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  1. Julian had spent a long time in this particular place. He had moved around to mask his existence, but now he had decided to stay at this house for a while.

    We should all know the old tales, right? About dragons, magicians and other magical creatures walking on this earth. In these modern times, that was stories for children. About the evil witches, and large dragons, about the world that no one had ever seen.
    Well, many did not believe in these creatures for real. How could magic exist in our modern society of logic and simplicity? They simply discarded magic because of the fact that they would be powerless to do anything about it if it showed to not just be... well, folklore.

    Sadly these people were ignorant, all of them wouldn't admit the truth. The magical community (which actually existed) had been forced to hide themselves. There had been made laws about performing magic in front of the "normal" race of humans, and magical creatures would have to be hidden away at any cost. Magicians lived very, very long, and Julian himself had been around for quite a few centuries, met historical persons and seen much, much more than any "human" on earth. He had been forced to hide away once the laws had come, and with his ability of shape-shifting, he had hidden himself under many names. For once in a while he was using his original first name, Julian. The name his mother had given him at birth.

    She died a few days after his birth and he had been trying to resurrect her at some point using magic, but after a few horribly gone wrong tests on dead animals, he was not going to give it a try. His mother would never come back as she had been before she died. She'd come back as a monster that had no humanity. After that he had been trying to live in solitude of both humans and magicians alike. He was unlikely to talk to people and only when it was deadly necessary he got out of his house.

    Even being an attractive man looking not a day older than 18, he had not managed to create many friendships in his long lifetime. He simply hated company. He found other people noisy, and his only companion was his cat, a black creature with unnatural red eyes. He was aware that this cat was a monster, or demon-cat that lived just as long as himself, if not longer. He had decided to never ever step out of the confines of his safe walls.

    That was, until he saw it on the streets. It was like a black puddle, deforming and growing back into shape as it moved in hiding of the shadows. There was a lot of people outside. He could not afford to let whatever creature it was get away. He swiftly pulled on his long, black coat and a pair of gloves to hide the magical marks on each of his palms. He had to get it to a secluded place, or they'd have casualties and a lot of people's memory to tamper with. Spells to affect the human memory took long and he'd rather not bother the magical community. He pulled the hood of his coat up and set out to find the creature that had gone in direction of a public park.
  2. Kieara was a young woman of the age of about 20. She has been around this town most of her life and rather enjoyed it here on a normal basis. It wasnt so bad. It had its cons. However any place had a list of those anymore. And a laundry list at that.

    She worked in a bakery. She always did have a talent for cooking. She had a sense for flavor and often one day dreamed of opening her own restaurant. However it wasnt looking for that dream to be obtainable. The way economy was this day in time it was near impossible to afford something to eat much less property and a building to maintain on it.

    She was a beautiful young woman. She was petite. Only 5'1. Not exceptionally tall. Not exceptionally short but small enough to be considered so. She has curves. They were rather nice and complimented her tiny body. She had natural red hair that fell in ringlets currently pulled back in a ponytail reaching her mid back. She had fair skin with a line of freckles crossing the bridge of her nose and her cheeks that would crinkle when she laughed. She had aqua colored eyes that if one looked hard enough they could nearly see her soul through. She wore a pair of jeans and a flour stained sweater covered by a jacket.

    She wasnt so different than him. She'd lost her mother. She had become anti social after that. Of course she lost hers in a battle with cancer. Her father had started drinking after that and got hostile. He'd abused her for years before she ran. Now she was alone. And she understood how truly miserable it was to be alone. She hated it. But she saw no one really worth her time and effort to get to know.

    She had just gotten off work and was trying to walk through the park to clear her head. The longer she stayed here the less time she had to spend at home in that huge house reminding her of her solitude.
  3. Julian would look over his shoulder every now and then, but there was no sight of this creature. He spotted it trying to get away in and alley and ran all that he could to try and catch up with it. He had realized that it was a shadow creature, one of the demons, which lurked around the corners and in dark corridors, under children's beds. It was the only type of demon who would target humans. Rest of the demons had enough trouble with each other and had no time for humans.

    When he caught up with it he heard the screeching, broken voice of the creature seemingly speak to him. He did not understand a word of it, and with a spell towards the creature, it was pinned on a tree in the park. The screaming seemed to be inside his head, which was the strong point of the creatures. They talked in your mind instead of with a voice. It told him a lot of words, but he couldn't seem to get a hold of it. His naturally purple eyes flared open as he again stretched a hand out and pointed his palm at the creature. This time, it screamed. It sounded like tires against the asphalt, a loud, high-pitched sound of agony.

