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    It's a new school. It's been built in the rougher side of town. It's where the outcasts of the other school end up. A large building, no tech. That means no computers. In case they get smashed, these teenagers could be a danger.

    They take nothing very seriously...which is bad if you're a nerd. There's all sorts of teenagers here: kids too nerdy, too tough, bullies, shadow children, children of the fantasy kind.

    Lots of them just want a normal life. Find romance and party. Study and pass their exams. Maybe both. Maybe neither. But the children are also something more...they've been locked in. You walk in but never walk out. A boarding school more like a prison. So the parties are in the party room. They never go outside.

    That's left some of them obvious targets for bullies. They're the ones who stick to the quiet side of school. But bullying has a line when it becomes abuse...
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    Kaida was, as usual, sitting in her room alone and writing poetry. Her poem was about love and anger and other emotions, which was once again typical for her. She wanted to write about nature and animals, or anything else really, but it'd been too long since she'd seen much else, so she had no material to go off of. She briefly debated going to the party she could hear in the party room, but she new going down again would be like asking to be bullied and beaten again. In a weird way, Kaida didn't mind it since it was the only attention people really gave her, but what was left of her moral and sane mind knew that feeling how she did was not right.

    Kaida also knew being attracted to the boy who bullied her most was wrong, but she was beyond caring about that too. Once again, being trapped left Kaida with little else to think about or feel. With that final thought, Kaida decided she needed to head to the party, even if it would hurt. It'd been a few days since she'd seen anyone but her roommate, and she could feel a bit of insanity creeping in at the constant loneliness she was subjecting herself to. She walked over to the door and peeked her head out, checking to see if any one was in the hallway.
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    Viktor Bell walks towards his room with one hand in his pocket and his other carrying his mud caked shoes. The bottoms of his jeans are also covered in mud. He has an anger in the way he shuffles down the hall and unlocks his door. He tosses his shoes into a small bucket near the door and sits at his desk by the window. He frowns and stares out the window towards the other part of the building where Kaida's window is. He stares in that direction, deep in thought, but not actually looking at anything, but his eyes seem to watch through the window.
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    Blake finally arrives at his dorm, with his heart beating harder than a drum, after a few seconds of breathing he checked outside to see if he was safe from the bullies. After a sigh of relief, he walked straight to his room, acknowledging nothing around him, and not uttering a word to anyone. As he entered his room he buried his face in his pillow, and covered himself in his blanket, that his mother gave him before her death, all he wanted was to forget the world. After a short while, Blake grabbed his guitar, and played music for hours, it was his only escape from facing reality.

    After playing his guitar for what only seemed like an hour, he looked outside towards the building across from his. Blake saw flashing lights, and people doing shots. He knew this had to be the party the whole school was talking about, his only thought was that he wished he was invited.
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    Seeing another bullied student, who's name she thought was Blake, stumble into his room, Kaida had an idea, and she walked silently into his room, a little surprised the door was unlocked. "You wanna be over there too, huh?" She asks, noticing him looking at the party not too far away. She debated walking closer to him, but opted not to, since she didn't want to risk creeping out the only person around who may be willing to join her to a party.
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    As Blake was lost in thought thinking about the party, he hears a woman's voice behind him. Blake becomes alert, and quickly turns his head thinking it could be someone hear to torment him. As he stopped, and looked at the girl he recognized her as Kaida. A girl he has never really talked to that much, even though she is in his class. As he calms down, from embarrassing himself, he replies timidly "Ya I would like to, but I don't think I am invited." He says with a painful smile. He gets off his bed, and takes a few small steps towards Kaida, to show he appreciates her presence. Blake eventually comes to a stop, and asks in a timid tone, "Are you going to the party?"
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    Kaida nodded in response to the boy's question. "I am, though I wasn't invited either. I was hoping someone would be willing to sneak in with me..." She says, a slightly hopeful look on her face. "I mean, at this point, everyone there is probably too drunk to notice us." She says, sighing slightly. She'd never had a drink of alcohol before, but the constant stream of it that flowed at parties had gotten her curious, but she was far too scared to even consider trying it on her own.
  8. The party is a loud bright and exciting place. There are some girls on tables shouting and dancing. Some boys stand on one wall, leaning against it with their hoodies hung over their faces. They watch the party from a sideline.

    The DJ is playing all kinds of music: slow romantic pieces and quick on your feet hip-hop, loud heavy death metal and the quieter, but not by much, pop.

    There are some who look out of place. There's a lone boy. He's one of the new kids this semester, very scrawny, but nobody seems to be talking or even bullying him. He's wearing a hoody that covers his face and he's looking down. He looked too sad to be at a party. Nobody walks up to him, and anyone who does goes away after a few seconds.


    The lone boy is named Aston Cure. Cure is a big name in the city right now. Aston has two sisters, Dusk and Dawn, all of them triplets, who are known for throwing the biggest parties. But Aston isn't happy about that. He keeps that a secret.

