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    The day was just like any other at the cool village of Konohakagure. The market was open, kids played in the tall buildings and the grounds below laughing, and people socialized. Ninja went about their daily duties and fought for their right to exist. Menial and dangerous jobs alike it hardly mattered to anyone as long as you were on your path to be the fine shinobi you were destined to be. To live, experience, fight, and understand life was the greatest beauty of the world. Be it in the woods of the fire land or the sands of the wind. Be it the rocks in the Iwagakure or the Kirigakure's waves and mists. This was what it meant to live. To understand. to BECOME the best you could have possibly ever become. That was also a part of the Will of Fire. After all how many people could truly say they were happy with their lots in life. However for the Konohakagure's newest ninja class this is what their teacher would always say, "The best life is one lived with emotion, true feelings and love, for yourself and nature and man as a whole. All because life ends does not mean it won't continue. Make your mark on the world." Mina Sensei always encouraged them to do their absolute best and leave nothing back. She was a bit eccentric but she dearly loved her students and hated if they failed. She'd personally help them and now she was seeing them off into the hands of different jonin throughout the village. The children raised in the academy were truly ready for what was to come. The world was a cruel harsh place and it was not to be trifled with but hey she can't do much now could she? The pink haired teacher smiled at her class sadly as she stood before them. "So everyone it's finally the day you graduate...I'm all so proud of you..." Mina said quietly.
    Mitsuhide woke up in the morning to his mother, a medical ninja of the chunin rank, calling him down to have some breakfast before going to school. Mitsuhide groaned in annoyance of course this was the big day but WHY did it have to be so freaking early!? It was such a pain in the butt to get up everyday walk up to Mina and Hiyato Sensei and practice and practice AND PRACTICE! Nothing but practice day after day of studying and when he finally got out most of the kids were too exhausted to do much, he was always ready to do whatever however which made the situation worse. Mitsuhide got up and stretched rolling his arms around in a circular motion and took off his sleeping clothes off, which were dark green and had pictures of dogs on them which made him feel like a little boy inside, and picked up his normal clothes, and went to get a bath. There was no need to show up stinky and he liked the water it made him feel clean. Like a creek washing away the grime of the previous day's mud slide that fell into the river. Not that he was dirty he may be the wood boy but he wasn't a dirty boy. Maybe he was being a bit to philosophical about it but regardless he made sure to clean every part he could and he had cleaned his clothes the day before hand. After washing off Mitsuhide grinned to himself in the mirror and knew this would be one of the last times he'd seen himself as a student and not a ninja. It was...kinda of scary and weird but he'd grow into it! He knew he would! By his grand father the first he would succeed as a ninja! But as he was staring at himself smiling his mother called again. "Gesh mom stop being so impatient I'm coming!" Mitsuhide said quickly as he finished dressing himself and rushed downstairs to his awaiting food. It smelled great and it turned out his mom had made some fish Sandwiches just for him! His mom gave him a big grin and nodded at him, "You look great baby, just make sure you don't let Mina get your hopes up with with good for nothings ok?" she said hugging him tightly and she kissed him on the check with a smile. Mitsuhide blushed and wasn't sure if he should smile or try to push his mom away. In the end he hugged her back, "Thanks mom and I love very much... if only dad wasn't away on a mission I'd like to see him today but I'm going to be a genin today and I won't look back!" his father was a jounin with a great amount of skill and was high prized by the village; Mitsuhide hoped he would be taking him as a pupil this year but he said he was not selected to lead a squad. That REALLY sucked in Mitsuhide's opinion but what could you do? "All well better eat better eat before things get cold". Mitsuhide said as he sat down to eat all he could while he and his mom chatted about training him further in his skills which he promptly said he'd train with his new crew and his sensei but his mom insisted and he obeyed...and he always obeyed because she was SCARY when she got pissed. After eating he said one more goodbye and left the house chatting with various people in the village on the way to class and he had almost arrived late. When he arrived he took his usual seat next to Sora Nara and above Shina Uchiha, the alpha bitch of the class just like the rest of the Uchiha police forces...Mitsuhide sat in his usual corner and listened to Mina speak and as usual his heart flared with respect for his teacher. Mina was such a pretty and wonderful woman and he thought of her like a long lost aunt. Then there was uncle Hiyato...
    Mina Sensei:"]
  2. Neji woke up that morning excited, it was his final day at the academy he would finally be a genin and on his way to becoming an excellent shinobi. He got out of bed and activated his sharingan. He looked in the mirror and sighed as he still only had one tomoe activated. His father walked in and laughed a little. "Still waking up every morning and checking your sharingan I see." Neji turned and smiled as he saw his father, he ran over and hugged him. "Dad you're back but I thought your mission was going to take a couple of days?" His father smiled back at him "well it was suppose to but I made sure my comrades and I finished quickly I wasn't going to miss you and your cousins graduation day now was I" Neji sighed a little when he brought up his cousin. " really dad do you have to bring him up?" His father laughed. " you know your uncle his father and I use to be he same way always competing with each other and he for the most part use to beat me in most things, but there were something's I beat him in and look at me. I grew up to become a very well respected Jonin on our village and second in command of our clan. I love and resort your uncle the same way you love and respect your cousin, just go out and be the best you can and it will all work out." Neji smiled "thanks dad I will, oh wow I am going to be late see yea dad." Neji got clean fast and got dressed in his normal clothes. He the ran over to the academy. He smiled as he talked to some friends he had in class and then took his seat in the direct middle of the classroom. He sat there and listened to their teacher talk about their graduation day. Neji was nervous and excite at the same time. He was happy he was graduating, but he was nervous about it at the same time. He said to him self he was ready and he was going to be a great shinobi.
  3. Sahoru had been up since dawn. Today was the day, he thought to himself. The day he was finally going to be set loose upon the world. Today his quest to change everything began. He would succeed and prove that he was worthy of being the next head of the clan. Worthy to be Soru's son. He had spent the hours since he woke up working out, doing hand-stand push-ups. Sahoru's bare torso was covered in sweat as he finally let himself down from his exercise pose in the backyard of his home. His mother, Roseiku came out with a cup of tea and a towel for the boy.

