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  1. a boy is being beaten by his family and always has been the cast out from them. Constantly he is harassed and abused, its been this way for 14 years, until one day he decides that he has finally had enough and the world will be better off without him so he decides to go to his favorite spot, the place were he would go at night to cry his pain away, a nearby lake with a beautiful picture of the night sky and the moon. Where the water is the mirror of truth holding up the sorrow of the sky. Reaching his final destination he begins to prepare his death when a voice reaches out to . He has never met anyone out side of his family and was scared as a stranger who seemed years older then him walked into view. That night the stranger becomes the hero of this child's life and has agreed upon to meet the him every night. Nights later his parents have began to notice their son's late night visits occurring more and more but instead of calling him out on it they punish him with impossible task and beating him worse than before. One night the boy appears before the stranger with bruises and lash marks graved into his fair skin and the stranger vows to never let the boy be beaten ever again. Giving him instructions to return home and pack a scarce amount of clothing in a bag an return. Nodding the boy obeys and has returned with a bag of clothing and his favorite item in the whole world as the stranger takes the boy away from his abusive life style to live anew one under the city lights and shinning stars.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Name: Dustin Muriel

    Age: 16

    Personality: Dustin has major anxiety and PTSD from his home life. He is shy and tends to be seen as an angry teen with a bad attitude, though once you get to know him he's really a sweet heart who just wants to know what its like to be loved but when it is given to him he has no idea how to react and it can make him seem a bit awkward. Dustin is naive to the world and quite scared of it to be honest. He loves baby animals especially kittens and if he could he would be a crazy cat lady. Though Dustin does have trouble sleeping due to his constant nightmares and this makes him emotionally unstable on days he doesn't get enough sleep and that can make him extremely vulnerable to anxiety/PTSD attacks.

    Role: beaten boy


    When his parents light was finally off dustin snuck out of his room. This time he would do it, this time he would end his life. He was sick of being beaten and tried of no one caring, tonight he had finally convinced himself that the world and his family would be better off without him.

    As Dustin stepped outside waiting for the door clicked shut he reached for the knife to make sure it was still there before taking off at full sprint to his safe spot. The spot where he would always run away to when his parents had beaten him or yelled at him again, about a mile from his house was a beautiful lake tucked away in the forest. Finally reaching his spot dustin fell to all fours catching his breath though within moments he was crying like a small child would after being hit for the first time. He cried and cried until there was no more tears to be shied, calming down he wiped the tears away and looked out over the lake taking it all in for what he though would be the last time.
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  3. "Holy crap," Hunter yelled, while throwing his left arm around his best friend Lucas. "That was some party!"
    "Of course!" Lucas replied, while laughing.

    It was already way past midnight by the time the party had ended. Hunter and Lucas were both walking down the footpath to get to a nearby bus station to return home. However, today, Hunter felt like he didn't want to go home just yet.

    "Ay, Lucas," Hunter started, before pointing towards a small forest "Wanna take a walk down that park to cool down?"
    Lucas pursed his lips. "Nah, told my mum that I'll be back by 2 am, if any later she's gonna kill me."
    "Damn," Hunter pulled his arm away from his friend's shoulder, before preparing for a fistbump. "See ya then."
    "Later~" Lucas returned the bump, before taking a left hand turn.


    Nothing was better than a refreshing night walk under the glow of the moon for Hunter, despite him rarely ever doing that. The park was one of his favourite places to visit ever since he moved a couple of weeks ago. For some reason, every time he took a stroll down that park, he felt like all of his stress and vented emotions simply faded away. There was also a lake near the middle of the park, which he visits from time to time to reflect about himself.

    As he walked down further towards the lake, he heard a faint noise. He ignored, but it grew louder and louder and he was able to figure out what the sound was. Crying? Ugh. But he continued walking despite his hate for the sound of crying. Why would anyone cry here?

    Finally, when Hunter reached the lake, he saw a boy who seemed close to his age, weeping near the lake with his hand and knees on the ground. The moonlight also reflect a shiny metal object that was in the boy's hands. Is..that...a knife?

    Suicide, definitely, Hunter thought. He didn't really concern himself with other people's issues. However, now he had to dissuade the boy to not kill himself because of him accidentally stumbling across the suicidal boy.

    "Hey," Hunter said in a tone that should be loud enough for the boy to hear. "What's your name?"
  4. Dustin froze hearing a guys voice and he began to tremble with fear as he looked up at see a handsome man standing in front of him. His anxiety started to rise as he attempted to figure out the mans purpose he had never made contact with someone outside of his family and didnt really bother to hid the knife or pull down his sleeve that exposed the bruise where his father had grabbed him and thrown him giving him a bruise on his back to match.

