Midnight Memories

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  1. Louis smiled and followed her to the changing rooms and waited again and looked at her. "Like I said, it's your choice, do you feel like this dress is the one you want and like, you look beautiful though"

    Harry laughed as Poppy clapped excitedly. "Yeah baby you show mummy how to cook and that you are learning from the best" he said smiling and kissed her head and gave her another bowl to pour in and got the mixing spoon for her to try and mix it.
  2. A couple of hours later Jen was at Louis' house getting ready and they where getting ready too, but she thought that they where going out to dinner alone.

    Poppy mixed it around and cheekily dipped her hand in an licked her sticky fingers.
  3. Louis had brought Jen her dress and shoe and things and now at his getting ready. He had let her have the bedroom to change in and things, seeing as it had a bathroom with it. He knocked on the door. "Jen are you nearly ready? we will have to leave soon" he said to her.

    Harry looked at his daughter and laughed. "No Poppy you can't eat the mixture while Daddy's still using it, let Daddy finish and then you can lick the spoon off but too much will make you sick"
  4. Jen came out wearing [​IMG] And had her hair up in an elegant French twist and was ready to go "Yes sure baby" She said and smiled at the suit "Aw you look so handsome! Somewhere special tonight then I'm guessing?" She asked him softly.
  5. Louis smiled as she came out. "You look so beautiful and elegant babe" he said smiling and laughed. "Why thank you, have to look handsome to take you for dinner don't I and yes it is somewhere very special" he said smiling. "Got everything as well? like clutch and everything in that clutch, if so then let's get going"
  6. Jen nodded and took his hand "Completely ready" She said and put her shoes on to go.
  7. Louis smiled at her and held her hand and then taking her out of his house and into his range rover. "Well let's get going then babe" he said and opened the car door for her with a smile.
  8. Jen was in the car watching out the window with a small smile but frowned when they drove down her street "Why are we going to mine?" She asked confused and got out of the car and followed him, unlocking the door to let him in and she turned the lights on, almost screaming when they all shouted surprise and she laughed as Poppy sped to her and gave her the tightest cuddle that she could manage.
  9. Louis smiled as he drove and then shrugged. "Just going here, I think I forgot something here" he said to her and parked the car, making her go first and laughed as everyone surprised her.

    Harry smiled as he came out of the crowd and going to Jen. "Happy birthday beautiful"
  10. Jen put Poppy down and wrapped her arms tightly around him "I love you" She whispered softly and gave him a loving kiss "So much" She admitted and linked hands with him and couldn't believe how lucky she truly was.
  11. Harry smiled and wrapped his arms around her. "I love you too" he said back and kissed her back in the loving kiss with a smile. "So so so much babe" he said smiling and gave her a loving cuddle. "Surprise as well babe"
  12. Jen stayed there in the loving cuddle until she realised everyone else was there and pulled away and giggled and went around giving everyone hugs and thanking them for coming. She then turned to look around and saw alcohol everywhere and whined "But baby I can't drink!" She wailed and gave him a sad pout.
  13. Harry smiled before letting her go see everyone and he looked at all the alcohol for everyone else and got a bottle and brought it over to her and gave her stomach a rub. "You can't, I know you can't because of baby styles but I did get you non alcoholic alcohol to make you feel better" he said and held the bottle to her. "Or you can have a come or sprite or whatever you want to drink baby but of course, just not alcohol"
  14. Jen looked at the bottle and just smiled happily and took it from him, wrapping her arms around his neck and gave him a loving and deep kiss "I can't believe how lucky I am to have such an amazing and supportive husband" She said against his lips but could taste some alcohol on his lips "Ahh I can't kiss you though because you've been drinking" She teased him with a small giggle.
  15. Harry smiled a wide grin and wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her the loving deep kiss back, one hand moving to cup her cheek as they kissed. "You do just have a wonderful husband" he said smiling and pouted. "Stop teasing me baby, you can only taste it, it's not like you are drinking it yourself"
  16. Jen pouted "What about me being an amazing wife?" She asked and gave him the sad eyes "It's my birthday!" She said before giggling at what he said and connected her lips with his and made the kiss a lot deeper now, but all she could taste was the strong taste of alcohol and she knew he was going to get very drunk but she of course didn't really care about that.
  17. Harry smiled at her. "You are an amazing and beautiful wife to me" he aid and laughed. "Yes it is your birthday and you are going to have an amazing and great time babe" he said smiling and kissed her lips back with a smile and letting her taste the alcohol on his lips. He wouldn't get drunk, he'd try not to anyway because it wouldn't be fair on Jen being pregnant.
  18. Jen giggled against his lips when she heard her best friend complaining to her saying he wanted to spend time with her too "Mmmmh I'm busy" She said half way through the kiss as it got deeper but she was enjoying it to much to actually pull away.
  19. Harry smiled as he giggled against her lips and he laughed at what he said through the kiss and he broke it for them. "Go on babe, go have some fun, it's your birthday after all and all your best friends want to spend time with you"
  20. Jen pouted as he pulled away and she gave his lips another quick peck before turning to Louis and wrapped her arms around his neck "I loooove you so much" She said and could smell the alcohol on his breath as well "What would I do without my boo?" She asked with a happy smile.
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