My Employment is...? (Always Accepting!)

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  1. My Employment is...?

    Dear PDB Inc. Employee,​

    Hello, and welcome to PDB Inc., the world's 119th largest telemarketing company. You're just one of a select few people who've been hired to work here in this hectic ever evolving company. Be sure to read all of the employee manuals before beginning work, and don't hesitate to ask the boss any questions you may have!

    The appropriate manuals are attached below.
    Maxwell James the Sixth
    Employee Manual.txt (open)
    Employee Manual

    1. Respect your fellow employees.
    2. Whatever the boss says, goes.
    3. The customer is always right, except when they aren't.
    4. Follow all nationally recognized rules of the workplace (Iwaku rules).
    5. Report to work at least twice a week.
    6. Keep all sexual content in the Censor Closet (yes, the one the janitor uses for storage).

    More rules to be added as occurrences...occur.

    Employee Application.txt (open)
    Employee Application

    Employee's Full Name:
    Date of Birth: (RP year is 2015)
    Vehicle Identification Number: (Just put whatever, this part is a meme)
    Appearance: (Image and/or Description)
    Personality: (Pretty simple. One paragraph should suffice.)
    History: (How'd you end up here? Keep this short and simple. More can be revealed through the roleplay.)
    Role: (What's your job?)
    Unique Quirk: (What makes you the freak that you are? Try not to copy someone else.)

    Note: There is one role of New Employee, which is the one normal person that starts work at PDB Inc. the day that the RP starts on. Whoever plays this role doesn't need to fill out the unique quirk section, because they'll be the straight man to everyone else's idiot. If no one else fills this role, I'll do it myself.

    This roleplay will be an episodic slice of life, with potential for romcom elements later on. Each episode name will include the RP name, and whatever the topic for that episode is. So, if we focus on one character's drinking problem, we might call that episode "My Employment is a Bar?" or something of that nature.
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  2. I've been looking for something goofy and simple to balance out the huge serious RPs I'm already in. Got room for one more?
  3. It depends. 10 people is already pretty hectic. Once everyone that showed interest in the interest check makes a character, I'll see if I can squeeze anyone else in.
  4. Don't worry about it if you can't, it's why I ask. :o
  5. I'm pondering on who to reserve. For now I'll reserve the rookie.
  6. You're not gonna play a chuunibyou? Surprising.
  7. It's easier to play kid chuunis than adult chuunis to be honest.

    But yeah, how many characters can one person play?
  8. Lesseeeeeeee...I think, I'll be uh...the weird OC guy that wears glasses (and the one some of the female staff finds his coldness attractive) and thinks only about money...or bonsai. Or both. Or I could use one of my premade character who's rich and fashion obsessed and quirky and likes to brag about her two elder brothers who are so successful in life.

    Is that too many tropes? BTW, what picture do you want? Can we use real pic or do you want art?
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  9. I usually prefer art, but this RP is a meme anyway, so feel free to use whatever you want. Just keep in mind that there will be a lot of animesque tropes and such scattered throughout the RP.

    As for tropes, try not to be too broad (aka an umbrella trope), but pretty much anything goes. Someone Someome with an extreme case of OCD would be fine, @Boss Megu.

    @Crow, due to the sheer amount of interest being shown, I'll have to say to stick to one for now. Might allow more later on if anyone resigns/gets fired/comes back from vacation, etc
  10. Hello I would like to reserve the administrative assistant. Character type: not sure yet.
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  11. You got it.~
  12. Art/Anime it is. Got it. ;)

    I'm going with the OCD then with an obsession with bonsai or something. Either the accountant or the secretary...

    Did you want us international? Or Japanese?
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  13. International. I don't have our company set in any given country. Besides, how many anime style drawings actually look Japanese?
  14. Fair point.
  15. I've always been alarmed at the high number of pink haired individuals that live in Japan, according to anime.

    EDIT: Then again, maybe their local hair dye factory just exploded.
  16. you're worried about the pink? I've always worried about the natural blondes that live there, says the anime. And maybe the ones with green and white hair. That's just what?
    Japan has the weirdest things ever. 0.01 mm condom anyone?
  17. Green hair is nice though. :( Or rather, green eyes are. Most of my OCs have them. They're pretty nice

    But yeah, it is pretty alarming. Japan is just one big gathering of all of man's forbidden desires.
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  18. This Walrus is interested!

    'Scuse me,

    I mean Larius.
  19. We'll have to see how things go, Mr. Walrus. With all the interest this is getting, this won't be a very small office.
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