Need for Speed: Undercover Miami (Kirisuna & Leandra)

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    For four years, Undercover Police Officer Zero Ryuki Byakuya has been working deep undercover as an Elite Street Racer, looking to take down a Ruthless Street Racing Triad, consisting of Car Thieves, Street Racers and Drug Smugglers. He is very well known on the Streets by his nickname "Drift King", where he excels in Drift Racing in the Underground Street Racing World. Sadly, those four years haven't really gotten anywhere and Zero is being suspected of going rogue. To see if this is true, the Miami Police Department, who is working on this Joint-Operation with the FBI and U.S Customs, send in rookie Police Officer Kelly Lewis undercover to provide assistance to Zero in taking down the Triad Group.
  2. Six years in the Police Academy, four years for the Police academy itself and two years to learn the road rules, smuggling and racing intel for all the racing underground that has been going on for years. Kelly passed with flying colors. Graduated top of her class. Then that same day was placed at the Police department where she met her Senior partner Zero Ryuki Byakuya. She has heard a very little bit about him. But she does now about his undercover job. Though she couldn't figure out why they wanted her with him. Kelly never questioned her higher ups, unless she knew she was in the right or felt strongly about something.

    Getting to the Police station, the Chief took her over to her new partner. "Yo, Zero! Meet your new partner, to help with your undercover case. This is Kelly Lewis, fresh out of the academy." Some of the guys whistle at her. Kelly rolls her eyes. "Nice to meet you Sir." She smiles somewhat to him.
  3. For four years, Zero has been working undercover as a Street Racer. When he was told that he was receiving a Partner, he couldn't be more thrilled. When the Police Chief introduced him to his new partner, he was a bit surprised, because he thought that he'd be paired up with someone with more experience on the force. "Nice to meet you as well." He said, greeting her. Sadly, he didn't smile back and kept serious the whole time. However, this was out of habit. It didn't exactly help that he was well-aware of the fact that his Superiors suspected him of going rogue due to higher ambition. This was also difficult to prove because Zero's loyalty to the Badge and Police Force was unquestionable, despite the fact that he had the tendency to disobey direct orders and his disposition for excessive violence. "Can she drive?" he asked his Police Chief.
  4. The Chief nods. "Yeah, she can drive. She got pulled over last week. She out ran Hims." Kelly wanted to smile about it, but her face showed no change. Hims glares at her as he passes. Kelly looks back. "No my fault you guys do not have hemis under the hoods, much less a V8. But I am sure those four bangers you have will catch mopeds and old ladies crossing the street." Kelly grins with a smart ass look. "Alright Lewis. I dont need Hims whining with his tail between his legs." Few of the other cops laughs as Hims as he passes. "Get her up to date Zero. Use her as you need and see fit. I want results from this case, been doing good til now. Dont mess up." Chief looks at Lewis, then Zero, heading back to his office.
  5. "Anyone can outrun Hims." Zero chuckled. He took a quick liking to Kelly's attitude. It was much like his, except not as a bad. "I'll make sure she's up to date, but first...I wanna take her out on the track, see what she's got." As soon as the Chief left to go to his Office, Zero handed her his Car Keys. "Let's head down to the Race Track. I wanna see what you're made of. Maybe tonight, I'll find a place for you in the crew. I'll hire some thugs to make it legit. Just leave your badge here. I don't need you to blow your cover. When you're done here, meet me outside."
  6. Kelly laughs at Zero's comment. "Alright." She finishes up with her transfer papers as she hands them over to the Chief. "There you go Sir. If there is nothing else, I thought I would treat my new partner to a meal." The chief laughs. "Yeah Lewis. I am done with you." Kelly nods as she heads outside. On the way down the elevator, she glances to his keys. "Really? He drives one of these things?" She rolls her eyes. Once out the door she looks to him. "This is what you drive? Well I guess if you must fit in. But I won't be driving one of these. I will drive my own car, that can run with the big boys too." She walks to the driver side all sexy like, tapping his nose. "I can handle a lot of horse power under me." Laughs, sitting in the car, looking around at all the mess and lights he had. "What is this? Kit the car? Just on drugs?" Kelly bites her bottom lip, then cranks it up. "Alright, I will give it to you, the engine sounds good." She looks at him as she buckles up. "Where too?"
  7. Zero did his best to remain silent as she insulted his GT-R, his pride and joy. "Just so you know...There is about two hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of upgrades under the hood of this car. If you're gonna run in this op with me, you should get used to seeing Tuners. American Muscle isn't really appreciated in the gang I've infiltrated." Because of her Cockiness, he wasn't so sure now abou0t working with her, because if she says something to piss off the Dragon Head, she's as good as dead, Police Officer or not. "You know, you probably haven't gotten laid yet, because you drive a Ford." He said jokingly in retaliation for her insulting Tuners. "Anyway, take us to the Race Track, I would like to see how you handle yourself."
