Messing With Trouble

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  1. Messing With Trouble
    [ScarletNova and .Δ.LYDIA.Δ.]​

    The sound of the bell went off, signaling that it was the end of the school day. Many students either went to sports practices, clubs or simply went home. The student council president was one that usually stayed after school every day. Lucy pack away her pencil and notebook she used during class and shoved it into her bag. Once that was done, the girl got up from her seat, pushed it in and walked out of the classroom. She headed down the hallway towards the steps down so that way she could make it to the student council room on the first floor of the school. It was where she usually did all her paper work and the others tended to be there as well.

    Like most days, Lucy took time getting to the room because of all the stops she had to make. She would see students doing thing they shouldn’t because they believed it was fine since school was over. She would always have to reprimand them and get them to stop. Or, she got put on duties that teachers wanted her to do because they happened to see her going by. Like, bring one of their papers to the main office or return some books they used to the library that day for class. Lucy didn’t seem to mind and she did what was asked no matter what.

    While trying to return a box of books Lucy felt a bump. She knew in seconds she had run into someone. She hadn’t done it on purpose. She couldn’t see what was ahead of her since the box was too large for her.

    “Sorry,” Lucy commented to whoever she hit. She had no idea who the person might be at all, and figured it would be no problem at all until she realized later who it was. It was the school relentless delinquent, Isaac. The only conversations the student council president had with this one was trying to get him to stop being a delinquent but that was obviously not going to stop any time soon. Hopefully, he would understand that she was busy and not do anything to prevent her from getting the books to where they needed to go.
  2. Isaac stormed out of detention, mad that his math teacher had kept him back but relieved to be free. As he fiddled with his phone, putting on his music through his headphones, he bumped into someone by accident. "Sorry," he said at the same time as the girl. Sure, he was a delinquent, but he wasn't rude. He wasn't a bully, either. Isaac was more into arguing back to teachers and smoking behind the school gym -- and other minor felonies.

    He noticed the huge box of books, carried by none other than the school council president who he suspected was trying to get him very expelled. "You need any help with that?" he asked.
  3. Lucy was surprised that Isaac had asked her if she needed help. It wasn't like she thought it was a terrible person, but she never expected him to want to help her out with anything. Not to mention he probably wanted to just leave the school since he got in trouble there all the time. "No. I can handle it all myself," Lucy said because that was how she always was. She always tried to do all her work herself, even others work herself and without any help. But, when she began to take another step she could feel the boxes beginning to slide in her hands.

    "O-okay. Maybe just this once." Lucy gave in, knowing that she might drop the books and she really didn't want to be the one who ruined any of them by having them fall onto the floor from the height that she had them. That could ruin their spines. Besides, it was just carrying some boxes, not like life depended on getting it right or anything like that. "They need to go back to the library."

    Once he had taken some of the boxes, she began to walk towards the library again. She was quiet, not sure what to say to the man walking besides her. It was an awkward feeling considering their roles in school. A few minutes later Lucy broke the silence. "Thanks."
  4. Isaac placed the box onto the library front desk, helping her put hers beside the other one. "It's not a problem," said Isaac. "It's not like I had anything better to do. Besides, you might stop trying to expel me if I prove to you that I'm not Satan reincarnate."

    He grinned at her, before leading her back out of the library.
  5. "Expel you?" Lucy repeated when she heard the word in his comment. "Why would I do that?" He may be a troublemaker, but she never tried to expel anyone from the school. She didn't see that as solving a problem. Yes, maybe for the school, but the person wouldn't grow from anything like that. In the end, they would probably end up worse than what they were

    "That would do more bad then good I feel," she said. "What would you do if you didn't have school to go to. Or, if you had to attend another one then that would relocate your own entire family. I don't think anyone should be expelled unless there's an absolute need and I don't think you have caused that yet." She went with him out of the library. Now that the books were there she needed to head for her office.

    "I guess this is where we part. I have some other business to attend to in the student council room."
  6. "That's interesting, considering I nearly got suspended last year after I broke in the windows in the maintenance shed. I'm pretty sure the council had something to do with that," he said, shrugging. "Anyways, I'll see you around, princess." He called every pretty girl princess.
  7. Now a suspension was different. Although, it didn't really always work out since the person was again out of school where they could do whatever they wanted. However, it was used more often. "I can't say," Lucy commented back. She wasn't supposed to talk about business like that to other students and not to ones that it concerned. Though, his little comment at the end made a slight blush come to her face. Not that she had a thing for him, it was just a strange nickname to hear for someone who was never called that before. Though, she knew it was nothing special. "Good bye then."

