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    I am planning on making an apocalyptic roleplay, more specifically a zombie one.

    At this point many of you might be thinking "zombies, count me in." or even "isn't that idea overdone?"

    well, before you decide based on that alone, this isn't going to be your everyday zombie apocalypse(henceforth known as Z.A). It's going to be set in a modern fantasy world, meaning there will be all kinds of fun things that can happen, that normally wouldn't in your average Z.A. Other species like elves and dwarves might be included, while other fantasy elements will be either left out, or distilled.

    The exact world isn't set in stone, so I can't give any sort of preview as to the world, but if your interested on a new take of the zombie apocalypse then voice your opinion please. =^.^=

  2. I might be interested, I'll see where this goes. :)
  3. I'd be interested to hear more about this.
  4. Yeah, if you'd say a little more about what you have thus far then we can start discussing ideas further.
  5. Well, I do have a little bit of the world and such planned out in my head, though it's only minor things like the type of weaponry that exists. I was primarily waiting to see if the idea would garner any interest before actually creating the world I've created a bunch of worlds only for them to die off before getting started, don't want the disappointment again XD

    Is there anything specific you would want to know right now?
  6. Okay, what sort of plot do you have in mind? Will we be looking for a cure, travelling to a safe point, kill zeds as part of a protection squad?
  7. I was thinking of just having a general 'survive' plot, of course that would contain smaller plots such as traveling to a possible 'safe' location, while at the same time allowing more to happen.
  8. <--------------- interest dropped
  9. *squeals happily*

    If we get one more person interested I'll get to work on building the world =^.^=

    I do have a question for those that have already expressed interest:
    I am planning on limiting the signups so we have a small group that's easier to keep track of(multiple characters will be allowed) however I'm not quiet set on any given number yet. So I'll ask your opinions. Would you rather the group be limited to six/ten people? Or would you rather there not be a limit? (though I will likely still decide this on my own, your opinions are important and will help my decision)
  10. Ya a limit would be my thumbs up
  11. I don't mind a limit, although maybe let it be a little flexible? Like if two people express interest at roughly the same time but there's only one spot left then allow both of them.
    As for the number, 6 sounds about right.
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  12. I think I'l start working on the world tomorrow, regardless of interest, as more information might actually help garner more interest.

    So I've got another question for you all, this is supposed to be semi-fantasy, however, if it's too fantasy it'll take away that 'survival' aspect, and is generally the reason we don't see many Z.A fantasy/modern fantasy settings. So, my question is how you all feel about magic. I'm not talking magic like a powerful mage that can decimate hordes of the undead with a single spell, but rather weapons imbued with magical properties, such as swords that can't break/dull or guns that fire elemental shots, basically magitech. It would allow a bit of flexibility with the rules of the world, while at the same time keeping that survival aspect.

    I would also like to know opinions on other races. I was primarily going to limit it to humanoid races with no unique strengths or 'powers' that might make them too 'easy', however there are ups and downs either way, limiting the races to simple elves/humans/nekos/etc. would limit character flexibility, and limit the fantasy setting more. Adding other species that are special in certain aspects(Orcs/Minotaurs/etc.) would add in character flexibility, but I feel it would take away from that survival aspect for those characters, but at the same time, might add to it for other characters if one of these special races were to be 'zombified'. There's always the third option of still having the stronger races in the world for that added survival aspect, but not making them playable, though I'm not entirely sure how most would feel about this option.

    Again, I'll likely make these decisions myself regardless, however knowing your opinions will allow me to make the decisions in a way that will hopefully keep you happy, entertained, and interested.
  13. Magic or magitech IMO would be acceptable but definately needs to be contained. It shouldn't be such an extreme reliability

    Races IMO should be simple yet a variety. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, etc. I think a race like minotaur is farfetched.
  14. *runs in terror from the alien creature trying to hug her*
    Why crimson? Why would you send an alien after me?! DX

    on a more serious note, I shall take your opinions into consideration =^.^=
  15. Don't have much yet, but there's now a name to to the world, a few location names, and a bit of info on the magic!

    Locations in Arriavar

    • The God Isle
    • The Inferno Lands
    • The Eternal Void

    • Magic works a little different in Arriavar than in other realms of fantasy, while most races possess Mana, very few can actually use it. This is where Magitech comes in, but that will be in a different dot. Magic, is essentially the manipulation of mana to create varied effects, primarily elemental ‘spells’. It is possible for a few rare souls in Arriavar to use Mana without Magitech, however in the last thousand years, only one such soul has existed. Those who can use magic without magitech have a major disadvantage, they can use up every ounce of their mana stores. While this might not sound like a bad thing, when a person’s mana reserves run out, they black out until their mana returns.
    • Magitech is technology that uses the mana of it’s owner to varied effects. The primary form of Magitech is in weaponry. Magitech was invented around two Millennia ago. At first Magitech was rare, only a few actually possessed them. The first Magitech weapons are referred to in many myths and legends, being called ‘The Twelve Arcs’. Magitech has come a long way since their invention, and few are seen without them, however none match the strength of the Arcs. All magitech have limiters built into them, allowing them to only use up a certain amount of a person’s mana, before rendering the weapon useless for a time.
    • Arcs. If you were to mention the Arcs to anyone you met, they would recognize what you were speaking of. If you were to claim you possessed one of these Arcs, odds are the other person would try to kill you and claim the weapon for themselves. Such things happen often, however most of the time it’s after a false claim, and has only been proven to be fact once.
    • Tech in Arriavar is somewhat advanced, much like ‘sci-fi’ tech. The power source for a major portion of Arriavar tech is crystallized mana.
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  16. If there is a spot left I'd be interested in joining. :3
  17. There is most definitely still room for you! =^.^=

    We technically now have enough people to get an OOC up, though, I still don't have muchany more of the world fleshed out yet. I'm far better at building characters than worlds, so I'm not entirely sure when I'll have it finished ^.^''
  18. I know that feel. For the past 2 years I've been trying to flesh out my own world. If you need someone to bounce ideas off of or something I'd be willing to help.
  19. I'll keep that in mind =^.^=
  20. For anyone that want's a visualization of the world, here's a map. I still have to label it and such, but, it exists now =^.^=

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