  8. "Fine." Was all she said as she revved up the engine and squealed the tires out of the parking space as she shifted it into reverse. She stops with ease and presses her foot to the brake, and having her foot near the clutch as she shifted into first gear. She didn't spin out this time and she took off down the road. She drove fine. Pressing the petals and shifting gears with ease. She never looked at him. Only time she glanced his way was when she looked in the side mirror to switch lanes. She weaves in and out of traffic as she came inches from bumpers each time. Kelly could handle pretty much anything he tossed at her, if not, she would sure as hell try. She drives them to a abandoned warehouse parking lot as she does a few dounts. Places the car in park and tosses his keys in his lap. "Happy?" She gets out of the car, resting at the hood. "I can drive anything you have Sir!"
  9. By Race Track, he didn't necessarily mean turn the Streets into one. However, he did get to see her driving up close. Eventually, he stepped out of the car himself. Hopefully he didn't offend her when he insulted her taste in cars. When it came to Ford, there was only one car that he liked; and that was the Shelby Cobra. Other American Muscle cars that he liked included the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Viper and Chevrolet Camaro. He did also like Corvettes, but he stuck with Tuners, like the Nissan GT-R that he was currently using. Little did Kelly knew, he had a very wide collection of cars, but kept it hidden due to the fact that the Crime Boss they're working for will want to use them for Jobs, something that Zero cannot afford. "Well, you didn't wreck my car. That's good. Ready to go grab a bite?" He asked.
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  10. Kelly nods. "Why would I wreck your car? I have have gotten all that out of my system years ago." Salutes to him as he talks about getting a bite to eat. "Sure thing. You pick the place and I will buy. But you can drive." She heads to the passengers side of the car. "So I will have to drive one of these?" Sighing. "I guess we are going car shipping after lunch them. Since I got to fit in." Kelly looks at him. "So why is the Chief so hard on you? He thinks you've gone rouge? I mean, what is wrong with someone actually committing to their job and actually doing it right? How many times have old cops like Chief and His, blown covers? More then I can count." She laughs. "Time for the younger generation to go under cover."
  11. "To Chinatown, I guess. I know of a good sushi place down there...Well, unless you're not into Seafood." Zero replied as he got into the Driver's Seat and started the car. When she asked him about the type of cars that she'd have to drive, he began wondering why and did his best to answer her questions. He wasn't planning on using the GT-R much longer and he was thinking about buying a new car soon anyway in order to maintain his cover. The Crime Boss he was 'working for' knew he had money to throw around. "Well, you don't have to drive my exact car. But you'll be driving a Tuner, that's for sure. You know, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Honda, Toyota, Acura, Lexus...Well, you get the idea. But once we go Car Shopping, count me in because I was planning on getting a new car anyway. Don't want anything happening to this one." When she asked about the Chief being hard on him, Zero answered nonchalantly. "Well, I've been Undercover for a pretty long time now. He thinks the Op isn't getting anywhere. Not to mention he thinks that I'm starting become one of them. But I grew up with these guys. I know who they are, how they are, what they do, what they're capable of...Yeah, the Street Racing world is no strange place to me. It doesn't help that my Dad used to run a street racing gang too. Life's full of Irony, right?" He asked in a sarcastic tone. "But at the same time, sending someone inexperienced undercover is a bad idea, since they're more likely to get their cover blown then an Officer with my Experience. But hey, you might be right." He said, replying to her comment about the younger generation of Police Officers going undercover.
  12. "Well as the Chief said, fill me in as use me as you see fit." Rolls her eyes at the comment the Chief made. "Oh! Now I see. I now get why there are maybe a few women in your station. Cause the Chief is a douche." She laughs hard. Kelly just knows that every time the number for Zero's station came up, no woman every choose it willingly. Hence why she was tossed into the station right after graduation. "None of the women from my graduating class wanted to go here. Wow! Your Chief must really have made a name for himself." Kelly thinks about the choice of car brand he gives her. "I've drove a Mitsubishi lancer and eclipse. Both are good cars, but I will go with the lancer. I know the ins and outs of it for the most part. And I am not in the mood for seafood. But I could eat anything at this point." Sighs some. She will do her best not to disappoint Zero, as best as she can. Besides. She will be a reflection off him, as to what she learns.
  13. When she made snarky comments on the Police Chief, Zero was not all that surprised, because he did the same thing before going undercover. When Kelly mentioned that none of the women in her Academy Class wanted to go into their division, he couldn't help but want to laugh and even make a wisecracking joke. "Maybe because they thought it wasn't worth the time to fight over me. Hell if I know..." Before going undercover, some of his female co-workers had the tendency to try and flirt with him on the job. A few even faced division transfers because of attempts to distract him, not that he minded. When she mentioned something about the Mitsubishi Lancer and the Eclipse, she peaked his interest. "Hmm, why don't you just go with the Evo?" He suggested, since it was practically a much better version of the Lancer...Unless she was shooting for an Eclipse. If that were the case, he'd just hunt down a Mazda RX-7. When she said she wasn't in the mood for seafood, he attempted to humor her. "Well, its not like I'm asking you to eat Fugu." He joked. Fugu was a type of fish that was considered a delicacy in Japan. Zero himself had never eaten it, however. However, there was a reason as to why...