    She started to head away from him, going in the direction that the student council room was. She had paper work to get finished. Although, she wondered what he might end up going to do. What did delinquents do after school anyway? Did they hang out in strange places? Have friends to see? Simply go home because they actually have nothing to do? Lucy on the other hand had work right after she was finished with her president duties of that day.
  8. The next day, Isaac was in English when he was, fatefully, paired with the student council president from yesterday. He moved to sit beside her, sighing as he dropped his bag on the ground. "Well hello there," he said in a mock British accent, taking the piss out of Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars. "I just realised we never traded names yesterday. Greetings. I am Isaac."
  9. It was a bit ironic that those two got paired up together. But, Lucy almost felt like ti was expected to be that way. The teacher probably figured that she would be able to get him to do his work. The student council president would be the best choice to keep a delinquent on track. "I know who you are Isaac," Lucy commented. "I'm the student council president. I know mostly everyone's name, especially ones that show up on our radar like you." She didn't mean to have that sound mean. It was the truth.

    "I'm Lucy though." She figured he wouldn't really be paying attention to people who mention her as the student council president. "Alright, let's get this work done." She's rather finish the work then talk, than talk and take forever to do the work that needed to be done. The student council president couldn't be one who didn't get work done, even if she was talking with Isaac.
  10. "It is utterly sublime to meet you, Lucy." Isaac often used sophisticated words in his sentences, simply because no one expected it from him. "So, I wasn't paying attention, what do we do?"
  11. Of course he wasn't paying attention. Those big words of his needed to be used later when he didn't go asking people what they were supposed to do. Lucy sighed. "We need to work on this worksheet together." She showed him the worksheet on the desk. They both had their own sheet, but they were supposed to work on it together because it was easier that way. "We have to check for any grammar or spelling mistakes in here. Use knowing those sophisticated words to see if there are any spelled wrong here."
  12. "Alrighty then," said Isaac, staring at the sheet. "Well, firstly, 'coincidence' is spelled incorrectly. That is a sin. And they used the wrong 'you're'. Also a sin. This is horrible -- what are we, third graders?"
  13. "It's because most people don't realize these things," Lucy commented. "There's a lot of people who use the wrong your in situations. They probably want us to be conscious about them." It did seem like an easy assignment, but she understand that sometimes those things get over looked and people don't realized they messed up on something. At least he was doing the work and paying attention to the fact that Lucy wanted to get it done. She wasn't sure how much Isaac did work in class. She didn't really pay much attention to that.

    They continued to work on the worksheet until it was done. Lucy looked around, noticing the others were still working on it a bit more. There were a few others who happened to be finished shortly after though. So, they were going to have to wait while others were finishing up their work.
  14. "So, what do you do besides prowling the school and drop-kicking wrongdoers?" he asked her, grinning lazily. Absent-mindedly, Isaac traced the tattoos on the back of his left hand with the fingers of his right.
  15. It seemed like he was actually trying to have a conversation with her, and even more so, he was trying to learn more about her. She thought maybe there was a reason for it, not simply just getting to know her. But, then again, that would be a bit rude of her to assume that he just wanted information to use it against the student council president if he got in trouble in the future. "Well, I have a job as a waitress after school as well," Lucy commented. "And, I take care of my little brother back home while my parents are at work. Besides that, I tend to have to do a lot of the house work since they are busy often." All of what she was saying was more work, nothing that would be hobbies.
  16. "So you don't get that much free time," Isaac reiterated. "That sucks. I have one little sister, Maisie, and I take care of her most of the time because our mother's a loser but at least I get free time."
  17. So, he had a sibling too. Though, it was another surprise that he was the one who took care of her. "Loser?" Lucy questioned. "What does she do to deserve that name?" She had to do something wrong in order for him to call her that, and for him to be the one who always takes care of his younger sister. "How old is your little sister? My brother is 10."
  18. "She leaves us alone while she goes and stays at her boyfriend's house," said Isaac, resentment in his tone. People thought he acted rebelliously because he was crying for attention from his mother. In reality, he did so to avoid hitting people because he was so mad all of the time. "She leaves me a bit of money on the kitchen bench, and then we don't see her for a few days. My sister is nine, by the way."
  19. He did have a reason to call his mother a loser, but there wasn't much Lucy could say about it to make any of it better. There was nothing she could say. "You're right. She is a loser," Lucy admitted. "My parents are just busy at work all the time." His sister was 9, that was one year away from her younger brother. Although, she didn't know how it would turn out, she thought she would ask. "Maybe they would like to get together some time. They are around the same age. They might be able to become friends."
  20. "Sure. Maisie would like that." Isaac's sister couldn't have friends over very much. She would like meeting up with someone after school, as she often complained she couldn't to Isaac. "So do you want to meet at the park today, around four?" he asked.
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