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  1. Xavier's eyes fluttered open as he woke up. He was currently in the middle of the bed in between two of the other guys who lived in the orphanage. He wasn't sure who the two were on either side of him as he was a little groggy and the boys tended to just get into a bed at night. He had heard Mr. Wilson talking yesterday about a new arrival at the orphanage who would be arriving today. Xavier was excited to meet the new boy, but also sad as he would have to explain to yet another boy how the house worked. Xavier had been the first child in the home and had learned the hard way how things worked in the home. Mr. Wilson had married Mrs. Wilson when he was quite young and the two had had a son named Lloyd who Mrs. Wilson died giving birth to, who had moved out shortly after Xavier had moved in. Mr. Wilson was almost forty and was pretty strong for a soon to be middle aged man. He often beat the boys sometimes for no apparent reason, sometimes if you were really careful you could go a week sometimes two without a beating although Xavier usually got at least a small one about every other day. The beatings could range from just a slap to a full scale beating, but usually it didn't get to bad and a boy could get away with only a few bruises....
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  2. "Ich liebe dich, mein Sonnenschein."

    Seven years passed since Dietrich arrived at Mr. Wilson's orphanage. Remembering his family, especially his mother, was becoming harder and harder. Sometimes, he dreamed of his father's laugh and mother's smile. Recently, he recalled her last words. Unlike most boys at the orphanage, he originated from a positive home. He was born and raised in Munich, Germany before his family moved to America. After the accident, a social worker picked him up and dropped him off at Mr. Wilson's Home for Boys. Since he didn't have relatives in America, he was registered in the foster care system. Some days, he dreamed of a long lost aunt or a compassionate grandfather whisking him away, saving him from his personal hell. In his opinion, having a loving family and losing them was worse than having no family at all. In the beginning, it was difficult for him to adjust. He was forced to conform to Mr. Wilson's rules. He experienced his fair share of beatings when he disobeyed. Despite his silent demeanor, Dietrich was a curious child. One day, he sneaked out and explored the forest. When Mr. Wilson found out, he was furious. The consequences were brutal. Fortunately, Dietrich learned to be stealthy, quiet, and resourceful. One of the older boys taught him how to lie perfectly and pick locks. No matter how much Mr. Wilson wanted to beat it out of him, his love for nature wouldn't die. On the other hand, he knew better than to sneak off repeatedly. He planned his "escapes" carefully. It has been a couple of weeks since he slipped out.

    "Ständige Wachsamkeit," Dietrich quoted, recalling one of his favorite series, Harry Potter. His original copies were lost in the accident. The series were a special edition, translated in German.

    He was currently sitting on a window seat next to a large bed he shared with a younger boy. His room overlooked a large patch of the forest. His green eyes glanced at the rising sun. Today, a new boy was scheduled to arrive. Dietrich heard it from another group, who overheard Mr. Wilson. He rubbed his wrist absentmindedly, tracing a hand-print bruise on his pale skin.

    ((Warning: Google Translator. Might be butchered!

    Ich liebe dich, mein Sonnenschein: I love you, my sunshine.

    Ständige Wachsamkeit: Constant Vigilance.))
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  3. Nick laid there on the side of the bed. He ended up sharing a bed with two other boys. It was late at night and wasn't sure who he ended up in the bed with but honestly he didn't care to much. It had been three years since he had been put into this orphanage. Three years since his parents passed away. His family wasn't extremly rich but together they made a six figure salary and were able to leave Nick a decent amount of money. But he couldn't touch it until he was 18. So until then he would have to stay in this awful place until then. Nick lifted up his head and saw that Xavier was laying next to him and then another boy was at the other end. Nick sighed as he got up out of bed and started to stretch out.
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  4. Dante
    Dante still sleeping in a ball on the floor, inside his blanket, while laying on top of his pillow. Dante's area is next to the radiator on the far side of the room. It is not nearly as comfortable as a bed, but at least most nights when it's winter the slight heat from it helps him sleep. So far this morning there is no wet blanket or a little puddle on the ground so it could be called a good night. In reality Dante is awake for most of every night. Sleeping lightly, waking often from nightmares, and sounds that go spook in the night. He had just fallen asleep not to long ago when the sun had started to rise. However he never sleeps for long, Causing him to be tired everyday.

