Medieval Style Debauchery?

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  1. Is anyone interested in the Kings and Queens aspect of an RP? Swords, knights, and such? Everything in between, like gossip and craziness and adventures. Looking to start an RP about it soon, and was seeing if anyone's interested. Feel free to pass around ideas. Some of mine are:

    Plot Idea 1:
    King goes crazy with power, and happens to be possessed by a demon. Certain people in the Court, or those of peasants decide they've had enough and search for a way to fix the problem. Some, if not most, of the nobles are involved, and had this possession occur on purpose. The goal would be to destroy said group of people, and try and restore the King.

    Plot Idea 2:
    Someone is plotting an assassination attempt on one of the royals (be it King, Queen, or anyone,) to steal their money and wealth. It becomes apparent that it's an underground organization, and those willing to topple it have to endure weaving around seemingly-uninterested in the hopes of finding it, what with the value of face and repuatation back then.

    Plot Idea 3:
    Invading territories decide to take over a section of the kingdom. (Could be fantasy, not necessarily a historical aspect at all.) There's a brimming war on the horizon, and families are being torn apart to train soldiers, and death is coming fast in order to hang on to the land owned.

    :Edit:Steampunk Implimentation and Various Other Ideas:

    Steampunk can be added by making certain towns more mechanical and technologically advanced than some other places. Things like potential floating islands that are completely mechanical would be ideal, and yet still using the swords and spears idea inside of it. Perhaps the first even few guns.

    Dragons and other such mythological creatures would also exist, including Orcs, Giants, Elves, and Dwarves just to name a few. Magic also exists. (Wouldn't feel very "fantasy" without it, no?)
  2. I like all three but uhm haha what time period is it? Oh and i think it might be better if there are mystical creatures in it too. But thats just me
  3. I agree, I love the mythical creature aspect of it, especially since it's fantasy.
    I'm not entirely sure about time period, since it's not necessarily historical, so I'd say whatever time, honestly. This could even be an entirely different world where it's more or less modern, but set up like Medieval times.
  4. wow like uhm its in the engine times but they are in a medieval society that sounds like it culd be interesting haha. but let me know what u decide
  5. Sorry it's been so long. I don't know if it was with you as it was for me, but the site was out. D:
    Engine times? Do you mean like having guns and such in a medieval period? That too would be interesting, but would feel a little too "Fallout" for my tastes. But yeah, it could be generally anything, as long as it seemed in the periods of Kings and Queens, and possible war epics.
  6. I'm interested in all three, mostly three if its mythical and has magic. However, if it's steampunk and has magic .. I'll love you forever.
  7. Magic and mythical all the way, love. Better thought, to explain what steampunk is a little bit. >.<;; I can't say I'm too sure exactly what it is, but I've seen some examples. It seems to be mechanical, taking 19th century-ish things, and making them more modern. I love the style, just I'm not sure exactly how to incorporate it. .)
  8. Like, flying steam ships etc. Nothing like lasers, but maybe gatling guns and all. Very mechanical and clockwork.
  9. Would Mr Jester be interested in a collaboration?

    Cammyjag's steampunk RP is struggling to get interest. It's a roleplay based on one port in a fantasy world.

    Maybe your plot could join with it to tell the story of what's going on in the kingdoms below?
  10. Yeah, that could work. What if the castles and such were made that way, instead of stone? And the armor could be so designed too, so that it wasn't all just almost generic styled stuff. From what I've seen of steampunk, you can do a LOT with it.
  11. I responded to ask about their central plot, in case they already have something they really want to do, but I may join them anyway. (I'm in multiple RP's already, I love being busy.) So I may start my own here, and the join theirs as well. .)
  12. Ivy you know me, I will try anything once. Just tell me what to do and I will plan accordingly. =)
  13. Please don't call me by my real name....... I prefer an alias on the internet. (I call you that cuz you have it in your signature, so I'm guessing you don't mind.)
    But that's our general plot. If you have any ideas, feel free to throw any other out.
  14. I cant call you by ur real name even in OOC? jeez this is gonna suck lol. Either way I guess I should get used to using alias so go ahead an use mine. I'll even take off my signature. Anyways, as for ideas, i think we are sitting pretty on what you guys got now. I just hope there will be more than let's say 3 people.
  15. Yeah. Blame my growing up with paranoia about that... Besides, on RP sites I like to be known by my characters. ^^;;..... Sorry, lol. I know you know me in real life and it's tricky that way.

