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    These people have been single for almost a year. Once loved ones send them to a speed dating thing at a bar they wind up on multiple dates. Will they find the right person for them?
    Max sighed, it was always the same damn routine. Get up, get dressed, go to school, go to work then hangs with friends for 20 minutes then goes to bed... then the same thing happens all over again.
    Max put on his clothes for today then looked at himself for only a moment then walked out the door.
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    Name: Valkyria Woods
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'9"
    Looks: Slim with long legs and arms. To many, she appears bony and most assume she has an eating disorder, even if she eats quite a lot in reality.
    Personality: Valkyria is outgoing and seductive of nature, managing to make friends most of the time. Valkyria is part of a drama class and always "dresses up" in all kinds of outfits. She's into gothic clothing, both in black but also lighter colors like blue and pink. Despite this, she's quite shy and never let's anyone in on her personality.

    Once again, Valkyria pulled on an eccentric dress of her own, a black one with frills reaching to just above her knees. She ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth, slipping into her shoes as she left for school in her car. When she reached the campus, she was just on time as the bell rang. She met up with her best friends in the hallways, chatting with them about the upcoming musical. Valkyria was the female lead role, and there was a lot of pressure on her to do it right.
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  3. ((Oh okay thanks))

    Amelia got up to her alarm and put on her school uniform and a yellow jacket, zipping it up. She brushed her hair and got a piece of toast then caught the bus to school. At school, she met up with her friends, talking about what their weekends. While her friends had gone on dates, Amelia had been home reading. Before her friends could offer to set her up, the bell rang and they headed to class.
  4. Valkyria passed Amelia in the hallways. Despite her very outgoing and dramatic outfit, she was always kind to other people. She quite liked Amelia. She wasn't that "I date and go out with half of the school's boys at the same type" kind of girl and Valkyria liked that, because despite her beauty and obvious want to look good. But she really just wanted a friend she could trust and talk with. She gave Amelia a kind smile before she went to class herself.
  5. Amelia smiled back at Valkyria before entering class. She didnt know the girl very well but she seemed friendly. Maybe Amelia would see if she wanted to eat lunch together.
  6. Valkyria pulled away from her friends as they reached class, not wanting to interact much with them and their overdramatic problems about boys. When lunch time was due, she sought out Amelia in the hallways.
  7. Loki walked to his class thinking that this was going to be a good day but started getting nervous on the way to the room. He had never been so nervous and he didnt know why he was this time. He moved around alot as akid so meeting new people was not a new thing to him.
  8. Amelia sat down at the picnic table and smiled at Valkyria as she set her home made lunch om the table.
  9. Valkyria had brought a packed lunch too and smiled as they sat down together. "So... you like reading, right?"
  10. Amelia blushed lightly, nodding. She had a rather thick book by her lunch, which had a marker about halfway through. "The librarian says im their best customer. " She said with a slight smioe. "What about you?"
  11. Max made it to school. As soon as he got there his friend Jake practically ambushed him. He sighed knowing exactly what he wanted to talk to him about.
    "You need to get back into the dating world." He said.
    "Why?" Max asked.
    "Because it has almost been a year since uh... Erica's passing." Max frowned at him as Jake gave him a flyer, (Here." and before Max could say anything he was gone. Max looked dpwn at the flyer and read it, "Speed dating being held at a bar?" he asked to himself.
  12. "I tend to do it secretly. They'll call me a nerd if they figure out. I just love everything in the media world... music, books and movies... it's all beautiful in its own ways." She said smiling softly at Amelia. She felt like she, for once in a while, had found a friend. And that made her feel good.
  13. Amelia blinked and looked down a bit. "Oh is that what they're calling me? A nerd?" She said softly, looking at her sandwich.
  14. "No, well I don't, but I would be called a nerd if I "suddenly" started liking books. I wish I was more like you, able to be myself." She said softly with a smile as she ate her lunch.
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  15. Max looked at the time. He already missed 1 st 2nd hour... he was late coming to school. He shrugged it off and decided to have lunch. He walked into the cafeteria and saw two familiar faces. He walked up behind Valkyria leaned in and whispered, "Boo." in her ear.
  16. Valkyria squealed and turned around, pouting. "Max! You know I hate that!" She said with a heavy blush, also a bit mad that she was interrupted while talking to Amelia. She pulled her hair over one shoulder and scooted to the side. "Well, sit down, don't be a stranger." She said as she allowed herself to smile a little.
  17. ((No it was fine, Amelia is just insecure.))

    Amelia opened her mouth to say something when Max joined them. She gave him a small smile and went back to eating her lunch.
  18. He smiled then sat down next to them, "So how are you two beautiful ladies doing?" he said jokinngly and chuckled. He has known Amelia and Valkyria for quit some time now. Ever since he moved into this town in 3rd grade.
  19. "I'm doing well, and I think Amelia is too." She said with a smile as she looked at Max. She had known him for a long time, but didn't bother ask about his past, or why he had been late. Instead she just stayed on a rather innocent topic.
  20. Amelia nodded. Max had been in their classes since elementary school. Always the jokester and ladies man, he was never far off from mischief. She noticed with a frown he didnt have his lunch again and sighed, pulling out the second lunch she had started making for him in fourth grade whenshe had noticed him coming to lunch empty handed.
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