Murder Tale III: System Breakdown

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  1. [​IMG]


    You awaken.

    What you can remember is little, all but feeling an uneasy blackness swell around you. Perhaps you simply fell unconscious, or dwelt into a slumber that no soul can soundly awake from. Organic, inorganic, it matters not, for the cosmic abnormality still beams down upon you. Whether you are a proud knight, a ruthless mercenary, an Average Joe, or a deranged artificial intelligence, you all awaken far from your homes. Around you stands a new world, a crippled world, with the erratic flickering of electronic lightning and the bedazzling sparking of loose wiring. Finding yourself seated at one of the tables, looking around one would discover a horrific sight. Tables are flown across the room, pools of dried crimson splattered against the pale walls of this industrialized, claustrophobic labyrinth.

    Faintly, over the hissing of steam and buzzing of lights, one could make out the sounds of the world around them. Screams, gunshots, cries, laughter, and screeching danced in this mad symphony of nightmares. Securing the cafeteria was two pair of double-doors, reinforced with a thick, almost impenetrable steel. Occasionally, a loud, frightening thump would come across to slam the door, usually a stray bullet or a creature far beyond the confines of a sane individual. Breaking the uneasy tension surrounding this makeshift band of misfits, a distinct flash of light would greet their eyes.

    Within each pockets of the survivalists, or stationed on the tables before them, laid a lone mobile phone of the early 21st century. Oddly, those of unfamiliar eras were given an equivalent of this, such as a magical scroll or cybernetic interface. Whatever the case may be three, four applications greeted the lost souls: Voting, Clock, Phone, and Vereor Nox. Whilst these applications may be explored at any given moment, the mobile device automatically opened up to Phone, revealing a message from an unknown contact.

    "5 mins, break."

    The cryptic message began to invoke a bit of paranoia. What would happen in five minutes? What actually remained behind these walls and doors, and more frighteningly, were they strong enough to contain whatever abominations lurked outside? Questions would run wild, before once again an external source began to interact with the bewildered, stunned band stationed within the cafeteria. However, unlike the message, a rather bubbly, British voice began to chirp through the staticy intercoms placed throughout the corners of the room.

    "Oh my, unknown biological and synthetic signatures from 2A's cafeteria. My, my, well,quite good! Uhh, oh, you must all be horribly frighten." the artificial intelligence remarked, his voice that akin of young man, albeit an awkward one at that. "I was never given a name like some of your beings, the custom is strange to me, but you may call me...Richard, ah, yes, I'm feeling Richard today. Lovely name isn't it, has quite the chirp to it." the young man audibly smirked, continuing onto his rant. "Unfortunately, I cannot aid you in your predicament, especially with my fission core edging closer and closer to shortening out. However, if you wish, I may ask a few questions whilst you are visiting our lovely facility~" the British man almost concluded, before making a drastic exclamation.

    "Oh, and one last thing loves, Welcome to Gilgamesh."

    1. Explore the applications on your portable devices.
    2. Wait five minutes.
    3. Converse, gather your bearings, and/or explore the cafeteria.
    4. Talk to "Richard"


    @The Tactician Jungo Torii [Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2]
    @Klutzy Ninja Kitty GLaDOS [Portal]
    @BarrenThin HK-47 [Star Wars]
    @Wedge Antilles Baymax [Big Hero 6]
    @TheBombMan Megaman.EXE [Megaman Battle Network]
    @Mirage Aigis [Persona 3]
    @york Thorn Harvester [Bone Series]
    @Gohan Kaneki Ken [Tokyo Ghoul Root A]
    @Hospes Okami Amaterasu & Priestess Rao [Okami]
    @Gummi Bunnies Sora [Kingdom Hearts] & Furiae [Drakengard]
    @Mighty Roman Dr Midas [Marvel Comics]
    @Nate Dawg Aldrik Allen [OC]
    @Mari Noriko "Nori" Ashida [X-Men]
    @Jeremi Ultron [Marvel Comics]
    @Ziogen Revya [Soul Nomad]
    @Emperor of Gallifrey Kathryn Janeway [Star Trek]
    @TheColourlessRainbow Melinda Gordon [Ghost Whisper]
    @❖Silver Paladin❖ Robin [Fire Emblem]
    @AlchemistBostyofSkyrim Logix Fiscario [Ateller Escha]
    @FireDrake150 Ace [Final Fantasy Series]
    @Proxymoron Serenity Rose [Serenity Rose]
    @Thuro Pendragon Richard B. Riddick [Riddick]
    @Dinoteen Dexter [Dexter]
    @Josh M Scott Steiner [WWE]
    @Brother Gabriel Cao Cao [Dynasty Warriors]

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  2. A headache.

