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    Endor is a small town, located in Massachusetts and reputedly founded by witches who fled the Salem Witch Trials. Though the story is regarded as the stuff of stories, nevertheless there's something inherently sleepy in the air where Endor is concerned. Mostly a farming community, they have their own local legends of things in the woods and creatures on the path at night. And now and then, the local sheriff gets a call about a strange occurrence that defies description. Everyone has a secret, not every secret is good.

    Enjoy your stay.

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    The rhythmic chop of a cleaver quickly and quietly, harvesting the meat echoed in the largely empty butchers shop. Yes, those places yet existed in certain small towns and the quality was always nice. There was only three around today- Mr. Blake, the owner and butcher. Mrs. Pheel, a teacher and the young lady behind the counter as she tallied up the sale. She had yet to change from her usual garb, her only concession to the job being a rather cheerful looking apron with the face of a smiling pig.

    In her private times, she often wondered why a pig would look so happy in a butchers shop. A moment later, the cash register rang up and she turned enough to reveal her nametag 'Stephanie' as she spoke in a flat intonation.

    "We're doing a special on pork bones. Would you like me to add that up?"

    "No thank you, we're fine."

    Stephanie shrugged and the sale was made.

    "Happy Halloween Mrs. Pheel."

    "You as well dear!"

    Stephanie leaned on the counter, watching her go before with the ease of an old campaigner rolling up a cigarette, she popped open a container and flicked a gum piece in her mouth. Outside, the leafs flew by in their vibrant coloration of red and orange. The cold wafted briefly from the open door, before Mrs. Pheel left and brought on a scent of oncoming frost. Hail October, welcome October.

    And cue the end of her work shift as she removed her apron and called out.

    "Mr. Blake, I'll see you at home!"

    An unlocking of her bike and in five minutes, she was pedaling away. It was a nice day.

    She could afford a ride.​

  3. Halloween had been around for quite sometime. What had originally started off as a Celtic celebration eventually spiraled out into a commercialized event to pass out candy and dress up! One night of the entire year where you could pretend to be someone that you weren't. To revel in the mischievous cheer that a holiday like this encouraged!

    But some people didn't see it that way however. They were the kind who saw Halloween as kid's stuff. They were the kids or teens who went around smashing in jack'o lanterns and generally making a mess out of an entire holiday. Someone needed to step up to these bastards. Those who would so blatantly disrespect Halloweens' traditions! Easter had the Easter Bunny and Christmas had jolly ol Saint Nick. But what did Halloween have?

    Why they had little Samhain or Sam for short.



    Peeking out from behind a tree while hanging around in a pumpkin patch, Sam watched people go by. Some were on their way back home to take their kids trick r treating. Some were getting ready to go to parties! But then there were those who came to make a mess of the patch just to spite those who actually cared about the holiday.

    As the enforcer of Halloween's rules, Sam made sure those boys and girls didn't see the end of this glorious holiday. Which meant those exploring the pumpkin patch would have been in for quite the nasty surprise when they picked up what they thought was a pumpkin. Only to discover a severed head instead! But as much fun as Sam had punishing those who defied the rules, he too enjoyed the fun of going trick r treating! Hence the current form he took which was that of a small boy in footie pajamas and a burlap sack over his head. Making his way out from behind the tree, Sam waddled over to the side of the street.

    Somebody had to come by who actually cared about the holiday! Someone he wouldn't have to kill! But as he heard the sound of a bike drawing closer and closer, Sam giggled as he clapped his hands together. Someone new was coming by! He just hoped they knew what they were getting into!


  4. Endor was weird, make no mistake. Named by Pilgrim forefathers who chose the name based on a prophetic witch, not to mention the Salem connection it was clear that the small town had its sleepy roots in weird things. On full moon nights for example, you could hear wolf howls out in the Woods. Mr. Riddle who taught history in high school liked to talk to his pet fox and there were all sorts of tourists who came in. With their crystals and their 'nature' communion and all that hippie crap.

    Stephanie knew there was more to it than that.

    Sometimes at night, she saw things. Eyes from the woods, things seemingly fantastic and yet, with her unable to explain it.

    Not like anyone cared and she sighed as she kept going.

    That was when she saw....Him.

    He shouldn't have gotten her attention like that. Not like this. A little kid in a burlap costume, early for Halloween. The path would take her by a pumpkin patch raised by a neighbor of her foster father, so it wasn't really a question of whether or not people would be there for their lanterns.

    Nevertheless, she cruised to a stop and regarded him as he, her with a stillness that mirrored her long-dead uncle, who died in Jersey. Finally, she spoke as she threw a thumbs up.

    "Love the costume. Real retro. Unlike that store bought crap you see nowadays."

    @Chewy Rabbits
  5. [xtable=bcenter|100%x100%]

    {td}Not too long ago, she was a student. Now she was a teacher. But, she was still learning. Always. "There can be no bigger waste to a day than the day where you don't learn anything, even in failure."

    That was something she said to all of her students on their first day. Not at her alma mater, but across the sea in America, where the wild things were so interesting and different than in England. Why, she'd even seen a thunderbird once!

