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  1. ((Oki this is it, guys, the filler thread! It's festival tiimmmeee!!!))

    ((Also, IDK how to start this off so someone go ahead and start it for me))

  2. Uzuki Senju studied herself in Yoko's body length mirror. Tying the turquoise ribbon in her hair to match her flowy kimono, she nodded at herself in satisfaction. She left out her signature face paint today. The silverette would come back and do her own Kabuki face paint after handing out the special outfits she had made for all her friends and future friends. A smile plastered on her face, she retraced her steps to her bed where many delicately wrapped packages decorated her covers. She picked up each one, stacking them on top one another. Then, she began her journey.


    About fifteen minutes later, the Senju arrived at the Uchiha clan complex... well... specifically her best friend and teammate's house. She knocked exactly three times before calling out: "Ayaa!!! Ayamekooo!! Open up, baka! I've got a surprise for you!" Luckily, he must have been close to the door because she was not kept waiting long.

    Uzuki almost dropped her packages, seeing the male in his 'natural' form. She wanted to face plank so hard she'd chip her teeth. "Nice... outfit.. Aya-kun.." He just chuckled, opening the door fully with that same cheeky/creepily wide boyish grin of his, that sometimes she secretly adored, revealing his fluffy, Uchiha clan symbol printed footie pajamas. "Hey, Zuki. What are those?" "J-Just... take these." She handed him a thin, black, satin package. "I designed this specifically for you. Wear it to the festival today. Please." She took a step back after handing him the package.
  3. Ayameko had just barely woken up. What was it, Noon? He noticed Uzuki was at the door and he made sure to give her the biggest, cheesiest grin he could. After taking the package, he began to remove his shirt immediately while looking at Uzuki and started to put on the outfit. He began to reach for his bottoms before he stopped and winked at her. "Oh, right... bet you don't want to see that... maybe later." He closes the door and quickly flings off his footie pajamas. The Shame of the Uchiha quickly gets into his festival outfit and reopens the door.

    He holds out his hand as he leans over and poses as he leans against the wall. "So, Uzuki-chan, how do I look?" He gives a quick turn around and flexes his butt as he does, keeping his eyes and smile locked on Uzuki. It was only then when he noticed that the pile of packages in her hands. "Wow... they always have to send the cute delivery girl, don't they? Want some company while you hand out packages."
  4. Flustered, she moved the packages so that they hid her face. "You really have no shame, do you?" Uzuki whispered with harshness in her voice. In the back of her head, she admitted to herself that the Uchiha had a pretty nice body before also mentally slapping herself. She grew twice as flustered as Ayameko continued with his... odd actions, flexing his buttocks as if they were arm muscles. A soft "Eep" was heard from the girl. The Senju almost dropped her packages /again/ but, this time, out of arising joy. Her presumption was correct, Sir Shameful did have a killer ass.

    In response to his first question after putting the outfit on, she simply rolled her eyes. "Baka. Well, do you like it or not? And yes, I'd appreciate the help." She then dumped half the packages in his arms. "Heads up, next stop is Neji's house. You ready?" Now having a free hand, she set it on her hip, giving the young man a soft smile, the earlier edge in her voice melting away as if it were never there.
  5. "You really only need shame if you've got something to be ashamed of, no?" He reached out and grabbed his guitar and put on some bright pink, star-shaped sunglasses. He couldn't help but grin hard at her. Teasing the Senju girl was practically a hobby of his. He loved to watch her blush even as she secretly looked. Oh right, he needs to bring that up. "Besides, you know you love watching." He took a handful of the packages and just stuck his tongue out at her.

    "Course I love it, otherwise I wouldn't have nearly stripped in front of you. Maybe if it was just a teensy bit better, I would have." He had to keep her on her guard. Senjus could end up as serious as an Uchiha if work wasn't done to correct this. Keeping her flustered was a good start. "Ah good, I've flustered a Senju this morning... time to fluster an Uchiha."
  6. "Sh-Shut up, Ayameko! You're only halfway right anyways.." She made sure to whisper that last part, as she certainly did not want him to hear it. "Oh well... glad you're all pepped up and ready to go." Uzuki kept her distance as she began to walk to her distant friend's house. She didn't want Ayameko to trip on her ridiculously long kimono, or have herself trip over it either. Surely, she would later on.