    Slowly sitting down he looked up at the man asking for his name his blue eyes shinning, "i-im dustin." He spoke softly his voice broken from crying. Then the thought appeared that he may be a friend of his dads, "p-p-please d-done tell my dad!" He begged starting to shake more from panic.
  5. "The fuck? I don't even know who you are besides your name you just told me," Hunter immediately raised his eyebrows in confusion "How am I suppose to know about your family?"

    He sighed quite audibly, before walking closer to the lake to sit down next to Dustin. "All in all, you don't need to be afraid of me. If you want to talk, talk."

    Carefully, Hunter reached out for the knife that was next to the boy, before juggling it around in his hands. "What's the knife for? To catch fish?" Hunter asked sarcastically. Probably not the best time to use sarcasm actually. Oops.

    Hunter didn't mind if Dustin wouldn't talk about his issues, after all it was basically none of his business, but he only decided to stay simply because he didn't want the boy to die. It would spoil the lake.
  6. Dustin hugged his knees when the boy explained he wasnt apart of his dads evil life. Though when Hunter sat down Dustin flinched really badly and as a habit he spoke, "i-im sorry please dont be mad!" He said his eyes full of fear for a moment.

    Dustin watched hunter take the knife and joke about it making dustin smile a little, "i wish" he remarked before sighing and adding, "to be honest I came here to die.." he spoke then continued to explain to Hunter his life at home. The beating, constant harassment, even the time where his dad was drunk and made Dustin dress like a sexy maid and had one of his friends there that lead to dustin being raped. He didn't know why he was telling hunter everything or how come her couldn't just simply say he just wanted to die, maybe it was the fact he could never tell anyone before, or possibly because he never was allowed to speak before to a stranger.

    When he was finished Dustin hugged his knees feeling as though the world was lifted off of him. Though the air hung with silence for what seemed like hours dustin surprisingly felt comfortable just sitting beside hunter staring at the lake. Out of habit he started to play with his lip ring making it move every which way as Dustin regained his normal state of mind feeling his emotionally unstable side drift away.
  7. "Jesus Christ," Hunter whispered in his breath, before raising his voice to a normal level again. "I'm not pissed, no need for you to apologise."

    Hunter listened to everything Dustin had to say. He initially dismissed it as him being a spoilt brat who brought up the whole situation himself. However, as he listened on, he realised that he was going through genuine abuse. Shit, what the fuck is wrong with his household?

    "I'm surprised that you're able to handle that kind of shit," Hunter voiced his thoughts after hearing out Dustin's story. "In fact, what's even more surprising is that you still haven't died yet."

    Hunter sighed again, before standing up and patting the grass that got stuck onto his pants away with his hands. "I'm not saying you don't deserve to live. I mean that you seem to be able to endure a tremendous amount of pain."

    "To be honest, I don't really care about your issues," Hunter crossed his arms, "However, I want you to promise me one thing. Don' I want you to come to the lake tomorrow at around the same time right now again. That will prove to me that you didn't die. You can do that can't you?"
  8. Dustin was taken aback by dustins reaction in a good way. Listening to what he had to say dustin nodded and followed suit standing up he realized hunter was a few inches taller than him.

    When hunter told him to come back tomorrow dustin was surprised, "u-um yea sure Ifi can get passed my dad." He stated blushing a little he added, "oh and, uh, thanks for helping me out and shit.." he said adverting his eyes away from hunter feeling bad that a stranger more or less had to see him like he was tonight.
  9. "Well it looks like you got past your dad a couple of times before." Hunter remarked at Dustin's statement. "You can do it."

    Hunter smiled at the boy, before noticing the latter's sudden worried face. Now, Hunter actually felt sorry for the body. As much as he didn't care about Dustin's problems, he didn't want to send him back to his house. But Hunter had no choice but to leave.

    "I promise," Hunter started while walking out the forest to go back to his house which was nearby. "I'll do what I can."
  10. Dustin blushed a little, "thank you hunter." He stated and from the right angle you could see tears welling up. Sighing he watched Hunter leave before heading beck to the house. When he reached there he was met with his dads angry face and a belt.

    ******* next night cause effort cx*****

    Dustin had been threw a lot today. His father had beaten him worse then before after catching him last night. He looking in the mirror and studied how the bruises decorated his torso and how a very dominant hand held choking bruise covered his throat. Throwing on a black huddie and basketball shorts he hoped hunter wouldn't realize as he snuck out once more this time with a slower more casual gesture.

