Maybe Love Will Blind Em?

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  1. "And he says the corniest line ever, all like 'I want ya to fix my broken heart'. So I said to him, I said, 'what the fuck do I look like? A doctor?' And then he guys goes on and cries like a fuckin' baby! Seriously, what did I ever see in em?" Said Kristi, aggravated, as she shoved her books in her locker, her brown eyes just burning with rage. Kristi had been rambling on and on about her on and off again, 'scum bag' boyfriend Craig. The two had been dating since Freshman year, and Craig was a complete jerk. The two had been breaking up and making up their whole high school lives, but since Barbie just came to this highschool this year, she wouldn't know any of that. But thank God Kristi filled her in on all of it. Kristi was a light brown hair girl, with pale skin, freckles dotted everywhere on her face. She was rall, and lanky, with huge dark brown eyes and thin pink lips. She wore a red and black plaid shirt with light blue skinny jeans and worn out chucks. She dressed more on the Nerdy side, but this outfit wasn't so bad. Maybe out dated but....Not as bad as the other things she wore.

    Kristi had been Barbie's friend since she arrived to this school three months ago. She made sure to make her feel welcomed into this school, since she once had been a new girl back in middle school. Flicking her hair over her shoulder, she scoffed at the thought of last night, slamming her locker shut as she turned the lock to make sure it was locker. Glancing at her friend. She had yet to find out that Barbie was really a guy, and even if she did find out? Kristi probably wouldn't mind. "Ready to head to lunch? I'm sure Garret is wai-"

    "Fuck outta the way!" Yelled a deep, and smooth voice sown the hall, causing people to turn their heads. The voiced belong to none other than Colby Trent. The Heartbreaker to all girls, The Legend, to all guys. He skated down the hallway, laughing as people jumped and dodged out of his way, afraid to be hit. Kristi yanked barbie closer to her, not wanting the small girl to be trampled by him. Kristi had a protective streak for the girl. Barbie was so small, and looked as if anyone could hurt her. So she always made sure to protect her. Growling as Colby skated past, that dimpled smile on his lips, Kristi flipped him off, though of course the jock didn't see. A snarl on her face, she looked down at her friend, checking to see if she was okay. "Are you okay Barbie? Damn that jerk! He thinks he runs this school!"
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  2. One thing Barbie liked about this school, was that it was small. Her school back in New York was bustling, loud, and more than diverse. While, that also came with a downside. People here, she noticed, were pretty set in their ways. It was a small town, and that wasn't something she was really used to. Though she had to thank fate that she had met Kristi a few months back, if not she would have been absolutely fucked. As she halfheartedly listened to her friend babble on, she only focused from the harsh slam of the brunette's locker, causing her to physically jump. Despite it never getting nearly as cold as New York did in the late fall, early winter, the girl still dressed in layers. A pair of brown leggings, a custom lolita-esque pink and brown skirt, and a simple button up white top was her main outfit, though she wore a warm sweater and a large coat over her, making her seem even smaller. She was constantly chilly, though her knitting skills helped with that majorly.

    Ready to respond to her rather pointless babble with a practically rehearsed, "yeah, what an asshole!", though was interrupted by the loud crowd of shrieks and the sudden tug by Kristi to be pressed against the locker. That's when her wide eyes locked onto Colby, someone she somehow managed to avoid completely in the short months she had lived in the small town. It must have been Kristi's plan all along, to keep her safe away from this asshole.... Though even SHE couldn't help but notice just how nice his voice was, or how well built he seemed. Having to cover her cheeks in a rather cute display, the quiet girl cleared her throat. "Who exactly is that?"
  3. Her stomach dropped at hearing the question. Oh no. Thought the thin girl as her hand tightened on the strap of her bag, until her knuckles went pale. Kristi always knew this moment would come. It had to one day. Someone like him couldn't go unnoticed for long. Though, Kristi was pleased she manged to hide Barbie from him for so long. Grabbing her friend's small shorlders, her brown eyebrows furrowed in concern, as she said, "No one you ever want to get involved with Barbie. That guy is bad news. I'll tell you who he is, but you have to promise me you'll never speak to him." Searching the other's pale blue eyes, she sighed, and leaned away, pinching the bridge of her nose with annoyance.