    He looked around nervously. He's been a shadow really, invisible behind his sister's fame. God damn, they're embarrassing him now, Dawn dancing in her high heels and tight dress, Dusk sitting on a table telling everybody about something, laughing and smiling, and gasping dramatically. "Thank God nobody noticed me," he sighed.

    Aston looks sadly at his sisters. Why doesn't he find people so...exciting? Looks like it's going to be another lonely night in the dorm. Oh, yeah. He promised Dawn he'd stay this time round. Despite him going to hate every single moment.
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  9. Victor steps outside and pulls out a pack of cheap cigarettes. He puts ne to his lips and fishes around his pockets for his lighter. He swears under his breath when he remembers that he left it in his room and turns around to go back. While walking towards his room, he spots an open door and leans in, hoping to not have to walk all the way back. "Hey" he says to the two in the room "either of you have a lighter or a match I can use?"
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    Blake slightly snickers from what Kaida says. Blake started to ponder, that maybe he should go to the party, he did not want another bullied student like himself to have to face something alone if bad stuff were to happen. Blake dashes his eyes into Kaida's eyes, and without hesitation he says, "I wil-." Blake becomes surprised he hears a mans voice cut him off. Blake sees the man, and automatically becomes flustered. He never was able to communicate with other guys very well. Blake responded to the man, "N-No sorry I do not." Blake felt embarrassment come over him once again. Blake once again looks at Kaida, and says in a timid tone "I will sneak in with you. I would hate for you to go alone, and plus I would like to taste alcohol at least once." Blake said with a slight chuckle. He looked at the man who asked for a light, and said with slight hesitation "You can come to the party, i-if you would like."
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    Kaida grinned when Blake agreed to go, and she didn't seem very startled when the other man walked in, asking for a lighter. "I have one in my room across the hall. The door is open, and it's on the desk covered in papers." She says, remembering her lighter that was used to burn poems she didn't wish to hold on to. With that cared for, Kaida looked back to Blake again. "Me too, I've never drank before... S-so, shall we?" She says, smiling lightly at Blake as she held her hand out to him. She then heard Blake offer to let the other guy tag along, and she glanced over at him. "I second Blake's offer. The more the merrier!" She says, giggling just a tiny bit.
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    Blake was mesmerized by the kindness Kaida was showing. His whole body felt warm inside, it was a feeling he has not felt in a long time. He takes Kaida's hand, and looks at the man with a friendly stare. Blake asks in a slightly more confident, and friendly tone, "So, did you perhaps want to?"
  13. He calls out to them as he goes into her room to find the lighter. "I was already heading over there, actually." He says, looking through papers for the lighter. "Ill walk with you guys." He finds it and walks out, closing the door behind him "thanks"
  14. Rose sat in a random hallway with a book in her hands. Her eyes eagerly read it, while she enjoyed the moment of peace. Nobody had bothered her for a while, and it was a nice change. She pushed back one of her blonde curls that had fallen from her headband before returning to her book. After another moment of reading, she sighed. Yes, it was nice reading and being alone, but she couldn't help but feel a sense of loneliness creep up on her.
  15. Blake smiled when the man agreed to go with him, and Kaida. As they were walking down the hall a question came to Blake's mind. He turned towards the man. and asked with a friendly tone "What is your name by the way?" After Blake asked he diverted his eyes forward spotting a very radiant girl sitting down. She had a book in her hand, and had very beautiful blonde curls. She seemed lonely, but Blake's nerves overpowered him, and he could not say hi to save his life. He hoped one of his new acquaintances knew who she was, so we could perhaps strike up a conversation with her.
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  16. Rose heard footsteps nearing her, causing her to look up briefly. She saw a small group of people and quickly ducked her head back into the book with a deep blush growing on her face.
    'Oh goodness. People. Okay, Rose. Play it cool. Just keep reading and maybe they'll go away without bothering you.' Rose thought to herself, holding onto the book tightly.
  17. He turns to blake. "Viktor. You can call me Vik." He notices the girl sitting on her own. "Hey" he says to her and stops walking "you alright?"
  18. Words seemed to be lost in Rose's throat as one of the people actually talks to her. She looked up from her book shyly and looked at the people in particular. She nodded and smiled at the briefly before hastily retreating back to her book with another blush creeping into her cheeks.
    'Oh, they must think that I'm an idiot.' She thought to herself glumly as she stared at the pages in the book blankly.
  19. He stays there for a second with slight worry in his eyes. "Alright." He starts walking towards the door out. " theres a party that we are going to if you want to come with."
  20. Blake looked at the girl with worry in his eyes, he was scared that she might be alone. Exactly like he feels everyday. Blake knelt down next to her, and asked in a calm soothing voice, "What book are you reading?" He said with a big smile. Communicating with others was always a fear Blake has struggled with, but he knew he had to conquer it to help this girl.