    Moments later he arrived at the spot and looked out over the lack. I promise... ill do what I can. Hunters voice rung in his head and Dustin felt his heart leap, which caught him off gaurd as questions unleashed their rath inside his skull. Dustin was so zoned out he didnt even realize Hunter appeared.
  11. "Time to go," Hunter checked the watch on his wrist. "Wonder what I have to deal with this time."

    He drank the last drop of coffee in his mug and placed it into the sink to wash later, then grabbed the keys from the counter top and walked out the door. Nightfall was surprisingly colder than usual today, so Hunter immediately threw his hoodie cap over his head and tucked his hands into his pockets. Soon later, he came across the local convenience store and came to a halt. Should I buy something to eat? But I already had dinner...ehh whatever. He just wanted some food that was all.

    "One cinnamon doughnut please." Hunter asked the store manager, who placed all the doughnuts on top the counter. The store manager quickly grabbed an empty box and pinched a doughnut with her tongs and popped it into the box. Then, Hunter remembered about Dustin. Should I get one for him too? "Actually can I get a chocolate doughnut as well?"


    By the time Hunter reached the meeting spot, Dustin was already there. Did he cry again? I pray not. Hunter walked closer and closer towards Dustin, before purposely dropping the box of doughnuts next to him.

    "Hello ag-HOLY FUCK!" Hunter took a step back as he instantly noticed the bruises that wrapped around Dustin's neck like a scarf. "Who did that to you? Your dad again?"

    Never before had Hunter saw such abuse that were riddled on a person's body. He only saw that kind of domestic abuse on television. This is way more fucked up in real life.
  12. Dustin jumped when hunter dropped the donuts and freaked about his bruise, " my neck is my dad being nice." He claimed and to prove it he removed his shirt to see the thousands of scars and bruises though the newest ones were belt marks riddled all acrossed his torso, even managed to leave a bruis on his stomach. Waiting for a moment he put back on his shirt and sat down leaning back, "they're making me do the impossible suddenly like clean the mansions floor with a tooth brush and if I dont get it done in a hour or mess a spot I get hit." He sighed.
  13. "If that's your dad being nice. I really don't want to see him angry." Hunter said as he stood there shock after seeing all the scars that covered Dustin's body. Cleaning the mansion with a toothbrush? They shouldn't even be parents for god sakes. And how do people not notice his injuries? Does he simply not tell people?

    "Sorry for making you come out all the way here despite all your wounds," Hunter started, before opening the box of doughnuts. "Cinnamon or chocolate?"

    After Dustin picked out his doughtnut, he started speaking again. "Judging by the scars, this abuse had been going on for a long time right? Have you ever told someone else about it?

    Pointless questions. Hunter already presumed what the answers to each of these questions might be. He was merely asking him so that he could have something to talk about.

    Regardless, Hunter leaned towards Dustin and carefully wrapped his arms around the latter to give him a hug. "One day...It will all be gone."

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  14. Dustin blushed massively and leaned into hunter, "its been going on for 14 years and to be honest... you're the first person I've ever met outside my house." He admitted and smiled his heart raving for a quick moment when hunter said itd be over, "I hope so.." he mumbled.
  15. "First person?" Hunter said subconsciously, still hugging Dustin, before realising how disturbing the statement was. "Wait you don't even go to school?"

    Hunter was dumbfounded. It was the first time he was at such a loss for words. From then on, Hunter couldn't think or do anything that will heal Dustin's physical and mental trauma. The hug is merely just a bandaid over a stab wound. What else is there for him to do?

    He broke off the hug and pulled back. "I'm sorry," Hunter's voice shook, "There's nothing right now I can do. I can't even picture the things you had to go through in my mind. But again, I will still keep my promise."

    Hunter started walking back home, with his heart feeling heavier than usual. "Again...Sorry. But do come back tomorrow."


    It was lunch break at school when Hunter went to sit at his usual spot on the bench with his group of friends. Usually, he actively participates in the group conversation, however, because of what happened last night-no, more like today at dawn-he was completely out of it. Obviously, his best friend, Lucas, noticed his sudden change of personality instantly.

    "This isn't like you," Lucas patted Hunter on the back once with a bit of force. "What happened?"
    Hunter was silent for a couple of seconds, but soon opened his mouth to answer the question. "Didn't have much sleep last night. Homework sucks."
    "Obvious lie is obvious~" Lucas slapped Hunter's back again. "No seriously what's wrong?"
    "...How do you save someone from their greatest enemy?" Hunter spoke truthfully, although he knew how he arranged the question made it seem like his thoughts were completely out of the blue. "It's a question I was wondering all last night."
    "Dude I didn't know you were into that shit, why were you thinking about that?"
    "I dunno, but can you come with me to that park tonight? It'll probably be easier for me to explain there."
    "Huh? Dude we have a test tomorrow, I can't wing tests like you do."

