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  1. [​IMG]
    Welcome to the Military's Official Facility For the Supernaturally-Gifted, or as we like to call it:
    I'm a First Sergeant, and the man in charge around here. You'll hear me over the loudspeaker often.
    We are based in a space station, right around Mars. We are a government run program that handles the appearance of supernatural beings and disconnects them from the people of earth.
    Children between ages three to twelve are kept in one section of the facility, S1. This section focuses on educating and nurturing the children until they are prepared.
    Teenagers between ages thirteen and seventeen are kept in another section, S2. This section focuses on discovering and handling your powers. In other words, you will learn how not to cause mass destruction, and even hone your skills to be used for good.
    Once you turn eighteen, legally we should not be able to keep you here against your will. But laws were bent, considering we are not on planet earth. So, adults eighteen and up are kept in a third and final section, S3.
    And hey, we're in space. No way you can get home if you check yourself out, adults.

    We realize this is probably the least favorable outcome for all of you, and you are all wondering what you are doing here. Well, let me start off by saying that there is no alternative.
    After horrible events proceeded our lack of control over the Supernaturally Gifted, we were responsible as the government to make a change. No one remembers the mass damage caused by the supers, because memories were wiped of them ever existing. And that goes for you, as well.

    You are now SG units. You are nonexistent on planet earth, and if you were to somehow ever go back, you would no longer be a part of everyday life. Your families have no recollection of your existence. No one does.
    But please, try and make yourself as at home as you can. Life at MOFFS-G is comfortable, entertaining, and most importantly, moral.

    Your days start off when we wake you up.
    The first thing you do is have breakfast. Your diet would be similar to what you would have had at home.
    Afterwards, everyone goes to their designated section for recreational time. This consists of games, activities, and 'down time.'
    Then, teenagers and adults head to the training room. This is where you will work with your powers. If you are new, you start off with some staff members who test your abilities. Afterwards, you are sent to the main room to work with your abilities. It is up to you what you do, but if you threaten the safety of staff or SGs, your privileges are revoked.
    After, is lunch. Like breakfast, there is no diet change.
    The afternoon holds more recreation, before dinner.
    After dinner, you will be sent back to your designated rooms. I recommend getting shut eye as soon as possible, because you don't know how long we have you sleep for.

    The rules are as follows:
    Do not threaten the safety of staff or other SGs.
    You have no family names, middle names, or last names. Your first name is accompanied with a six-digit number.
    Attempts to escape are not taken lightly. Besides, no way to run away when we're in space.
    Within the teenage section, we forbid sexual interactions.
    In the adult section, we just hope you are appropriate with how you handle yourselves.
    Finally, be mature about your powers. You're bound to have some trouble, but never purposely use your powers for anything criminal. In fact, we're supposed to be turning you lot into heroes. When needed, some adults will be sent to earth for a short time, and escorted back up as soon as the threat is diffused.

    If you have any questions, staff would be glad to answer.
    Your day starts now, with recreation time.

    Power: (keep it reasonable, folks)

    Current SUs:
    Marco 174-262, 17, male
    Rachel 615-874, 17, female
    Jax 573-918, 14, male

    Miles 762-214, 16, male


    Name: Marco 174-262
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Power: He has gills and webbed fingers. In water, he can morph to be more shark-like. ( [​IMG] )

    The announcement over the loudspeaker was followed by silence. There was a long moment where all of the confused newbies stood around blankly, recovering from being knocked out. They were of various ages, and it was easy to tell that the majority were teenagers. Perhaps that's when people first start showing signs of powers. And there weren't too many. Probably because it was only one batch who came in, as opposed to if they had more than one come in. And after the moment had ended and one kid started crying, people broke into a frenzy of worried whines.

    Marco had kept his hushed state just a bit longer. The realization still hadn't hit him yet, and the boy was just in the middle of all of this.

