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  2. Lena sat down Drake at the kitchen table, "Now, I know I don't normally work on Saturdays but I got called in. So, you keep the doors locked at all times. Emily is still asleep, when she wakes up have her do homework with you." Drake gave Lena a funny look, which said to Lena, 'Seriously? She's 6.' Lena laughed and pinched Drake's cheek, "Never to late to train her! And give me some slack. She doesn't act like 6. She gets her smarts from you." Lena walked to the small kitchen counter and picked up her purse and keys. Her uniform consisted of black slim fit pants and a white blouse, her hair long hair tied up in a ponytail to keep out of her face. "Doors, locked. I made macoroni and cheese and it's in the green tub. Warm it up with a bit of milk for lunch. I'll be home for dinner." As she walked past Drake she run her hand through his hair and kissed his forehead.

    "Stay safe, Drake." Lena had been paranoid for two years now on the safety of her brother and sister. Every morning she reminded him to lock the doors and Lena would lock the windows. Nobody got in our out, and the apartments were pretty good with security.

    Lena walked down the stairs and a few blocks, it was a nice day so taking her little cheap car seemed pointless. The restaurant was close by the apartments anyways.

    She walked in and swipped her time card, getting ready for the long day ahead.
  3. Alex had walked to work early, it was his first day and he seriously needed to start earning some money. He rubbed the back of his neck tiredly, Dani had been keeping him up for days and Luna was havering nightmares about the crash. The door behind him dinged, signaling that a costumer had come threw the door, he turned around ready to greet the customer only to see a young blond woman in uniform. "I'm sorry, I thought you where a customer." He said as he continued to set one of the many tables.
  4. Lena looked at the new guy, a smile crossed over her face, she had seen this guy around the apartment complex before. "Well, you're early," She laughed at him as she grabbed some plates to help set up other tables, "I'm Lena, by the way." She looked up from one of her plates she set down to introduce herself, being two tables away from him.

    Meanwhile Drake sat at the kitchen table doing some homework and Emily came racing out of her room in her long white princess nightgown. "Play! I say we play!" She pulled on Drake's arm, making him draw a line across his paper. Drake shook his arm away and smiled at his baby sister. He nodded his head at her and put his pencil down. Getting off the chair he rubbed his stomache and Emily said, "Breakfast first?" Drake nodded his head and went to the fridge to find some yogurt for the two. Instead of getting a bowl he got out two spoons for them and they both sat on the floor eating yogurt right out of the container.
  5. "Alex. I've seen you around the apartments, you've got yourself a good little handful. I've got a babysitter watching my little ones, your welcome to drop them off in the morning, it's only two dollars extra a day so I don't mind paying." Alex nodded at Lena and wiped his hands on his apron. "Ah, I think I did this right." He said looking at the table, quickly he compared his own table to her and found he had done well.
  6. Lena listened to him and realized she wouldn't mind having a guy like this as a friend. "I do have quite the load, but my little brother is pretty trustworthy. But he might want a break from my little baby sister, he's always stuck watching her. Thanks for the offer!" She walked closer to him to observe his table and compare it to hers, "Well. Don't you pick up fast. I might be on a run for my money." She looked at her own table and fixed one of her plates and let out a breath of air, "I've seen you with a baby before. You know I'm fairly good with babies, if you ever need help in those long nights, feel free call me over." She took her notepad out of one of the pockets and the pen out of the other and jotted down her number, slipping it onto the table he finished.

    "Anyways, customers should be here soon and we still have tables to set. As you can tell, we are a little short staffed. Nothing, I'm sure, a smart guy like you can't handle."
  7. "Thank, between Luna's nightmares and Dani refusing to sleep I've had my hands full." He chuckled then stared out the window. "I wouldn't have it any other way, those girls are my life, I'd do anything for them." Alex had a distant look in his eyes. The crash that had taken his dad had only been a month ago and the shock of becoming caretaker for two little girls was still overwhelming at times. "Dani's so small it's hard to keep her healthy, and Luna's just a little girl, they deserve more than what I can give them but we'll get threw this together." He smiled, something he rarely did these days and chuckled a hallow laugh. "Sometimes I think I'm over my head so this," he held up the number, "will help more than you think."
  8. Lena kept setting up some tables as she listened to Alex, a part of her felt bad for him. She didn't know his story or why he was suddenly over two little girls, but she knew it couldn't be anything to happy. Much like Lena who had lived two years now with no family but her little brother and sister. They had struggled for awhile, people always asking them about their lives and how they could help. Wherever they went they had the stigma of the three who lost their parents. Lena had no choice but to move them to Florida after a year where she found work immediately and lived each day scared of what could happen next. The police still hadn't determined what had been the cause of the accident and Lena waited in fear for the results.