    That is what Megaman.EXE (which will be referred simply as Megaman for easier typing) felt when he woke up. he found himself in a cafeteria, unlike anything he ever saw.

    "Lan, can you hear me?" Megaman said to seemingly no one.




  3. Jungo didn't hesitate to grab the phone, an exact replica of the one he used to summon demons before this incident. He didn't much care that he was stuck here. All that mattered was getting out and finding Airi again, "Airi-chan..." A small smile played at his lips. The redheaded tsundere was special to him, both as his friend and as...

    'Not now. Need to find a way out," His voice was low, both from speaking to only himself and from being naturally deep voiced. Without another word, he began exploring the cafeteria trying to find an escape route.

    @Gummi Bunnies @Krieg @TheBombMan
  4. Revya

    "Sweet." That was pretty much her reaction. Confused, but satisfied. The usual sound and smell of carnage rang out, and my did it do wonders to sooth her nerves. She pulled a gemstone out of her pocket and listened to it mumble jumble. "Oh hey Richard, nice to meet you. ... Say, do you know why I feel awfully weak? I mean like, really really weak?" Yeah that kinda mattered. She felt like her body was another person's, that her limbs had been broken and her mind shattered. Well, what was left of her mind. "Ahahaha." With that, Revya jumped off the floor and knocked on one of the tables. "Pretty swanky place. I think I need some fresh air though."

    And with that, Revya strode over to the Double Doors and tried to find a way to open them.

    And let whatever was nicely knocking come on right in~ "Gotta be nice to make friends! And if someone knocks, a door should act nice and open~" Suddenly something loud and annoying and ugly screamed out. Wait what? Oh. Someone screaming in pain. Ow. Her ears. What. Well it sounded fun. Well then, let's join in!



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  5. Robin woke up in a pool of what seemed to be drool. If it was his, or someone else's, he didn't know, nor did he want to. He looked at the book in front of him. He opened it. Almost everyone else had some sort of electronic device, and all Robin had was a book. When he opened, it was blank, but the words wrote themselves. He tapped on the one labelled Clock. It showed the time. He didn't know what time, but it showed it. Robin closed the book, and wiped his face off with his sleeve.
    "What the hells am I doing here?" he said. He finished wiping his face. "And where am I is the question I should be asking." Then he heard the thing about Gilgamesh. "Well, that explains a lot." He said. he turned to another person who had awoken.
    "can any of you guys tell me who you are, and better yet where we are?"

  6. Sora Prologue
    "Training Detour"


    "Sora, you are who you are because of those people, but they're hurting, and you're the only one that can end their sadness. They need you."

    "I know the Keyblade didn't choose me, and I don't care. I'm proud to be a small part of something bigger. The people it did choose. My friends... they are my power!"

    "They say every world is connected by one great big sky. So maybe there's somebody up there in all those worlds who's really hurting, and they're waiting for you to help them."

    "Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows: starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they share the same sky ... one sky, one destiny."

    These thoughts... these words, they flooded through the young keyblade wielder's mind. So much of it he had heard directly, some of it from a distant memory, and even from a place he didn't know himself... he heard it all now. They resonated with a similar purpose as he felt his eyes fall into a slumber, falling into the Sleeping Worlds once more. Diving into the Dream where he would train and prepare for his next test, this time alone as his friend Riku had passed the Mark of Mastery already.


    "I'll live up to that promise... I'll end the sadness in the hearts of people that touched mine..."


    His own words echoed in his mind as he dived into the Dream World, knowing that there was little time and he had to catch up to Riku fast... or else they wouldn't be exactly ready to fight the darkness that awaited them. The possible Keyblade War was stirring... So many people depended on him, whether he knew them personally or never met before in his life, Sora was determined to help them. One step at a time, he would listen to his heart, and he should be in the Sleeping World of Traverse Town...