    Everyone, including him, was dressed in the same outfit. It was close-fitting, but comfy. The material was stretchy and pleasant, and had some sort of protective sheen on it. It must have been specifically designed for them. The SGs, they were now called. No, HE was now called. Come to think of it, he couldn't remember having a last name. Or a middle name. He must have had one, but now it was completely gone.

    Everything then happened at once. His mom doesn't know who he is-- she doesn't know he exists or that he ever existed! He stumbled backwards, his breathing failing him a bit. He never had trouble breathing. Hell, he can breathe in water! But he must have tried breathing with his gills, because he found him wheezing through them, before he began to use his lungs once again.

    He realized that when he stumbled, he had fallen straight into someone else, who was holding him upright while he wheezed and heaved. Marco couldn't say anything. He wanted to apologize, but he had no breath. "S.. Sor.... ry.." He huffed quietly. Though he couldn't stand on his own, probably. His legs felt like jelly.
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  2. [​IMG]
    Rachel 615-874
    17, September 25th
    Energy absorption, sensing and minimal reflection
    average frame, little to no curves, medium length straight hair,
    Angular features, light blue/green eyes

    Rachel took a few moments to remember how to breath as she shakily propped herself up on the floor. A continuous sense of darkness had taken her vision and now the only thing she understood was that she was now fighting gravity. Frailty overcame her. What's hap-pening to me? her thoughts stuttered. Slowly her mind began sending her messages; first muffled noises, rumbling vibrations under her palms, then the feeling of nearby bodies in motion and lastly her sight. She reached for her head testing its movements as her vision was finally able to make shapes out of the crowd of people about her; and in that very brief second she regained control over her mind ...was I here before? She hadn't remembered coming here not seeing any of these people before; though she couldn't be sure.

    Immediately people began to whine and wail with hurried words of confusion. Whatever had befallen so many people seemed to have A LOT of explaining to do. Rachel's eyebrows furrowed as she unconsciously stood as the two young men in front of her had begun to do. It was only after getting to her feet that it became obvious that someone had changed her clothes. She pinched the fabric in confusion. Well obviously I didn't do that...look at's... she struggled a moment, at a loss for words. Well, it's not at all practical for track! she dropped the shimmering fabric with disdain. Was that what I was doing before this? Where the hell am I...

    A frustrated sigh escaped her lips but before she could inquire to those aro- well anyone in fact, her building speel was rather rudely interrupted by a toppling body (Maro, if you don't mind). Ooooff! what wind she'd gathered all at once rushed out upon his impact. But surprisingly enough she gathered her no longer shaky legs enough to hold him upright. IT spoke. Of course the only reasonable thing to do was respond.

    "You weigh a ton!" she grunted slowly sliding to the floor under his weight. "I don't think I've got much more strength than you..."
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  3. Name: Mary 535-897
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Power: She creates explosions seemingly at random.

    Mary's hair fell in a scraggly red curtain over her eyes until she blew it out of the way. When her vision cleared, she immediately rolled to the side as a hollow-cheeked child retched onto the tile floor where she had been sitting. Mary clapped a hand to her mouth in distaste. Looking more closely, though, she realized that his pale, dull eyes may not have been capable of sight.

    She took some time to look more closely around the room. Although everyone wore a kind of uniform clothing, it wasn't hard to pick some people out from the crowd - one guy had wings, one guy had gills, one girl had no arms. Even so, most seemed normal, outwardly. Perhaps like her, with powers intangible but cogent. Hopefully with better control than she had over her own.

    Mary shuffled herself to the wall, and sat leaning against it. Everything had tended to go up in flames around her, was what stood out to her about who she was before she woke up in this facility. Mary was sure that she had never been sure what she would do with her life. Perhaps being sent to Mars was a good thing - at least she'd have some semblance of a direction, now.