    As they slowly made their way to Neji's house, Zuki popped the question. "Aya-kun, will you sing a duet with me? I have a special song I want to sing with you.." She said, moving her packages to block her face again. However, this caused her to not be able to see and she tripped over a rock, dropping the packages everywhere and falling face first. "Shit!" She cried out, throwing her arms in front of her in a frantic attempt to catch herself.
  7. Ayameko responded to the request with a less manic and a much more warm smile. But, clumsy girl she was, she tripped. Well, he was a Jounin now... so he dropped the packages, slid over, caught her, and looked her in the eyes. An active Sharingan was needed for walking with Uzuki, just for moments like these. "Zuki... I'd love to sing a duet with you." He pulled her close and ran a hand through her hair. "Gotta keep an eye on the path ahead... love it when a girl falls for me, but preferably not like this." He picks her up and sets her stable on her own two feet.

    Aya started picking up the dropped packages, making sure to show bend over so she gets an eyeful of Uchiha butt every time. And he made sure that whenever she looked, he made eye contact back at her. "Come on, think we're almost at Neji's place. Try not to hurt yourself." He got ahead of her with an armful of packages, turning around to grin at her before he started walking on.
  8. Uzuki blushed, eyes wide with shock. "I.. um... A...Thanks." She took her time processing the situation and what he said. She laughed at the 'fall for me' joke and apologized for being an extreme clutz. "I swear I have two left feet." She said, shame tinging her voice. Her older cousin used to tease her about that all the time, along with all the other things Yoko swore would never make Uzuki wife potential. Zuki missed that Yoko, so hellbent on being the perfect woman; the perfect future wife. A soft sigh escaped her peachy pink lips as she settled back into the present. Coming out of her thoughts, she saw two large Uchiha symbols set in front of her eyes. Her jaw dropped and she blushed deeper. Moving her eyes a little to the left, they came in contact with Ayameko's eyes. She gasped and held her breath. If her eyes weren't wide before, they were now.

    He had to break eye contact with her first, picking up all the packages and simply.. walking toward Neji's. "Okaayyy..." The little voice in her head rang. She looked down at the skirt of her kimono, confused for a moment. When she remembered how to walk, she almost fell again. Eventually, she got the hang of moving again and caught up to the Uchiha. Not even five minutes later, the pair stood at the door to Neji Uchiha's house. Aya gave Zuki an evil smile, getting ready to embarrass his clan mate like no other, she knew. "Ah." She said, her breathy voice just above a whisper. "Don't you dare, Sir Shame. Let me handle this." The female then fished the thin silver satin package out from his arms and knocked politely on the door.
  9. Neji had gotten back to village very early in the morning from an anbu missin he was sent on. He was sent into the land hidden in the grass to assinate a man who was trying to start a coup d'├ętat in the village. Neji had just woken up as he had the day off today because of the festival. The thing was he wasn't really in the mood to celebrate. Sure he's had a lot of success these last four years. As a fourteen year old he became a jounin as a sixteen year old he became an anbu black ops member. He had learned a lot of strong jutsu and he has become one of the strongest shinobi in the village maybe in the world, but he still hasn't been able to find tsuki and Kumiko. Even with all of akihkos information they both always stay one step ahead of him. He wants to save both of them stop them from what they plan on doing, but he is also prepared to ultimately take their lives to protect the village and all the innocent people in the village. He was sitting at the kitchen table eating as he heard a knock on the door. He walked over and opened it as he saw Uzuki and Ayameko at his door. He sighed a little "um hey guys what can I do for you?"
  10. "Well, for starters, you can take this." The Senju handed Neji the silver package. "The next thing you can do is open that up and wear it to the festival. I umm.... Well, I worked very hard on it and would appreciate it if you wore it to the festival." Uzuki gave him a soft smile, then stepped back. Her teal gaze shifted from him, to Ayameko, then back. "Your outfit isn't like his." She said quickly, noticing an odd look on the younger Uchiha's face. "I swear." She added for good measure. The girl awaited any last comments or answers before turning to Ayameko. "We gotta go find Akihiko."
  11. Neji politely took the box from Uzuki as he looked at it. He gaze shifted from her to Ayameko and back to Uzuki. "Well um thank you for the gift I appreciate it but I probably won't be at the festival really, but thank you I do appreciate this. I'll hold on to it for some other occasion thank you." Neji looked at them as he was about to head back to the kitchen. "Well I'll see you guys around."
  12. The girl's mood dropped quicker than a butterfly with wet wings. "O-Oh... I understand." She whimpered. Her bottom lip quivered. All her hard work... for nothing now. She turned on her heel and tripped on her dress, falling harshly. Not a single sound was emitted from the Senju, however, as she picked herself up and continue to walk in silence, not waiting for Ayameko.

