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  1. In very old times there was a country with very unhappy poor people and at the same time one family of very happy rich and wealthy people. To keep the poor people from going into a revolution the family, which was called the Hirako family, had an arrangement every hundred year with the normal folk: a normal boy from the normal people was going to marry the second oldest son of the Hirako's. It was important that this was a boy because then you wouldn't have mixed blood. Normally the children of the Hirako family married with rich children from families in other countries. It was also important that it was the second son and not the first, because it wasn't expected that the two would have kids, that was even impossible.


    It was one of those hundred years this year and poor Akemi was to marry one of the stupid peasants... He groaned as his aunt was getting him dressed for the big wedding. He didn't even know how is groom looked or how he was. He was just supposed to say yes and then wave to the people while holding hands. And maybe spend the rest of his life with the dude... "What if I just don't want it?" He asked his aunt who was very busy getting his clothes just right. "You know that you don't have a choice in this Akemi. Just make the best of it. Your mother said that she has chosen a right young man to marry you and they've been learning him etiquette for months" Akemi sighed. He was sure that teaching wouldn't make him less of a snob... Once a peasant always a peasant.
  2. " It may seem bad, but don't worry Aiko, you will be fine."
    A middle aged woman taking long strokes with the brush, neatening out the boy's hair before grabbing a ribbon. "You look nice ~ And who knows, maybe the prince is a sweet person under some ugly traits. We all have something that we hide deep inside ourselves." She had long silken, dark hair herself, her eyes lowering along the length of her son's hair which ended to his waist. "Some people fear of being broken or taken advantage of, and with the role that Prince carries, if he is... insufferable one... Just stay calm and gently wiggle your way into his heart."

    "Alright... I just still don't feel comfortable. But I'll try." Aiko sighed, eyes glancing around his home.

    'I'm going to miss this...'

    It works, I promise, it's how I was able to keep your lady's man of father~ . "


    Staring at the mirror and making sure that there were no serious flaws in his appearance, his eyes narrowed just a bit. Mentally noting that this was it.
    ' Just remember what mother said... '
  3. Akemi was tapping his knees while sitting in the carriage. "Akemi stop doing that" His mother said. "it looks silly" she turned her eyes outside of the window. He frowned. "what if I just don't want it" he said rudely and his mother's eyes found his again. "Don't talk with such a tone. It's tradition and you're a proud part of this family Akemi" her voice was stern and he looked down. He wanted to be rebellious, to say no, but he knew how his mother was and certainly how his father was. "yes mother" he said softly and sighed. He wished it would be different. What proud was there in marrying a peasant? They rode trough the gates and he heard the people cheering, but he didn't wave. They got to the building and his footman opened the carriage door. He got out and held his hand out for his mother.
  4. Aiko gently waved at the others, more of a farewell to those he knew. He didn't say much, it seemed as though his nervousness got the best of him. He couldn't speak.
    But once he stepped out, he also held his mothers hand out of the carriage, the woman smiled up at him, gently squeezing his hand.
    "You're so quiet... You'll be okay. "

    "How you can be so calm over this really worries me."

    "It is life, something told me you would be chosen since the day you were born. That isn't bragging or being cocky, is it?"

    "Hah, a little bit~"

    "You're supposed to say no~"

    From ahead, he could see the little figure that would be his husband, and his face dropped a bit, pretending as though he never saw the Prince and turned his attention to the sky, and then his mother. Her giving him a little nod before slapping his back, pushing Aiko along. "Come, come. I blessed you before you left. My blessings always work."
  5. Akemi didn't look at anything around him, he just helped his mother. He looked perfect, everybody had made that sure. He looked handsome and tall, his blonde hair combed nicely. Akemi walked inside and everybody stood. The Prince would always walk in first and then wait for his groom at the front. He stood next to the priest and didn't look back, not even when he heard the footsteps. He wasn't pleased and he would show it. His father would've hit him, but he was a man now. A man who's live was written for him.
  6. Aiko sighed softly through his nose, glancing around at the those watching, which indeed made him blush. The majority surprisingly have him an awe-struck stare, as if surprised that a peasant would like so. Which made him remember that his mother had been preparing for this for years, a small little smile formed on his face, closing his eyes. His low ponytail swaying gracefully with his movements.
    ' Thank you. '

    Feeling a bit more confident, but still careful, he didn't rush. Step by step until he stood beside the other, his eyes straight for a moment before he turned his head ever so slightly to glance at his Prince. Like he noticed before, he was tall, and what his mother would say...
    He had the hair of threaded gold. In other words, he's blonde.
    Aiko didn't glance too long, and looked straight again, hearing a few tiny compliments on his looks behind him. Or rather, compliments for the both of them.
  7. Akemi heard the soft whispers about them and then gave his future husband a glare. It wasn't a very friendly glare and he wasn't planning on being friendly ever. He had to admit he looked good, but he wasn't sure about the ponytail. Was he to poor to pay for a barber? He focused back on the priest who started to talk and he sighed very visible. When he was asked something he wasn't really paying attention to, he looked at his parents in first line. His mother nodded and his father frowned at the silence. He turned yo the priest and sighed again "I do"
  8. Aiko gave the other a neutral blank stare, inside he was a bit hurt by the glare, but he wouldn't show such sadness infront of so many people. The pause though, did make his blood run cold, wondering if the Prince was going to say otherwise, but it seemed like he was just daydreaming.
    Once the question came to him, he faintly nodded, looking up at the priest.

