Monster Academy for Boys and Girls! (Open!)

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  1. Well, hello there.

    Thank you for taking a look at this thread.

    If you're reading this, then that means you've been invited to Monster Academy- the only academy in the world for Monsters like us.

    We accept both male and female students, though the dorms are separate. We accept any and all monster types as well!
    If you've been bullied or harassed at a regular human school, then this is the place for you. Though we can't guarantee that people won't bully you....

    We're glad to have you! You'll be living here for the school year, though you're free to go home during breaks and vacations.
    The grounds have wonderful activities to do when classes are over, including one indoor heated pool, and one outdoor pool. We have tennis courts and basketball, we have a track, we even have a hedge maze. We've got a barn full of cute animals to look after, and we have a huge cafeteria with food from basically anywhere you can imagine.

    Sound good? Wonderful! Just fill out your form below, and we can get started!


    1- We will have a posting order. If someone doesn't reply within two days, we will skip them and go onto the next person.
    2- Please, if you join, but decide you're not into it, or if you need to quit, go on vacation, ect ect, send me a PM to let me know.
    3- You can play as many characters as you like, but you must make them equal in terms of gender. If you play 6 characters, three must be male and three must be female.
    4- Please be at least "adept" writing level. I will ask for a sample.
    5- Be friendly!

    So, if you haven't already died of boredom, here is the character sheet you need to fill out!

    Please include an image with your sheet. It can be anime or realistic, but it must be of your character's monster- it can't just be a human when they're a Cyclops or something.

    Age: (18 and up please)
    Race/Monster type:
    Powers (if any):

    Alright! Let's get started! :D

  2. Hello! If you are talking about a "posting order" did you intend for this to be a group roleplay? If so, I'd be more than willing to move it out of the one on one section and into interest checking and creation, or an OOC forum if you would prefer that.
  3. I did! I looked at the group area, intending to post it there, but it seems pretty dead, so I was worried no one would see it there. That's why I posted it here. :/ But go ahead and move it, since I know it's a way to keep everything organized!
  4. Yeah, unfortunately, it just isn't an option to put a group roleplay check in the one on one forums. Otherwise, we wouldn't bother with the different categories. :tongue: This way, everyone knows what they are going for when they look, since people who are looking to join group roleplays wouldn't look in the one on one roleplay forum. :D I've moved it on over for you.

    Don't worry, it definitely isn't dead. There are just fewer threads since most interest checks get moved to the OOC forums as soon as they have an IC to go along with them.

    Good luck with your story!
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  5. 18 and up? Must be University.

    Monster... University...


    i'll see what's rolling.
  6. I thought about naming it that, but then thought better of it, haha.
  7. So we're monsters. . . in school. . . with both sexes.

    Well this is going to be fun.
  8. This seems like it's going to be really fun :3
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