about Harvey's last kill. Harvey knew this already, but he was less afraid of ghouls and more afraid of any Doves that might be on patrol. "I know I smell, but trying to act normal seems like a better plan then jumping from rooftop to rooftop and gamble on not getting seen of a Dove"
  6. "Call me if something else came up" she ordered and hung up, shoving the phone to her pocket. Claire was on her way home, planning to drink a fresh steaming cup of lavender tea when she discovered that she had to go to work. There's been a killing again, and they wanted her to check the area for the culprit.

    With a heavy sigh, she didn't even bother to enter the apartment and just scanned the area. The smell of blood is already filling her nose which made her stomach churn. Even though she killed a lot of ghouls and washed numerous clothes drenched in blood, the metallic smell still gets her. She would have entered the vicinity but she thought that it’s only a waste of time. She's certain that she'll only find a bloody mess and she'll have to clean her brand new Louis Vuitton shoes.

    Fishing out her phone, she made a quick phone call saying that she'll check the place tomorrow "Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove blood stain on a suede?" she asked at the other end of the line, tapping her shoes lightly as she opened the door to the apartment.

    "Fine, but if the heel breaks, you're going to buy me a new one!" she snapped, stuffing away her phone and finding herself stepping on a pool of blood. "You've got to be kidding me!" she muttered under her breath, already seeing the mess. It was clearly a girl, with its white silky leg detached from the rest of her body, well, what's left of her. She then walked to the window and spotted two men talking, "That's odd...” Squinting her eyes, she can that these two is no ordinary person. She looked at her shoes then back at the two, contemplating on what she should do "Oh fuck it." she muttered and quickly ran down to where the she spotted the men "They better buy me a new pair."

  7. Leo unlocked the door to his apartment. It was a nice looking apartment, but it was obvious he lived alone. There were clothes lying all over the floor, as well as his books covering almost every surface. Leo pulled the cash he had gathered and shoved it into an almost overflowing jar. He flung his bag to the ground then jumped back onto the sofa. Reaching for the remote he turned on the TV. "Another women killed in her home" blared the news as the boy turned on the TV.

    A small grin appeared on his face. Leo looked up at the time, luckily he had no lessons tomorrow till mid day. That meant he could go have a look to see who the women eater was. Once decided Leo grabbed his coat and made his way out the door. He made his way down the streets, it was dark and the stench of Ghouls filled the air. Leo soon got to his destination, he began to walk slowly. He was keeping his distance from the house. But he could see to people, Ghouls. Soon after noticing them another person came into view, she was a dove. Leo stayed away from the group, waiting to see what would happen. If he was lucky maybe another meal was waiting for him.
  8. Ryu sat eating a simple sandwich. It was all he could really afford. He sighed. His apartment was cheap and a dump. And all because of his obsession. Ants. His main nest sat in the centre of his room, making up a desk. Various tubes branched out, linking up satellite nests to many outboxs/feeding areas. His cricket colonies sat nearby these, releasing crickets periodically to feed the colony. His water, sugar water and honey dispensers slowly ticked away, feeding the necessary substances to them slowly. He smiled. It was beautiful. All dirt-less and sterile, ensuring that the ant's fungi farms could properly operate. He stared outside. It had been a fair while since he had escaped. He wondered if they had sent anyone after him yet. From his window he glanced a redhead.

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  9. Andrew and Kyle were walking down a local street when they got a call from Mary, a fellow ghoul investigator, Kyle answered the call. After Kyle was done talking to Mary, Andrew asked Kyle who was it. Kyle told him that is what Mary said that she stepped in a pile of blood. Andrew found it a bit odd that she had stepped in blood. "Did she tell you where she was at?" Kyle then nodded, and told Andrew where she was at. "We should get over there. She might be in trouble." Andrew and Kyle then started running towards the position of their friend, Mary, with their weapons in their hands. ~Please don't do anything till we get there Mary~ Andrew thought to himself. The two where close by when she had called them and ask them to help out with these two ghouls. While running, Andrew turned his head and looked at his partner. "If these ghouls are weak, then we should finish this fight in no time." Andrew the looked forward. "After the fight, why don't we all go out for dinner? My treat." Andrew said while running a little faster.
  10. The streets of New York remained busy as usual, even with the threat of ghouls at night it didn't seem like any less people were out and about to Kyle. 'Odd, I'd have been in long ago' he thought as he watched an older woman make her way up her stairs to her apartment entrance. Vulnerable. Quick and easy, had there been ghouls around that woman would make a quick meal with little resistance. 'It's insane to think so many really don't understand what they are up against..'. As Kyle and his Senior Investigator Andrew neared a street corner Kyles phone began to go off. It was rather normal for an Investigator to get calls at random times of the day, especially at night.

