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Hello ~ all are welcome!

My World UwU - Discord Server Link

This Discord server is for horny nerds who like to write fiction and game ~ love trans girls?

My name is Tatum, but you can call me, Mommy. I run this server which has three main focuses: interacting with each other/me, viewing my explicit content and roleplaying with me. No minors allowed! There are several walls of protection and you will only be able to view things in the server when I have assigned you a role. Beyond that there are age verification requirements that must be met for certain sections of the server.

Upon first entering the server you must accept the rules before gaining access to the group chat. Make sure you carefully read over the rules and all of the other sections under the "important" category. Just ask me about joining for FREE to be upgraded to the "Adventurer" role so you will gain access to the RP channels.

My main RP focus will be the group RP once enough people join & make characters to get things going. Below I will post the group RP plot. I plan on having the group RP last as long as we can keep it going, so please plan to be active!

Group RP Plot:

Our story takes places on an island city cut off from the rest of the world. The setting is present day/ modern. However, magic and supernatural beings exist in this realm. This city was created specifically to keep out users of magic and the creatures that lurk about. No one in the city is allowed to travel outside and no one foreign is allowed in without special permissions.

Crime isn't particularly out of the ordinary for a city with no ins and outs, people are bound to get anxious and act up from time to time. Though it also isn't something that runs rampant. Our story starts however at the beginning of a series of crimes that have no particular pattern except that they could only be caused by some sort of "beast" that has somehow snuck it's way onto the island; at least that is the conclusion local authorities have come to.

I look forward to your entry into my world, please feel free to DM with any questions! ^,...,^