    The light enveloped the creature before it disappeared, having made a large, dark burning mark on the tree where it had been. If there was one shadow here, definitely more was on their way... he would have to inform the magical community about this. Great. He would have to be social again. Being one of the most gifted wizards of all time, he did not know why they would just leave him alone. Maybe they were scared of him. He pulled his hood down, his white hair seemingly shining in the sun. He looked much like an angel, with white skin and light hair, and eyes that seemed very large for a male. He looked down at his pocket watch with a sigh and then kicked the tree once.

    "What were you doing here? Coming after me? No... shadows target humans, not magicians... It couldn't have mistaken my aura for a human's, I reek of magic... dammit.." He was babbling to himself in a slightly loud voice so people nearby would be able to hear him. He didn't think anyone would be nearby at all, and he was too frustrated to think about his actions.
  4. Kieara happened to overhear him. She hadnt payed any attention to what he'd said but she saw he seemed troubled. She went over. Something about him was drawing as shy and no social as she was.

    "Sir?" She gave an award winning charming smile. "Is everything alright?" She asked him as she stopped in front of him. "Is there anything I can do to assist you?"
  5. He whipped around with a suspicious look and narrowed his eyes as he looked at her. He hadn't seen this human female before. She probably had a normal life with normal friends and normal foes, a normal job and a normal family. Why would a seemingly normal girl like her talk to a 'freak' as he was considered to be?

    "What did you see? What did you hear?" He looked at her with narrowed eyes, and despite him being so handsome he looked a bit scary with such an expression. When he held this expression you could almost see that he was much, much older than he appeared to be.
  6. She blinked at his questions. She answered them nonetheless. "I saw you talking to yourself and I couldn't make out what you said." She explained to him coming closer. She was a beautiful young woman and couldn't help but think that he was attractive too.

    She offered a sweet smile. "Perhaps I can help. Is there something youve lost and you're looking for?"
  7. "I have not lost anything there's nothing that you can do about this. Not anyone of your kind, anyways.." He winced as he spoke, realizing what he had just said. He hadn't thought about that talking to humans like this would make them quite suspicious and even offended. But well, she was of another species than him, almost, and he couldn't really care less if she found him rude or inconsiderate.

    "Look, if you saw or heard anything weird, just ignore it; this tree, too. It's really nothing for your species to concern themselves with. You're too busy with everything having to be logical and simple, stuff like this will just overwork your brain."
  8. Kieara rose a brow at his words. "My kind? Saw anything weird?" She asked. When he mentioned the tree she looked to it seeing the large scorch mark, still smoking. "How in the.....What did you do?" She asked looking back at him for an explanation. She didn't understand what was going on here, but she definitely wanted to find out.

    This man was a mystery, and she wanted to know what was going on. She wanted to know who he was, why he acted so strange, why he was so alone. She was naturally drawn to him.
  9. He shrugged and spread out his arms, revealing the marks on his palms and as his sleeves were pulled down a little, on his arms as well. It looked almost like tattoos except they were glowing. Glowing as in emitting a light of some sort. In his case, it had the same bright purple color as his eyes.

    "Well, to be honest, I wasn't the one who did this. It's my fault it's here, but I didn't do it. Look, do you really wanna know? Do you really want to have to reconsider your own existence? Because this goes beyond what your human brain can understand, little girl." Despite the girl being shorter, he actually looked younger than her, and maybe she would find it strange to be called "little girl". But he was old, at least on human scale he was. A few hundred years here and there? No problem. His solitude had really made him a bad conversation partner.
  10. Kieara listened to his words. They sounded so strange. She didn't understand why he talked the way he did. "Honestly, you look younger than I am, and maybe I...." She found herself staring at the marks. "Do wanna know..." She finished giving them a puzzled look that soon changed to one of concern aimed at him. "What's going on here?" she asked coming a little closer.
  11. "Well it's hard to explain since you didn't exactly see what happened..." He sighed softly and then followed her glance to the glowing marks on his arms. "Oh, these? They take a little to wear off after I've used magic. If you wanna know, that's one thing you need to accept, kid. Magic's real. It's not just something that stories have created. No, magic created the stories, not the other way around. We have been living for centuries under ground, us wizards and witches, because you humans started thinking in boxes. You could not accept the fact that we, a more powerful and knowing race, existed. And I am certainly not younger than you, human. I have lived for a few hundred years, after human calendars, anyways..."
    He whipped around and stood just in front of her face, looking down at her.