    "Do you have any idea how hard it is to remove blood stain on a suede?" Mary said from the other end, "Uh, hard if I have to guess." Kyle replied, half mocking and half inquisitive. "Just get in there and see whats going on, your the closest Investigator so you have to." he said as Andrew and him rounded the street corner.

    "Fine, but if the heel breaks, you're going to buy me a new one!" came Marys' screaming through the phone, Kyle quickly moved it away from his ear with a slight scowl and heard the *click* as Mary hung up. "Did she tell you where she was at?" asked Andrew as they continued down the street.

    "She's a little less than nine blocks away, if we run we could be there ricky tick" he replied to Andrews question. And like that Andrew was off, making his way down the street, 'Oh god damn it' Kyle thought as he too broke into a sprint to catch up to his senior. Just as he caught up Andrew activated his Quinque, the silver briefcase opened and the investigators weapon became apparent as it took its form, a long butcher like knife. 'A bit too large for my liking...' he thought as he ran alongside.

    "If these ghouls are weak, then we should finish this fight in no time." Andrew said as they dashed across a road 'If they're weak' Kyle thought, "That's normally one big 'If' Andrew" he said. "After the fight, why don't we all go out for dinner? My treat." said Knight as they crossed the next road. "Those are the kind of things that jinx these sort of encounters investigator..." Kyle said as he turned to look at his partner, 'I'd rather have nobody die due to superstition' kyle thought as they rounded another corner, just a few blocks from where Mary was when she made the call. He noticed Andrew pick up the pace, and increased his speed to keep up.

    "Also, I think we may owe Mary new shoes" Kyle said jokingly as they approached their destination.
  11. "Ugh what a day," Sonia exclaimed, pulling up her signature white hoodie as she left the shop, closing a lot later than usual this night. An order of brilliant red spider lilies had just shipped in and Sonia took upon herself to prim and prep every flower to survive the night; these were her favorite flowers and she knew if she had just left them they would have already started wilting by morning. She rubbed her thumbs, which had blistered slightly from the shears, all the cutting she had done that night had left their mark. She paused suddenly, catching a whiff of copper in the air. Her stomach lurched, and Sonia forced her eyes to the ground, pulling the edges of her hoodie closer to cover her face, knowing fully well that her kakugan were showing. Dammit, not here! Not now! It had been almost a week since Sonia had last fed, the threat of the Doves' high alert overtaking most of the city. Hunting had become hard, many deciding to follow an unofficial curfew, returning home as night fell. Even the street trash who she normal preyed on began sleeping in groups, rarely straying away from others. The scene in Tokyo was only making it harder here in New York. But as always there were those that didn't heed those warnings and wandered the night; these after all were city folk, who didn't take kindly at being told what to do, even if it was for their own good.

    Sonia made a complete half turn and retreated away from the smell, and the hunger it stirred in her. As she put more and more distance between herself and the smell, she began to calm down. She pushed her hood from her face, taking in the cool night air and her new surroundings. She was in the poorer side of town, where she used to live when she had first came into the city. Now living in slightly better conditions, she couldn't help but smile in grim nostalgia. The hair prickled on the back of her neck and Sonia spun around, gazing at some nearby windows. It felt like someone was watching her.

  12. Leo could hear more footsteps. It seemed the two Ghouls in front of him had done a sloppy job of hunting. There was one Dove in front of them and it sounded like two others were coming from behind. All Leo wanted was to have another hunt, but no. It looked like there was going to be a fight, well it's not like he disliked that fact. Leo thought about what to do, he decided to intercept the two new people. He wanted to leave the Ghouls to fight, but he didn't want them to die. At least not yet. Plus this would be a chance to see what the new Doves are like.

    Leo pulled out an object he had been hiding inside his coat. He turned the corner to see two men running this way. The boy raised his fur hood, and placed the object to his face. It was a mask. It was common for Ghouls to were masks when hunting or fighting. It was used to hide ones identity, so they could live their life after surviving a fight. Doves would also give names to Ghouls influenced by the masks the Ghoul wore. Leos mask was circular, but slightly pointed at the bottom. It had three slits running along the middle of it, one so he could see and the others so he could breath. The color of the mask was a dark crimson. He had never had a proper run in with a dove, so he would not be recognized by these two. This was mainly because he hunted Ghouls rather than humans.

    He said nothing as the men approached. He just stood, obviously blocking their path.