    Through the commotion in the room, Mary spotted an enlarging crack in the wall. She peered at it through strands of hair that once again fell over her eyes (at that point she wondered if hair ties might be provided, and soon). Pushing her hair back, she realized that the crack was, in fact, a door that was opening where there hadn't seemed to be one before. If the loud speaker was to be believed, then possibly it led to a recreational area. Mary placed a hand against the wall and braced herself for the upcoming proceedings. She would just have to take things one day at a time.

    ((I'm sorry, I'm not sure if you had anything specific in mind? If so, please ignore the last paragraph!))
  4. Name: Jax 573-918
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Power: Ability to create electricity at will.

    Jax couldn't remember the last thing he was doing... but it wasn't here. Looking around, there were many people taller than him... but not as many smaller than him. Hopefully that would change soon. Upon a loudspeaker, they were told their families would not remember their existence, which Jax thought was nonsense, but really, he didn't exactly mind it. There were so many people. People were starting to group together, leaving him pretty lonely. He had friends before but... he couldn't remember their names. In fact, he couldn't remember anyone's names, and Jax knew he was good with names.

    He didn't know what to do. Normally in busy places, like a concert, Jax and his friends would stand on a bench to make themselves taller. Great. That's what you can remember? he thought to himself. No bench to be seen.

    His attention diverted to his outfit. It felt comfortable, he decided, so it would have to do. The question was... was it static? When had he learnt he could create electricity? He couldn't quite remember.

    Suddenly, everybody began shuffling somewhere he couldn't see. At first, he panicked, but then he remembered what the loudspeaker said about a training room. Did that make all of them capable of something abnormal?

    While being moved forward, he tried to shuffle to the sides, to get less of the pushing and perhaps more of the small people. They should really do single file or something. Jax didn't really want to go into a crazy room.
  5. Marco glanced up at the girl, before pushing his weight back onto his legs. He was surprised he could hold himself up. But finally, he had his breath, and things seemed relatively okay. Well, he tried to block out the bad things, so it would be fine for now. "Sorry. Again." However, doors opened, letting the blue sheen finally set itself upon the people. It was actually.. Sort of pretty. But then people began to move, and so he quickly followed the crowd, hoping he wouldn't lose sight of the first person he talked to. He would like to know her name.

    As he was practically shoved into the recreation room, he was surprised to find that it was relatively... I don't know.. Awesome? Yes, the walls were mechanical and glowing a deep blue, but everything else just looked like teen heaven. There were sections with televisions, some with game controllers attached. There were sections with sport courts, arcades, bean bag chairs for relaxing.. Everything! He could... Actually get used to this.

    He couldn't help but crack a smile as he was pushed aside. It was a giant room with almost everything he could ever want. They really took care to make this comfortable. Though, Marco still felt a bit hollow. He didn't exist, huh..? And no one will ever know of his existence. It was a dull ache, but he decided to play some games to help it a bit.

    And so Marco went over to an xbox, plopping down in front of it and looking through the games.
  6. Jax gave up on not going into the room, since it was kinda impossible. And he was glad. "Woah." He could see loads. Xbox and any other gaming thing he could imagine, with seemingly millions of games. Football and basketball and hockey were notable sports. Pac Man and bean bags and hammocks and... Jax would happily spend the rest of his life here. Regardless of whether his family were a family anymore. Who wouldn't? Now he could see the room, he wanted to try everything. He was surprised people would try to escape. What was the catch?

    There was people everywhere, yet not squashed like in the other room. They were all spread out, the room was so large. Jax noticed some people went straight to a certain thing. He could tell who were the athletes and who weren't. At least there would never be a reason for him to do maths. Hopefully.

