Naruto: An Akatsuki Story {Interested?}

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    Peace has fallen over the nations but not everyone is content with it. There are some people who just crave the chaos, the bloodshed and the destruction.
    These people are the ones who have been chosen to become the next Akatsuki.
    Though this time instead of just throwing a group of crazed blood thirsty shinobi together. The Akatsuki has decided to start off a little younger this time. They would be able to groom the next generation into exactly what they wanted. Though this may be harder then they thought it would be.

    Hey Guys!
    So if you interested here's a few of my thoughts

    First off i'm looking at about 10 slots for the new Akatsuki
    I'm also completely open to some of the characters being children of the original Akatsuki
    Just keep in mind though I really want to see some new abilities so not to many offspring's

    Second, this is a villain based rp so I do expected it to be a little dark.
    I don't want anyone getting to carried away and making it to where others may become uncomfortable.

    Thirdly, I do expect there to be clashing within the group.
    You can't expect to put a group of demented teens together and that everyone is going to just hold hands and get along. So have fun with it >:)

    Lastly, the group will be staying at their own base.
    My character will be acting as leader having been recruited before the rest
    I'm open to possibly having a second in command (maybe an originals kid)

    That's all I really have right now but please feel free to ask and questions or offer ideas

    Here's the Signup thread
    Signup Here!

    Here's the IC thread!
    IC Here!

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  2. I posted a profile on the sign-ups.
  3. Yes thank you so much!
    I was just about to message you and ask if you were still interested.
    You're accepted :D
    If you know any friends please invite them.
    I would love to get this up and running once we have enough characters.
  4. I'm still in to!
    I'll get a character posted after work tonight Jinx :D
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  5. Thanks Cassie :)

    If we get 2 more people interested and CS up
    I'll start a IC. That way we'll have about five of the 10 Akatsuki already
    I'm working on my Leaders CS right now and will have it up tonight as well.
    Then you guys can see who you're fearless leader will be
  6. @JinxMonster Sorry I didn't get Gesei posted last night but I saw Kamiko and she looks awesome :)
    @Mangekyō also Ryohei looks cool to. Once I have Gesei done and posted if you want we should collab
  7. Oh? Have anything in mind?
  8. lol
    I just PMed you before i saw this :)
  9. A second Akatsuki game. I suppose with an opportunity like this, I could do a bit of two-timing.
  10. Oh Yay!
    Thanks Casket :)
    Once we have yours and one more player i'll open a IC
    Though i'm going to start on my opening post now
    That way in case I want to open it earlier we can
  11. Come on guys! :)
    We only need two more CS to open an IC

  12. I'm opening the IC this weekend! Will be up Saturday!
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  13. I'm so excited to start :)
  14. @CassieGirl @Mangekyō @CasketCase @QuakeUPSB
    First off guys I want to say thanks for being interested in my idea.
    I'm so excited to get this start :) Tomorrow is the day!
    So be on the lookout for it guys.

    So since there are four of you guys we'll be able to have 2 teams already.
    I'm going to do it how you guys sent in your CS

    Team 1:
    Mangekyo & Cassie
    Team 2: Casket & Quake

    That's all I got right now.
    If anyone has questions feel free to ask.
  15. Ohhh by chance still have a spot open?
  16. Yes, we do :)
    We actually have five spots left.
    I'm actually getting the IC setup now.
    So if you get your CS in you're more then welcome to start off with us
  17. Alrighty. Ill get to work right now
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  18. Well, color me interested, I'll get started on a CS over yonder on that SignUp thread post haste, shall I?
  19. Yay, please do :)
    Once your CS is up and accepted
    Feel free to jump in the IC

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