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  13. He glimpsed her pretty face for a split second. It was all he needed. Those two dots of red piercing that night. She must be hungry, but unable to feed. Ryu took a deep breath before walking to his door and peering outside, he whistled softly to her to catch her attention, flashing his own kagune to her, like a beacon of hope.

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  14. "I just got done myself. Works out to be much better than..... blind dates?" He took a look at his watch before noting that some time had passed from when he would be expected. "You may want to hurry home, the rooftops may not be a bad idea for you, but I have a great way around. With this, his eyes shifted and he allowed his wings to reveal themselves, admiring their blackness. As soon as the shift finished, his liquid blade flared into existence on his arm. "Great way to fight, and to fly." With this, he smiled and took to the skies, hoping to see something worth his interest.
  15. Harvey stood there for a moment talking to the man, but their interaction was short lived as the man flew away and left Harvey there all by himself. "Oh because that's not going to make me look even more suspicious !" he didn't know if the man heard what he said, but he still felt it was worth it. Also... he felt slightly jealous since he was not able to fly and he himself would have to just jump like all the others.

    Just as he was about to start walking again the door to the complex his meal had lived in opened and a woman appeared. Turning to her Harvey let out a sigh and looked the woman right in the eyes. He knew there was really no point in pretending to be normal, it would take her about 3 seconds to notice the blood. "um... hey..there" he said waving to her. "So Im going to guess you wouldn't be to cool with me just running ?"

  16. Mary Claire just stared at the ghoul, her blood already boiling at how casual he's acting. "I'm afraid I won't be.. cool with it" she retorted back, venom dripping with her every word. She immediately pulled out her chimera quinque which is a dagger attached to a whip and slowly approached him, like a predator would do to its prey. She slightly sniffed the air, trying to pinpoint where the other ghoul is but to no avail. She was trained to smell a single drop of human blood but with the ghoul dripping in front of her, it was a bit hard.

    "Tell me, to whom do I owe the pleasure of killing you?" She asked, bowing slightly but stared at his face. She can clearly see his face, making it easier for her to hunt him down if he ever escaped her grasp, which is highly doubtful. Taking her combat stance, she slightly muttered to herself and looked at her now ruined shoes, pouting a little "They better buy me a limited edition stillettos for this."
  17. Harvey smiled and look at the woman as she seemed to get more furious by the second. it was slightly entertaining actually. However he did not want to fight her, mostly because it would be just a major hassle. So the only problem remaining was that she seemed more then okay with fighting him. "Why are girls always such a hassle ? I take you out, buy you dinner, spend a evening with you trying to make it the best evening you have ever had and this is what I get repaid with ? A lady that seems more worried about her shoes then the ghoul in front of her."

    He took a deep breath and took the jacket of and threw it to the side. The inside of it was smeared in blood, but then again so was the rest of his clothes. His normally blue eyes flickered a few times between their red and blue state, before they eventually settled into their blood red ghoul state. "So... care to dance ?" just as the words left his lips two long tentacles sprouted out from his back.
  18. Claire scoffed at his statement, clearly amused by his confession "So you really killed those girl? Hah." she scoffed, unable to contain her disbelief "Not all girls are like that. Maybe if you take me out on a date, you'll find me different." she offered sarcastically. Is all boys like this? Ugh, good thing I don't have a boyfriend she thought to herself "But I doubt that you'll live after our fight. And I just really like shoes okay?! so deal with it."

    She watched him change, his eyes getting red and two tentacles emerging from his back. Holding her weapon tightly, she gulped. "Looks like this won't be easy" she muttered under her breath. She really doesn't want to fight off the ghoul but its her job, and she always gets her job done. Always. "I would love to~" she replied to his offer and quickly whipped her weapon to him, slashing him left and right.
  19. Harvey smirked as the girl accepted his offer, however he was less excited about what followed. His kagune dug into the ground and he used them to push himself backwards, but didn't manage to dodge the first hit. The lash ripped a hole in his shirt and left a clear whip mark on his chest. "Well they say ladies first"

    Leaning forward he charged at her as fast as he could, using his red tentacles as whips to counter hers. Coming closer he noticed something he had not seen before, one of her eyes did not match the other. "We have one eyed ghouls and now you have one eyed humans ? I'm sorry, but are you Doves copying or looks now ?" As he stood barely 1 meter away from her he opened his jaw and got ready to bite down on into her soft... pale skin.
  20. 'Another death scene I guess..' Kaith thought while placing the last books on the shelf in the dark and looked out of the window to hear people fighting from a distance. She knew it was dangerous to go home at night, so she decided to stay in the shop until morning. Besides, School was just a few blocks down anyways.
    Pulling up her huge black hoodie. She waled towards the large mirror and looked from side to side in case of any people passing by.