    Alright, if all of you think we're ready, do you wanna start? I'll post my main character's bio here now, just in case ya'll are. .D

    Name: Nexus

    Nickname: Jester

    Race: Ice Demon (Sometimes in Mature RP's, an Incubus.)

    Eyes: When in control of his emotions, they are as in the picture. When angry, they are solid blue, with a black outlined iris, and black slit pupil.


    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Powers: Disappearing, Flying, Ice Breath/Energy Balls, Ethereal

    Abilities: Speechcraft, Acrobatics, Juggling, Dancing, Sleight of Hand

    Personality: Can be moody or aloof with strangers, and has a philosophical side. When around friends, can be goofy, loud, obnoxious, and sometimes abrasive with his jokes, however, is extremely protective and defiant, and sometimes too rash to make hard-thought decisions. In general, a "good" demon, though he actually sways more in Chaotic Neutral. His taste in evil is low, however he can be unpredictable.

    Background: He, along with his brother, Splice, disobeyed the rules of basic humanity when he was alive. With one very serious sin, he was cast into Hell with his brother, forced apart and fighting for eternity over who was right, and who was wrong. If the two of them unite, and decide to work together, they join into one, very large demon named Sunder. This remains the other half of the punishment. To forever pull apart, and rejoin, never knowing peace in being ones self, and forever discord.

    Description: (Image below does not show his claws, fangs, or demon eyes.)

  16. Ha! We both know, that we know,......stuff. lol I am guess I ready too then.

    Name: Cerulean Lightheart

    Nickname: Blue or anything else you can come up with. =)

    Race: Human

    Eyes: Iris is a sky blue. Sometimes (when he is tired) the white of turns to a bloodshot red. Interesting stuff right?

    Hair: Dark Brown, fade.

    Age: 20

    Gender: Male

    Powers: Can channel positive energy to heal, boost moral, etc, and a little magic that only deals in art.

    Skills: Handy with a sword and shield. Decent leader. Can play piano/organ and sing well. Very Creative. Can make armor and melee weapons.

    Personality: Always tries to go the "good" thing, regardless if its against the law or otherwise. He believes that the law is good until it lets evil intentions prevail. Helps when he can. Hopeless romantic. Other stuff will be revealed soon enough.

    Background: Grew up as a peasant. At age six he started showing interest in music and the power of healing. His family pooled what little wealth they had to send him to the town's cleric, to be educated. Showing promise, Cerulean's mentor sent him to an institution at age 15. For the next 4 years he received training in combat, healing, arts, and overall knowledge. Upon completion, he took over his former mentor's clinic and has spent most of his time there for about a year now. (Details will be revealed through rp.)

    Description: 5'9 230 lbs. (some basically ave. height with some chub and muscle.) Has a tattoo or 3. Normally wears a pinstriped collared shirt with work pants. When in battle, his armor can be any color at any time. (Due to magic powers) it is basically what the dragon armor looks like from DA: Origins except without the dragon stuff on it. His metal shield is circle shaped with a bull emblem embossed on it. His main weapon is a long sword with floral engravings all over it. It functions like a normal sword but somehow performs better when up against the undead......>.>

    Sidenote: It just a rough. I can make changes if need be. Lets do this!
  17. Shyes?
  18. Im just reading and waiting for a opening to put in an opinion.
  19. We're not making the thread yet, so throwing out ideas is a good thing right now. Shoot.