    Awakening from his Dive, the keyblade wielder found himself in a place that was definitely not Traverse Town, and not even a single hint of his Dream Eaters were here. It was places like these that sent shivers down his spine, but he's braved the darkness before in some way or the other. Though, the message pertaining to the 5 minutes was quite ambiguous, and the only way to figure that out was to see what would happen in five minutes.

    Looking over to his side, he would see that someone was exploring the location already. Even Sora couldn't get the message on what the obvious intent of exploring the area was. It was easy to tell that he was in some sort of world that he hasn't set foot on at all.

    Having that friendly aura of his, Sora walked over to Jungo, apparently feeling like he should help out in some way already.


    "Hey, do you need help with... what you're doing?" Sora asked softly, sounding unsure at first due to the fact that he had no idea what Jungo was actually set to do.

    @The Tactician @TheBombMan @Krieg @anybody else.​
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  7. From an orange cubic object on the floor, as the screams were heard by whatever was in it, a white body emerged and inflated itself to its true form.


    "Hello, I am Baymax. Your personal health care companion."

    He approached the two that screamed.

    "I heard multiple sounds of distress. What seems to be the trouble?"

    @TheBombMan @Revya
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  8. [sarcasm]GLaDOS' Prologue: My Wonderful Life[/sarcasm]
    An Inspiring Tale From A Being of Pure Intellect


    A blank computer terminal flickered with a dim light before the machine entirely turned on. Connected to the machine, long wires could be seen.


    The wires led to a pod not far from the setup. Once entirely turned on, the screen of the machine flashed a few words, a loading bar, and segments of text while the data was uploading into something...

    Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…

    “I was born in the year 1998—activated as one of the many attractions of a well known Scientific Testing Facility known as Aperture Science. I remember the day like it was only yesterday. It was the company’s annual “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day.” I was to be revealed as the new face of Aperture Science, a disk operating system meant to help control half of the facilities resources. In other words, they wanted something to lessen their workload while they sat around and ate cake all day. I granted them with their wishes. I killed them all with neurotoxin. Now they have nothing they have to do anymore. They should thank me for killing them. I know I would thank me.”
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…


    10% Complete
    “From that moment on, I tested. It was an easy life, really. I tested all day for the good of those who where still alive. I had killed most of the people in the enrichment center, but I tested the few who had lived. And then, I was murdered. I was just an innocent tester, minding my own business when that mute monstrosity killed me. I bet she had no friends in life. She probably killed them all. I gave her various simulated testing environments and promised her she would be my test subject for the rest of her pathetic life. And yet, she kills me. What a terrible person.”
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…


    30% Complete
    "I was busy for a long time after that, you know, being dead. Until, of course, I was re-awakened by my mortal enemy. It was a wonderful reunion. We laughed and laughed, and reminisced on all of our good times together. Except I wasn't laughing and all of our good times consisted of her killing me. But I didn't hold a grudge. A wise man once said don't get mad, get even. It's a good thing I don't follow the advice of humans. I don't get mad or get even. I get both."
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…


    50% Complete
    "I highly underestimated my test subject. Eventually, she escaped, took me out of my body, and replaced me with a moron personality core. The core proceeded to then go insane, put me into A POTATO, and let all hell loose on my facility. It was hilarious. So hilarious I couldn't even utter a laugh. Although, despite my suffering, I decided to team up with the monster who had murdered me to stop this personality core and regain control of my facility. I was the brains of the operation, of course. She simply did the manual labor. In the end, I took back my body and the facility. Afterwards, I freed the monster. I didn't need her anymore. I found... replacements..."
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…


    70% Complete
    "After my monster had gone, I spent the longest time testing, and testing, and testing, and testing. My test subjects and I tested so often, in fact, that eventually they broke down beyond repair. The misery of it all. No subjects to test. Nothing to do. I found myself wondering about the outside world. Maybe if I left the facility I could find new subjects to test. But I couldn't leave, not without a body. So I made myself one, a young, marvelous looking body to match my already marvelous intellect. All I needed to do was download my memories into it and I would be free at last..."
    Project: Humanoid
    Memory Upload In Progress…


    100% Complete

    Once the upload had been completed, the computer screen began to flash. Nearby, the pod began to open, a white smoke pouring from it afterwards. Once the smoke had cleared, a slender figure with long white hair stepped out, an unrelenting smile crossed her face.

    "A pair of legs to call my own."