    And lo and behold, she'd even had the fortune of living next door to the famous Auror Tom Riddle! She'd only seen him in passing, as she'd just moved into the new place after her self-imposed whirlwind tour of America before settling into her job at Paragon University.

    So, she followed a charming tradition that certain wizards and many muggles had, and went visiting. But not empty handed. She had made a truly exotic - to her as a wizard - dish and a traditional one for America, apparently.{/td}
    Honest to goodness Shoo Fly Pie. Luna loved that name. It was quite sweet, and reminded her of treacle tart.

    She walked up to his door, pie safely tucked into a box in one hand, and knocked.

  6. The door creaked open after the first knock, letting a sharp smell of wild roses and hibiscus flow outward.

    Tom Riddle to the Mundane was a high school teacher in a small town. Teaching history, he spoke of certain time periods fondly as though he had lived through them, sometimes bringing in items for class inspection or leading them when he could, outside to make a point. Beyond that, he was caring to each one and was the topic of many a local soccer mom group due to his well-traveled status and intellect that surprised many. He could have been anywhere, but decided to teach in a high school.

    The truth was much stranger.

    Yes, he was famous but only incidentally. Not that he didn't like the attention, it was rather flattering and to those close to him, they'd be first to admit his peacock tendencies. Well that and his Magpie habit of trinkets and collectibles which adorned his home, Luna seeing firsthand as a collection of masks on the wall greeted her. Noh masks from Japan, African tribal masks, Carnival masquerade from Venice...As to the man himself, he glanced over from his place on the table, where a pot of tea had been brewed. In the midst of setting another mug, he smiled.

    "Well then. I rarely get visitors. Hardly ones so fair and bearing gifts in turn."

    @Michale CS
  7. "Well it's tradition I believe, in the area, to greet neighbors with treats." She took that to be an invitation to come in, and so she did, setting the box down on the table. "That is Shoo Fly Pie, and I am Luna Lovegood. Ravenclaw graduate and now teacher at Paragon University. I felt it only fair to introduce myself so thoroughly because I know about you, Mister Riddle. I learned about you during my studies. I think I might still have your Wizard trading card somewhere, I expect, in a box I've yet to unpack."

    She gave a quick curtsy though she wore pants, and concluded her speech with "Good Day."

  8. "Ahhhh."

    His eyes were an interesting shade of vibrant, grass green. Full of life and curiosity as he regarded her with a smile.

    "I have heard of Paragon University. An excellent idea to my mind, and may I say its a welcome sight to see a fellow magus?"

    At the curtsy, he chuckled and gestured to a seat.

    "I had noted a visitor coming, so I had set up two cups. Pray, stay and have some tea and pie?"

    @Michale CS
  9. "You may indeed say so. And I quite agree." Luna replied, her smile only widening if that was possible.
    "That was quite thoughtful of you. Because I should think pie without tea would be some manner of travesty. I mean, as snacks go." She took her seat and unveiled the pie.

    "I followed the recipe as closely as I could, but I did add a touch of my own. A tiny dab of Maple Syrup, to make it just a bit more savory, I expect. I haven't tried it, so we shall be the test subject of this exotic formula of the Muggles. Sometimes I do wish there was another word we could use that didn't carry any negative connotations, but then I realize, whatever us wizardly types called them, those among us who harbor resentment or disdain for them would corrupt that meaning as well. Rather sad, really."

    As she spoke she cut the pie with the server that she brought inside the box with her, but then blinked. "I'm afraid I did not have the foresight to bring plates as well, but I expect you're equipped for that, yes?"

  10. Satisfied she was one of his own, he flicked his wand and all prerequisite equipment and plates came flying out to gently set themselves before them. Riddle busied himself by pouring out the tea personally as he added. "Anything with your tea?"

    Once finished and passed over, he spoke.

    "Curious, I've never visited Paragon yet. My works always consumed me in that respect, whats it like?"

    @Michale CS
  11. Luna seemed to ponder that for a moment seriously. "Oh I usually take sugar but I think I shall pass on it today because of the pie. Perhaps just a dab of milk, then?"'

    "Amazing, actually. They have a very unique and powerful spell on nearly the entire campus! A non-aggression charm of some sort. One can get angry and even wish to become violent, but one can never do it. Well, except in the training grounds for combat, that would be an odd sort of combat training in which you could never engage in combat, yes?" She confided, as she took a sip just prior to setting out the pie for both of them.

    "Supernaturals of all types, even those who as a matter of course simply do not get along, all side by side, learning. If the world were as conducive to cooperation as this place is, why, there'd be no need for Aurors or suchlike." Luna then took a careful bite of her pie. She blinked as she considered it for a moment, then decided she quite liked it and smiled as she went back for a second bite.

    "What brings you here? A simple life of a farmer after a busy life? It sounds like a nice, relaxing way to live."

  12. He chewed his own piece as he listened, before shaking his head.

    "I highly doubt it myself. Monsters are thus for a reason. No matter the relatively few good eggs, the bad ones will inevitably outnumber them. Just look at vampires for example. Mundane entertainment is full of them and how misunderstood they are. Ha!" He shook his head again as he spoke.