    Hunter sighed. "Well then you'll have to find out later."


    Nightfall came about and Hunter set out and went to the park again. Wonder how much of a trainwreck I will see today.
  16. Dustin watched as hunter suddenly walked away. He wandered around a bit before coming home again to his dad's anger.


    Through out the day he was beaten and sent to do unspeakable acts as chores, like lick the mirror clean and scrub the rood clean with a cotton ball.

    After his beating from the window Dustin climbed onto the two story roof and began to clean when his foot slipped and he was sent into a spiral until he landed on his dads car. Thankfully had hadn't broken anything but he did leave a dent in his dad's car, making his dad beat him with three things instead of one. A cat tail with glass ends, a belt, and his fist. When the damage was done his mom sowed up the gashes on his back without numbing of course and sent him to bed.

    Walking to the spot he saw hunter and halfly used the tree for support to stand and hid his black eye, swollen lip, and the rest of his body. Hoped him being shirtless didn't mind hunter because Dustin couldn't stand the pain of something on his back.

    Standing practically behind it dustin sounded, "hey hunter its best if we stay like this tonight.. i perfer you not to see me.." he said with a broken voice from screaming. Silently he prayed hunter would stay back.
  17. Hunter heard weak footsteps coming towards him, he didn't even need to turn to see who was coming towards him.

    "...I prefer you not to see me." Dustin weakly said, with the sound of the wind almost drowning out his voice.

    Hunter immediately raised his eyebrows, although he respected Dustin's wishes and did not turn back. At that point, Hunter already knew what had happened to him. It made his stomach sick and his mind boiling with anger. Even if Dustin didn't want Hunter to see his appearance, the latter couldn't help but to look at the reflection of the lake. "Aren't you cold?" Hunter replied, before going silent again.

    Dustin's scarred torso was about to make Hunter puke. It was disgusting. Hunter wondered when was the last time Dustin had been injury-free for at least a day. That was when it snapped Hunter. In order for Dustin to get away from his living nightmare, he had to take him away from the household. In fact, Hunter had been tossing that solution around his head for a couple of days now, however was too hesitant to act upon it. Now, Hunter had to put his plan into action.

    "As much as I want you to stay here, you can't," Hunter started, still making sure not to turn his head around. "However, tomorrow, bring a bag with some spare clothes, your phone and charger and something that's important to you. I'm gonna take you away from your 'parents'."

    Hunter knew this request was far too sudden and it's extremely unrealistic. However, he can't take Dustin to a therapist because he didn't have the money and the fact that Dustin's parents would find out. Comforting him every night after he gets beaten by his family would become less and less effective. Hunter getting his own parents to take care is out the window because they live apart. This was the only option.
  18. Dustin shaking came out from the tree revealing all to hunter, "they'd kill me if I left." He was surprisingly toned for his lifing condition and a small outline of abs under all the bruises. Though as he left his hiding place Dustin quickly fell to the ground on all fours and started coughing until a red form appeared, blood. "Im so sorry you had to see me like this." He said softly looking up at hunter his blue eyes shinning with pain.
  19. "But will they know where you are?" Hunter rebutted. "They don't know who I am though. They can't track me down."

    When Dustin collapsed onto his knees, Hunter instinctively ran towards him, trying to help him up. The blood that was coughed out was quick to dye the grass in a shade of dark crimson red. Hunter was immediately horrified by the condition of Dustin's physical (and mental) wellbeing. There was no doubt that he had to take him away.

    "Chances are," Hunter started explaining his plan. "They'll think you'll come back after every night of absence. By the time they realised that you're actually ran away this time, it'll be too late-or rather, very hard-for them to find you."

    That's when Hunter saw the flaws in his plan. Dustin's parents will definitely file a missing person report to the police, or at least hire some person to track Dustin's whereabouts. Once they find out who 'kidnapped' him, Hunter will find himself being treated like a criminal, and people would hunt them like witches.

    "But once I take you away," Hunter whispered under his breath, "I'll have to report to the police about your case. You'll have to explain everything. This will raise the chances of you not falling into their hands again."

    "For now however, endure one more day." Hunter replied reluctantly. He really didn't want to send him home now. "Get the things I told you to pack and we'll meet here again."
  20. Dustin nodded clinging to hunter for support he smiled, "why me?" He asked his eyes soft and fragile as he looked up slightly to Hunter. Blushing massively Dustin quickly looked back down and just leaned into hunter then spoke softly, "c-can you come with me?" He asked his voice and body shaking from the thought of returning home alone.
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