    Dante should be on medications, but Mr.Wilson takes them to sell to lowlifes in the community. Without them he cannot get a proper nights rest. Dante was told by a Doctor before coming to the house that he would be getting medicine. But after ten months and never receiving them, he has completely forgotten about them. Mr Wilson on the other hand makes some extra pocket change so he is happy.

    Dante cried himself to sleep again last night, his issues and Mr. Wilson's don't mesh well together and often end up in a beating of some kind or another. Lately It's been Mr.Wilson's favorite to tell Dante a number when he is upset. Then during the day or next number of days Dante would be struck until that number was reached. No matter if it was with a belt or his fist. The numbers were never really that high, mostly Three to Eight. But the Anxiety and build up of stress it caused wreaks Dante on a bad day. The Worst Part about this for Dante is that he is unable to communicate well with others. Mr. Wilson enjoys the older boys confusion when Dante Cries or is silently paralyzed in pain for no apparent reason.

    When Striking or making him Scared Mr. Wilson's goal is to freak out Dante without the other kids knowing he is doing it on purpose. I.E. Picking up a knife and pretending to cut his own skin with the blunt side, or rubbing unlit Cigarettes on his hand. Since only Mr. Wilson and Dante know much of his past, these actions would go mostly noticed. Unless somebody was paying attention to relatively simple and discrete actions.

    As the others begin to stir Dante rolls up into a ball, unconsciously using his blanket as a shield against evil.
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  5. Xavier had closed his eyes for a few minutes when he heard one of the boys next to him get up. Opening his eyes he saw that the person who had gotten up had been Nick. Xavier liked Nick he was a nice guy and since he was older Xavier looked up to him, although he had never told the boy that. He would often have questions about life that he wanted to ask the boy or one of the other older boys but never did.

    Slowly getting out if bed as to not wake the other boy in the bed he got out of the bed and began to stretch like the other boy calling out in a hushed voice, "morning Nick." As he was stretching he noticed Dante curled up in his little ball as usual. The boy had been here for 10 months and had barely said a word, and when Xavier tried to get him to open up he would refuse, once he had given Dante a hug and he went into rage mode kicking and punching anything that got into his range. Nevertheless Xavier still tried to make the boy open up to him, but it was not easy. "Morning Dante," he said in the same hushed voice he did every morning.

    Not waiting for a response from either he continued stretching. His pajamas were quite pathetic, they stopped just below the knee and didn't cover half of his arms and were considerably tight. Although he stretched in the morning every day today the old pajama pants had finally had enough and split right down the back revealing Xavier's blue boxers. "Oops," he said but not embarrassed by exposing his boxers, the boys all showered together for goodness sake....well except for Dante.

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  6. Forrest

    Forest has been driving down the country road. In the back seat of a white mini van. He was told that he was going to a wonderful home, where a very nice man would take care of him. Using his hair as a pillow he watched the scenery pass by. ( Lunch break is over I'll post his arrival soon. : ( )

  7. Eddie
    Thump, thump, thump. Footsteps lingered on the wooden flooring as the boys in the room began to stir and move about. Morning scratches and stretches were followed with yawns and sighs, perhaps a subtle murmur making way under their breaths. Eddie however, was sprawled across the poorly made bed in which he had to share with two other males that night. It was a tad cramped, as it always is, but Eddie had made do and got a small portion of the holey blanket. His head was ringing slightly from the alcohol he'd consumed last night, his mouth parched with lack of water. He rolled his tongue over his chapped lips, their texture desert-like and cracked, results of a nasty habit he can't seem to break. God, could they be any louder?