    "I do."
  9. He knew the people expected something of then now and he decided to give them that. He took his husband's hand and kissed his knuckles one by one, smiling. His eyes looked cold, but he surely was a good actor. He turned them around and held his hand while walking out, into the white carriage with the 6 white stallions in front of it. He helped his husband in, which made the crowd cheer. When they were inside though, the smile disappeared from his face
  10. He wasn't expecting to actually be touched, so when his hand was grabbed, he had to hold himself from accidentally puling away, his cheeks lit into a fresh pink color. Even though he guessed the other didn't mean it, maybe, the action still made him blush. Turned around and walked out, his hand was a bit stiff in the hold, looking at the smiling people, to which he shyly smiled back before being shocked by the beautiful carriage, his eyes lighting up at the sight of such healthy and pure white stallions.
    'They're so beautiful... Ah, don't get distracted..'

    Being helped into the Carriage made him feel a tiny bit troublesome, but the cheers eased his worry. Noting how fast his new husbands smile disappeared from his face, he silently turned away, looking out the window with a worried expression.
  11. "Mother didn't even tell me your name" he said coldly and looked at his husband. The carriage started moving and he sat back against the comfortable bench. Hand stitched his sister had told him. He wasn't very impressed by it, he was never impressed by anything. He looked out the window. "I don't know anything about you but I guess you know everything about me" they got out if town. They would live in one of their family houses. They got 4 maids, 2 footman, a butler, a cook and 2 kitchen maid. He wasn't impressed, but it was enough for two people he guessed. The house itself was nothing compared to his own palace, but it was gigantic compared to everything average.
  12. "Mother didn't even tell me your name, I don't know anything about you but I guess you know everything about me"

    "...." Aiko glanced over, before staring down at his lap, a small sigh leaving him before he undid the ribbon that held his hair, allowing his hair to rest at his waist.

    "It's Aiko. And I cant say I know much about you either, other than your name... "

    The house was beautiful, almost too beautiful... Aiko didn't want to touch much, fearing that everything might shatter or he'd taint it in some way. "It's... lovely.. But-" Distracted by the maids and butler that greeted their presence, Aiko greeted them back with a little nod. "Is there... um, anything you want to talk about..? "
  13. Akemi didn't even greet the staff and just handed his coat to his footman. He heard Aiko call the place lovely and ignored that. He had been here a few times so he just walked towards the lounge, sitting down on an expensive sofa. He looked up at Aiko who looked rather awkward and then heard his question. He was a bit gobsmacked with the way he talked towards him, not even 'your grace' 'milord' or a small 'sir'. But this was the way a husband should talk to his significant other, as equals. "no" he said calmly and took the drink he was offered. He didn't feel like equals. Aiko also got offered a drink
  14. " No."

    Aiko raised his eyebrows, but not at all surprised that the other didn't want to speak. Thanking the servant who offered him a drink, he took it, taking small sips. Not sure of what else to say, he just slowly wandered around the house, looking at the bathrooms in its flawless glory. Silently wondering if there were one or two bedrooms... but he only found one.

    Sure, him and Prince Akemi were now officially married...but...
    Surely they didn't just expect us to just be comfortable with sleeping together...right?
    What about our privacy?!
    I guess that doesn't exist now, does it?!

    Aiko sighed though his nose, the wedding was a bit quick, but all of the worrying, and mixed emotions about this situation made him feel like he just ran through a field and back. Just the awkward tense air was enough to make him tired.

    "Is there something wrong your gracefulness?"

    "Ah?" Aiko spun around to see one of the servants bowed at the door of the room, "I apologize if I surprised you, but I saw you standing there for a while, sir.."

    "No, No... Everything is fine. Perfect actually." Aiko politely praised. "But... Is there more than one room like this?"

    The servant seemed surprised at the question. With a small drop of the shoulders, he took the facial expression as a no.
    "Haha... erm.. Nevermind. "
  15. The sphere in the house was everything but nice. They were given the time to get used to each other for two days before the party was. Family wasn't aloud to visit in the meantime... He was locked up in here with that... With that snob. "Get me another one of those" He ordered as he looked at his empty whine glass and the servant hurried to go get another glass for his Grace. Akemi was planning on getting drunk and then do something he would probably regret badly... But he wanted to break the invisible border between them. Akemi wasn't even sure if he could do that, but the guy wasn't that bad. He was even rather handsome. He knew his whole life what was going to happen so he already did his homework on guys
  16. ~Skip to a few minutes, possibly half an hour or a bit more~

    The shower was rather hot, its been a while since he was able to heat up the bath that well. His long dark hair wrapped up in a towel that he pulled off, moving the lightly damped locks to one shoulder before searching around the room for a comb to neaten out little tangles.
    His hair wasn't always tangled, actually, it was rather easy to comb and smooth through compared to his other relatives or friends. Tilting his body to one side in front of the mirror as he got rid of the loose tangles before running fingers through.

