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    The In-Character Thread


    In the Fall of 2186CE the galaxy is under siege. Despite the attack on the Citadel 3 years before by the Reaper Sovereign and the geth, the galaxy at large turned a blind eye to Sovereign’s true nature, quickly brushing aside claims of it being a Reaper in favour of claiming the massive warship was nothing more than a highly-advanced geth Dreadnought. While denying the truth brought temporary comfort to those confronted by the implications of what Sovereign represented, it was three short years before the Reapers returned for the first time in 50,000 years, immediately conquering batarian space and proceeding to spread throughout the galaxy with terrifying speed and efficiency. Within a matter of weeks, almost every major system in the galaxy was facing the overwhelming might of the Reapers, and with it, the impending extinction of every advanced civilization in the galaxy.

    With millions dying every day and entire military regiments being systematically destroyed in single battles, the entire galaxy is in peril on a scale previously unimaginable. With nothing less than extinction at stake, every race is putting aside ancient grudges to survive. Krogan warriors move to act as shock troopers to relieve their arch enemies turned reluctant allies, the 3-century old animosity between the quarians and geth has ended in a truce with their fleets and ground forces now diverted to aid the rest of the galaxy instead continuing their personal war, and even the surviving batarians are lending what remains of their fleet to fight alongside their human enemies. However, it isn’t enough. Reaper forces advance steadily by the day and every minor victory against the armada is dashed against the unrecoverable gains the Reapers make. While plans are put in motion to work on a secret project to stop the Reapers, most fighting are unaware of its existence. For them, their world is shrunk to the desperate battles on once thriving worlds, hope fleeting against the uncountable casualties the Reapers claim each day. All that matters are the men and women that they stand shoulder to shoulder with, throwing everything they have at their enemy just to survive another day. Sometimes, there’s daring victories against impossible odds that inspire all forces in the theater, however more often than not, a squad will depart to the front lines and never be heard from again.

    On the thriving garden world of Nevos, allied forces from across the galaxy have joined offensives across the world in a desperate attempt to save the population and invaluable technology and other resources that can’t afford to be lost to the Reapers. While the Reapers may be widespread, there’s still room to breathe for the time being for the beleaguered forces fighting there. Whole units are wiped out, and the survivors often have to regroup with the tattered remains of other units, sometimes not even of their own species. Amidst the forests and broken cities, one such unit has arisen that with their various expertise, skills and experience from different cultures and worlds may stumble across a way to turn the tide, or perish amongst the endless names of the lost.

    This squad, formed out of necessity and struggling against increasingly impossible odds, knows that time is running out for Nevos. Each day, the Reaper presence grows and there are fewer and fewer people to fight them. In the struggle, a hope emerges; Project Crucible. This final gambit, a legacy of the Protheans as a means to defeat the Reaper menace once and for all with a weapon of unimaginable power, is nearing completion and only requires a little more time – and a crucial piece of the puzzle. Soon, orders come detailing a science team trapped far behind enemy lines with a vital Prothean data cache that may be the key to completing the final stages of Project Crucible. The costs of this operation may be great, but the consequences of failure are even greater as they race against time, and forces other than the Reapers.

    This is their story.
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    Never before have so many come together from all quarters of the galaxy. But never before have we faced an enemy such as this. The Reapers will show us no mercy; we must give them no quarter. They will terrorize our populations; we must stand fast in the face of that terror. They will advance until our last city falls, but we will not fall. We will prevail. Each of us will be defined by our actions in the coming battle. Stand fast. Stand strong. Stand together. Hackett out.

    Welcome to Mass Effect: Defiance, my third Mass Effect group RP over my roleplaying years that have typically been small group affairs following the adventures of mercenary teams scraping by in a galaxy that largely doesn’t know they exist; this game is going to be a bit different. The scope is larger and for once, I’m not putting a player limit on this one. That’s right! An enthusiastic, charming, and creative person stumbles upon this well into its life is more than welcome to apply! Neat, huh?

    While the premise of this story is hardly the most creative I’ve conjured, think of it as a loose framework to establish a setting more so than a concrete plot. A major inspiration for this game is stories like Band of Brothers where it tells the story of a group of people living through extraordinary circumstances and building a bond that transcends a common cause. The roleplay will also going to explore some horror themes, given the dark nature of the Reapers. While they have always been unnerving and straight-up body horror, this RP will strive to present the Reaper forces and more than cannon fodder and present the twisted nature behind the horrifying creations that is implied by their existence. While Shepard and friends arrived on the scene after the worst had happened and left before they could witness people they know get turned, the characters in this RP will experience loss and the fear of what happens to those who are captured by the Reapers. People they failed to protect will come back to haunt them in the most unnerving way possible, and the memories of squad mates swarmed by Cannibals aren’t soon going to be forgotten.

    This RP will start off on Nevos, an asari world that’s known as a tropical paradise, so picture if you will a tourist resort world that just got struck by the most devastating war in recorded history. As it progresses, there will be difficult choices and encounters as well as more enemies than just the Reapers, one of which who will be Cerberus, as well as another faction (or more) that will be revealed as the plot carries on. Should this game carry on long enough, there is a chance it will progress to the final battle on Earth and beyond, where old animosities that were set aside for the war will re-emerge and loyalties will be tested. In short, it’s going to be ripe with conflict and excellent character moments.