    "You mustn't strain yourself, Sahoru. Today's your graduation. I have prepared your jacket for you, you have to look proper today." She told him, her voice both kind and stern. Sahoru scoffed. "Yes mother." Wiping himself off with the towel, and chugging the tea. "Where's father?" He asked her, she smiled and took the cup from her son.

    "He's at a meeting with the Hokage. He promised he would be there at your graduation later today. Now hurry up and get dressed, or you are going to be late my son." Roseiku told her son, whom flashed a grin. "Mom, come on. I'm never late." He said, going inside their house, putting on a black tank-top, and then grabbing his grey jacket that his mother had ironed for him, he checked in the mirror to make sure his hair looked all right.

    He would head towards the academy, one of the last ones to arrive, he took his seat, in the back of the class, two in his mind nobodies were sitting beside him on either side. He listened to his teacher bid farewell, and Sahoru wasted no time reminiscing about old times. He didn't really have any fond memories of this place, this place was always just a means to an end for him. It was the way for him to become a genin, and now, that day had finally come. He was finally about to graduate, to prove to the world that he was better, smarter, faster and stronger then his peers.

    He would show the power of the Uchiha.
  4. "Now everyone as you know a large group of genin last year did not complete the chunin exams, so you will be starting up in squads starting at number 10 and going to 15. But don't let yourselves worry too much about the last class do what you can to succeed in your own right as ninja. You have been chosen to replace the old ninja generation and to prove that the choice that the daimyo made to remove samurai as the protectors of the village was the correct one. So don't give up. Now everyone come and please come and get your head bands...I apologize for not bringing them yesterday." Mina said initially inspirational but then reduced to childish laughter and a smile. Mina grinned at all of the students as they started coming down one by one. Mitsuhide grinned and smiled from ear to ear as he nudged Nara to move. Sora gave a annoyed grunt and glared at him, "Yeah what is it?" Sora asked patiently. "COME ON!!! Move it Sora!" Mitsuhide said in her ear as she woke up and looked at him like he was the most annoying object in the world. "Fine fine I'm going..." she said tiredly yawning and getting up she fell behind Mia Ayami leaving him next to the Uchiha girl...he disliked the Uchiha for a number of reasons besides the fact that they were untrustworthy monsters and had killed numerous members of their family. Their sharingan also creeped him out a bit. "What's wrong are you scared Mitsu? Just like a Senju to be a wimp!" Shina said frowning at him in disproval. Shina and Mitsuhide had always gotten along as well as oil and water. Always one was trying to one up the other especially since their parents didn't get along either. They never succeeded in doing anything when they worked together and it infuriated both parties. Shina was one of the most versatile ninja in the academy. Mitsuhide had the whole wood style of the first hokage deal going with him and both ended up simply ignoring the others in the class when it came down to it in favor of making the other look bad. In fact the two had nearly gotten into a fist fight once over how to use jutsu properly. Mitsuhide grunted and frowned back getting in her face, "Really? THIS coming from you of all people? Go back to being the daughter of a glorified police officer and leave me be you witch." Shina looked at Mitsuhide with a face that would shatter his face like glass if it could. Regardless Mitsu moved forward as Shina did and the head bands in front of them all of them showing the same symbol on all of them but some where red, blue, and black. They each were custom made to fit the young shinobi who would be receiving them. "Man I can't wait I'm so excited! I hope me and Shin and Kora all get placed on the same team!" said Takumi as he talked with Mia who was in front of him. Mitsuhide respected Takumi but he was one of the lowest ranked in the class. With his obvious lack of common sense he was once responsible for a tree nearly falling on half the class due to a paper bomb he'd found in his parent's pockets. Heck in Takumi's eyes he only saw that Mia liked him as a friend despite the fact that she had a crush on him for god knows how long. Moving on Mitsuhide looked at the whole class but only one thought came to mind. "I hope my team doesn't have Shina on it. Or hell any Uchiha for that matter... If it does I'll quit being a ninja and be a farmer instead. Oh who am I kidding it's not like mom would let me do that..." Mitsuhide muttered to himself as he advanced in line and received a black one. He stood there for a second and looked at Mia