    He wasn't sure where to start. There was so much going on. He had many questions. If only he could find someone to ask. Was there some kind of uniform to show who was a worker for the government or something?
  7. Rachel exhaled with relief as his weight lifted off of her. "don't worry about it." she said rather hurriedly; She really didn't care if he'd apologize or not as long as she got some kind of information in the next few minutes. She'd never had a panic attack before but if something wasn't explained rather soon it could very possibly be in her near future. "Could you possibly tell me-" her inquisition was interrupted by the sudden movement of the crowd. She immediately scrambled to her feet to avoid being unnecessarily trampled. Head turning around the room for the source of light. Blue Light? Was it even light? "What the h-" it was then that she finally realized the obvious. They weren't on earth. Did the space around ever give her a clue? Yes. Was she a ditsy blonde? let's go with no.

    Whilst she was unaware, mouth somewhat agape, The boy who'd she'd met-if it could even be defined so- had already begun walking with the crowd. A surge of adrenaline pumped into her muscles suring her to cross the few meters in between them. Lose the only connection she had? heck no. "excuse me." she strained to a strangely tall girl, pushing her way through compressed bodies as they made their way through some kind of a doorway.

    Upon entering the next room Rachel was immediately reminded of a Sci-film she had seen...Or...was that a dream? Maybe it was a memory? Either way, reality was a little warped at the moment. She shook her head dismissively deciding to focus on this physical place. Once out of the door's bottleneck people began to disperse to various areas. She saw techy stuff on her right, TVs game systems and the like, smartly co-mingled with lounging. Mostly to her left was occupied by vast sports areas stretching way beyond what she had initially thought the room's size. "Again.." she mumbled through clenched teeth. "Where the hell am I..." this time it was less of a question- not that it still wasn't one- but more of a realization that where ever she was, she actually didn't mind being here; At least for the time being. Rachel began wandering aimlessly through a sitting area near the tennis court.
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  8. "Don't try and take it all in at once. You have your entire lives to explore and try everything. SG units wear white. Those are you lot. Staff wear black. You'll see them around any sort of exit, and a few in each section. You may notice that the staff look alike. That's because they're all bots, and they're specifically programed to keep you all in check. And they know damn well how to handle each of your powers. Destroy one, ten fill their place. It's up to you what sort of environment you want to live in."

    The announcement that came over the loudspeaker didn't phase Marco at all. He wasn't much of a troublemaker, and even used to blend into the background. He thinks.. Life on earth was sort of a blur, now that he thinks of it. But Marco pauses looking through the games when he hears a splash. He hardly realized that the girl was still looking for him, because the thought of water made him overly excited.

    He glances over in the direction of the noise, and immediately stands. There was barely a second before he began bolting towards the pool. When he got to the edge, he finally noticed the sheer size of it. It was like a whole lake. Marco didn't even pull off his clothes, before he leaped straight into the pool, sinking to the bottom. He lost his glasses at the bottom of the pool, but he could see perfectly under water.

    Marco decided not to change, only because he believed the appropriate time for him to do so would be during 'training' or whatever it was. He was happy just being like this in the water, anyways. Breathing through his gills, staring up at the surface. He would stay like this forever if he could. But after a few minutes, he pulled himself up out of the water, sighing when he broke the surface. This was great.
  9. Robot parents. Cool, Jax thought to himself, making his way towards the nearest one. "How did you know we have powers? Do the government track everyone?" He couldn't decide if that was freaky or awesome. Luckily, not many people had questions. It wasn't as loud as he thought it would be, and the bot didn't look like a robot, just like a normal person that looked like other people really.

    Talking of the government, Jax really wanted to know if he still got to vote when he grew old enough. Or if the Prime Minister ((or President, if you aren't British)) came for visits. Surely they knew what's going on. And how they can all breathe, and if they would ever run out of oxygen, and if he'd been in a rocket. Many childish questions he didn't want to sound stupid to ask. So he picked the most grown-up question in his head.

