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    The land of Equestria, a mystical land filled with magic and beauty to the most part. The inhabitants of this land are all animals and among them are the three primary pony races who live in harmony with the land. However ponies are not the only ones who inhabit the land, there are Zebras, Buffaloes, and even Griffins and Dragons. All these races exist in either Equestria itself of the land around it.

    However one would be mistaken if they believe such a wold is always at peace, there's trouble at times and even at points rising and falls of evils. However to defend Equestria we have the elements of harmony and their current weilders the mane six. Of course, we cannot completely be dependant on the main six to solve all of our problems. No we still need to work together, build friendships of our own. And perhaps one day, even we more common creatures of this land will be needed for greatness.



    You exist among many others, as a creature of this land you can be a pony or another race if you so prefer. Inhabiting a quite happy where harmony is on the minds of many everyone still need to work together to solve some problems. Together we are strong, and no matter where you originally came from your welcome here in Ponyville. All creatures need each other to survive, and even with some of the most powerful creatures working for us, there is still dangers in this world and chances of adventures even for the least bold.


    Important Rules (open)

    1. No God-modding, Suing or equal behavior. Nobody can do everything, and not all problems can be solved easily.
    2.Be nice and respectful to the members of the site.
    3. Avoid Spamming the thread: Such as posting pointless annoying pictures, gifs, posts etc. Not all people appriciate this so keep it out.
    4. Feel free to play any race, Be an original character or excising one.
    5. Keep it Pg-13 People, I mean love is fun... but I'm quite certain not all want to know exclusive details that can be taken to more private places.
    6. Don't break your Pinkie promises... Its... really bad, really. And the rules are considered Pinkie promises. Unles you want to loose your friends.... Foooreeevvvveerrrr
    7. Lots of people seem to want Alicorns... However I think we should keep that to a Minimum right now. Unless you have very good reasons.
    8. More rules may arrive later if needed, have fun.

    -Need more males-

    CS (open)

    Age Category: (Baby,Child,Teenager,Adult,Elder) (Alt:Baby,Filly/Colt,Mare/Stallion, Etc)

    *For Excisting characters you must Pinkie promise that you will play them to your best ability to make sure they keep their high status as the charactes we all know and love. *

    Character List:

    Character-Special somepony-

    Luna Twilling The Unicorn -NA/Unknown-

    Starry Inks The Unicorn -NA/Unknown-
    Strawberry Cream The Pegasus -NA/Unkown-


    Vincent Gainbits The Pegasus -All the Mares~....-

    Other Characters:
    Arcaine Streams The Griffon -Open-

    Kuda The Fox/Kudagitsune Deity -Shuu-


    Shuu the Inarigitsune Deity -Kuda-
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  2. :: Name ::
    "Hello there~? Have you come to visit Luna? Oh Luna is happy~"
    Luna Twilling

    :: Appearance ::
    "Goodness~ Luna is flattered that you would like to look at Luna~"
    Luna Twilling

    :: Race ::
    "Oh you still here~? Goodness Luna is so very much happy~ Well magic is so very much wonderful~"

    :: Age Category ::
    "Goodness~ Is Luna that interesting~? Why Luna is honoured~ Luna is quite young but Luna is growing up~ Luna shall be a full grown Mare soon~"
    Young Adult

    :: Abilities ::
    "Well Luna does enjoy Fortune telling~ It is so much fun one must say~!"
    ~ Fortune Telling ~
    ~ Star and Constellation Knowledge ~

    :: About ::
    "Luna does not have very much to say she must say so~"

    :: Other ::
  3. @EternalMusic
    Yep seems acceptable to me ^^


    Name: Vincent Gainbits
    Race: Pegasus
    Age Category: Young Adult Stallion.
    -His Special ability is Luck.

