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  1. Jareth walked down the long hallway to the principal's office, his eyes narrowed in frustration. It was obvious to every teacher that he didn't want to be at the school anymore. The only reason he continued to go was to get his diploma. As he entered the office that housed the principal, he flopped down in the chair nearest to the desk. The principle, known as Mr. Gray, rolled his eyes. "Why is it, Jareth, that you always manage to be in my office every other day?"

    Jareth shrugged, looking out the window. He longed to be outside, enjoying the weather. Anywhere was better than in this hell hole. "I don't know, honestly. Maybe it's because you have quite a few idiots working in this school, Mr. Gray." Mr. Gray pulled out a pad of paper, scribbling down a note and handing it to Jareth. "After school detention today. It's in the Rec Room, and I expect you to be there. You will also have two weeks detention." Jareth sighed, smacking his hand on the table. "C'mon! Aren't you going to ask what happened? You haven't even heard my side of the story!" Mr. Gray rolled his eyes once more, opening his office door. "I'm sure it's something you've done before."

    Jareth stood up, shaking his head. "I have never seen why it is such a crime to listen to music during study time. But as long as I'm here, you'll have to keep writing notes. I'm not going to stop." With that, he stormed out of the office, accidentally bumping into a girl. "Excuse me. Sorry." He stalked out of the room, returning to class.
  2. Cali was a little taken back by the boy, whom nearly knocked her over. Then again, she could barely walk on the cruchs. "It fine" she replied as he made her way up to the desk. She had never been late a day in her life. And here she was Smile at the secretary. "Well you see,what happened, was..." She said almost shyly. "Don't worry dear. Your mother already called yesterday." The lady said before Cali could get another word out. Moments like this, she was glad her mother could be a little over protective. She smiled taking the note so she could go to class.

    Once she got out of the office doors, Cali made her way slowly through the halls to her English class. She was still getting up to the wait of her book bag ad new walking sticks as she liked to call them. "Only two weeks of this crap." She mumbled to herself.
  3. Jareth returned to his English class with a scowl, his mind returning to the girl he almost knocked over. It seemed that she was on crutches, which made Jareth feel even more guilty. He sighed, opening the door and nodding to the teacher. "Sorry, Mrs. Jefferson. I got held up in the office." Mrs. Jefferson nodded to Jareth, looking at him over her glasses. "Trouble in your last class, Jareth?" He nodded, taking a seat. "Yes ma'am." She nodded, standing up and leaning on the edge of her desk. "Well, as long as you behave in my class, I won't count you tardy. Let's get down to business." She handed out papers to the class, her eyes carefully studying Jareth as she smiled. "You will need a partner for the assignment. I want you to write about new friendships. During the course of a week, you will get to know your partner and see what they like and don't like. You will need to write notes about them, and study their habits." She took a breath, writing the rules on the chalkboard. "Now, I'm not saying you will have to be around this person every single minute, but I'd like for you to spend one or two evenings after school with your partner."

    Jareth began jotting down notes, quickly realizing that he was the only one who didn't have a partner. He raised his hand, watching the door. "Uh, Mrs. Jefferson.. It looks as if I'm the only one who doesn't have a partner." Mrs. Jefferson looked down at her notepad, nodding. "No worries, Jareth. There are three students missing right now. I'm sure one of them will be your partner." Jareth frowned, tracing circles on an extra piece of paper. "Yeah, right."
  4. Smiling as she came to the door of her English class, glad it was open. "Sorry it's a little hard to get around on these thing." She said as she entered the room, after knocking to get Mrs. Jefferson's attention. She handed her the note that would also allow her to leave class a few minutes early. "Take a seat and your partner can go over the assignment with you." The woman told her as she handed the note back.