    "Are you... fireproof and stuff?"
  10. "Some were tracked, having a history with powers. Some, however, were taken under military custody as soon as powers came apparent." The bot responded. The voice sounded somewhat human, but had a metallic ring to it. "We are virtually indestructible. Fire resistant, shock resistant, water resistant, and resistant to all other natural forces. But please, I would prefer if you did not test that, as it would mean having you under further surveillance."
  11. Jax definitely did not want to be under further surveillance. It didn't sound fun. He hadn't expected the robot to sound like that, with a generally inhuman voice but with human qualities. "Hmm. Okay." He wondered if he was tracked or under military custody. Neither sounded familiar. But then, he doubted he'd know if he was being tracked. He glanced around, "Where do we sleep?" He wasn't tired; Jax didn't know if he could sleep with all this stuff. He hoped they wouldn't make him sleep in a prison cell, though he doubted they'd have their own bedrooms. Perhaps a dorm? Jax wondered what it would be like.
  12. "There are dormitories, sorted by gender and age. Jax 573-918 (14 2) will be kept in Dorm 221. 2, for boys. 2, for thirteen through seventeen. 1, being the first of floor 22. You share this dorm with about fifteen other boys in your age range."
  13. "Okay, thanks," Jax replied, only noting the number 221. Hopefully he'd meet someone from his dorm, and they would be nice. He didn't want to end up with jerks. He did want to know how they knew his name, and then he remembered the tracking thing. With that, he decided to have a look around, but stayed near the bot, not wanting to get too lost.
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  14. "Don't try and take it all in at once. You have your entire lives to explore and try everything. SG units wear white. Those are you lot. Staff wear black. You'll see them around any sort of exit, and a few in each section. You may notice that the staff look alike. That's because they're all bots, and they're specifically programed to keep you all in check. And they know damn well how to handle each of your powers. Destroy one, ten fill their place. It's up to you what sort of environment you want to live in."

    Immediately Rachel's body tensed not having heard the announcer until now. Understanding crossed her face as she scanned the nearest "staff member". They weren't here by accident. She probably hadn't even forgotten anything. Whoever ran this place had them under their thumb. She continued to maul her situation over still standing frozen alongside a plush, blue couch. "Why would they be able to..." her words trailed off. Okay it's got to be the government. Who? Check. The white suit everyone, including herself, wore, placed an automatic SG unit status on them. Even if it was the government was responsible it didn't make sense that families would just give up their children. As she turned about the room once more she noticed a boy a bit younger than her speaking to one of the bots. Ah that's a great idea. They should be automatic right? Proceeding to make her way up to one she tried to square her body enough to seem intimidating. Even if they could not feel fear it may relay her "I want answers or someone gets hurt" posture. Hopefully, the person hurt wouldn't be her.
    "Why are we being held here? Have our families been told?" She threw as much agitation as possible; which wasn't entirely a false feeling. She wasn't all too quiet about it either.

    (You can have it repeat the speech at the beginning if you like, I'll just edit that in with your permission, or whatever. The reason for the repeat is because I'd forgotten to include a reaction to the announcement from the beggining at all, because I hadn't realized it was one.)
  15. Another person turned up. Fine by Jax. Perhaps a friend. Or, by the angry and almost frightening look, an enemy. He had a feeling she had not heard the announcement. He wanted to hide behind the bot, since she had a threatening vibe about her. "They don't know we exist anymore," he murmured, not wanting to attract too much attention to himself. He also didn't want ten more bots if they were going to be angry robots. "And we're in space." He thought it was fairly obvious they were not on Earth. That would catch attention to normal people. He wanted to know how they made sure absolutely nobody remembered them.
  16. [​IMG]


    Miles 762-214
    16, June 12th
    Unlimited endurance
    Five' eight'', Wide shoulders, fair skin, dirty blonde hair, minimal body bulk

    Miles, apparently one of the first to awaken, Had already come to terms with his situation. It was far from a traumatizing endangerment. As far as he was concerned Being off planet was awesome. He just wished they'd let them outside at one point. Surely they had some sort of place to do that here, with all the tech and stuff they had. He now walked the edge of the pool heading to the nearest wall. He really hadn't any idea where windows might be located around here. One thing he did know? There were no freakin pockets on these suits.