    "I know your feeling. I think we may be more alike then you know. My little brother became a selective mute two years ago, he's adorable but I worry about him all the time. And my little sister, Emily, she's just full of energy that I can hardly keep up with it all. Being in charge of two kids isn't easy. But you love them like I love my own. So really, don't hesitate to ask for anything. I would have killed to have a friend a year ago to help out with it. It's not fun to try do everything alone."

    She put one more plate down on a table and adjusted the fork beside it, seeing a bit of her blue eyes in the reflection of the shine. A flash of her brother's smile came across her mind and she smiled at the thought. All three of them had the same blue eyes, they all got it from their mother. It was the defining feature of the three and she always loved it. Even if Drake had a different father he still had their mother's eyes.
  9. Alex nodded "I will, Luna's my sister but my friend Anna was in the car when we crashed and she gave birth to Dani right before she passed away. She didn't have any relatives, and I wasn't about to let her go to a orphanage, so I became her guardian, she didn't even have a name. Danielle was he moms middle name and it fit so I signed the papers and like magic I was a big brother to two kids. Dani's pretty easy to handle, quietest baby I've ever met, and Luna's happy with a bundle of flowers and coloring books so there not to hard to handle. Night times a different story, Dani's like any other baby, sleepless and just got over a cold, Luna was in the care with us when we crashed, she saw dad after he died and the nightmares are horrible." The first group came in and the rest of the day was passed in silence, Alex waited AT&T he door for Lena like a gentleman, umbrella in hand and scarf around his face.
  10. Lena worked hard that day, getting costumers to laugh and have fun. She set tables, cleaned, and dealt with problems with the kitchen staff. Lena wasn't sure why she was so motivated. Eventually it hit her why she could be excited, someone in Alex's life had died recently. Maybe it was sick to be excited that she met someone else who was in a similar situation as her own, but it was comforting to know she wasn't alone. Though his story was more traumatic. The baby he has isn't even is his own and he couldn't be told.

    Lena finished cleaning up a dish and went to clock out, she noticed Alex waiting for her and she smiled. She hadn't brought a jacket or coat today, but it didn't damper her mood. "Hey. Thanks for waiting." She smiled at him as she walked out the door, she liked making a new friend today. It was interesting, the last two years she had spent only caring for her siblings that she forget what it was like to talk to someone her own age. "It's strange, what you told me today. My parents died two years ago in a car..." She stopped, she still wasn't sure how they had died so she quickly covered up and continued, "they went missing and were found two months later dead in their car. I had just turned eighteen so I was put in charge of my little siblings. It's nice meeting you, officially, today. We might have more in common then we think!" She brightly smiled at him, a true smile. Even though death was something big it still brought them, sadly, together. Lena learned these last two years to look on the bright side of situations, she had to remain optimistic for her siblings.
  11. Alex nodded "yeah, that sounds good. Here take this." He pulled of his jacket and handed it to her. "I don't get to cold and like the rain."
  12. Lena smiled and took his jacket, pulling it onto herself. "Thanks." Her chills slowly disappeared as they walked together and she decided to keep the conversation going, "First day of work wasn't to bad, right?"

    Meanwhile back in the apartments Drake and Emily had decided to warm up the macaroni and cheese but forget to take off the lid, even a little bit. So the macaroni warmed up but the plastic container had to much heat and exploded in the microwave. "Look! Drake! Isn't that cool?" Emily shouted at her brother who started to freak out at the mess the microwave was in. He quickly grabbed paper towels and began cleaning out the microwave which sat on the counter. It was really hot and Drake burned himself on some of the plastic that had melted. He waved his hand in pain and Emily had no idea what to do.
  13. "It's fine, but I'm going to school to be a surgeon, could help a lot of people." He said then the smell of burned plastic filled his nose, "something's wrong."
  14. "Wow, that's pretty amazing." She said in slight awe to him. She had never had the urge to go to school, especially after what had happened. And here was a guy with an even tragic past and he wanted to do something good with his life.