    "Aye, quiet down. Someone's trying to sleep off a nasty hangover." He muttered coldly, opening his bloodshot eyes a mere slit to cast a glare in their direction, then placing a pillow over his face. He'd heard news of a 2 newcomers to this... Hell. He wasn't all that excited for their to be 2 more mouths to feed, 2 more idiots to take up space, 2 more boys to complain about the place they had to live in, 2 more depressed orphans. Eddie was merely trying to survive to 18, where he'd book it from this place and never look back. Saying Mr. Wilson was 'mean' is a complete understatement. That man was like the Devil himself dressed up as a Saint, tricking the foster care system into thinking this Hell was a nice place to live. They couldn't be farther from the truth.

    "Oh, you're going to love your new home! The man there is so friendly, and he has other boys you'll be able to be friends with!" This plump woman was awfully talkative, and it was like this the entire time she drove him down to Mr. Wilson's. The drive seemed to keep dragging on and on as the woman chirped from the front seat, peering into the rearview mirror to look at the strapping young lad in the back who awkwardly fiddled with his slender hands. He had only made a couple minor comments the whole duration of the trip, not even looking up from his hands. He was nervous about going to a new place, whether it be nice or not. Eric didn't like meeting new people in fear of saying his name wrong or something, and making them think he was a screw up.

    "You really aren't one to talk, are ya kid?" Eric shook his head no, biting the inside of his cheek tightly. His hallucinations were small at the moment, not really bothering him as they usually did. It was just small talk between the voices that had engulfed his mind, and he distracted himself by listening to them to pass the time. "Well, we have about 10 more minutes to drive, then we'll be there." Eric just responded with a quick "Mm."
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  8. (Tried to resist posting........didn't work)

    Xavier heard the voice behind him and then he realized who had been the other boy next to him-Eddie. Eddie was the oldest boy in the home and would often sneak out, at first Xavier wondered where he would go, but always noticed that he came back smelling of a substance he didn't know and always being in a bad mood when he woke up the next morning, although he was always in a bad mood. Eventually he smell the scent one night when Mr. Wilson was in a very bad mood and realized it was alcohol. He wasn't sure if the other boys new if Eddie drank, he assumed so but had never asked any if them. Even though the boy was always grumpy Xavier did worry about him getting caught by Mr. Wilson.... "Sorry Eddie," he said to the hungover boy just trying to keep the peace.

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  9. Nick smiled at Xavier "hey good morning." He finished stretching as he then looked over at Eddie. Nick coild give it right back at edidie. "Hey thanks for taking me out last night with you like you promised. I guess you can't really handle your alcohol to much can you Eddie." Nick laughed as he turned and started to head towards the bathroom. Nick just wanted to turn 18 and hey out of here already.

  10. Eddie
    At least one of them apologized. Xavier, the nice guy of all of them practically. He was always trying to make sure the others were okay and was constantly worried about him. He was a nice kid, and Eddie and him never really had any problems. "Hey, thanks for taking me out last night with you like you promised. I guess you can't really handle your alcohol too much can you, Eddie." His jaw clenched, and the pillow was instantly taken off his face as Eddie sat up. "Watch your mouth, punk. Too early for your snide remarks. I didn't take you out because I didn't feel like it." He tossed the pillow at him before he reached the bathroom, and gave up on resting altogether. Might as well get up and get on with the day. "Xavier, do you by any chance have any painkillers? I swear, this headache is driving me up the wall." He huffed, walking over to grab a pair of holey jeans and a red plaid button-down shirt. "Ya' feeling the breeze down there, kid?" He commented on his ripped bottoms, chuckling softly.
  11. Xavier was worried that the situation would turn into an all out fight, like it sometimes did. Thankfully though it didn't and Nick had escaped before he could feel the wrath of Eddie, which could be really bad. "Sorry Eddie I don't," he said in response to the older male's question. Even if he had the painkillers he wouldn't have given them to Eddie. He liked Eddie...kinda, but he didn't approve of his use of alcohol and Lord only knows what else the boy has done. He couldn't help but laugh a little at what Eddie had said. In response he said, "nope" and pulled off his shirt, tossed it into a corner and pulled his pants down blue boxers and all, stepping out of them he said, "now I am enjoying the breeze," with a chuckle. Xavier was a bit of a nudist, if the other boys would allow it he would never wear clothes, but sadly some didn't like him walking around in the nude all the time. He then started heading towards the bathroom to take his shower, but stopped in the doorway, "you might want to come along, you smell like alcohol and you know if the old man smells you your nights out will be history."