    "Its like cuddling man-eaters and expecting them not to tear your throat out. Its nature in the end."

    As to the other question, he relaxed and spoke.

    "Oh nothing quite so rustic. I just liked the space, as well as the location. I work as a teacher, at Endor High school. The kids enjoy playing in the woods bordering my land and I make sure it stays safe enough for them."

    He sipped his tea and a flicker of of a smile pervaded his features.

    "They'll be no abductions or feedings so long as I'm around."

    @Michale CS
  13. "I suppose you are right. I've gotten a slanted glance at the entire thing, looking at it all through roses, as it were." As much as Luna studied, sometimes she got muggle phrases wrong as there were things far more important than the order of words when it wasn't part of a spell.

    "I see. Are there many creatures out here that would be dangerous? I only settled here because I followed another... Mundane did you call it? Mundane tradition and placed a map on the wall, threw a dart at it, and it landed here. Just so."
    "My word. What exactly lives in these woods, Tom? If... may be so forward to call you Tom?"

  14. [​IMG]

    Well, this was a welcome arrival! Someone who was actually truly into the Halloween spirit! Rather than someone who treated the holiday as an excuse to act like an idiot. Smashing in pumpkins that didn't fit their standards for shits and giggles. Having disposed of their bodies in other means, Sam had seen to it that they would always gaze upon these imperfect pumpkins. As severed heads!


    Grabbing a nearby stick, Sam motioned for Steph to follow him as he stopped at a tree. Digging into the tree's bark with the stick, Sam carved in something into the trunk. Stepping to the side, Sam gestured from the word and then to himself.


    Allowing the girl to introduce herself if she felt so inclined, Sam raced off deeper into the patch giggling all the way. How exciting this was! To run into someone who truly seemed to appreciate the holiday the same way that Sam did!


  15. "...Can't you talk?"

    She blinked and considered before parking her bike, getting off to examine the patch. Maybe she could grab a pumpkin or something for later, but right now she was curious. She didn't think she knew a Sam around these parts, but maybe it was someone who was pulling a prank.

    "Hey, wait up!"

    He shrugged in reply.

    "Tom will do just fine. As to creatures well....Nominally dangerous, shall we say. This place was a refuge for witches who fled the Salem trials and their mark lies upon the land. Makes it easier to open portals to the Nevernever, as well as attract certain creatures. Goblins, Faeries of other sorts. I've made sure my home is well protected and I've taken to doing the same where I could for other houses of people I know. The Sheriff, the county jail, places like that. Just in case."

    He sipped his tea.

    "Just trying to be a good neighbor."

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  16. "A good neighbor indeed! If you should need any assistance, I'm quite an adept with magical creatures."
    Luna smiled and nodded.

    She went back to eating the pie, awaiting his response.

  17. [​IMG]

    Oh most certainly Sam could very well speak like Stephanie and her friends! But where was the fun in that? It was fun to leave it up to a stranger's imagination. 'What did that boy in the weird costume sound like?' and so on. Perhaps if the occasion was right, Sam would finally speak. But for now, he was just trying to have a wee bit of fun! Continuing to rush through the pumpkin patch, Sam stopped right at another tree. Looking back to see if Stephanie was following him, Sam crawled up the side of the tree like a spider.

    "Heheh.." He would have pinched himself for giggling as it risked giving him away. But given what he was about to do, why wouldn't he let out a laugh or two? If Stephanie had been following the sack-masked child, she'd have approached the tree at which point Sam quietly crawled down behind her with something in his hand. Reaching out to tap Stephanie on the shoulder, Sam waited for her to turn and when she did?



  18. There was a brief moment of her shooting backwards at the sight, because relations strange or no, that was disconcerting to anyone. Regardless, after the first shock she raised an eyebrow and said rather than laughed.

    "Ha. Ha. Ha. Real cute. You show the severed head to everyone at the first opportunity, or am I the special case?"

    Was this Billy? Billy liked his little jokes, but it usually was around frogs. Curious, she poked the head.

    @Chewy Rabbits
    "I'd appreciate it, for sure. Hardly any other magus around in this area, at least insofar as I know." He admitted as he went back to his snack in turn.

    "That and with Halloween approaching, we're going to have a lot of potential problems in the works."

    @Michale CS
  19. "My goodness, that's right. But no worries, I'm frightfully good with magical creatures being rambunctious." She finished her slice and sipped at the tea a bit more.

    "Have you done any sort of census on what exactly is out there? I could prepare potions and hexes and suchlike to have in reserve, as it were."

  20. He shook his head.

    "There are werewolves, though well behaved for the most part. I've a friend who makes sure they stay in line and when trouble comes, I've found them to be a big help. No vampires either, the werewolves tend to run them out of town. The main problem are Faeries and Changeling swaps. I've done my best to prevent that sort of thing when I can. Finally, the ley lines themselves are tainted from all those years before, making the Never Never portals more easily opened at certain points. Now and then, someone falls in and I need to get them back. Besides that? Unless something really powerful or dangerous wanders through, we may be alright." He grimaced and sipped his tea.

    "And considering the current month, now would be the best time for them. Thunderation."

    @Michale CS
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