    Uzuki made her way through the village, on her way to the Uzumaki clan complex. She felt a little let down but, tried to shrug it off. "Y-You've got stuff to do, Uzu! You can't just.. let this consume you.." She talked to herself. It was then that she realized.... Ayameko had all the packages still. She growled in annoyance at herself and decided to sit down at a store and wait for him, her bottom lip trembling a little again.
  13. Aoko

    The sun beat down on the young woman's head through the trees. Blue pupils peered through narrowed eyes up at the sun, looking over an ornate light green colored paper fan. The fan waved slowly back and forth, fanning the girl's face as she stepped evenly at a steady pace. Aoko didn't remember her last visit to the land of Fire being so unbearably warm. Still, it has been a long journey. Fortunately, they were getting close, and she decided to take it easy for the short remainder of the trip.

    Aoko glanced back at the Raikage following behind her. He had insisted they make haste, and thus were far ahead of schedule. It took twenty minutes to convince him to slow down for the last couple of miles so she could take it a little easy. This wasn't a mission, after all. She suppressed a smile, seeing that he wasn't too pleased about the reduced pace. Even with how fierce he was, she could usually sway him. A perk of being his daughter.

    Aoko returned her gaze to her front, spying the gates of the Hidden Leaf ahead. In only a few minutes now, she'd be back in the Village where she not only made her first friends, but discovered that she was a Jinchuuriki. A smile crossed her lips as she thought of her friends, hoping to spend some time with them during her stay.

    "Lord...I mean, Father, look. The gates. I told you we would still make it with plenty of time. I must admit, I'm quite excited to be here again."
  14. Daichi Nara
    "So many people around seems like the leaf really has changed a lot since i've been here." Daichi looked about seeing the happy faces of the villagers walking about and preparing for the on coming festival that was like tradition here. He took a drink from the bottle he always carried around with him these days watching as the children ran around him playing ninja making him smile a bit. "Glad to see the kids of today still taking if only I could get that girl to see what's around her as well." That thought made him plug the bottle back up and sit down on a bench wanting to look watch the stars in the sky to distract him from his memories. That was put on hold as some girl sat down right where he was looking quite upset, and against his better judgement he had to ask, "Hey kid what's the long face for its the day of the great festival is it not? Why aren't you spending time with your friends?"
    Shibua Kurogaki
    The trip to the leaf village was a rather quick one as Shibua wanted to make haste towards the event and arrive early and check out some of the stands beforehand. Aoko had shown growth over the many years of training they had gone through, but he always did forget that she was still just a kid and needed to take breaks in between. Spotting the gates Shibua started to slow up even more with a smile upon his face before he turned around to Aoko as she called him. "Of course Aoko you were right as always now come on lets see if we can spot some good prizes to win later on once everything starts up okay."
    Kaizuri Kaguya
    Currently Kaizuri was standing near a pond watching his reflection in the water's surface surprised as he just realized how much he truly has changed in these few years. "Man my hair really just grew all the way out didn't it?" He asked himself running his hands through the now long white hair of his. He then pulled out the oddly shaped kunai that Shizuka gave to him before leaving the village telling him to plant it somewhere once he arrived. Just then a funny little thought crawled into his head as he looked down at the water's surface even more, "Well she never did specify what surface she wanted it upon." And with that naughty little thought he reached his hand into the water as far as it could go and stab the kunai into the first solid structure he felt. "Now to sit back and watch the fruits of my labor," he thought walking over and sat down upon a bench waiting to see what happened.

    Amari Kagane
    "So much fun so much to do and see isn't it just amazing Shukaku!" Amari shouted spinning around in a circle seeing all the pretty lights and festive attire causing him to just burst with joy. "Sure whatever you say kid let's just get something to eat first i'm still starving," Shukaku responded even though they had just ate 30 minutes ago, but most of that energy went straight to Shukaku's bottomless pit of a stomach. Amari just laughed it off and started to head towards a resturant before pausing, "Wait I can't move yet until Naka comes back remember she said not one step." Shukaku simply sighed really hating how easy it was to influence his vessel but the crazy chick made him happy so he just had to put up with her. "Fine but once we get to a food place your eating double alright." Amari simply responded with a "Yes boss" along with a small salute.
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  15. Uzuki forced a dazzling, bright smile and addressed the kind stranger next to her. "Oh, it's nothing.." Her smile faltered a bit as she looked for the words to express her feelings. "You know.. when you pour your soul into something for someone else, literally shed blood for what you want to give to them, along with a few tears and your very heart is the embodiment of the gift... And the other person kinda just passes it off and puts your present away? It sucks. I'm sure it isn't that serious... but.. it does hurt." She closes her eyes and lets out a sigh. "I'm sorry for pouring this out on you. But... thanks for listening." The girl then reached up and touched her crescent moon choker, the pendant hanging down and burning her pale, glowing skin. "May I ask your name, sir?"
  16. Ayameko