    About: Born in cloudsdale Vincent like many others were curious about how far the skies could take him. Thus one daywhen his curiosity could no longer be contained Vincent decided to see what was on the end of the rainbow. So he flew and flew curious about how far his wings would take him, and eventually when he crashed he fell into a big pot of bits. Having no knowledge from where it came, Vincent decided to donate the whole thing to the needing, and as thanks recived a house in Ponyville where he came to rest. At least for now...

    Other: Single


    Name: Arcaine Streams
    Race: Griffon.
    Age Category: Adult.
    Quick Agile flight.
    Howling Steam mark 2: A Unique Aerodynamic Acrobatic maneuver where he twist his whole body, spin into a huricane, Loop- and then sky dives to the point where he gain such speed and momentum that for a short while be able to do nearly anything, Such things as flying upside down etc.

    Arcaine is a griffon from the Order the Eye of the Storm. Its a extreme aerodynamic daredevil group who do countless stunts around the world for the entertainment of crowds. He however may seem to have one of the roughest exteriors you come by, and he's a complete Tsundere when it comes to anything that have to do with females. However he's quite a soft guy on the inside and actually wear a hoof knitted scarf that he got from a young filly who actually thought that he might get cold from flying in the sky. He have a soft spot for children of all races and even thought he's great at bragging he would never recommend someone to try to copy their stunts.

    Other: Still single​
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  4. Name:

    His size is about... well, he is rather tiny and can fit into a 5cm diameter pipe. He is about 15 centimetres long with these proportions as depicted in the picture. While hovering, he can choose to hide his hind legs.

    Fox with odd capabilities. He says he's a 'Kudagitsune', whatever that is.

    Age Category:

    Kuda can levitate with ease, despite lacking any visible means to do so. He is faster than Earth Ponies and Unicorns, but Pegasi will either tie with or outrun him.
    He is able to swiftly analyse the physiology, nature and other traits of lifeforms. He can also sketch wildlife pretty well, rarely leaving details out.

    Kuda comes from a faraway Eastern land, a land that is very different from Equestria. It is said that Unicorns and Pegasi do not inhabit those lands, or at least, not in the way we imagine them to. He has come to Ponyville to learn more about the races of the Western lands.
    He lived in the 'Kitsune Valley' as he calls it, a place dominated by all kinds of foxes and governed by Elder Inari. He was a scholar who had previously set out to learn about the various creatures across the Eastern lands, sketching their appearances, abilities and physiology. One day, he had chosen to head towards the Western land Equestria, along with his wife and egg, so that he could learn more about the world.
    He soon found himself in a place known as Ponyville. It was more cheery and friendly than most places in the East. While his appearance might have caused a little stir as 'a mysterious hovering white rat'. A pony named Pinkie Pie later threw a surprise party for him and his family in their new home, introducing them to the other ponies. Kuda and his family were thankful for their hospitality, and were most surprised by how friendly the place was.
    It has been a few months since moving to Ponyville. He finds the lifestyle interesting yet different.

    He currently lives with his wife, Shuu, who is often seen caring for their egg at home, or bringing it out in a pram.​
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  5. How does it use its magic?.

    I mean if it have to use 'paper' for it that is.
  6. Well it's what he calls 'Shikigami', basica-

    Yeah, maybe I'll change that. There's paper in Equestria, but...

    Yup, I changed it to something different. He draws on the ground to bring his drawings to life.
  7. Is my picture too out-of-style? If so, consider that a placeholder until I find time to draw one.
  8. Well I'm still considering what your character would be regarded as.

    If its really powerful and all it might be a Deity of some sort by status.

    How powerful Magic wise is it to say a 'Regular' Unicorn?... I mean they're not very strong magically.

    And how Big and powerful is it compared to the other 'Eastern land creatures?.

    What's its limitations so to speak xD...

    And how big is it in its natural un grown state?.