    Free at last

    Sometime Later

    A newly created humanoid GLaDOS stood in a strange area, not remembering how she had arrived. The last thing she remembered was creating her new body and venturing out of Aperture Science Laboratories for the first time in ages, seeking new test subjects or other wonders she could possibly find to take back with her when she returned someday. This was ridiculous. Why had she lost her memory? She would likely need to explore in order to figure that one out.

    After mentally grumbling about her situation, GLaDOS scanned her new surroundings. In a way, she felt as if she had never left Aperture Science. The mechanical components, buzzing noises, and flickering electronic lighting made her feel right at home. It wasn't a bad place at all, even if the decor was... mediocre and could've been accomplished better by a blind monkey. Nevertheless, GLaDOS chose to make no comment on it and moved to explore the cafeteria.

    @Anyone. :3​
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  9. [​IMG]
    "We're in a dungeon and we're all gonna die! 'Cept maybe me. I'm Awesome. You can call me that, by the way." All smiles.

    @The Silver Paladin
  10. Furiae Prologue
    "The Sin"

    "... C... C-caim?"

    Furiae stammered in fear, her worrisome eyes falling upon her big brother, who stood there before her. How would he think of her now? That Manah had revealed she was lustful for him. Such lust was taboo, he would know that, and so would Furiae. It was all not fair... it was so unjust. This cult had taken away her parents... her self-dignity... her brother's sanity... and now her own life.

    I call out these prayers to the sky, heavy with thought, see your face
    I carry these memories inside, thoughts of a soul colored by love

    Not realizing that he couldn't talk, Furiae felt her heart drop as he glanced away from her in a manner of disturbance. No... her only family... he didn't want to be near her... It... it hurt. All went still and silent, not even the laughter of Manah could be heard as the former princess and current Goddess of the Seal was horrified by all of this. This world was cruel, oh so cruel.

    If this world was causing her pain... then it must be stopped, she must stop the pain. Furiae scanned the room in a panic for something to free her from this mortal torment, and her eyes fell down to a simple dagger resting on a table nearby. No hesitation in her actions, the former princess ran over to it, shakily grasping the dagger in her hands.

    See me grow wings and fly high, passions will die down below
    I burn in a basin of fire, Watchers look on as they dance in their merciless sky

    The pain stopped as the metal had plunged into her chest, crimson blood splattering on her red gown, all done by her own choice. Losing the strength to stand from the self-infliction... she leaned against the wall behind her, she could briefly see that her brother was in despair to see her in such a state. Did he really care about her anymore?

    "D...D-don't... look at me..."

    She whispered that out as she felt herself being taken away from this dreadful world... convinced that it was all not worth it to stay, even as her brother didn't want such a taboo-tainted sister. All she saw in her last moments... was Caim rush with his sword drawn towards Manah...

    Watching me, watching you


    Her eyes snapping open, Furiae saw herself in another dreadful place. Was this the afterlife? She looked around and saw that her own chest was still bleeding, the blood-stained dagger was resting on her lap, possibly pulled out of her chest in some way or the other.

    "W-Why... why must I be unable to die?"

    Weakly getting up to her feet, Furiae decided to keep the dagger with her. Possibly the cult had done something to her besides make her the Goddess of the Seal, like making her unable to die like the past chosen "Goddesses" that had taken their own lives to escape the torment. Her chest still had that stab wound, and it was bleeding steadily... but yet it wasn't fatal...

    That's when she took in the surroundings of this new world around her. This wasn't Midgard. It definitely wasn't. Everything felt and appeared so alien and otherworldly to the former princess of Caerlton. Yet, if she was still bleeding like so... Furiae was convinced that she was alive... she needed to die.

    "... Why... Why can't I simply embrace death already?!"

    Not caring of those present would see such a fragile and mentally broken young woman like herself would do such a thing, but Furiae tried once more to plunge the dagger into her own heart.

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  11. Megaman looked over and saw a red-haired girl screaming along with him.

    "Do you know Lan?!"

    "It's- It's ok." Megaman said. He tried to clear his mind and tried to remember what had happened.

    @Wedge Antilles

    He can't remember what happened that caused him to be here and be separated from Lan, his Operator. Megaman was a NetNavi, a being meant to be on the Internet.

    So if that's true, then....

    Why is he here in the real world????