    "And I want you to tell me; do you think I'm crazy? That this is all just me having to go to a mental facility? That I'm simply making up the fact that this burn mark is from the magic used to kill a creature that would be wanting to devour human's souls?" He knew that he sounded like a freak, but he really didn't care. She could believe him or leave. Maybe he'd even act up and prove it to her. Well, his mind certainly wasn't in its best shape, considering he was acting much like a teenager trying to prove a point.
  12. Kieara had always been fascinated by the concept of magic. She loved those stories. Full of adventure and many things that were far beyond her wildest imagination's reach. So when he confirmed that it was real, the marks on his arm were proof enough to her that he wasn't lying. It seemed even to put a bit of a sparkle in her eye at the concept of learning about something new.

    She smirked to answer his questions. "Well then, you're certainly not acting your age. And no, I do not believe you are crazy. If you were crazy then I would have to be too judging by those marks on your arms."
  13. "I can't contain myself around humans. I have so much fun toying with your minds -- telling you about things holding no logic. I can't help but want to be like this when I'm around humans. You make me feel so alive. Like I'm really a teenager again. Oh how boring it is to be an old man like me..."
    He looked over at her with a smirk even as she confirmed to believe what he had said. That was going to make it more fun. He looked younger with the smirk on his face but no one was going to deny that the glow in his eyes seemed to hold almost ancient secrets of a past that was so far back into history that it seemed impossible.
  14. "You're only as old as you feel." she told him with a smile. "It doesn't have to be boring. May I politely ask if you would mind teaching me more?" She asked. The sparkle in her eyes was evident, he'd caught her interest. She couldn't just let an opportunity like this slip away from her. Not when he'd just confirmed that all those stories she'd read as a child were in fact real. She could see his age in his eyes, but in her opinion it only made him the more attractive. It gave him an air of intellect and wisdom.
  15. "Oh, well, where should I begin... well, the creature that I just killed here a few minutes ago-" he gestured at the black spot on the tree "-is a creature called a shadow. It has its name because of the fact that it hides and travels through the shadows. They're demons who devour human minds and leave them as brainless. I thought it better to kill it, this creating this mess. Well, it was better than the dragon in '55. See that was an experience to remember. Well, not many humans did, anyways."
  16. "A dragon?" She asked with interest. She smiled. "What happened?" she asked eagerly. She was absorbing the information like a sponge. She wasn't aware that there were laws against humans knowing about such things, but he'd already broken it. She was excited to learn. "If I am bothering you, I will go, I would hate to be a bother..."
  17. "Well, it was a big thing back then, anyways. We had just secured the repopulating of the dragons, making sure of their survival. Anyways, we had this big, black one escaping our sight. It created a large fire and we spent almost days on trying to calm the fire, because dragon's fire take longer to put out. Anyways, we had to kill the dragon and had to spend even more days on getting the dragon's dead body away. And then of course all of the human's memories. It was a real mess, but we had fun getting to fight a dragon."
  18. She smiled. "What other creatures are there? Are the myths human's portray about creatures like vampires and werewolves true?" She asked eagerly. She was excited. She couldn't help it. She felt like a little kid in a candy shop. She blushed realizing how she sounded and cleared her throat. "S-sorry..." she spoke softly looking away blushing.
  19. "Well yeah, except for the crap about garlic. And werewolves can change at any given time, full moon isn't a must. They just transform by force at full moon. Aside from that there are many demons, different species... fairies, and magicians such as necromancers, alchemists among others... and practically any mythical creature you've known about. Except zombies and mummies. That's all a load of crap, to be frank."
    He enjoyed talking about such things, even if he knew he was breaking the rules. Even if they would try to arrest him, he doubted they'd be successful.
  20. She listened happily making mental notes of what he told her. She looked up seeing it looked like it may rain. "Would you like to come over for dinner?" She asked him with a soft smile. She hadn't invited someone home in....well ever. She was always by herself. She'd not had a nice life, and because of that she was usually very secluded.
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