who was jumping up and down giggling along with some of the other girls and how Shin boasted he'd be Hokage some day. All dreams may come true but they could always fail miserably. Mitsu hoped the best for his class mate in achieving that dream. Personally all that paper work seemed dull in comparison to being a jounin...Mitsuhide looked down at the headband and sighed it was finally time to leave his old self behind. Mitsuhide opened his eyes and studied it for a moment looking at it like it was a poisonous bug. "Hey Mitsu are you ok?" Mina asked worried about the boy's health he was always so quiet and reserved...Hai grinned and shook his head, "Sensei don't worry, I am ok. I was just thinking about stuff and how the world's going to change a lot from now on." Mitsuhide finally moved out of line and put on the small forehead protector on as a bandana covering his hair and only the black tips were pushed out. He gave a high give to one of his fellow classmates and hugged one of his closer friends before going back to his seat.
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  5. Neji listened to their sensai's words and got up to go collect his headband. He smiled and waved at his friends who wanted to talk to him, but at this moment Neji was just focused on getting his head band and the finding out who his team would be. Neji was in the upper tier of the class with a few other classmates, but he hadn't graduated first like he wanted to. At this point it wouldn't matter, today he was officially a genin and he was going to make a name for himself. He knew his cousin was next in line to lead the Uchia, but maybe if Neji made a name for himself around the world as a fearsome Ninja then he could become leader of the uchiha. Neji finally got up to the table and grabbed his head band. He smiled at their sensai. "Thank you sensai for everything sensai I won't forget all the lessons I learned here from you." Mina smiled at the uchiha boy. "You're welcome Neji and good luck I know you will make a splendid shinobi some day!" Neji was walking back to his seat when he heard Shin boast about how he would be hokage some day. Neji walked over and playfully shoved him as him and Shin were friends. "Well shin you're going to have to defeat me if you ever want to become hokage." They both laughed and high fives as Neji headed back to his seat. He saw his cousin Sahoru as they looked at each other. Neji sighed and nodded his head at his cousin who right now was the superior ninja but not by that much. Neji had done a lot to catch up to him but he wasn't there yet. Neji turned his attention from him back to his seat as he sat down. He watched as the rest of the class got their headbands and excitedly awaited to see who his team would be.
  6. "Just because you're an Uchiha doesn't mean you anymore special than the rest of us! 4th Lord Hokage is not a Senju or a Uchiha or Hyuga Neji!" Shin told him vehemently as he frowned. "Knowing you Mia could kick your butt all around the battlefield!" he coutinued as Mia flushed worriedly, "But I'm not a combat ninja! I'm a supporter!" Mia said shaking her had back and forth. Mia was one of the weakest ninja in the class individually. However when paired with a group of people Mia was able to use her skills to boost the effectiveness of the group using her clan's special type of medical ninjutsu that increased their abilities greatly. Mia was also not to bad on the eyes according to many kids in the class. The young girl with purple hair, bright blue eyes, and a cute smile was a favorite among many of the boys in the class. Plus she was shy as anything which added to her in the eyes of a few boys in the class. However unexpectedly the one who stepped in for Neji was Shina, "A Uchiha has more of a chance to become hokage then a trash tier shinobi like you Shin! Go back to crying on Kora's shoulder I bet Neji could wipe the floor with you. If he could I certainly could and definitely Sahoru!" Shina told them bluntly as Kora laughed at that, "Oh yeah like you're one to talk you couldn't beat Mitsu on the best of days!" Kora said back defending her old friend Shin from Shina. Mitsuhide himself ignored the conversation entirely as Mina told them all to not fight telling them they wouldn't know who they were going to be placed with and they didn't want to start off on the wrong foot with a team member.
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  7. Sahoru watched as all of his classmates got their headbands, Sahoru sitting there, quietly watching all of them high-five and hug each other, all of them smiling and joking around, a few of them making puny claims. After a few minutes, once Neji had found his seat, Sahoru got up from his seat, and headed down to Mina. He didn't talk, but simply just accepted his Headband and strapped it to his leg, tying it tightly around his thigh. As he walked back to his seat, the others started bickering about strength.