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  12. "Aye, quiet down. Someone's trying to sleep off a nasty hangover."

    Dietrich averted his eyes toward a bed across from the window seat. The room was large, fitting enough beds to host a handful of boys. However, a few, like Dante, slept on the floor. It was cramped, but Dietrich grown use to it. A flash of annoyance flickered through his seemingly cold eyes. He shook his head in response, ignoring the boy's grunt.

    "Schädling," he muttered.

    He glanced at the forest one more time. A flicker of longing reflected through his green eyes. However, the fleeting emotion vanished instantly. An indifferent mask washed over his expression, concealing his inner emotions. He slipped off the window seat and crossed the room, passing Nick and Eddie. He stopped in front of a large dresser he shared with the boys in the room. It was shoved against a far corner, next to a dinky closet. He opened the last drawer on the bottom and retrieved a pair of ripped jeans, belt, and his favorite sky blue tee. It was tight on him, but he didn't care. After he selected a cleaner pair of boxers and socks, he closed the drawer with his foot. Dietrich picked up his worn trainers and walked out of the room, heading toward the bathroom. Due to his silent nature, he didn't comment on Xavier's amusing predicament. On the other hand, he flashed Xavier a smirk.

    ((Schädling: Pest.))

  13. Eddie
    Eddie clicked his tongue in frustration and sighed heavily, not bothering to make a fuss over it. Instead, he took his shirt off to start getting dressed. His eyes flicked over to where Xavier stood, now completely in the nude, and averted them quickly. Yes, Eddie was gay, but that doesn't mean he isn't decent enough to look away when another male is changing. He just laughed lightly and threw his shirt at him and pulled on the clean one. Xavier had stopped at the door and turned around to say something. "You might want to come along, you smell like alcohol and you know if the old man smells you, your nights out will be history." Eddie pondered this, picking up his dirty shirt on the floor to sniff it quickly. Ah yes, there was the familiar smell of Jack Daniels and a bit of.. Vodka? He wasn't sure, last night was a bit blurry. "Uh.. yeah, I guess. Be in there shortly.." He murmured, tossing the shirt back to the floor.

    The ten minutes felt more like 10 hours with this plump woman. She was making him even more of a nervous-wreck as she continued to talk about the wonderful Mr. Wilson and the amount of boys in the house. The voices in his head were starting to turn mean, taunting at him and poking fun of everything he's done. You're such a pathetic excuse of a man. Why aren't you dead yet? Ha! Look at this young lad! So useless! Eric clenched his fists and breathed heavily. "Shut up." He muttered to the voices, barely audible, however the woman heard him and a look of hurt crossed her features. Uh oh. "Well, young man, I'll make sure Mr. Wilson knows you need to have your mouth washed out with soap!" She scoffed, then abruptly stopped in front of a decent looking house. Eric began to sweat nervously, his anxiety beginning to skyrocket as the woman got out of the car and popped the trunk to retrieve his single suitcase. Eric opened the door and stepped out timidly, his arms moving to hug his bony sides as the woman shot him a look, no longer being friendly. "Get over here and get your stuff, I'm not your servant!" Eric jumped and quickly grabbed the handle of the worn down suitcase.