    Cali slowly turned, not making her way back to her friends, but the first seat she found open. Noticing the boy she was about to sit next to, was the same boy who almost knocked her over this morning. Slowly taking a seat after letting her book bag fall to the floor. "So I'm taking it we are partners, speed demon." Call said smiling warmly over at the boy. Sure she should know his name, they had been in class together for months now, and a few of her friends would even swoon over him. But she was never one to fantasize over a guy she knew nothing about.
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  5. Jareth smacked a hand to his forehead as he noticed the girl he had almost knocked over hobble into class. He growled inwardly, shaking his head as he looked down at his desk. She sat next to him, smiling at him. He tried to avoid eye contact, looking towards the clock on the wall. It was rather embarrassing that he had never learned her name; To him, the names of his peers weren't important. He waved to her, looking over at the teacher. Mrs. Jefferson strolled to his desk, leaning down to talk to him. "English is your favorite class, Jareth. Just enjoy having a partner and be determined. Being friendly won't hurt you." She clapped her hands as she stood up, instructing the class to begin. Jareth gritted his teeth, trying to form a smile. He lost his thought as he looked at her; She was beautiful. He stuttered, looking down at his paper. "Uh... S-Sorry for bumping into you." He handed her his paper, looking over at Mrs. Jefferson, who was smiling. "I-I'll fill you in. Basically we have to get to know each other for a week. You'll have to visit my home, I'll have to visit yours, and so on. Honestly, it's just the teacher's way of having people make friends. But it's an easy grade, so I'll deal with it." He pointed to a note on the paper with his pencil, scooting his desk closer and leaning in to whisper. "My home and my life... It isn't important. So why don't we just stick to me writing about you, and be done with it?" He jumped as Mrs. Jefferson spoke in his ear, her eyes narrowed. "Jareth... I know this is hard for you. But you're not weaseling out of Cali getting to know who you are and what you like. Cali, don't you agree?"

    Jareth looked to Cali, a sad expression on his face. The bell rang, and he stood, holding his hand out to her. He helped her up, looking down at the floor. "I already know where you live.. I used to ride the school bus with you. See you at your place at six o' clock."
  6. "I should have been watching where I was going just as much as you should of. So no worries we have equal blame." She laughed softly. " and if you think that going to happen. Then you would be sadly mistaken love. I enjoy getting to know new people. I like to see what make them tick." She said smiling up at the teacher, watching as she moved away. "But if I learn something you don't want in the report, tell me." She said simply. "The names Cali." Adding simply.

    "Thanks" she said as she took his hand. "Still getting use to all of this." A small eye roll showing her annoyance at it. "That's around dinner time. Do you like sushi? My mom usually picks it up on her way home. If you tell me what you like I'll have her bring some home." Placing the backpack on once more before getting the crutches in place.
  7. Jareth nodded, a small smile forming on his lips. "Sushi sounds fine. See you later." He walked out of class intent on getting to his next class. Geology and Physics class went by fast, and by time he knew it he was in detention, watching the other students load the buses home. He sighed deeply, focusing on drawing a vast portrait on his notebook. His mind had begun to wander, a daydream of the beach and Cali centered in his mind. By the time the bell rang for the students to leave detention, Jareth noticed he had some how drew a portrait of Cali, beaming at him. He shook his head, closing his notebook and walking out of school. He got in his truck, putting on his seat belt and driving to Cali's. He arrived at her house around ten minutes later, his mind filled with anxiety as he exited the truck and walked up to her door. He knocked, fidgeting with his hands and his backpack. Maybe I can take her to the park. I hear it is lovely this time of year.
  8. Nodding a small goodbye to him, simply because she usual wave just wouldn't work at the moment. She waited for the room to clear before making her way to the door. Smiling when she saw her best friend Jesse waiting outside the door. "Give me that. And no bus I'll take you home." He said taking her book bag. "Thanks" she replied as he walked her to class. Meeting her after each one. And taking her home at the end of the day.

    Once she got home, Cali tidy up the best she could. Not that her house was a mess at all. Just a few dishes from breakfast in the sink. And jackets laid over chairs. She had always had a habit of doing that. She smiled as she heard the knock at the door. Hoping over to the door on the crutches, she opened the door as graceful as she could. "Welcome to my home. Watch out for misplace Legos. My cousins were over today." She couldn't help but add with a light laugh. Her mother had dropped off the food and was now taking them home.
  9. Jareth smiled at Cali, nodding and walking inside. The house was lovely, neat, and surprisingly bright. He sat down at the table nearest to himself, pulling out a notepad and a pencil. "I hope you don't mind if I ask questions about your life. I just really want a good grade on this assignment." He began writing, looking up to her with a small smile. His gray hair swayed against his forehead, causing him to wrinkle his nose in frustration. "Uh... What hobbies do you have? Are you popular? Do you have many friends?" He swore under his breath, realizing he was rushing questions onto her. "Say... Why don't we go to the park first and we can eat later? I drove here, and I can drive us back." He didn't wait for a reply, grabbing his backpack and helping her out to the truck. He grabbed her crutches, helping her inside and throwing the crutches and the backpack in the bed of the truck. He buckled her seat belt, smiling as he got close to her. "I heard the park in the next town over is gorgeous." He buckled his seat belt, turned the truck on, and drove away.