    "Sahoru definately could" He heard Shina say, which got Sahoru's attention. "Shina, Neji. Stop. We're Uchiha, we're not supposed to bicker with the others. You're real shinobi now, maybe it's time to act like it."
    He told them all off, bragging wasn't his style, nor should it be performed by the Uchiha, their superiority should speak for itself, Sahoru thought. Not putting more effort into it, heading back to his seat before he was finally given his team. Today's the day. Let's just hope the losers don't spoil it for me.. Sahoru thought to himself, sitting back in his chair, putting his feet on the table, leaning back in his chair.
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  8. Neji laughed as his joke with his friend Shin turned into all of this. Neji turned around when he heard Sahoru speak to him and Shina. Neji sighed as he sat down and didn't say anything. Sahoru could be so stuck up sometimes. Neji just let it go instead if getting mad and waited to see what his team would be. He would be happy if he has Shin on his team.
  9. "Yeah Shina act like a 'proper' Uchiha and stop picking on the others..." Mitsuhide said as he glared at Shina. "Alright Sahoru I'll-Oh shut up loser! It's not like your any match for me. My dad taught me far better than your old man taught you Mitsuhide!" Shina replied with scorn back at Mitsuhide and then Mina actually stepped up and told them to quiet down. Mina praised Sahoru's level headedness and said he was becoming a fine young man. Mitsuhide hardly cared at this point he just wanted to move on. "Yeah yeah whatever." Mitsuhide said simply but ignored looking at Shina as she sat back down next to him. Sora gave up and groaned as she watched the two bicker. "Alright everyone I'd like to continue and may I say that all of you look so cute with those on-" Mina started to say which made Mitsuhide roll his eyes. Mina was really impulsive at times but in the end she'd get back to teaching eventually. However it seemed fate had different plans for all of the genin at the graduation ceremony. Instead of being put into teams by Mina they were supposed to someone more hyperactive and overly hyper came in instead. Someone with the biggest grin on his face walked in shouting at the top of his lungs. The sometimes co teacher and sometimes best friend of Mina walked in. "Sup kiddos! OOOOHHH! Looking sharp I see niiiiccceeee!" said Hiyato Sensei with a big overly bombastic tone in his voice he glanced around and finally came around and smiled down at Mia who was giggling uncontrollably. Shina growled in annoyance and muttered a comment revolving around morons and cows that should have made her scrub her tongue with soap if she had any care to be tolerant. Mitsuhide grinned and smiled as he looked on. This man was not of his particular favorites of all the teachers he ever had but this guy was pretty cool in his opinion. The goof of the leaf village and the prankster since a young age. "Hey I don't look that! Oh yeah that's so funny calm yourself down and keep down those little bubbly laughs Mia. So how's everyone doing today!?" The majority of the class responded with happy cheers and Mina looked baffled at what had just transpired. She had basically been usurped by her co-teacher. Takumi smiled and said Hiyato Sensei was the coolest guy ever! Sora Nara responded with just as much enthusiasm as a rock and the class's lower ranking students who sympathized with him cheered. "Hiyato I was just about to-" Mina started grabbing onto his vest and shook him until he was dizzy when he tried to interrupted her.