    She smelled the air and let out a small gasp, they were now right outside of her apartment. The smell of plastic had to be coming from inside. Before Lena could speak the door flew open with little Emily standing in the doorway. "LENA!" She grabbed onto Lena's legs and held on tight while speaking very fast with no time to breath, "We tried to get food but then it exploded and I think Drake got burnt and everything is everywhere and it smells really bad." She took a deep breath and continued, "But I am so glad you are home!"
  15. Alex took one look at what was going on and quickly ran to the young boy in the room. "Sweetheart I work with you sister, if she stays in the room will you let me look at your hand?" He asked making eye contact the hole time and only inclining his head toward Lena.
  16. Drake held his hand and stared at the man with wide eyes, he wasn't sure what to think about the situation. But his hand was hurting after directly grabbing the plastic. Lena seemed to be okay with the strange man so he simply nodded his head at the man, Alex.

    Lena quickly scooped up Emily off her leg and hurried into the room and sat Emily on a counter and looked over her, seeing that Alex was taking care of Drake she asked Emily, "Are you hurt, Emily?" She quickly lifted up Emily's arms who was laughing about the whole thing. Lena let go of her arm and said, "This isn't funny, sweet heart! You could have gotten hurt! Remind me to teach your brother how to warm up food later!" Lena turned to see the microwave and giant cheesy mess and let out a sigh, 'Hopefully Drake is okay.' She thought.
  17. "It's ok Hun, look it's not that bad. It might sting but I'm going to put some cream on it and wrap it, then we can all head over to my house and I'll order you and your sisters a really big yummy pizza, and you can play with my sisters while we wait." Alex took a small bottle of cream out of his pocket and rubbed it over the boys hand then wrapped it in clean white bandages. "See that wasn't that bad." He smiled and lead the boy into the room with his sister.
  18. Lena sighed a breath of relief, she was beyond thankful for Alex. He was being so nice and patient with her siblings and helping Drake was more then she could have asked for. She would have just had Drake run his hand under cold water until it was numb! She followed Alex to his place with Emily running behind Drake and Alex, she was singing some made up song about meeting new people and making new friends. Nothing could stop this little girl's mood!

    Lena decided to thank Alex, "Alex, thank you so much. I don't know what I would have done. I know it isn't bad but I probably would have been freaking out."
  19. "It cool, now I promised pizza." Alex opened the door and was almost knocked over by Luna. "Alex! Alex! Look what I made!" In her hands was a picture of what looked to be three blobs, one tall, one small, and the tall one held the tiny on in his squiggles. "I see, why don't you go put it on the fridge, tonight we shall eat pizza, and watch princess dragon fighter on TV." The little girl gasped and sped off, Alex payed the babysitter and picked up Dani before ordering pizza.
  20. Emily ran back into Lena and held onto her legs, looking up at her with wide eyes she said, "Do we get to watch Princess Dragon Fighter too?" Lena laughed at her little sister and picked her up once again in her arms, "Well, of course. Little one!" Lena tickled Emily in the stomach before placing her down on the ground where she went running to Alex and hugged his legs, "Thanks, mister!" And with that Emily ran and sat in the middle of the floor.

    "Drake, come here, sweet heart." She got down on her knees and took Drake's burnt hand gently in hers, "For a smart boy you're pretty dumb." She laughed at him and was glad that he smiled to. He gave her a funny look and Lena responded, "Hey! You should know science and contained heat. Goodness! Next time, take the lid of a bit but not to much. Enough to get air into the container." She ran her hands through his hair and kissed his burnt hand and then forehead. She got up from her knees and went to Alex, "Well, isn't this little baby adorable?" She smiled as she looked down at Dani in Alex's arms, "I can pay for pizza. I'm really sorry about all this."
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