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  1. Reserved for The Mistress
    Rp about a princess and vampire/demon servant.
  2. ((Would you start? Also do you want to do CS's?))
  3. ((Would you start? Also do you want to do CS's?))
  4. ((Ok. And what's a CS? I know what an OC and OOC is but not what a CS is. ^^"" ))
  5. (Character sheet lol hehe)
  6. Ohh :3
    What's that? ^^""
    And sry if I have slightly delayed replies, I'm also RPing with a couple others))
  7. Umm lolz, it's where you put down something like:

    Bio (opt):
    Personality (opt):
  8. Oh yeah. I never called them that , sorry
    Name: Daemon
    Species: Vampire/Demon hybrid
    Age: Unknown
    Hair: Black (it covers his slightly pointed ears)
    Eyes: Bright green
    Personality: In front of important people, and in public he usually acts serious, and quiet. If fighting is ever needed he is ruthless. In front of people he is really close to he is less serious and shows his emotions more. He is a caring person, but protective over his friends and masters. He is a bit of a romantic but doesn't show it in front of others.
  9. Artist.Request.full.1352310-1.jpg

    Name: Princess Moshi Windsoar
    Nickname: Momo
    Age: 18
    Personality: Will develop as we go ^U^
    Misc: She the youngest of her siblings, least recognized
  10. Daemon was walking down the halls of the castle, analyzing everything, fixing the pictures so they were straight, and the rugs so they weren't messed up. He was very organized(as u can tell). He looked out one of the castle windows down to the earth below.

    [sorry, slow beginning ^^"" I had nothin. Ill get better at it. And btw since he's a vampire HYBRID, he CAN go outside in the sun, yes direct sunlight, but with some pain though that he can mask. But not for too long. (It's like a burning feeling that increases))
  11. Princess Momo walks down one of the giant palace's halls with a few other companions. She was a quiet girl for the most part and she wasn't participating much in the conversation unless she was asked a direct question. She vaguely wonders where her companion Daemon had run off to.
  12. Daemon looked back in the halls hearing the voices of a few people. He stepped away from the window and stood up straight popping his back and neck then walked through the hall to the voices, to ask where Princess Moshi was. Turning the corner he saw her. But she was with a few other people. 'I guess i can talk to her later..' He thought and continued walking, bowing his head to the princess as he started to walk past.
  13. Princess Moshi blinks as she sees the man start to walk past and reaches out quickly grabbing his arm, linking it with hers, pulling him along with her. "Sir Daemon! Why don't you join us?" she says with a bright smile she rarely gives before whispering quickly to him, "Oh, please, get me out of here! I'm bored out of my mind.."
  14. Desmond heard her plea and said trying to excuse her from her chat with her companions "Princess Moshi, i was looking for u. There was something important i wanted to show u if that's alright?". He smiled back at her, smiles he rarely gave.
  15. She nods and walks away quickly with him as the companions nod and watch her go before walking off. "Thank you. I was bored to death," she breathes, walking arm and arm with him down a hall.
  16. "Yeah, they aren't very entertaining.. So wha would u like to do princess?" He asked looking down at her. He felt different about her now. she was a beautiful young women, but it wouldn't work out. She was royalty, and he was not.. Plus he's not even human. He sighed mentally in his head.
  17. "Mmmm...Let's take a walk in the garden," smiling happily as she walks with him down the palaces extravagant halls down toward the large gardens.
  18. "Okay, i havnt been there in a while" he says while walking with her. They passed by many beautiful flowers. Some rose bushes were sculpted into figures. Hedges neatly trimmed. A beautiful large fountain in the middle of the garden. He ignored the light stinging of the sun on his face. As he walked by a particularly beautiful rose bush he quickly picked a flower with his sharp nails, The princess not even noticing. He then help out the flower to her smiling. "For u princess"
  19. The princess blinks, a blush spreading on her cheeks. She reaches out taking the flower carefully. "Thank you..." Momo looks up at him with a pretty but slightly shy smile. She wasn't the best around guys especially when they were super nice to her.
  20. "Your very welcome" he says politely. "Would u like to go sit down by the fountain?" He asked. He'd like to sit down in the shade of the fountain, the sun was starting to burn a bit more and was making him flinch ever so slightly, though Moshi couldn't tell unless she watched him really carefully.

    [does he ever call her Momo? ]
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