    "That's Colby Trent. Quarterback to our football team, The Bigfoots, and also Crystal Lawn's biggest dick. That guy has probably fucked every girl in this school, and yet, more and more girls line up to date him, knowing what he does. He takes them on a few dates, screws them, then he leaves them for the next cute thing in a skirt, leaving the girl heartbroken, and wondering what she did wrong. I swear the guy's a pig, and I don't want you any where near him. You seem like the type he would go after. He has a thing for shy girls." Mumbled Kristi as she looked down the hall where he just skated down. Shaking her head in frustration, she grabbed Barbie's arm, leading her to the cafeteria, the direction Colby was heading. "C'mon, Garret is waiting for us. I don't want him to whine about how we're always late." She smiled, giving the girl a nudge.
  4. "Well, have you dated him?" She asked, trailing along obediently as she adjusted her bag. He didn't seem nearly as bad as Kristi had described, though she trusted the girl. To Barbie, this girl was literally the only way she could properly adjust to her new home. Without someone helping her and aiding her with the proper rules of the school, she'd probably be a COMPLETE outcast. Now, she was only slightly. "He seems.... Loud. That's obnoxious." She added quickly, before fixing her bangs properly. "Plus he's probably pretty rude. Are skateboards even allowed in the hallway? That's silly..."
  5. Wiping her head around at the question, Kristi looked very offended. "No I have not dated that jerk! I'm not one of these blonde bimbos that think that they could magically change him fromantic his pigish ways." Answered the girl as she walked, huffing.

    "No skateboards aren't allowed, but the teachers won't say shit to him. He's the school star. They wouldn't want to upset him." She grumbled under her breath as they made it to the cafeteria. There was a Garrett waiting, texting on his phone. Garret had jet black hair and bright green eyes. He wore a black shirt that said something scientific on it, since he was such a science nerd. He wore baggy black jeans and some old shoes. Glancing up when he caught sight of them from the corner of his eye, he waved and gave a slight smile.

    "Took y'all long enough."
  6. "Sorry," Came the petite girl's response, before sitting in one of the chairs politely. Tugging a bento box style luncbox from her patchwork bag, she offeref the boy a smile. "So do you know anything about this cheese boy everyone's apparently infatuated with? Why havent I heard of him until now? If he's such a bigshot, that is..."

    She was ready to continue, though she heard the same smooth voice from before behind her, causing her to stiffen as she held her sandwich tight.
  7. "There's a lot of 'cheese heads' here, Barbie." Chuckled the boy as he nibbled on his pizza and fries thay he was having for lunch.

    "She means Colby." Kristi answered as she pulled out her own lunch she packed. Pulling out a cup of Jell-O, she opened it and began snaking on it, looking at her small friend.

    Garret looked at her, grimacing a bit when he saw that she showed interest in Colby. Of course she would be eager to speak about him. Every girl was. "Well...He isn't that big of a deal, so we didn't mention him. Let's drop him, and talk about something el-" Garret nearly choked on a fry when his chair was shoved by Colby as he walked by.

    "Oops, my bad dude." Smirked the jock as he chuckled.

    "Fuck off, Colby." Kristi mumbled under he breathe, to low for Colby to hear what she was saying. Not that he wouod care.

    His eyes went to her hearing the mumbled, but not the word's until his eyes slid over seeing a face he had yet to seen in the school before. Arching a brow, he gave his famous, and rather sexy slow smirk, and winked at Barbie. He then made his way to the lunch line, he and his friend cutting in front of others.
  8. "A-Are you okay?!" Squeaked the blonde, hurrying to her friend"s side once hearing the familiar hiss of someone choking. Shooting a glare at the man, she seemed completely pissed... And she WAS! Though a small blush did creep to her cheeks unconsciously. "Seriously, chew your food, Garrett. I don't want to give CPR in a full classroom."
  9. Garret let a few more violent coughs out before holding up a pale hand as a sign he was okay. Clearing his throat, he shot a glare in the direction that Colby was in. "Let's eat lunch outside." Suggested the Nerdy male, as he grabbed his tray, standing from his seat.

    Kristi dragged her eyes from Colby to look over at her friends, nodding. "Yeah, I don't feel like sharing the same room with a pig." Grabbing her bagged lunch, she ran a tongue over her teeth to clear it of any food, waiting for Barbie to grab her own lunch.
  10. Neatly placing everything back into the small lolunchbox, she slid it carefully into her back before adjusting herself with a small smile. "Okay, but it's gonna be chilly out, so... Yeah... Don't be surprised if I insist on borrowing your jackets." She teased to the two. She did feel at least comfortable enough to joke with the others, something she'd never do with someone she wasn't comfortable with.
  11. "What? But you have a zillion sweaters on now!" Teased Kristi as she nudged the other with her hip, giving her a small giggle.