    He noticed the awkward silence as he drove, and he began to hum. He wasn't sure whether he was humming to break the silence or to keep himself from thinking about the lovely woman beside him. "So... What do you like to to for fun?"
  10. Cali laughed a little as he pratically put her in the truck, buckling her in and all. She found it kinda cute how nervous he seemed. Brushing her bangs behind her ears she bagan to answer " typical girl stuff I guess" she said with a little shrug. "Shopping, movies, hanging out with friends..." Trailing off a little as she watched out the window. "I love to read, make jewelry, well anything crafty really, and explore new places and meet new people." Cali added not really thinking about it.
  11. Jareth smirked, putting on his blinker and turning onto another road. "You're so different than I am. I tend to be alone, reading or writing. Sometimes I even draw." He smiled over at her, slowly turning onto a driveway. Once they reached the park, he got out and went to the passenger side, holding her hand as she got out. "I go to the park in town sometimes, but it's not the same as here." He began to walk, slowing his pace to make room for her to keep up. "No offense, but I really wish I didn't have to do this assignment. I just don't like... people. Not that you're a bad person or anything. I just wish I could get school over with and be on my way."
  12. "None taken." She said with each little hop she had to take. "I think the point of this thing is to take us out of a confront zone we have. Having to show someone a side we don't want to. But I really do mean it. What I said in class. I'll let you read over my paper before I hand it in." She told him, glad he had slowed down a little for her. "Think I could see your drawings sometime. I can't draw well at all. But love to watch other. Kinda makes me jelious. But in a good way. " she laughed a little, glancing over at him.

    After walking for a while Cali started to her a little tired. "Think we could sit for a bit?" She asked eyeing a bench not to far away. "Usually I can walk for hours, but I'm not use to these things at all. And they suck." She said as she stopped for a moment to shift her weight.
  13. Jareth opened his notebook, signing his name on the drawing of Cali with his pencil. "I uh.. I drew this one during after school detention. I thought maybe you'd like to keep it." He had to admit; The drawing was perfect. It accentuated her best features, her eyes like shining jewels in the sun. He quickly handed it to her, looking away. He nodded at her request, leading her over to the bench and sitting down himself. "I honestly meant what I said. We can write all about you, and leave me out of it. Hell, you're popular. It'll make a great and easy writing assignment." He looked away, smiling and acting calm. "Sorry, I'm not used to women being this close to me. Well, except your friends, of course. But they always have seemed to come on too strong."

    He wrote down on his paper, avoiding eye contact with Cali. The note read:

    Cali enjoys making jewelry, crafting, reading, and hanging out with her friends. Though she seems tentative and open, I think that deep down she loves to have someone around.

    Jareth resumed looking over at Cali, smirking slightly. "What does your father do for a living?"
  14. "Keep it safe for me until we get back to the house?" She asked handing it back to him, before they walked over to the bench. Cali smiled as she sat down, placing the crutches under their feet. "Sorry love, but I care about my grades as much as you do yours. So I will be writing a paper on you." She laughed lightly. "And I'm sorry about them. Something about always getting what they want. Guess that's what you think when mommy and daddy give you everything you want at a moments notice."

    The only question she didn't want to get asked just did. Bitting her lower lip a little as she looked away from him. Pressing her soft pink lips together as she thought about how she wanted to answer the question. "My father...." She said softly. "Well to tell you the truth I don't know." Brushing a strand of hair behind her ear as she leaned back on the bench. " My mom and a friend in college had fun celebrating after graduation one night. And well here I am and have never seen him in my life. Nor do I care to." She said still looking straight ahead. "And if you don't mind, I'd like to keep that out of the report." She said simply looking back at him, her eyes meeting his, searching for some answer that he would allow her the same offer she had given him.
  15. Jareth slipped the drawing back in his notebook, nodding as she talked about her father. "Oh..." He scowled as she asked for him to keep the father part out of the report. "Quite a few people have went through what you have, you know. Plus, there are people who have been through worse than you." He tapped his finger on his pencil, resuming writing;

    Note to self: It's getting increasingly difficult to work with Cali. I don't see much in common between us, and I don't think she is the type of girl who can be friends with me. She's popular, I'm not.

    He quickly looked over at her, shutting his notebook and standing. "Let's go." He helped her up, got her to the car, and soon they were pulling up to her house. He walked her to the door, frowning as he stepped back. "I... Uh.. I got to head home. Sorry I couldn't eat with you." He waved, walking away and getting into his truck.

