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  1. I believe October made this thread a couple months ago, and he also mentioned that this thread was made before hand. I figured with the newbie boom from the summer it wouldn't hurt to bring this back.

    But anyways, a simple question:

    What is the meaning behind your username? Is it just a spin off your actual name? Is it the name of your Iwaku personas or another character that you've used at another place or roleplay? How long have you had it, or has it been changed multiple times?​
  2. The name Hirohashi came from my original RP character, made about 9 years ago. I used him for the stories I would make with a small group of friends over AIM chatrooms. It was very basic stuff, but that's my origin to written roleplaying.

    Eventually I was introduced to a bigger crowd of people, who also played with one of the members of our little group and we all merged together for roleplaying. By the time the second group recognized me enough to give me a nickname they simply referred to me as Hiro and I've used Hirohashi as my online alias since.
  3. The meaning of my name Juku..Its short from Jukujin originally.

    How I came up with Jukujin? I was listening to Mokujin's [Tekken 3 character] theme and I was thinking of jukeboxes..Next thing BAM! Combined the two.

    I've had it for a while now and it's probably the coolest nickname I have ever gone by.
  4. Because I'm so cheery all the time.
  5. I knew it, Grumpy. I knew your nickname was supposed to be a comedic misnomer.

    My username is a shortened form of a nickname that an old friend used to call me, it's similar to my actual name in some ways, etc. I've been Kitti for years and years now, and I really have no desire to change that, either. People even call me Kitti in person.
  6. I'm rather scared to post here as all of the people whom have posted are mods, BUT I"LL DO IT ANYWAY.

    Zorilla is a bread of weasel that comes from the African continent, it stinks. I have a fetish for body odor type things... So yeah...

    Naah, I don't really know. In the beginning I always used blackrose on every site I were on but I think that was taken at the time I joined iwaku. For the most I chose blackrose because I love black roses (even though they are blue) but it was taken on so many websites so I started to use redblood on the websites that I couldn't use blackrose on. I guess I chose blood because I like watching horror movies with a lot of blood xD But of course blood is used on every site so I had to have something more to it and I guess I just made the connection that blood was red xD

    Or wait.. blueblood makes more sense actually! ...

    Random.. but anyways, I have also used a fusion of the two on websites that both has redblood and blackrose as usernames already, so then it has become blackroseredblood. Gosh, that is long Dx

    I mostly keep to those two because I need to have something I can remember :9 Blackrose because roses are my favorite flowers and black my favorite color (even though they are blue) and redblood because blood is awesome in horror movies and it is red. x3

    ... what? you thought there was a deeper meaning to my name? Pff, I'm an idiot, of course there won't be any meaning to it :D
  8. A long time ago I joined a Star Trek sim group and needed a name for my character and over the course of a few months her name was shortened to Star Madison. Since the group tended to call each other by their character's name, I became Star online. It stuck and ever since I've used it as my online alias though I have had other online names I've used over the years.
  9. Well, Fate is the name of one of my favorite anime characters as well as the name of a character in a story I'm writing. Also, I just think that the name is awesome in general. That is all there is to it really.
  10. >.>....

    I first used Lucian Ravenscar on TinierMe. Got pretty famous in the one group I joined...

    Then that group was deleted. Sadface.

    So one member created a separate website for the group, and we all moved. However, my original name was too long and the site wouldn't allow me to use it.

    In the end, instead of picking a completely new name, I just shortened it.

    LuluRS. I like how it sounds.

    It also confuses people about what gender I am. Those who know the full name think I'm a boy. Those who only know the shortened version think I'm female.

    I like keeping them guessing about that :P
  11. When I burst out of my mother's womb, my aunt quickly named me Gabrielle because my mother hadn't decided on a name. My mom was so out of it that she agreed. Of course, she was annoyed quickly after. She hated that someone else named me, even though it was her sister in law. So, in rebellion, she called me Iliana most of my life and still does.

