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Klaus entered the local metaphysical shop, a little bell ringing throughout the shop to announce his arrival. He wasn't really low on anything at home but he was on his way back from a friend's house and thought he would stop by, hopefully there might be a sale on the pricier items. Wandering around he came across a shelf of crystals, he examined them, you always had to triple check the crystals here, sometimes fakes found their way into the mix.
As the sun began to sink into the sky, it was the usual time that Mordecai made his weekly appearance in the shop. Dressed in a comfy, oversized sweater and shorts, the eclectic witch entered with a wide grin. The shop owners, well acquainted with him, greeted the boy with kind hellos and babbles about the latest specials, and as they spoke, the strange man headed straight for the prepackaged bags of various herbs while tugging out a bag of his own. "I've got an overgrowth of purple basil in my yard this year," He explained, "So I thought you two would like some, especially as the harvest is winding down. Honestly, I've tried everything to get rid of it! I planted it thinking it would look good on my lawn and now it's like, taking over everything. I picked a few leaves, but I'm willing to give just whole pots if you guys want them...."
Klaus turned towards the door when he heard the bell chime, announcing the entrance of a new customer. He looked back at the crystals he was examining after giving the boy a quick glance. While not necessarily eavesdropping on the customer and the owners' conversation, he smiled a little bit at hearing the other's garden was being taken over. He had a similar problem a couple years ago when he decided to plant morning glories, the pretty flowers' vines ended up choking out all the rest of the plants in his garden. It took weeks to rip out all of the rude plant, he had to completely replant everything he had before in his garden. Sometimes he catches a morning glory sprout trying to re-invade his soil, he is very quick to rip them out by their roots. Setting down the crystal he was looking at he wandered over to another area of the store, stopping to examine a few bundles of bird feathers.
Grabbing handfuls of various herbs, specifically strawberry leaves and lavender, the outgoing witch glanced over at the man with a small smile before moving to pick a feather as well to add to his handful. Snatching a rose quartz pyramid as well, he set his things on the counter with a soft whistle. "Sorry, guys, but I am in a bit of a hurry. Gotta feed my pet rat, he's been extra nippy lately. I think some bad weather's coming or something, maybe it'll snow later... I dunno, but I don't want to be outside when it happens." Once setting his things down, he shimmied to grab one of the baggies of dried purple basil from his pocket and offered it to the stranger. "Oi, do you want some? I'm telling you, I've got a SHIT TON of it! Just, like, everywhere! It's growing where I didn't even plant it, it's so obnoxious... Plus you look like a fellow lover of gardening, so take it."
Klaus looked a bit surprised at the offer, and put on a polite smile, taking the offered dried plant. "Thanks," Klaus said "I had a similar problem with morning glories once, the choke out everything in their path." he said trying to laugh a little. Opening a bag he had with him he neatly put the purple basil inside. Looking back up at Mordecai he held out a shy hand "I'm Klaus Bane, pleased to meet you." he said, his voice it's usual quiet and soft tone. "I guess you come to this shop pretty often?" he asked judging by how the owners had welcomed him.
"I'm Mordecai," He replied, closing up his sweater tighter with a shiver. "Are you new in town? I come here pretty often and I've never seen you before. I practically live here, Abigail can confirm. I run out of lavender, like, on a daily basis so I come here way too much." He babbled, grinning wide. "Seriously, though, it's nice to meet you! Do you go to metaphysical shops often?"
Klaus shook his head "I've lived in town for about three years now," he said, "I live on Reed Avenue by Lane Road, near the Half-Price Books store." the red head smiled. "I try to come by the store when I can. I usually don't need to come in for much when it comes to herbs, most of what I need I grow on my own." he explained "Just came in today because it was on the way home. I am surprised we haven't met before since you do come here so often," Klaus gave a little shrug "Guess we just missed each other."
"I guess it was destiny to meet you here!" He gasped, "I live right in the apartment complex above the book store! That is so weird, honestly. Are you heading home after this? We could walk home together, if that's cool. I do want to head home as soon as possible, though, I want Celeste to be safe after this storm...." As he babbled, he tugged out a pen from his pocket and snatched the other's hand suddenly. Scribbling down his number, as if it was routine, he offered a smile.
Klaus was taken a bit by surprise, having to will himself not to automatically pull his hand away. He was a bit used to this behavior, a couple of his friends were pretty animated like Mordecai. "I don't see why not," Klaus agreed "since we're heading in the same direction. I probably need to get home and cover my more delicate plants before the storm hits." he said more as thinking out loud to himself. He also remembered he'd have to make sure the windows were shut, his sister had a habit of keeping them open whenever she could, no matter what the temperature was outside. Last time he forgot to close the windows his books got soaked from the rain, luckily it was an easy trick to dry them, but he'd like to avoid it. His sister, Claudia, lived with Klaus, but she always seemed to be off somewhere else doing something, she was not the type to sit still.
