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  1. The following is a large mobile post; show patience for any spelling or punctuation errors

    The Hunger Games.
    24-ish teenagers chucked into a strange domed arena and told "Go Kill Eachother Now!" Or at least, that's the abridged story. We all have to deal with the whole political side of things, the fact that the whole children murdering children for food is wrong and the fact that the games are used to ignite fear into a dystopian society, but let's not get into that quite yet.

    You see, it was only this morning that I sat down and decided to do a bit of research upon the games as an event, more specifically the factors that made up previous games. I dived into the traits of previous winners, most powerful faction, the traits that bring in the most sponsors and The most frequent weapons that appear in the games.

    Then, I realised something. You can predict the winners. The game-makers can play God, keeping fan favourite fighters alive to keep a good story going. The fan favourites get the most sponsors, and usually live longer due to these two factors. There are very few underdogs, due to the fact that the "Loveable Underdog" is a popular style to gain sponsors (note, this doesn't apply for those who just hide in a bush the whole game, or those who pull a Haymitch). With the most frequent weapons being knives and blades, those who train in said classes have an increased likelihood to be able to use such items; there are at least 3-4 knives for every trident or bow. Groups always betray Eachother in the end (excluding double suicides), and those who stray too far away from the pack are hunted down in due time. You get a very similar sense from each game

    Don't get me wrong; I love the books and movies, and here are always exceptions to these rules. The games are interesting none the less, but I was looking for something more

    So I imagined raising the stakes

    Let's go beyond knives and bows

    And let's throw in lazer swords, rifles, acid thanks and jet packs

    Let's send the most over the top, popular or powerful characters from any franchise into the lions den and see how they fight.

    Imagine the beautiful chaos?

    I doubt I am the only one who will be looking forward to something like this, and I will probably open up sign ups once the interest check takes off. If it gets some decent sign ups, the games will be up by New Year's Day, if not earlier (or later, if demand requires if)

    Any Franchise Hunger Games

    Let the odds never be in of your favour ​
  2. i actually think this seems pretty cool, and id be willing to join it :3
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  3. I am soo in lol
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  4. Time to jump.
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