    And no, I guess the picture is not too out of place. It still make me think of some kind of Deity howerer.... I'll blame Okami =P
    Especially when you came into the track of drawing stuff that come to life... xD

    I mean Ammy can draw stuff too xD, like Rivers... Make the sun rise, make trees bloom with the Divine Brush techniques =P
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  9. 1. It's magic is closer to that of an adult unicorn with a Cutie Mark. Think of Twilight's combat potential in the Trixie Episode, multiplied by 0.75. He's more of a researcher than fighter, though.
    2. In his grown form, while maintaining the depicted proportions albeit a little more muscular, he is about 1.5 times the HEIGHT of the train depicted often in the series, from the floors to the ceiling.
    3. The typical race in these 'Eastern Lands' are at least twice the size of ponies. Actually, sizes vary greatly, from the size of a penny to greater than the usual Equestrian dragon.
    4. The length of 15cm is in the app. Head to tail.
  10. You mean the one when they duel? Or some other? xD...

    I mean Twilight is hardly a 'Normal' Unicorn by magic standards xD... She's a Very powerful one. Even before the Upgrades she could use way more magic than most others. It could also have to do with that Special talent actually is magic as well xD...

    But Normal Unicorn standars, I would guess that menas they can somewhat move several lighter objects at once Depending on skill. Such as Brooms, Small objects like needles and thread and combs, brushes etc. In rare cases they may 'blink/wink' in and out of existence.

    So I guess it depends on what characters we use to measure it. I mean Magic-wise Rarity is much weaker than Twilight and still quite Capable. While Celestia 'Who seem fully grown enough' is really powerful. But it may have to do with her princess abilities of raising the sun and all.

    And well magic seems hard to perform, Unless your a Deity of some sort like Discord. But nopony seem to be able to really stand up to him unless they have super charged friendship powers xD...

    And with current size measurement, He would be like a big mouse

    Would look pretty funny for him to use a pen as big as himself.

    Well with those sizes in mind, I assume we can cross of Easten land of the list of places we want to visit.
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  11. I was referring to the Ursa Minor episode. It wasn't really combat, but wit. Wit is his species trait.

    Yeah, I think it should be a little above Rarity at best. The maximum punching/lifting power of a construct of his abilities should be a little higher than Rarity's telekinetic limit.

    For pens and brushes, his tail can handle that.

    The Eastern Lands are actually just... well Equestria is very Western-myth inspired, and these unnamed Eastern lands are mostly Eastern-myth inspired. The pony types present are slightly different, as Eastern myth doesn't have Unicorns and Pegasi the same way we know them in Equestria.
  12. Hmm, I don't recall the "battle" in that one xD. But Wit is nice.

    I guess that is acceptable.

    Yeah it was funny =P

    And Yes, I know xD... I just felt that I personally didn't believe it would be safe to visit... mostly.

    And assuming that you don't have any specific history to how such a Creature came to be accepted into Ponyville, I will think that he was somewhat found by Fluttershy and introduced by her xD... it feels like the most logical explanation as she care for nearly all kinds of 'animals' xD

    Otherwise I can assume a quite hilarious panic could have broken out at some point with a weird magical 'rat' ran around trying to get contact with ponies.
  13. Equestria is just as- alright good point. Ponies don't exactly prance into the Evergreen Forest often.

    I guess I'll build on history soon.
  14. Well Accepted ^^
  15. Just claimin mah Spike!
  16. You need to make a Cs for Spike.
  17. Awsoem sauce ^^
  18. Are alicorns allowed tho? i imagine they can't be too powerful, at best they'd be a not superpowered alicorn twilight, which isn't too strong to a point of them being near impossible to be beaten by normal ponies. (I mean in the S5 Premier Twilight hardly put up a fight honestly).

    I do have a griffon character in mind though.
  19. Well, Honestly speaking.... I prefer not.

    I have nothing specifically against them.

    But Somethings have given me the Impression that you simply don't just become an Alicorn without Very good reason. I wouldn't say anything about a crystal pony or something. But Even if only as strong as a Normal Unicorn, its kinda the pont that they cannot do everything.... However, I guess it would be possible for a Unicorn that have a bit of skill in magic to grant temporary wings like Twilight did once.