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  1. Bree woke up the next morning. She slammed her hand down on her alarm clock which was beeping away. She turned on her phone and checked the time, it was already 12 PM. Eh, who cared? It was the weekend. She got up and took a shower, then dried and did her hair. She looked in her closet and got out an outfit. She wore a plain t-shit, a striped jumper over, ripped jeans, leg warmers and some brown boots. She pulled her hair into a high ponytail and then grabbed some orange juice from the fridge and poured it into a cup. She drank the juice and decided to skip breakfast that morning, or shall we say afternoon. But she did grab a piece of fruit from the fruit bowl and then headed outside, shutting the front door with her camera in her hands. She snapped a few photos as she walked through the green forest which had trees towering all about. It started to rain. Dull weather. She had moved to a new town and it was always gloomy. All there was to do is venture into the forest, hoping a wild bear wouldn't eat you or go down to the beach. She heard the wolves were friendly here, though.
  2. Vance slowly opened an eye at the sound of some of his pack members wrestling outside. He grimaced and sat up from his cot, rubbing the back of his neck. 'God... such a pain.' he thought as he stepped outside of his tent. Of course, two of the younger males were tumbling in the grass, nipping at each other in their wolf forms. "Oi! Cut it out. People are still sleeping!" he snapped, narrowing his eyes slightly as he looked down at them. Being the alpha, Vance had to make sure to keep the younger ones in check, along with the rest of his pack. The boys jumped in fright before nodding and scurrying off. The tall male sighed and ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair, closing his eyes. Then, he smelled it. A human. Opening his eyes once more, Vance's emerald eyes narrowed before he shifted into his wolf form, stalking into the woods, away from his pack. Whoever was in the woods, he didn't want them near the others. Vance's dark gray pelt shimmered under the afternoon sun, clashing with the light gray of the fur that lined his underbelly. Suddenly, he saw her. A sharp jolt ran through Vance and he stood, in his wolf form, looking at what seemed like the most beautiful girl he had seen in his entire life. He watched as she walked into the forest, with a camera in her hand. Lifting his head, Vance stepped a bit out of the shadows of the trees, looking over the girl. One thought crossed his mind, and he placed the new-found feeling to that thought: 'Mate.'
  3. Bree was staring straight at a wolf then, she grinned warmly and then goes slowly over to it. She backed up slightly but then had the courage to pet it. Speaking of wolves.. She wondered if this one was friendly. She scratched behind it's ears and then stood back up from kneeling in front of it. She backed up a little and then took a photo. "I know you can't hear me, or even understand me... But the weather is super bad here and it doesn't bother you?" Just then she felt a bit of rain plot onto her nose. She shook the rain drop off. "I just moved here, I'm starting high school next week. I'm really nervous, and I'm talking to a wolf" She giggled.
  4. Vance tilted his head as he watched the human girl walk closer to her. He mentally grinned and watched as she hesitated before petting him. Immediately, her rubbed his head against her hand, enjoying the petting a lot. Then, when she stood back up, Vance watched her closely, listening as she spoke. She was nervous? Hearing her giggle, his eyes widened and he slowly walked closer to her. Closing his eyes, he rubbed pressed his snout against her hand and licked it gently, to try and soothe her. Even though he couldn't speak to her, he wanted her to be comfortable and less nervous. Then, Vance had an idea. If his mate was nervous, he would accompany her. Of course, she wouldn't figure it out that easily... hopefully, but at least he could be there to watch over her. There was no way he was letting anything happen to her.
  5. [Maybe they both go to high school together?]

    Bree giggled as she felt something lick her hand and noticed the wolf by her side again. She then sat down beside it again, leaning her head gently onto it's side, curled up. She spoke to the wolf about school, how she was settling in, her anxiety about making new friends and missing the old ones. She then looked up at the sky, it was getting late. How long had she been out here for? Probably a couple of hours. She felt relieved, with all of her worries out.. Even if she was talking to a wolf. She looks up at the wolf and scratches behind it's ears, being very gentle. "I have to go soon..."
  6. [Ah, that makes more sense!! Thanks, sounds great!]