    An asian boy emerged from the pool area on his left catching his attention both to the giant volume of water and how at ease the boy seemed in it. "Hey," he inclined his chin toward the swimmer "is it cold?
  17. Mary was one of the last few SGs who lagged into the recreational room, having had to cross the room from the back wall.

    "Holy crap..." she heard someone say as blue light spilled across their faces. She hummed in agreement. There was no quantifying the amount of stuff and things that occupied the indescribably large room. Could it even still be called a room?

    Mary had stepped inside in time to catch most of the announcement, though she thought she was able to hear it sounding from the room they just left, as well - or maybe that was just an echo. The door clicked shut behind her, so she couldn't turn back to check.

    Stepping forward, Mary eyed the labyrinthine paths strewn with activity sectors, and moved to explore the spaces on which her eyes feasted. Many were rushing to grab for a turn at their favorite game console, or gathering teams at the basketball courts. But how could they possibly confine themselves to one activity, when there was so much more to see?
  18. "Your families have no recollection of you ever existing. You do not actually exist anymore. All records of you are erased, Rachel 615-874 (17 1). Your hostility will be taken note of, however." The bot responded.

    Marco blinked, looking up at the other. He was big. Like, monster big. But he wasn't an adult, surely. And definitely not one of the staff, because he was wearing white. But Marco couldn't see too well, so he barely noticed any other features. "Oh. No, it's... It's really nice, actually. Wait one second." And with that, he dove down quickly. He returned only a moment later with his glasses perched on the bridge of his nose.

    Smiling, Marco moved to the edge of the pool and leaned up. He extended one webbed hand towards the other, smiling a bit. Might as well make some friends. "My name is Marco... Uh. Just Marco. I don't remember my last name."
  19. [​IMG]

    Of course the water was good. What had originally been thinking? They build this whole mass structure and not keep the giant pool a comfortable temperature? Whatever. Miles nodded in acknowledgement as the boy dove then quickly resurfaced. Glasses? He must have dropped them in the pool earlier. He watched as the boy skillfully swam towards him-once again wishing he could stuff his hands in the comfort zone of his usual pockets- to the edge of the pool. He should have expected it, Marco's webbed hands; After all everyone here probably had something quirky about them. Instead he merely stared at them blankly, trying to decide how to shake it. He flashed a quick but friendly smile then deciding a fist bump would be safer, cooly held his closed fist out to the boy. "Miles. I think We're all in the same boat, man." he chuckled "Actually I really wouldn't be surprised if there was an actual boat here anyway."


    Rachel couldn't hide the shock on her face as both the boy beside her and the bot confirmed each other's statements. "Well then..." she fixed her gaze on the bot's lifeless eyes "..that changes things.." Could they do that? How could they do that? Why would they do that? There isn't any stopping it now. I don't really remember anyone worth fighting to get back to anyway... And that was it. She was never to one to be indecisive but it always had to make some semblance of sense to her before she decided. Whatever happens here, has to be my new life. Blinking a few times Rachel turned to face the boy next to her "As easy as that I guess.." whilst rubbing her arms to rid herself of goose bumps. She wanted give a friendly smile to the boy, to make up for her angst a minute ago, but only managed a twitch. "Did you ask it exactly where in space we are?"
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  20. Marco quickly remembered. His face painted a light pink in embarrassment. It would be strange to shake a webbed, slimy, wet hand. He pulled his hand back momentarily, but smiled and returned the fist bump. "I wouldn't be surprised either, Miles." It took him a moment to realize that the outfit he wore was not wet, despite the fact that he leaped into the pool with it on.

    After a second, he decided to pull himself out of the pool, sitting on the edge. It was only his hair and skin that were wet, and the material of his clothes stayed completely dry. "Did you just get here today, as well? I'm assuming everyone did, but.. I don't know for sure."
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