    Most people say Gabrielle or Gabby because that's what I go by in schools and such, but when I introduce myself, I do it as Iliana. That's been my name. So...yeah. Complicated.
  12. This is a name for a secondary Steam account, which I made up to sound as neutral, anonymous, and meaningless as possible.
  13. Throughout my life, I have always had a different nickname. I can probably name most of them. There were enough to where I can basically use them to remember my life. The actual name came from the fact that blue is my favorite color. I was looking up specific shades and such and discovered "Cerulean". I liked how it sounded. It is not deep, but it isn't that boring either. It isn't one of those trying to be a hardass or obnoxious names either. Cerulean isn't an intimidating word. I dare say it is inviting.

    Nicknames are something that has important with me. It generally defines you, or something you did. Nicknames/usernames are almost is like something I shed, every so often, to become someone different. Not a different person, but just different.

    Hi, I am Cerulean. Nice to meet you. =)
  14. The name Tetsuri was my video gaming name. I played a game called Dragonica from a site called THQICE.

    I made him an archer because archers are actually my top favorite Vidoe game characters.

    Eventually the game changed corporations and I stuck with the name because I liked it a great deal.

    Time progressed and people started to actually call me Tetsuri both in-game and in real life.

    So, it has been my nickname. The meaning I had actually made for my name was strength, peace and courage. I also made it to where my character was a man of peace, which is the motto that I live by in real life. So, Tetsuri is an image of me, that I show people through my character.

    While I played Dragonica, I would also roleplay in game as my character, during game play such as: call out attacks in chats and really get into the character as if it were me inside the game myself.

    Eventually, he was developed into an actual rp character. Where, I set up his story background and found Neko pictures to suit how he would look.

    Since the time of experiences and doing these things, I've been known as Tetsuri.
  15. I try to use a different alias everywhere I go. When I was on tumblr my username was hopelessly-endlessly. But that was really long so a lot of people just shortened it to Hope and I figured that was alright because that's actually a real name and you know, whatever.

    Not actually my name though, but I am used to being called it.

    This username is a nickname of a nickname. One of my friends went to Africa and she really likes zebras so she named her cat
    Pundamilia which is Swahili for zebra. That name then got shortened to Milia.

    And I just liked it. But I'd always spelled it wrong because whatdyaknow, I don't speak Swahili. So I'd always called the cat Melia and the name has sort of grown on me.

    So I've basically named myself after a cat, what of it.

  16. Sadly I never had a nickname until middle school when I first met my friends and they gave me the nickname Tsuki which means moon in japanese, cause the first time we had a sleep over, we were camping out in out friends backyard and I was hypnotized by the moon.

    As for my username it originated from Greek Mythology and means White Goddess. I suffer from D.I.D or Disociative Identity Disorder, meaning in short I have two personalities. My other half is more or less the stereotypical EMO kid. Cutting herself which in turn made me an EMO kid. My friend who I have had horrible spats with before has taken full blow of what my other identity can do, we had mythology class together where we were learning about Leucothea the goddess and he compared what he found out about Leucothea and decided that my second personality, will being wise and analyzing like Sherlock Holmes was also hiding behind a mask of black. So he gave my second personality the name Leucothea and it's stuck as my username. I have never changed it because it means something then jsut a nickname. But who I am.
  17. I had been Trance Kitsune for years and years, but a while back, I started using the name Hydronine.

    It came out of a friend and I trying to make words out of the license plates on the cars in front of us at stop lights. I don't remember what the license plate was originally, but when I sounded it out, it was "Hydronine" and my friend and I loved it. I needed a change of names for a while now, I've gone through a lot of changes lately, and, Trance Kitsune, is a name with a lot of history attached to it- some of it, I don't want anymore.

    I feel like I've done enough to shrug out of the skin of the old name and make a new one. Something, hopefully improved in a way, like taking a car to a body shop and getting it a huge makeover. Still the same car, essentially, but perhaps the feel of it is a little different.