    Vance gently laid down and let the girl, his mate, lay her head against his side. He listened to every word she spoke, how she was anxious and settling in. He felt bad that he couldn't talk to her, but he was glad that he could be there to let her speak her worries. However, as the sun began to set, Vance's emerald eyes glanced down at her, leaning into her touch as she scratched behind his ears. He felt a tug at his heart. He didn't want to be separated from her. She was his mate, after all. Slowly, he sniffed her face and gently licked her nose and forehead. He wanted to soothe her to the best of his abilities.
  7. [Yipeee cx]

    When Bree returned home finally, she couldn't help but think about the wolf that she met earlier. It was like the wolf listened to everything she was saying, even though it couldn't understand or reply. After eating dinner she goes upstairs and then into her new bedroom. It felt so weird, being in a new house and room. Everything was all different. Her bedroom wasn't fully organized yet, but a work in progress. She took a shower and changed into nightwear. Then she goes outside onto her balcony, staring out as if the wolf would appear again.
  8. Vance looked up at the moon in his wolf form, the only thing on his mind being the human girl. Right away, he had known she was his mate, and it hurt him to be so far away from her after realizing it. However, that wouldn't stop him from calling out, just to let her know he was still there. Raising his head toward the sky, Vance let out a proud howl to the moon, hearing it echo in the trees around him. Once he was finished, he trotted back to his pack and shifted back to his human form, slipping into his tent to slip on some clothes. After checking over his pack thoroughly, he returned to his tent and laid in his cot, thinking about his mate before his eyes slid shut. He would see her tomorrow, he would make sure of it.
  9. Bree finally got into bed and then dirfted off to sleep. The next day, she went back to where she was yesterday. She wanted to see the wolf again, the wolf that listened to her carefully and stayed by her side. She looked around. Where was the wolf? She noticed a couple of tents in the distance, did people camp out here? She wondered who lived in those tents but then focused on the wolf again.
  10. Vance was still sleeping when the scent of his mate hit his nose. Was she in the forest already? Quickly, he stripped down to nothing and shifted into his wolf form, and bolted out of the tent. He sniffed the air and ran through the trees, eventually seeing the dark hair of the girl. He barked happily to get her attention and ran to her legs, nuzzling them with joy as he pounced around. Vance wasn't exactly a small wolf either; he was alpha, and his height was to her stomach almost, with large paws. He was massive, but he wouldn't dare hurt his mate.
  11. Bree heard barking and was taken aback. She then the wolf from yesterday and her face brightened up. She noticed he was excitable and she sat by him, and stroked his fur. "I missed you last night" She says and places her head onto his side, just like yesterday. She really did miss him.. She wanted to be curled up by him whilst she told him all of her worries about school and how much she missed hernold home. He was here now, and she was happy to see him. "When I go back to school, I'm going to see less of you.." She said and looked down sadly.
  12. Vance laid down and felt as the girl stroked his fur, laying against his side once more. She had looked much happier at the sight of him, and that only made the male happier. Even though he was an alpha, he wasn't always tough and cold. He had a heart, just like everybody else. Well, he did when it came to his mate. He listened as she said she missed him the night before. It had made him upset that he couldn't be with her as well, and to prove this, he made a small noise in his throat and gently licked her hand. Then, he continued to listen silently, staring at a nearby tree as he did so. Then, she brought something up that made Vance turn his head to her. A school? There was only one nearby, and he was sure that it was the one she would go to. He went to the same school along with some of his other pack members. Vance heard the sorrow in her voice and looked down at her before gently licking her forehead. He wanted her to know it was okay... but she was right. She would see less of his wolf form, but luckily, without her knowing, she would see his true human form.
  13. Bree sat with the wolf that seemed like hours and then stood up, saying goodbye to him and thanked him for staying with her and listening, even though he probably couldn't understand.


    Breed heard her alarm clock beeping and she slammed her hand down in it and pulled the covers away from her. She stepped out of bed and and showered, she walked slowly over to her closet to pick out some clothes. She wore a brown dress with pink flowers, a cardigan, leg warmers and some boots. She decided to do some makeup today but wanted to have a natural look and not anything too fancy for school.