  14. Kelly laughs. "Well I never said you were asking me to eat Fugu, dork. Besides, personally I don't care for how it tastes." She nods to him as he spoke of the Chief and then giving himself a big head. "Well I know some of the women I did work with, hate you. Cause you wouldn't date them. Though personally, you seem like a guy who knows what kinda women he wants. Can't say to many girls are into racing like you. And if so, it's just to bang the next guy on top and blow his money." Kelly knew how these girls worked, the ones who hung around the racers. It made it ten times harder for women like Kelly to even try to have a relationship with a guy who raced, cause they would just see her as a grease monkey.
  15. "Well, don't think you want to eat it...Because you'd die...And that's the last thing I need." He replied, laughing a bit, concerning the fugu. When Kelly pointed out about the previous women he's worked with, as much as he didn't want to admit it, it was actually true. "After a while, they just perceived me as one of those boys who prefers cars to women." He chuckled. Indeed its been a long time since Zero has dated, even before he got into Police Academy. But his familiarity with Street Racing was what got him into this Sting Operation anyways. Not like the way he drove during car chases helped either. "But really, I'm just one of those boys who appreciates a fine body regardless of the make." His preference in Cars was very apparent. Half the racers he knew thought he had a thing for Tuners, which he did, but he still liked American Muscle. However, he didn't know when to tell this to Kelly. Maybe once they get a bit closer? Probably. His taste in women...Was a totally different story. Having a girl into cars as much as he was is just another plus. All he really needed...and wanted in terms of a Relationship was for someone to love and be loved, and asked for nothing more.
  16. Kelly's phone rang. She glances at it. Ignores the call. "Well I am fully ready to go with you anywhere and everywhere we need too as a team to get what needs to be done. Then I will be out of your hair and you can go back to being the Solo Zero saving the day." The Chief wasn't going to keep her at the station, much less being Zero's permint partner. Kelly wasn't good enough for the station. Hell, that's what he told the office when they sent her over. "Chief said I am not good enough to work at his station. So I will be with you until you are done, then I leave. Sad really. I was really starting to like you." Shrugging her shoulders she just looks out the window. She sees a few racing cars and just looks over to him and smiles softly.
  17. "Its not always fun working by yourself." Zero scoffed as he pulled into a Parking Lot. "Now c'mon, let's go find something to eat." He said as he turned off the car and stepped out. In all honesty, Zero wouldn't mind if Kelly was a permanent partner. If they got into a Relationship, that would a bit better. However, it was too early to be thinking about that. As he closed his car door, Zero approached a Ramen Shop, seeing that Kelly was not in the mood for Seafood. The last person to eat the Blowfish from what he remembered died. So Zero himself, never ate it.
  18. Kelly sighs. " I could sure go for a huge, thick, juicy piece of meat." She laughs out loud, at how sexual that sounded. "Wow! Living here as made me miss the country cooking of my grandma." Kelly is a American cop, so in the States they learned different, her Father made her go a extra two years to learn Japan's police ways. So she thought that too had alot to do with why the Chief treated her like he did. Stepping out of the car, she wore the style of a racer, she was just a greasy one. Catching up with Zero, she smiles. "So? What type if women do you like? Like what type of woman do see yourself with?"
  19. Although he didn't talk about it, Zero actually grew up in Japan, not moving to the United States until he hit High School. His Father was in prison back in Japan. When he was fourteen-years-old, his Father went to prison on numerous criminal charges, but would be released in the next three years. By then, Zero would be twenty-nine, but that was a long way from now. His Mother disappeared after he had graduated from High School, which left him to raise his younger sister, who is now nineteen-years-old and going to College, majoring in Music. Besides her tuition and college needs, Zero even pays for her private lessons, wanting her to learn from the best. As they sat down, Zero was quick to order the traditional ramen. When Kelly asked him as to what kind of woman he sees himself with or what kind he even likes, he didn't know how to answer. "That's a tough question. I never thought about it really. Well, not since my last two girlfriends. First one died in High School, second one dumped me."
  20. Kelly was fast to be quiet. Once he said one had passed, she wished now she had never asked. "Gosh Zero, I am sorry. And sorry for the one dumping you. Guess she didn't know a great man when she had it." Kelly smiles, only to hear Mins and a few others start to heckle her. Informing her that she is Zero's lap dog. Really just degrading her. Kelly looks to Zero. As her country twang came out. "Hold that thought for a moment Sugar." Walking over to the cops as she got in Mind face, mind you, they weren't in duty. "Really Mims? That's all you got. Well if I am Zero's bitch, then I guess you are envy of him, huh? Cause I will be licking and jumping on him, not you." Kelly walked back over to Zero, not saying a word. But lord was she screaming craziness in her head.
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