"Rad! That's my number, by the way. You seem like the person who'd be good to listen to stuff, plus you like the things I do! It's perfect, hm?" He gushed, though did calm down long enough to pay for his things properly. "You seem to know a lot about gardening, it would be cool if you could help one day. I'm not great, but I'm sure I can learn to be better. My plot at the local garden is doing well, at least, that's more than I can say for some of the old men who go there. Their cucumbers look so small! It's sad, really."
"Well usually the smaller crops tend to have the most taste, if you let your fruits or vegetables get too large their flavor will taste more watered down." Klaus explained as they walked out the shop entrance, the bell chiming as the went. "That's usually why they don't end up eating those produce who win contests based on whose is the biggest. They wouldn't taste very good." he continued while adjusting his bag strap on his shoulder.
"I never knew that..." He admitted, huffing. "I don't really ever eat any of the stuff I grow, though, that's why the only real thing I grow that's, like, food is strawberries and I just take the leaves, you know? And the occasional strawberry too... I mostly just grow herbs, to dry and whatnot. But I can't grow everything to the amount I want, nor can I grow some things period... That's why I stop by the shop a lot, especially now that Samhain is over and all. I got a lot of saving up to do for winter, now. My landlord thinks I'm a bit of a hoarder when it comes to that stuff, though. Makes me go through all my books and stuff to throw out. She's not very thrifty, evidently, but she's not on a budget."
"I never throw out books," Klaus says "I have this fear if I do I'll end up needing them for something later on. Although I don't have nearly as many as my friend Charlie, he's the biggest bookworm I know. His apartment is filled with shelving, covering nearly all the walls, and even then he's got piles of books stacked everywhere." Klaus shook his head "It's a real mess, I don't know if to actually believe him when he's said he's read all of them." laughing a little as the walked down the side walk.
"I hide most of mine in my closet. I'd rather have to throw out clothes than book material, and she never checks my closet. I told her once it was filled with spiders and she's never checked since! I do have a problem with clothes, though. I'm like a dragon, only everything is in my hoard and not just little things. Mostly clothes and candles though. My momma always said, candles are always in demand."
Klaus nodded "I tried my hand at learning to make them myself but I could never get them to turn out right, so I just stick to buying them or picking them up anytime I see them. Besides not ever throwing books away I don't think I really hoard anything. My older sister tends to try and keep animals she finds in her room, I can understand her taking care of them if they're injured but she's just constantly bringing more in. I'm constantly having to go in there and put them back outside." Klaus was always finding little rodents running around the house, it didn't bother him too much, he'd just scoop them up and let them out the back door into the garden. His cat Penny surprisingly never went after the little critters, Claudia probably had made a deal with her.
"I LOVE animals, they just don't really love me. I'm more of an insect fellow myself, except for Celeste that is. I absolutely adore her, and other rats too. She's albino, and had a parnwr named Sunny but she passed... So now it's just Celeste and I, for now..." He babbled, his hand holding the straps of his backpack tight. "Oi, I pride myself in my hoarding. I mean, I can find some really cool stuff that I might use in the future! I don't shop at stores anymore, just thriftshops. I'd love to bring you to one."
"Sure," Klaus smiled, then spotted his house coming up. It was a small place, only one story with a basement. It had two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a good sized living room that had a fireplace, small kitchen, and a room for an office that was mainly used for storage. The house was a red-brown colored brick with a light yellow front door, several wind chimes hung from the small porch's ceiling. Out in the front lawn was several beds of flowers, and little animal statues placed around. "Oh that's my house," he pointed smiling, he liked where he was living, there were still a few improvements he need to make, mainly in the basement. It was a cement room with cracked walls and flooring and it wasn't uncommon for it to flood. He didn't know much magic that was used for home renovation, he's been flipping through all his books to find something but so far was still empty handed.
"It's crazy cute," He commented, letting out a wishful sigh at the sight. "I've been trying to find a better job to move into a house, but no one wants to hire me. Plus, working at the bookstore cuts some of the price for the apartment down... I just can't refuse, you know? I'd love to have my own lawn, though... I guess I gotta deal with a balcony for now, hm?" He whined, though offered a smile instantly after. "Where do you work? You should stop by at the book store every now and then, I'd love to say hi to you! It's nice meeting someone as strange as I am, it's a rarity."
"I'm currently in between jobs at the moment," Klaus said a little embarrassed "Used to work as a secretary for a dentist office, but there were a lot of, I guess personal differences between me and my employer, so I had to leave." he explained "Luckily have a good amount of money saved and put away for these type of situations, just need to polish up my resume and continue looking." Klaus had gotten a couple of offers, but he was not really wanting to accept, the pay was way under what it should be for the jobs. Walking up to the front of the house Klaus stopped and looked over at Mordecai "It was nice meeting you," he smiled "I'll give you a call or something later?"
"Rad, I'll call you first though probably. Bored too often not to, you know?" He teased, before waving to the other and wandering down the street to his own home, to be greeted by his happy rat familiar and his messy apartment filled with various niche things, just the way he liked it!
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