    Well, Neji was rude as expected. Aya would have to do something later... Neji was utterly filled with the dreaded Uchiha curse of seriousness. In fact, he was well on his way to becoming the grouchiest and most serious Uchiha of them all. And now Uzuki had ran off, leaving him with all the packages. The Shame of the Uchihas had to carefully balance every last one. Sharingan was needed to make sure he didn't bump into anyone. This act involved carefully dodging, weaving, and, for a while, moonwalking to find Uzuki. She didn't tell him where she was going, but... well, he could guess. The next in the pile was... one of the Uzumaki's? On stick-up-his-ass squad? He headed over to the Uzumaki compound, only spotting Uzuki on his way there. He just sort of stood there while she spoke with this guy.
    BAMF. Shizuka teleported her way to the kunai that she gave Kai and found herself... underwater. In a panic, she quickly looked around to make sure he wasn't drowning or something. After ensuring that this was just Kai being Kai... the Jounin lept out of the water with Kiramekarei out, turning the blade into a giant frying pan. She brings it down on his head and yells at him. "Well, that's just great! NOW I'M ALL WET." She decides to hit him again for good measure before putting the sword away. "And the nearest dry change of clothes is in Kirigakure..."
  17. Neji sighed and closed the door behind him. He went back into his room and got ready to go out. His mother was making him go out into the festival tonight. Neji was wearing his jounin clothes and not his anbu gear. He walked out of the house and closed the door behind him. He walked out into the night sky as it was a pretty warm night. Neji walked out of the Uchiha compound and into the village. He smiled a little as he watched all of the people having a good time and all the kids running around. Neji decided to stop in one of his favorite dumpling shops to get soemthjng to eat. After he was done eating he continued to walk through the village. He decided to go to where he Akhiko Kumiko and Hibiki sensei had their first training session. Once he got to the trainjng field he sat down on a huge Boulder that was there. Neji looked up into the sky regretting how he hadn't be able to stop Kumiko from leaving that day.
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  18. Aoko
    Aoko's smile widened slightly at Shibua's words nodding briefly. Winning some prizes could be fun. More importantly, she hoped to meet up with her friends. In the mean time, maybe they could just look around the village. First, Aoko decided to sate her thirst.

    "Father, may we stop here at this tea shop? I could really use some tea and dumplings."

    Aoko asked politely, glancing over at the fancy little shop beside them. The young woman's eyes moved around the village, stopping when she noticed anothed young woman. She appeared to be sulking about something, and the expression on her face looked incredibly familiar...
  19. Since Akihiko and Hibiki had started seeing each other, it was common for them to be at either the Nogitsune or Uzumaki compounds in one of their respective apartments. What was actually happening was left to anyone's imaginations but the odd bite that appeared in a visible place on Akihiko's body didn't leave all that much to guess, despite the oft used excuse of it simply being that Hibiki was of the commonly named 'Vampire Clan.' Even with the festival on hand, the two of them were enjoying their time together at Akihiko's apartment.

    Ever since the teen had come back from the ill-fated venture with Tsuki, it had been Hibiki who had been there. Who else was there really? Neji, his emotionally stunted teammate? An aunt who didn't really care all that much? A Hokage who was more interested the the goings-on revolving around Tsuki? Even if the crimson-haired jounin was a bit on the odd side, he at least listened and took the time to be with Akihiko. Things came to a head and Akihiko spilled out everything and it had been Hibiki there to catch him and pull him out of despair and self-loathing. That has started something more than just a sensei-student relationship between the two of them.

    It was only recently that the two of them had become intimate with each other and that was exactly what they were intending to do. Both were already naked on Akihiko's bed, the Uzumaki's chest and neck fresh with new bite marks and his own lips stained red with blood. They were about to go further when the doorbell buzzed. Hibiki's eyes widened at the sound. They hadn't exactly come out about their relationship and as such it was still under wraps. Slipping out from under the younger jounin, Hibiki tossed Akihiko's boxers to him as he started pulling on his own, literally nto wanting to be caught with his pants down.

    "Who the hell..." he muttered. "I thought you said you weren't expecting anyone?"
  20. Akihiko Uzumaki had been an emotional wreck when he managed to leave his sister. To the hands of who could be the most manipulative monster nonetheless. Despite it being his sister's own choice of leaving with Tsuki to become stronger, she didn't take into account about becoming a criminal alongside her. Akihiko could only do so much for Kumiko against Tsuki's compelling words. In the end, his sweet, naive little sister fell into Tsuki's trap and Akihiko had to stand by and watch as she did. Tsuki stole his sister away from him, and Akihiko would do anything to make the younger twin forget everything Tsuki said just to make her come back to Konoha.