    "Hey Mina calm your breasts woman! There was a mix up in the lists and BUUUUUTTTT lucky for you I have got the fixed ones right here and I will be introducing the squads!" Mina let go of Hiyato and looked at the papers, after snatching them out of his hand, and said they looked fine enough but Hiyato wouldn't have any of it and insisted that he would give out the squads, "Well miss smarty pants you may have taught them more than I have BUT I am the cooler teacher so I'M going to do it! Alright the first squad is squad 10! Under Tasuma Akamichi! Mia, Hiyami and Shin! Congrats guys!" Hiyato said enthusiastically as the crew cheered at the top of their lungs. Tasuma was the current head of the Akamichi clan but he left his wife to do must of the work and was a really nice guy but it was more or less that they were all in the same squad that did anything. "Congratulations once again!" Hiyato explained as Mina frowned at him hatefully. Mitsuhide glanced over and smiled at them and nodded happy for the new group.

    Hiyami was Sora's younger brother, Mia's jutsu would help the group with it's various needs, and Shin was a member of a small and less notable family of taijutsu users. Overall it seemed like they were the underdogs. The next team 11 was under Quess Uzumaki whom Mitsuhide knew nothing about. It consisted of three of the more quiet and hyperactive team mates and was a nice balance of the best genjutsu and some of the best taijustu users in their class. The next team was more exciting as it was a member of the Aburame Clan, a member the Hatake family known for their incredibly skilled ninja, and a member of the Sarutobi Clan. The names of the members were Kira Aburame, Yume Hatake known for her quick reflexes in the class, and Kora whom was rounding u the class. It seemed Takumi was not going to his way.

    "Alright now for...well then...this is...interesting. Under the tutorage, and the first squad of, a very 'special' man named Mitsunari Kohaku...well then here is a interesting team indeed...We have Mitsuhide Senju, Sahoru Uchiha, AND Neji Uchiha I proclaim you team 13! Along with that team 14 consisting of Sora Nara, Shina Uchiha, and Takumi Inuzuka!" Mitsuhide couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was not only lucky enough to get past three of the people he wanted nothing to do with but he had the unfortunate nature of being pooled with the two Uchiha anyways! Of course this was the path the higher ups chose for him...bastards. Whatever he'd deal with that as it came and he'd do his best not to have a mental breakdown with his lack luster team mates. Meanwhile Shina and Sora were busy complaining to each other about their placements. Hiyato went to continue on but he continued on but he stopped for a second, Hiyato chuckled as he passed out a note to each of the squads as to where they were going to meet up. Mitsuhide, was baffled on why he was stuck with a group of those emo Uchiha kids of all people! Not one other clan! So much for versatility! Who was he going to bond with? Also no girl on this three man squad! Especially Neji and his damn complex about outclassing Sahoru. Sahoru...he was a daring Uchiha and a cunning ninja but that didn't mean nothing if they didn't work together! Mitsuhide mumbled to himself as he got up to move towards the back of the room as he moved his headband bandana to the right a little. "Oh and screw you sensei!" Mitsuhide said bluntly as Hiyato laughed.
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  10. Neji sat and listened to their co sensai who was a little weird, start to announce the teams. Neji sat patiently as he awaited his name to be called. And then he heard their Sensai the words "well then here is a interesting team indeed." Neji quickly shot a glance up at their Sensai as he heard what the team was. It was him his cousin Sahoru and Mitsuhide Senju. Neji sat there in shock as he heard who his 2 teammates were. First his cousin Sahoru they were first cousins and growing up were ways around each other, but they had always had a rivalry going in which Sahoru had the advantage in. Neji had always tried to be as good if not better than his cousin so they always had that rivalry. Then his other teammate Mitsuhide Senju. The Senjus and uchihas have been rivals for many many years. Neither clan trusted each other. Neji had not interacted with Mitsuhide much but there was something about him that Neji did not like.
  11. The teams... Oh boy, the teams. Sahoru wouldn't have minded getting paired with anyone, he would gladly join anyone in a team. He got along with most, because most knew that he could beat them up if they were ever too.. Troublesome, was one of the perks of being a prodigy and kind of a genius. He had thought up combinations of his abilities with his possible teammates for month, he had a strategy with almost everyone. With Sora Nara it was a simple Shadow Hold and Halo Blade combo, where as with the Akimichi it was genjutsu based.

    But when the teams were all called, Sahoru saw each possible ally getting picked away from him, each theory he had crafted getting smashed one after another. And it irked the young boy. But then finally. "Team 13." He heard the Jounin say. He told him who his teammtes were going to be, and Sahoru let out a laugh, a whole heartened laugh. His classmates had probably never heard him laugh like that, heck, he had rarely heard himself laugh like that.