    The woman walked with him to the front door, and bluntly knocked on the wooden door. Eric began to shake, not being able to control it, and could sense a panic attack coming on. Oh, god, no! Not now! He wheezed, dropping the suitcase and looking around wildly. Calm down! They'll think you're a freak! This made him panic even more, his palms getting sweaty as he reached up to grip a chunk of his platinum blonde hair.
  14. Nick had taken off his shirt showing off his nice body that he took pride in. He worked out as much as he could. In the end he was still an athlete and wanted his body to show it. Nick took off his shorts and boxers and tossed them on the ground. He then walked over to the shower and started to shower. Nick stood under the hot water and just put his head down to think about everything that was going on in his life. He wasn't one to complain but this honestly sucked. Nick just wanted to live in a regular home with a family and be able to go to school and play sports. Also since Nick was bi bu leaning more towards guys living in this house with a bunch of boys who probably weren't gay or bi did not make the situation any better. Nick just stood there under the hot water.
  15. Mr. Wilson
    Mr. Wilson hearing the door knew what that He wasn't sure if this was the teenage boy or the younger boy, either way he didn't care all of the boys here were just dollar signs and punching bags in his eyes. Walking to the door he opened it and saw one of the social workers who had dropped off boys in the past. "Hello I'm Mr. Wilson I'm so glad to meet you," he said using the voice he only used when social workers were around. He grabbed the boy's shoulder gently and pulled him inside the house thanking the social worker. Once she was safely inside her car he closed the door and the smile faded. Turning to the boy he began the talk he had given to all the other boys who had entered those doors. "Xavier get your ass down here! Okay listen boy I'm only going to explain this once here's how things work you do as I say or you get punished. You will eat what I provide and not ask for more, you will not enter my living area and most importantly you will not leave this house without my permission, got it punk?" He finished squeezing the grip he had on the boys are as a demonstration of what he could do to the boy.

    Xavier was about to go into the bathroom when he heard Mr. Wilson call for him. He knew that one of the new boys had arrived and he would be stuck explains how things worked in the house. Now normally he would quickly run downstairs, but currently Xavier was Now he didn't care if this new boy saw him naked, but Mr. Wilson was a different story. Knowing if he took too long it would result in a beating Xavier quickly ran back into the room slipped on his previously discarded boxers and ran downstairs. On the second to last step he tripped and fell flat on his face, not exactly the best first impression. Hauling himself up he smiled at the new guy and looked at Mr. Wilson, "you needed me sir?"

    Mr. Wilson
    "Yeah show this punk how things work around here, oh and I decided not to make breakfast....tell the other boys, and for goodness sake put on some close you little freak," he finished by shoving the boy at Xavier and then proceeded to go back to his room.....

    (Wow that is really bad, sorry guys I'm a little tired but wanted to get one more post in tonight, just an FYI though anyone can play Mr. Wilson @Tart )

  16. Eric
    As soon as the woman turned to walk away and he was pulled gently into the house, Eric knew something was wrong. This man was acting too kind for him not to be hiding something. The door closed, and the grip the man had on his shoulder tightened harshly, Eric's heart beating quickly as he went into a full blown panic attack. The man, Mr. Wilson, was saying some types of rules and whatnot for the house, but he didn't quite hear him as his head pounded loudly. Mr. Wilson walked off as another boy came in, or rather fell, and shoved him towards the stranger. Eric lost his footing and fell into the other boy, wheezing as he shook violently. Eric, get a hold of yourself! This... Xavier guy is going to think you're some weirdo! These frequent panic attacks often haunted Eric, making him think he was some alienish being due to the odd looks he typically gets when having one. He hated them, and frankly, he kind of hated himself.
  17. Conner

    Conner sighed as he looked out of the window of the bus, soon enough he'd have to step off and enter his new home. Looking down at his watch, it was almost four in the morning spending about four hours on the bus. He shifted in his seat and laid his head against the head rest thinking of what might happen when he gets there. He decided not to think much about it and slipped his headphones onto his ears letting one of the songs slip through his ears, soothing him and letting his nerves calm. He closed his eyes slowly and began to relax, falling asleep in the process. He didn't like today, actually today probably is one of Conner's worst days ever. This particular day would and will change his life, but in what way? He didn't know and as of right now, he didn't really care. Right now his focus is on enjoying the ride until he meets his future.