  18. Kaetriana is my personal fantasy version of my real name, Katie.

    It has roots in my strange obsession with my my ex boyfriend and his characters.

    My ex had two personal characters based upon himself. One of them had a wife named Katie, the other had a wife with a name similar to Kaetriana. His real life sister was named something like Kittiana. Lots of K's. The creepy thing is, I had no idea about this name similarity until after we started dating. After we started dating, he pointed out that he was shocked that my name was Katie, because his evil side's fantasy wife is named Katie, and I believe he was rather frightened as well when I said I liked Kaetriana as a fantasy name. I myself was weirded out by how his fantasy wife shared my name, and I was inexplicably drawn to him like a magnet. I didn't know anything about him, but I decided I loved him. (because I was stupid) Then it appeared he had been planning for me to come all along, before he even knew who I was!

    After I found out about the name coincidence, I became obsessed with his characters, and tried to make my real self act like his fantasy wives, so that I would be that role for him. It only goes downhill from there. I believe our strange roleplays were the real basis of our relationship, and it wasn't a strong enough basis.

    Sooo....there's old Eka's history on her name. I added the e on the front so I could be like the cool kids!
  19. You see.... I was never comfortable with my birth name from a VERY early age. I would always try out new names. I was maybe... in 4th grade when I decided Diana was my true name! (I later found out Diana is what my mom -was- going to name me before changing her mind, so I thought that was kismet!)

    Come those teenager years and the beginnings of the internet, I got online to check out information on Sailor Moon. I found a chat room kinda roleplay community. But signing on there as Diana got tons of people thinking I was Diana the cat. >:[

    I ended up screaming I'M NOT A CAT. So often that I just preemptively signing on as "Diana Notacat".

    The rest is history. 8D
  20. I can't remember if I posted in the last thread, but explaining here might clear up some confusion about my choice of name for pirate month!

    Ossochanter is a mish-mash of Latin and French/English. BUT, it actually has a threefold meaning because I like to be complicated.

    Osso is Latin for bone, and Chanter is the French verb for "to sing". The -er in English denotes someone performing a specific verb. Therefore, Ossochanter can be taken to mean "Bonesinger". I enjoy singing, and I have a longstanding love affair with the phrase "singing in my bones". Chanter is also evocative of chanting, which is often associated with casting a spell; which leads me to...

    2. Chanter is also present in"enchanter"
    . Therefore, Ossochanter can also be taken to mean "Bone Enchanter". My Iwaku personas include Ozryel (angel of Death), a necromancer, and an undead girl with bone-shaping powers. I've always been drawn to necromantic characters; one of my oldest and dearest characters is a necromancer (and at times has literally been the child of Death). I'm a morbid person who enjoys death and horror movies and stuff. :3 I actually really like the idea of body horror and of shapeshifting, too. Again, shows up in a lot of my characters. Speaking of characters...

    3. Ossochanter was actually not made up as my username, but as the name of a custom instrument/weapon I made for my D&D Dirgesinger (a type of bard prestige class) many years ago. It was a sort of combination of a flute and a didgeridoo made entirely out of bone, that doubled as a staff/walking stick. It actually ended up associated with another (non-tabletop) character and the original bard turned into a non-tabletop demon hunter, but I was so fond of the name that I eventually changed my old online handle over to Ossochanter.

    Did I mention I also have interests in language, music, and anatomy/physiology?

    Ossochanter has been shortened to many things over the years, my favorite of which is Ozzie/Oz. Funnily enough, I happen to have a character named Oz (Ozymandius, in fact, and yes he is a wizard) from before I started being called Oz/Ozymandius myself- actually, he's one of my oldest characters again- and I think it's hilarious. And possibly kismet.

    I also enjoy The Wizard of Oz, Frank Oz, Seth Green's werewolf character Oz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Ozzy Osbourne. I get all the cool namesakes. :D