    ' Should I put it in one braid... Or just let it dry freely...'
    'I wonder if I'm coming off cold... But, he said he didn't want to talk. So I figured he wanted some alone time.. '
    'Well, it IS a planned marriage... So it was against his will as well as mine. I'll try to talk to him. He looks like he could possible be a nice person... maybe.'

    Glancing over to the top of the dresser, his cup of wine was filled again. Guessing one of the servants peeked in while he was taking a bath and refilled it. He really felt spoiled in his house, but not in a bad way, but he noticed most nobles didn't really take the time to thank their servants. But him, he was thanking them left and right for the things they did. That might just be one of the things he could never change. Aiko picked up the glass, tipping it slowly against his lips as he peeked out of the room and down the hallway, but he saw no one, he heard the servants working around the kitchen area. Possibly cooking dinner.
    Guessing he should go down and show thanks for the refill, but he was still wearing his long gown.
    'Its a house gown.. Don't worry.'
    'But maybe I should check on the Princ-.....My... husband instead. Is he really still sitting on the couch?'

    "Hello..? A-Akemi, are you still there..?" Peeking out at the living room from the hallway.

  17. Akemi had done nothing usefull in the time that his husband went to shower accept maybe drink wine. Not that that was something usefull, but it was something. He looked up at his newly wed husband and nodded. "Yes, my love" He said it in a way that it didn't sound loving, more... Foolish. He wanted to try, he really did. He wanted to start loving his husband, he wanted to be what his parents expected of him, but he couldn't. He simply couldn't, not at this stage. He bit the inside of his cheek and patted the spot next to him. "Why don't you come sit next to me" He offered a smile, but it held no real emotion. He was simply playing his part... He wanted to rush outside, he wanted to get out of the life that he had now. It wasn't that he hated Aiko, he didn't know him well. It was that he didn't want people to decide everything for him, he wanted to be himself. He wanted to get outside, into the world. He had only ever seen the palace walls and carriage doors. He had only ever ridden horses and played silly games in the gardens. Aiko must have seen so much.
  18. The response caught him off guard, the words, but... the tone. It left Aiko wondering if the other was suddenly joking around.

    "Why don't you come sit next to me"

    "Oh, alright. " He could tell the smile was forced, but he returned a rather shy one to him. Moving in even steps over to the couch and sitting next to him, holding his glass to his chest a nervously. 'Did he have something to say? Or did he think I was ignoring him..?'
    ut now, he was able to actually look at the other, before it was hard too, with the glaring and him having to be stiff and elegant and such.

    "I' thinking.." Aiko nervously looked down, his voice shrinking down to a quiet and slightly submissive tone. " I honestly don't like the idea of a forced marriage... and I don't mean to sound....rude ... but..."

    He paused for a moment, breathing in. "Its supposed to be two, or three days... I honestly forgot because I'm still nervous and torn about everything... But can we just take our time..? ....Or maybe I shouldn't have said that."

    He shyly ran fingers through his hair, glancing up but quickly looking away.
  19. Akemi nodded at what his husband said. "Don't talk to me like I am your prince" He whispered. He knew that he had hated it before that Aiko just said things normal, but he knew how it should be. "Aiko, we will take all the time okay." He smiled gently, honest this time. The other man's shyness made his stiff appearance melt a bit. "What I do wonder is why you found this just as hard as I do. " He had to look for the words to say. "Don't most boys... Want to marry the prince? My mother told me that thousand of boys wanted to marry me because then they could be rich and wealthy. Why did you marry me if you don't like the idea"
  20. He was surprised that Akemi was suddenly so accepting, it made him think about what his mother mentioned...

    "What I do wonder is why you found this just as hard as I do. Don't most boys... Want to marry the prince? My mother told me that thousand of boys wanted to marry me because then they could be rich and wealthy. Why did you marry me if you don't like the idea"

    "Well honestly, I liked living with my mother. The home cooked foods, the natural scent of things, and the stuff you earn from working. I don't know... It just felt nice and welcomed. And also, what good is it to be rich and spoiled by someone who was forced to marry you? They aren't thinking too deeply about it, or just thinking selfishly. They're only thinking about the money and how to get fat from it."
    For a moment, his eyes narrowed, but softened. "Maybe I'm a bit too old fashioned, or just different. I like bonds more than wealth." Aiko shrugged slowly.

    "I see some marriages, where both husband and wife hate each other's guts, but just drown themselves in wealth. I was fearing that it would be that way with me getting married. But my mother helped me relax."
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