    About five hours later, the bus had pulled to a stop awakening Conner. He cleared his throat and sat up straight then looked out at the house he was about to go in. He looked down at his hands before getting the strength to get up and get all his stuff before walking up to the house. He took a deep breath and started to knock on the door a few times. When no one answered, he knocked again then stepped back and looked to the side as he waited. After what seemed like forever, a man opened the door and let him inside. He came off as very nice at first...but then after his Counselor/Therapist/Social Worker left he began to be extremely rude. When the man tried to come up and touch him, Conner backed away not really liking the way this guy was. He acted like a high school jock trying to be better than everyone...and Conner didn't like it. In fact, he was pretty sure no one approved of this man's attitude towards everyone, but they all had to live with it. He had then gave him what seemed like the rules of the house, making sure to note them down if he ever needed them later on. Before he could get a question out, the man had left to go do something else. He sighed and looked around, it was a lot of noise coming from different places and he was just standing there not knowing what to do...or where to put his things. He decided to just sit down on the couch and wait for someone to maybe help him get settled in, maybe just catching up on his writing while he was at it.
    Music From Bus Ride


    Voices. Voices of different pitch and of different grammar. They all echoed in the home that belonged to Mr. Wilson. The home that Wesley and the rest of the boys were stuck in for God knows how much longer. Some were closer to hitting the hay than others. Unfortunately, Wesley was definitely not one of them. Letting out a soft sigh, the ginger slowly sat up in his resting place. He had been one of the few who had yet to get up and get moving yet. Blinking his blue eyes, he ran a hand through his tousled, ginger hair. I guess I should get up now, he thought after a moment of silence. With that in mind, the young boy slowly rolled out of bed.

    Shuffling his way around the room, Wes slowly stripped himself out of his Disney pajamas, Lilo & Stitch, to be exact, and into some regular clothes. Knowing that there wasn't really a reason to get dressed dressed, the ten year old slipped on a pair of red sweatpants and a Superman shirt. He padded his way to the bathroom, taking care of his business as he listened to the noises in the house. It would seem that Mr. Wilson had gone back to his space. Briefly, Wesley wondered if the new arrivals had already arrived. He could go down and see. It would give him something to do. Or he could go back to his room and bury himself in a book. A split second of thinking and the ginger decided to socialize willingly, for once in his life.

    After exiting the bathroom, Wesley bounded down the steps, jumping to the floor and skipping the last two. Humming a soft tune, he made his way towards where Xavier and...another boy was. A new arrival, his mind supplied for him. Getting closer and closer, he offered the both of them a small smile before saying in a soft tone, "Hi."

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  19. Eddie
    He was about to head into the bathroom when doors were opened and closed, and Mr. Wilson's booming voice wafted up the stairs. Geez, it was way too early for this bullshit. With a pounding head, Eddie decided to head downstairs and see who this newcomer was, and what he was like. As he shuffled down, he stopped on the last step to examine the scene laid out in front of him. It seems that there were 2 new lads, one sitting on the couch, and the other wheezing on the wooden floor next to Xavier. And then, innocent little Wesley just standing there with new kid #1 and Xavier. Okaaaay then. Eddie looked at the one on the couch, who looked pretty nonchalant about the whole matter, a blank expression on his face. "Uhh.. welcome to Hell." He muttered, stepping off the last step and leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his tattooed torso.
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  20. Conner

    Conner decided to go ahead and put his headphones back on then take out his notebook and began to write. He only looked up when he heard a hard thumb as one of the boys in the ground from the hands of Mr. Wilson...boy he had a big ego. He didn't know whether to go over there and help him up or not, he looked like he was going to have a heart attack or something. He decided that the guy he fell in front of would help him up in the end, hopefully. He was going to write again until a guy walked up to him and spoke. He tapped the pen on his notebook for a bit before looking up at the guy and speaking, "Thanks, I imaged it to be...hotter than this." he said. It felt weird speaking for the first time here, but he had to sooner or later. The male took another glimpse a the guy who was on the wall, his tattoo's were interesting to Conner because he'd never seen a design like that. He actually has tattoo's as well, but even with them he still thought of his tattoos to be unique. He didn't know what else to say, so he didn't and clicked the pen so he could write again. He had already turned off his music just in case the guy wanted to talk again, may asking for his name. Maybe I should ask first?...But then again, I really don't have to ask anymore questions...Wait, I should ask where I should settle down at...maybe after he speaks up again. he thought to himself.

    Headphone Music
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