    "You.. Haha.. You mean to tell me I'm with my Klutz-Cousin and the Senju-Dweeb? Neither of which are going to be able to keep themselves away from each other's throats, and you want me to babysit them? Damn, that's funny." Sahoru exclaimed to the class, holding a hand over his left side of the ribs, and wiping a single tear of joy from his face. This is gonna be interesting.. The Uchiha Heir thought to himself, grinning.
  12. Neji turned around when he heard his cousin laugh, and then listens to him speak. Neji was furious with his cousin. Neji was inferior to Sahoru in ninjutsu and genjutsu but when it came to taijutsu and strength neji had the clear advantage. Neji wanted to get up and fight his cousin right there and then but he thought better of it. He would get yelled at by his uncle for dishonoring the uchiha clan like that. Neji just kept his head down and didn't say anything. He Was excited to finally be a genin but the fact that this was his team was really just an awful way to start of his shinobi life.
  13. "Don't underestimate either of your teammates Sahoru my little man." commented Hiyato simply as he passed by the seat of the young Uchiha. "Just like a tree sprouts branches, both of your team mates have gained something from their trunks. Mitsuhide holds the very embodiment of the will of fire in his head. And your cousin? Doesn't he have the blood of one of the most legendary ninja in the village's history and past in his veins? Underestimating someone is the surest way of getting your butt beat even someone like you. Yeah you got the Sharingan and it's movement detecting abilities with those eyes, but Mitsuhide has jutsu you can't use and I'm willing to bet that Senju DNA of his let's him take one freaking hell of a beating. And while you're hitting your peak early Neji is far from his potential I'm thinking. Think about that before you judge someone....Sorry old habits die hard I guess from that moment you put that headband on you don't need to listen to me now don't you big guy? Just keep getting better and MAYBE you'll be as cool as I am one day."Hiyato commented plainly as he walked away after his mini-speech.

    Shina Uchiha glared at Sora in disgust most likely because she wasn't acting in a way that would 'befit an Uchiha's partner' while Takumi was secretly smiling with glee at being paired up with two girls. Or at least that's what is most likely since Mitsuhide was just waiting for his squad to get their rears up to him when Hiyato came over and handed him a letter. "Hey that's from your sensei make sure you don't keep him waiting ok? He doesn't enjoy waiting for others. He never did..." Hiyato commented somewhat dryly towards the last part as if remembering some memories of way back. Mitsuhide looked at the letter before turning to Hiyato. "Hey sensei do you know Mitsunari Sensei?" asked Mitsuhide as he looked over to his sensei who was turning around to hand another paper out. "Yeah he's my senpai so to speak. He's a bit of a jerk and a loud mouth at times but he's no slouch in a fight and I know for a FACT that he will make a man out of you Mitsuhide. But not just you those Uchiha boys will get one hell of a tutoring. Even if you are already one pretty strong ninjutsu user you'll have to get help from your favorite people ever over there." Mitsuhide looked over and his face broke down into a comedic version of 'what the hell' as he wondered what he was going to do now. "Sensei you could have at least put a girl in for me to talk to! I don't exactly enjoy being with a team full of guys...and guys that I have a particular distaste for anyways." Mitsuhide complained to Hiyato who grunted and pretty much signed him a 'deal with it little man' sort of deal. Mitsuhide grunted and read the letter after cutting it open with a kunai. As he did so he walked over to the corner of the room near the door and whistled, "Yo guys come over here...unless you want to quit and not meet our sensei." Mitsuhide grumbled.
  14. Sahoru just scoffed at the older shinobi's remarks about not underestimating his teammates. "Neji is second tier at best. By the time he hits his peak I'll be an old man, but even though he is second-tier Uchiha he's still eons ahead of the Senju. It doesn't matter that he has a unique chakra nature, just like the first hokage. The First's power didn't come from his jutsu, but from his mind. And Mitsushide is just too thick to get that. Guy will fail twice as hard as last years graduates." Sahoru said, now, his voice wasn't as amused before, but rather annoyed and venomous. Mei chipped in and told Sahoru that was quite enough, and that everyone would soon be sent out to meet their sensei.

    Have to keep rattling them. Make sure they focus on hating me instead of each other. Force them to prove themselves to me.. Only way we'll ever be able to work together is if I keep them from fighting each other.. Sahoru thought to himself, leaning further back in his chair.