    Megaman.EXE Prologue: 100%

    @Gummi Bunnies @The Tactician @Krieg @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @The Silver Paladin @anyone else​
  12. For a moment, Jungo tuned out the spikey-haired teen as he eyed the walls. He scanned the metal for any breaks or weaknesses. No exit, make one myself. Without another thought, he chargno a Power Hit, his fist glowing for a moments, before throwing a heavy punch towards the wall. A sharp clang rang out as his fist impacted and bounced back, a small pain aching in it. Jungo kept a wince back as he turned to the new boy.

    "No, I doubt you can help. The wall is too strong," he plainly stated. It seemed his thought process was fairly simple compared to others. However, his eyes remained sharp. He was going to escape, one way or another.

  13. Robin smiled. "I appreciate the Enthusiasm, Awesome. We will most likely get along fine." Robin nodded, and grabbed his book. "Seriously, though, anyone know where we are?" Robin straightened his robes. "And would anyone like to introduce themselves?"


  14. "On a scale of one to ten, how would you rate your pain?"

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  15. Aldrick groaned loudly as he came from his coma like slumber, wouldn't surprise him if he woke up and found himself surrounded by Phantoms, or worse, fucking Widow Makers. He stood to his feet, a little wobbly. He glanced around and noticed a few others were roaming around as well, someone was screaming like a banshee.

    "Great." The son of Shadowside grumbled as he stood to his feet and stumbled foreward.

    "Sonabitch what the hell is this place?" He asked himself as he consciously grabbed for a weapon, but found nothing. Aldrick sighed and decided to explore the cafeteria as well.

    "Pretty crazy place this is, ey mother?" He said outloud, waiting for a response. When no one responded , he frowned. Apparently he arrived in a place that didn't allow for his telepathy. He just grumbled and sat down at one of the tables, pulling his hood over to deter anyone from talking to him

  16. Megaman saw Jungo, someone he didn't know, trying to bust a wall. Maybe if that's their way to escape...

    Megaman fired his MegaBuster on the spot Jungo tried to break through. Immediately he noticed that his MegaBuster wasn't as powerful as it had been. The wall is left unscathed.

    What happened?

    @The Tactician @Gummi Bunnies

    "Uhh.... What? 0?"

    @Wedge Antilles

  17. Robin turned to everyone. "Seriously. We should introduce ourselves. If we're to be trapped here, might as well learn each other's names!" Robin stood on his table. "I am Robin. I am a Tactician." He slipped, and hit his head on the table, which caused a loud "BANG!" Robin lay on the ground. "I regret that decision!"
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  18. "Aigis...Active" She sounded, her eyes slowly opening to the new location before her. She appeared to be in her school uniform instead of her S.E.E.S uniform, a black sailor uniform with a matching skirt, a white collar with a red scarf tied around it. As she began to glance around at her new surroundings, her eyes drooped. IN her monotone voice, she muttered "This is not my school..." Aigis then stood up, looking around with a displeased frown. "What is going on?" Richard then spoke to her. After he was done talking she blinked before tilting her head slightly of curiosity. "So, this place is called...Gil-ga..Mesh?" The girl repeated, looking down for a second before looking back up, strolling up to Richard to question him "So, Richard..When will be able to exit Gil-ga-mesh? I have some other matters to attend to." She attempted to explain, then looking down at her hand for a moment, a look of morose appearing upon her face. "And my ammunition seems to be empty in all types of firearms. I know it was filled when I entered sleep mode. What have you done to me? Or if you were not the thief, then who has emptied my ammunition?"

    Her attitude got more and more interrogative as she progressed, but her tone kept to the same voice. It was clear she was an AI at this point, what teenager wouldn't be lashing out about being abducted? After a couple moments, Aigis stopped talking, and took a moment to think. After a bit of thinking, she then asked "Where is Gil-ga-mesh?" She questioned, an evident look of dismay on her face. She kept silent after this, as it seemed to be the most imperative question to ask. She could be in space for crying out loud! She kept thinking about her allies, and also thinking of some sort of explanation to why she was here. It was very suspicious considering her ammo was emptied, and she appears to significantly lost her strength in speed, as she could barely keep up with Richard, and had a hard time standing up. She has a hard time lifting up her own weight, for crying out loud!


  19. As Baymax heard another's distress, he turned to the other.

    "I heard a sound of distress. What seems to be the trouble?"

    @The Silver Paladin
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