    She decided to let her hair down that morning. She made breakfast and her mom and dad were downstairs. She ate breakfast and said goodbye to them and then pulled on a coat, then headed out of the house and onto the school bus.
  14. Vance pulled a nice pair of jeans on, as well as a black and blue plaid button-up, the cuffs rolled to his elbows and the top few buttons unbuttoned. After getting ready, he ran his hands through his hair, giving it the slight messy look since he was too lazy to do anything with it. He grabbed a quick bite to eat before putting one of the lower ranks in charge while he was gone. Walking beside two other males his age, Vance placed his hands in his pockets and looked up at the sky. It was the day that he would finally get to talk to his mate, even if she had no idea who he was. Laughing to himself, Vance joined the conversation between the other males until he arrived at school, heading inside. There was still about 20 minutes until school started, so he leaned against the wall of the cafeteria, keeping a sharp eye out for his mate.
  15. "Thank you. I think I'll be okay getting to class now" Bree thanked a lady who gave her, her school schedule with all of her lesson times. She started to slowly walk to class. She had plenty of time to get to Technology after all. As she passed the cafeteria she noticed a guy leaning against a wall. She didn't say anything to him and continued her little tour. The school was tiny and there probably went that many students. Probably a couple of hundred, whilst in her old school there were thousands. People would probably notice a new student right away.
  16. As Vance continued to look around, he saw her. However, she walked right past him. Furrowing his brow, he remembered that she had no idea who he was. It stung a bit, thinking that, but he shrugged it off and started to follow close behind. After a bit of following her around, Vance couldn't stand not talking to her, so he quickened his pace until he was right next to her. Tapping her arm gently to get her attention, he smiled softly. "Hey! You must be the new girl. The school's been buzzing about a new arrival. I'm Vance. Vance Sterling." he said, his voice deep and strong as he spoke to her. Already, he felt the urge to just hug her, but knowing how awkward it would be to her, he resisted. Instead, he continued with being kind for the time being. Just to ease her into the new place.
  17. Bree shut the library door slowly and then walked out, continuing to walk down the halls and decided to head to class now even though she had ten minutes to spare.

    "Hey! You must be the new girl. The school's been buzzing about a new arrival. I'm Vance. Vance Sterling." Was what she heard next, a student was next to her beaming with happiness and kindness, tapping her to get her attention.

    She wasn't sure what to say, even though it was simple and easy.

    Introduce yourself.

    Introduce yourself.

    Introduce yourself.

    She told herself desperately. "Hi. I'm Bree" Was all she could manage and she quickly moved towards the Technology room anxiously, scared of being pulled into a conversation where she would act awkward. She wanted to disappear.
  18. Hearing her name as she introduced herself, Vance's eyes softened. Bree. Such a lovely name. He tore himself from his thoughts as he she began to walk away. His emerald eyes widened and he quickly moved to catch up with her. He didn't want to lose sight of her so quickly! Especially since he only started talking to her a few moments ago.

    "Hey, wait! Hold on a second! I wanted to know if we had any of the same classes. It must be hard being the new kid, and I wouldn't mind showing you around or just hanging out. You look like you could use a friend, and I wouldn't mind being your first." Vance said with a light chuckle, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly. Being the alpha, he had never acted so friendly toward anyone before. So it was all a bit new to him.

    "Sorry if I'm acting strange. I just want to be someone you can rely on if you need it." he said, laughing a bit as he stuck his hands in his pockets, smiling wide as he looked over her face once more. She was so pretty to him, he couldn't help it.
  19. Bree's face brightened up and she smiled. She felt a lot less nervous, he wanted to be friends with her. "Yeah, sure!" She said and then headed into class. She went through all of her classes, which were all boring. She spent the day hanging out with Vance, she ended up even telling him about the beautiful wolf she had been spending time with.

    "It sounds weird, but it was like he was really listening to me. The wolf just sat there and listened to everything I had to say.. It made me feel a lot less nervous about starting school" She said to Vance when the last bell went.
  20. Vance looked ahead as he listened to Bree talk about his wolf form. Of course, she was only telling him about her experience, which made him smile. After she was finished, he gently shook his head and locked his emerald eyes onto her face. He simply looked at her before his thoughts came together for a response.

    "It's not silly at all. Wolves are highly intelligent creatures, and it seems like he's taken a liking to you. Either that or you somehow managed to charm him." Vance winked at her as his smile grew before adjusting a cuff on an elbow. It felt weird to talk to his mate about himself, especially when she didn't know, but he needed to keep it secret for now. He didn't want her to be afraid of him if she ever found out.
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