    Everything the two of them said against one another... It still stung his heart even after so long. Akihiko's conscious had been eating away at him day by day, week by week, the very thought of his sweet little sister whom he had stood by was now working for the monstrous disaster that spoke such beautiful words to lure in her victims. It kept him up at night. His sweets tasted sour in his mouth, and gradually, everything about him as a person was beginning to fall apart. His former sensei... Hibiki had been there to listen to him. He stood by him through every moment his emotions tried to break through the mask he wore. Not once did he push him aside or tell him to suck it up. Said main pieced him back together with such care and steady patience it warmed the Uzumaki's heart every time he thought about it. He was the only one in the village whom Akihiko could comfortably talk to about his troubles and not think of himself as a weak, bothersome crybaby. Neji had his own problems, and the other people he knew weren't close enough to him to really hear his story...

    Hibiki became a very important person to the older twin. He'd do anything for him.

    The two had just gotten into the more intimate side of a relationship, the physical. Akihiko had been nervous, but it didn't stop him from going further with Hibiki. Each new bite just fogged his clear mind over with a new found lust he still wasn't used to. The caresses, the touching, everything was going smoothly... Until the doorbell rang. And just like that, it was all over.

    Akihiko gave an annoyed groan, catching his boxers as Hibiki tossed it to him. He stood up, hurriedly putting on his underwear as the blood from his wounds was running down his just and collar. What the hell was he going to do? He had to answer the door because no one knew of his and Hibiki's relationship yet! These random people at his door couldn't know first! Hibiki couldn't answer the door with messy hair and hickeys on his neck, and even less could Akihiko answer with bleeding bite marks on him. But what the hell else was he to do?

    "I'm not. Your guess is as good as mine." He answered the other, running his hand through his hair to make it neater all the while getting a tissue to wipe off some of the running blood. Dammit Hibiki... Damn teeth being put to good use... He grabbed his pants and did his best to put them on, all the while heading to the door to check and see who was there. All he could do to hide his wounds was try to use a hand to cover it, but either way it wouldn't work too well in his favor.

    "Hm? Hello, do you need something?" He asked politely, having answered the door in a way that his boxers and pants were hidden, but a few of the bite marks could be seen despite his best efforts.


    Kumiko knew of the Konohagakure festival. Invitations had traveled everywhere and she, Tsuki, and Daichi had managed to see before it was too late. The younger twin was eager to see what had become of her brother, old sensei, and ex teammate Uchiha Neji. She missed them dearly, but the only way she and her brother could have gotten stronger was if she had accepted Tsuki's training and she took them with her.

    Kumiko and Akihiko had been afraid of her the first moment she had begun training them. Each year moved progressively slow, and as time moved on they gradually became stronger and stronger. Kumiko began to learn and understand Tsuki and what her intentions were. And after those four long years, Kumiko believed that Tsuki was doing absolutely nothing wrong. The Uchiha woman was just getting the justice that she deserved, with the younger Uzumaki by her side. She could understand the means of suffering injustice, because to this day the man that killed her father could still be running free or praised as a war hero.

    Whoever that person was, he made orphans of the Uzumaki twins. They would have been adopted by separate parents or not adopted at all. They could have been separated and never know the other's whereabouts again. Where was the justice the two of them deserved? Kumiko, with the death of her father in her heart and by Tsuki's side, she was going to aide in the destruction of the main villages. The man held the sword of what could only be owned by a prosperous village, which meant a main village. Kumiko would receive her own justice alongside Tsuki.

    But first, she wanted to enjoy the time of peace her birth village was celebrating. The younger twin wasn't heartless, she was just following the ideals that didn't match everyone else's. Kumiko still loved the people within Konoha and wanted to at least be there and listen to the festival. Perhaps she could do something to see the festival from overhead... Anything to see how Akihiko, Neji, and Hibiki were doing...

    She jumped through the trees of the forest, rapidly approaching third training ground. Where it all began... She nearly stumbled right where she was. Her breath caught in her throat to see none other than Uchiha Neji in the training grounds. What was he doing there? Was he not going to enjoy the festival? He looked to be so deep in thought, but she didn't want to provoke some kind of unnecessary battle between them. So, instead of approaching him, she called out to him. To alert him with distance in between them while she untucked her hair to cover her sharingan eye. Kumiko's voice was still not as strong as it should be. It was the same soft and gentleness as it had been during her Genin years, though was slightly different due to her physical maturity.

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