    Though, Sahoru was looking forward to meeting his sensei. He wasn't quite aware of all of the jounin in the village, but since he hadn't heard his sensei's name before, he figured he was probably a nobody.. Or just that good at sticking to the shadows.
  15. Neji got up from his seat and walked over to where Mitsuhide was standing. As he thought to himself "how am I this lucky to get my freaking cousin and the senju. Not a single girl either. Maybe i can ask to get traded or something." Neji furiously looked at Sahoru. "Second tier really I'm not that far behind you. In taijutsu I am far superior to you and ninjutsu and genjutsu you are not that much better than me." Neji stopped talking because no matter what he said to his cousin it wouldn't matter. Sahoru had some sort of superiority complex where he just thought he was better than everyone, and he really let Neji know that their entire lives growing up. His attention then turned to the senju. Neji just stared at him. The uchiha and senju have hated each other for a long time. Since way before the village was created. The senju and uchiha being the two most powerful clans, created the village together, but the senju basically took over the village only giving the uchiha the police force. " Where are we supposed to meet our sensai?" How he got paired with these two he will never know. It's like they want to torture him. I guess there was nothing he could do about it now except just to deal with it.
  16. Mitsuhide waited until both of them finally got over to him and groaned, "Guys you could at least feign excitement at this. Like it or not second to Team Quess and Team Fourteen over there we've got the most potential to get stronger." Mitsuhide told his group as they came over. "Look Sahoru I may not like you and you may not like me and we both barely know Neji over here and his weird way saying of saying 'sensei' but hey look we've got to at least look functional for our team leader. If we go and see our sensei and he looks at us he'll be seeing a group of pricks trying to outdue each other to see why they're better or in my case with you two it may be why my clan is better than yours. I don't enjoy it either but let's get a move on." Mitsuhide said to them all with clear disdain for his predicament. Of all the people of all the shinobi whom could have been with him it had to be the Uchiha...and the second worst of them he had seen. Shina took that number one spot and ran with it. Miss My Clan is Better Than EVERYONE EVER. Speaking of the devil and she shall appear it seemed as noticed her group walking over, "Ha! I've got two girls and two of the most talented I might add Neji! And you're stuck with lame old Sahoru 'The Great Killjoy' and Mr. Wood Boy of Doom over there as well." Takumi said with a smile as his little dog at his heels barked at the two of them. "Stop being a show off Inuzuka. You're just making yourself look bad. What's the mutt of yours going to do anyway? Roll over when Sahoru smacks you with his weapons or when Mitsuhide kicks you in the nuts with the addition of a punch or smack from a wooden mallet in your face? Not that you care I bet. Besides teamwork between them is a complete joke. You'd sooner see a group of thieves work together better." Sora grumbled out as Mitsuhide glared at her while Shina merely eyed at Sahoru with great dislike. Maybe she heard what he said to Neji. Shina may not especially like Neji but his clan was also her clan and by disrespecting him it was certainly possible she could be seen as inferior as well. Or possibly she just wanted to say something clever but couldn't because she was to much of 'daddy's little girl' to insult one of her fellow clan members.
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  17. Sahoru smiled as they both barked at him. Neji was riled up, while it was true that Neji was superior to him in Taijutsu, Sahoru was confident Neji wouldn't be much of a match for him, Sahoru trained much too hard to be outmatched. But it didn't matter to him at this point, his plan was working, they were focusing more on him, than on each other.

    Mitsushide spoke up, telling them all that they should try and keep it together for their sensei, and Sahoru agreed, he had already sown enough seed of anger in his teammates, it would suffice to manipulate them at a later point without a hitch. He was sure this team would work out fine, well, that is if he could balance his two teammates well enough to keep them from going at each other, or him. He wouldn't let those two half-wits come in the way of his goals.

    "So let's go." Sahoru exclaimed, lightly motioning with his hand towards the door. Sahoru walked towards Takumi, and pumped his shoulder into Takumi, making Takumi stagger one step. "Last I checked, you score a 6/10 on the average grade, and so did your teammates. Say what you want, but my perfect score on every test speaks for itself." The Uchiha said, turning his head towards his classmates again.

    Sahoru meet Shida's eyes, seeing her staring at him, and for a brief second the Uchiha boy activated his sharingan, and then deactivating it again in a blink of an eye, only just to irk the Uchiha who had not yet activated her Kekkei Genkai. Sahoru was grinning, the kind of grin that showed just how superior he thought himself to be to all of the others. He walked out of the classroom, waving goodbye to his teachers, and letting out a brief thanks.