    His ride home was uneventful. His mind constantly wandered to Cali. He shook his head, turning on the radio and humming to songs. He arrived home soon, walking up the dark driveway and towards the door. That was when he felt a sharp hit to the back of his head, and everything went black.
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  16. "I know. Tons of people have it worse then me. But mom doesn't like it being brought up. So I try to keep away from the subject." She replied as they walked back to the truck.

    She let out a soft sigh as he dropped her off. "I'll see y'all tomorrow." She said softly as she went in the house. Grabbing the tray of sushi and making her way to her room, to her desk. Cali pulled out her journal.

    Dear best friend,
    So I got a crazy assignment today. I get to write about Jareth. But how do you learn anything about a boy who will not open up. He reads, writes, and draws. Even gave me one he drew of me while he was in detention. He's cute in the mysterious way. But best of all he pay genuine attention to me. Like he really listens to what I'm saying. And it's nice. Shoot, he's nice and seems a little protective. Helping me in the car, even doing my seatbelt. Let's just say butterflies big time. I can't wait to spend some more time with him. Is that weird? I don't think so. But who knows. Okay well... I'm going to eat and get ready for bed. So until tomorrow...
    Lots of Love

    She wrote in her journal before putting it back in her desk drawer. She let out a soft sigh as she ate her dinner. She just couldn't get her mind off of him. Cali wasn't the type of girl that got all giggly over a guy. And yet as she got ready for bed her mind wandered back to Jareth. The lead male in the book was reading somehow turned into him. She let out a soft sigh as she placed the kindle on her nightstand. Turning out the light, trying to get some sleep.
  17. Jareth awoke in the hospital, his eyes and mind fuzzy and his body stiff. A doctor walked in, though he couldn't see the doctor's name tag. "W-What happened?" The doctor pulled out a clipboard, looking over it with a small frown. "It looks like you got hit by a car, Jareth." Jareth shook his head, licking his dry lips. "That's impossible. I remember being hit on the back of my head in my driveway." The doctor wrote down this statement, nodding. "I'll notify the police, and you'll have to stay here overnight. Your arm was broken when the car hit you. Obviously, someone decided to throw you in front of that car, Jareth." Jareth nodded, stammering for words. "Thanks, doc." He tried to lift his right arm, noticing the heavy black cast that weighed his arm down. He groaned, looking to the doctor with a sad expression. The doctor took a pill from a drawer, holding it to Jareth's lips along with some water. "Here. It's a morphine pill. It should knock the pain out, at least for a while. We're going to check you for internal bleeding as well as brain swelling. I noticed some problems with your heart ultrasound, and I'd like to figure it out. Is there anyone I should call?" Jareth laid his head down, a tear sliding out of his eye. "Inform Mrs. Jefferson, please. She is my emergency contact and my guardian right now." The doctor nodded, turning off the light. "Get some rest. We'll see how you are in the morning."
  18. Cali hit the snooze button on her alarm clock, she hated waking up in the morning. And with her anckle, she had to get up even earlier. She let out a soft yawn and streched, turning the alarm clock off this time as she got out of bed, getting ready for school. She put on a mint green dress, they seemed to be the easiest thing to wear these days. Dresses and skirts.

    Making her way to the classroom after her mother dropped her off. She was glad she had gotten to class early, taking the same seat she had taken the day before. She watched as people entered the room.
  19. Mrs. Jefferson called Cali to her desk, her eyes wet with tears. She quickly wiped her eyes, looking over at Cali with a sad expression. "Jareth will not be in today. He was hit by a car last night, and the police expect foul play. I'll give you his room number and you can get your assignment done there. I'll be at the hospital too if you'd like a ride." She sighed, writing down his room number. "He'll be in there for four or five days, according to the doctor. I sure hope he's alright." She stood, handing out papers to the class. "Everyone, get with your partners and make sure you write a full essay on the topic of life and death as well. I'd like this one on my desk before you guys leave today."
  20. "That would be great, thanks." she said softly as she took her seat. Cali could barely think enough to write anything down on her paper. She hoped Mrs. Jefferson would understand. If not it was a big old fat E that would be on her paper. But that was the last thing on her mind.

    She went through most of the day zoned out. Her mind hopping Jareth would be okay. She didn't see how anyone would want to hurt him. He seemed like such a sweet guy to her. A little closed off but still sweet. She sent her mother a text letting her know she wouldn't be home right after school.

    Meeting Mrs. Jefferson to take her to the hospital. Cali smiled as she knocked lightly on the door. "I brought you a gift." She said before coming into the room, pulling out some flowers she had made in crafts class. She had sprayed the tissue paper lightly with her perfume to give them a scent. Handing them to him, before sitting down in a chair beside the bed. "How are you feeling?"
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