    "You could always borrow mine." Answered Garret, a wave a heat rushing to his cheeks as he refused to meet Barbie's eyes. To him, Barbie was arguably the most beautiful girl to walk this planet. And not just in her looks but her personailty as well. Garret had a crush on her since she came to this school, and has been trying to score a date with the girl. But there was really only a few times they were alone, and since Kristi was so damn protective of the girl, he really didn't have a chance. But that didn't mean he would try. The trio came to a small lunch table thag sat in the sun, so they wouldn't be too cold.
  12. Despite this, the short girl shivered nonetheless as she tugged out the rest of her meal and drink. Offering Garret a smile, she held out her hand. "I think I'll take you up on that offer. I-It's FREEZING out here, how can you two just sit there and eat as if it's normal?" She grumbled, annoyed more than anything at her awful immune system.
  13. Quickly taking his rather large black leather jacket off, he instantly wrapped it around the girl, his cheeks still that same red. Thank goodness it was cold out, and he could easily blame the could for making his cheeks redden. "It's honestly not that cold Barbie. You just get cold so easily." Answered the long haired brunette girl as she nibbled away at her lunch.

    They were halfway through lunch when Kristi let out a loud, "Fuck me!" Hissing in annoyance she quickly stood looking down at Barbie who was nearly done her lunch. "Come with me? I forgot my homework in the Gym lockeroom." Before she answered she grabbed her hand looking at Garret. "Watch our food, we'll be back." Instantly hurrying into the school, she walked down the halls until coming to the locker room. "I'll be quick." She promised and disappeared into the room. While Barbie waited in a hall. A certain teenage guy was walking down the hall
  14. "Well, that was sudden..." She whispered, sitting neatly on the bench besides the locker with her bag neatly resting on her lap. Kicking her legs obviously, she had no idea why her best friend had escaped into the locker room, nor why there was so much noise in the halls. This school was odd, at least... the people were. But that was besides the point
  15. Colby strutted down the hallway, twirling his car keys around his index finger as if he owned the place. He was obviously coming from the cafeteria, but left due to all of his friends annoying him at the moment. That was when he caught sight of the girl sitting on the bench, looking as if she was waiting for someone. He didn't even care that she was obviously wearing a guy's jackrt, which could easily mean that she had a boyfriend. Colby's done girls with boyfriends. Hell he made out with a teacher who was married. His gorgeous pink lips formed up into a smile before walking over, standing in front of her.

    "Ya know," He began with that sexy, and Heavenly voice, "I've never seen you around here. What's your name, babe?" He asked as his long fingers went to cup her chin.
  16. "B-Barbie," She stammered, face beetroot red as she awkwardly sat there. Standing quickly, she pushed past him with a cleared throat. "Um, I... Ned to check up on my friend, uh..." Akthough technically she wasnt allowed in, she knew that it didn't matter as she shimmied her way into the locker room in fear
  17. Before she could even walk fully into the room, he grabbed her wridt, gently tugging her back before pinning her to the wall, his knee in between her legs, smirking down at her. "Wow, aren't you a tiny thing. And your name is Barbie? Fits, since your so damn cute." Whispered the taller man, before he leaned down to whisper in her ear. "Hey, you wanna come to my car to hang out, Barbie?"
  18. She squeaked, her legs closing the moment his knee pressed against her legs. "This... T-This isn't, uh, comfortable..." She finally stammered out. He wanted her to go to his CAR?! For WHAT?! The idea practically made her faint on the spot
  19. Seeing her basically pass out did spark a little panic in him, before he realize what was going on. She was shy. Very shy. Any other girl here would have pounced right on him, and drag him to the car. But this girl? She fainted, probably afraid. "Dammit..." Cursed the jock as he pulled away to picked her up bridal style. Looking around, he carried her to a storage room he knew had a bed so she could rest on. The bed was old and ratty, but at least there they could be alone. If he took her to the nurse, they would have to be surround by people. Gently stroking her cheek, he decided to change his approach. He's fucked shy girls, he knew how to handle this. "Hey, sweetie. Wake up." He whispered.
  20. Rolling awake from her blackout, she immediately sat up and moved away from his touch. "O-Oh, uh... Why are we in the storage room? I think lunch time is almost over anyway, aha... I should probably go see Kristi, I think she's done with her business..." She babbled, covering her reddened cheeks in her evident panic
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