    Maybe he could get out of this pile of losers and finally get underway with his training, he could deal with his teammates, he knew what buttons to press on Neji and Mitsushide, but the others, man, the others were too much, they pissed him off.
  18. "Your arrogance is going to cost you something some day Sahoru...I just hope you don't fall down that path so many other Uchiha have fallen down. Just because you score high on tests doesn't mean people will fear you. It only makes them want to pound you into the dirt more and even if you beat them they'll just keep trying over and over. That's how the mind works." Sora muttered bluntly as she put her hand over Takumi's mouth. "If you want to beat Sahoru then we'll need to learn more from our sensei from now on Takumi. You'll get a chance eventually but even I can see you're no match for him the way you are now. Neji...maybe. But not Sahoru. Those eyes of his are dangerous." Sora said being the voice of reason as Takumi grumbled and pulled away from the group shoving Sahoru aside with surprising strength before pushing past Mitsuhide. Shina gave a grunt before moving past them and Sora sighed deeply. "Oh yeah they talk big...but let's face it my Ninjutsu is more than a match for anyone here. Takumi's main abilities lay in his agility from what I've seen and that amounts to nothing with that set of eyes you got." Mitsuhide said as he took out a kunai and ripped open the letter and read it. "Well guys it looks like we're going to the gate. The main gate to be precise. I'd ask if you'd want to race there but I don't feel like getting into a pissing contest with you guys right now. Mina Sensei is already on our butts about it as it is and I don't need to get in a shouting match with you guys. And before you get all cocky and say we'll lose to you anytime of the month Sahoru get over it. I'm nearly as fast as you and probably Neji has more control over his movements being good at taijutsu. So let's get a move on before Yume comes over here...her and her weird bug obsession freaks me out." Mitsuhide said as he opened the door to the classroom and walking down the hall to the left before exiting the building itself and jumping onto the nearby tree branch then jumping down from it and landing in the middle of the street.
  19. Neji sighed as they exited the class room. Sahoru could just be way to much sometimes, it was annoying having to deal with him back at home, but now he would have to spend all day with him, Also spending all day with the senju kid was not on the top of his to do list either. Neji looked back at his new teammates. " so come on let's head to the main gate." Neji was not going to be out worked by anyone. He was going to prove to people what he could do and just how strong the Uchiha were. He had been training with his father to enhance his ninjutsu and his taijutsu was best in the class. He was confident in his abilities even if other people weren't. Even though he was not a fan of either of his teammates he was lucky to be paired with them. All three of them were strong and if they could stop fighting with each other they could become the strongest team in the village. " look I know we all have our differences with each other, but if we don't fight with each other than we will be the strongest team in the village and will have no problem passing the chunin exams when they come. I'm not saying we have to like each other we just have to deal with each other okay." Neji figured his cousin would say something smart about his words, but at this point he didn't care. He was just happy to finally be a genin. Neji jumped out the window and landed on the tree branch. He then jumped down next to Mitsuhide on the ground. "And I agree with you all the Aburame and their bugs are pretty weird they freak me out." Neji smirked as they went to the main gate to meet their Sensei
  20. Sahoru wasn't even going to dignify the horrible speech made by Sora wth a response, instead, he walked out of the door, down onto the street, where his teammates would soon meet him. Misushide had opened the letter from their teacher that told them they were supposed to meet their teacher at the main gate. Mitsushide mentioned a race, but then quickly dismissed the idea as the three of them were incredibly competitive between each other, and that a "pissing contest" would not be the best thing. Of course, Sahoru knew he would win, Neji was as slow on his feet as he was in his head in Sahoru's book.

    Sahoru let out a brief chuckle when he thought about it, as he then started walking towards the gate, taking his time, putting his hands in his pockets. On the way towards the gate, he made sure to grab his ninja tools from the shop, as his father had sent his items to the shops to be sharpened, Sahoru got his shuriken and kunai and strapped the box to his leg. He smiled extra when they handed him his tanto in it's sheath. He drew the blade and gently tapped the edge, feeling how sharp it was after being sharpened. He thanked the shop owner and strapped the tanto on to his back, the leather strap going in over his torso.

    A few minutes later, he would arrive at the gate most likely the last of his squadmates, he was taking his time, after all.
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