    Posting expectations are a minimum of 2 well written paragraphs per post without an upper cap, and try to aim for at least once a week. I expect as things go on, people’s personal lives will make this tricky, so I am very flexible about posting schedules, but I do expect to be informed when things come up. If no notification of absence is given, I’ll shift you to the inactive roster after a week of no activity (OOC or IC). After 3 weeks of no sign of life (or 2 if I notice you active elsewhere), your character will be written out of the story. Seeing as I currently have an RP going that’s 3 months shy of its 3 year anniversary on another site, I assure you I can keep a game going. I just ask that you try to keep active as well. I’m looking for enthusiastic and creative individuals who can stay dedicated to a roleplay through thick and thin and be friendly and active in both OOC banter and help craft the story. If you have ideas or suggestions, I’m more than happy to talk to you about them and seeing if they can be incorporated into the plot! It is part of the reason I’m keeping the plot pretty general in the description, I want you guys to have an active part in shaping the story and encounters because roleplaying is best when it’s a collaborative effort where everyone feels like they have a stake in it and aren’t just along for the ride. I strive to make sure that everyone’s character plays a part in the story and ideally has some situations that revolve around them and their choices. I also am fond of character actions translating into repercussions later as well as a reputation that may affect how NPCs interact with your character.​

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    Things to Note

    Seeing as this takes place in the final months of the events of Mass Effect 3, there are a few things canon-wise that need to be established. Most of it is the typical Paragon route for Shepard’s choices since it allows for the most diverse cast possible and allows for things to fall apart spectacularly later, should the RP make it that far. Really, Shepard’s lucky they die in the end; they didn’t have to put up with the shit they stirred up after the war.​

    -Genophage is cured. Krogan are acting as shock troopers across allied worlds in great numbers thanks to Wrex’s leadership and newly formed alliances. While many (okay, most) krogan harbour resentment over the genophage in the first place, as well as the mutual distrust and hatred that exists between the krogan and the council races, they never-the-less seem to have found common ground with the turian forces due to their mutual love of war and martial prowess.

    -Geth and quarian peace is established. Geth and quarian fleets are working largely separately, with geth acting more as isolated assault groups whereas the quarians are providing support to other alien fleets. Animosity still lingers among many quarians, but like two star athletes on the same team who can’t seem to get along, you shove them on different line ups. Problem solved!

    As well, the geth heretics were destroyed. Nobody likes a bunch of shits rolling for the wrong team.

    -Rachni were spared, because killing them and not having a solid reason for why they still exist as Reaper troops is ridiculous.

    -Collector base spared, as it makes Reaper-tech indoctrinated Cerberus Troops more plausible. I really don’t see how Cerberus was able to collect Human Reaper salvage when the destruction of the Collector Base also destabilized the mass effect field protecting it from the intense gravity of the galactic core.

    -Takes place after Priority: Rannoch, but before the assault on Cerberus’ super-secret base. I know, I know. That means Kai Leng is still alive. Super lame. No, this isn’t diverting from canon, so that means you won’t be able to scalp him with an omni-blade. Life is full of disappointments.

    -I tend to write alien species names in a lower case because nobody ever writes Human with an upper-case. Doesn’t make much sense to do it for other species.

    -Since the Collectors are destroyed, their equipment will not be making an appearance.

    -Canon characters very likely will not be making appearances in this RP, save for perhaps a couple major players as mention cameos only since that’s universe shrinking and it makes things incredibly boring. Part of the reason I love Mass Effect is it has a rich setting and lore, and the scope is far bigger than what you see in the game. This RP is an effort to tell the stories of some of the unsung heroes whose struggles were every bit as dire as Shepard’s that we never heard about because we were too busy trying to seduce half of the Normandy.

    Rules and Standards

    _ _ _ _ _

    1. You God Mod or your character turns out to be Cerberus Agent Mary Sue, expect a horrific death and no refund. This includes irritatingly perfect characters with relationships with characters from the video games, cheap attention seeking drama, reacts to things based on Out of Character information (e.g. the player knows about a group of thugs up ahead and the character warns people about it and the like), are flawless, and have painfully generic backgrounds that exist only to generate sympathy for that character or to cheaply justify a trait, and are perfect at everything. Be creative, make someone believable. No special snowflakes.

    2. Approved races only.

    3. Posting expectations are Intermediate with a minimum of 2-3 minimum detailed paragraphs per post. Try to be active in the OOC as much as you can (getting to know your fellow players! What a thought!) and try to get one IC post in a week. I am flexible; if something comes up, let me know. Real life takes priority, but it takes less than five minutes to make a post saying you'll be away for a bit. Absentee players run the risk of being written out of the game at my digression and most likely killed off.

    5. Original characters only, thanks. Obvious rip offs of established characters will also not be tolerated.

    6. If your character is biotic, take into consideration restrictions and social issues coming from having it relative to their cultures. If a race cannot have biotics, don’t pretend they do. Read the wiki pages for more information. I don’t want to see a half dozen biotic turian applications because turian biotics are quite uncommon, for instance. This ties into the whole no special snowflakes thing.

    7. If you want to make up an organization or company or whatever for your back story, that’s allowed as long as it doesn’t mess around with canon or contradict the timeline or give your character an unfair advantage that can be exploited.

    8. Character deaths are a possibility. Characters will frequently get wounded in fire fights, sometimes severely, but I won’t be completely ruthless with character deaths. Unless there’s no logical way for a character to survive a situation, you won’t have to fear an unexpected and punishing death (for instance, I won’t as a GM say there’s a sniper watching an alley way and instantly headshot the first person who steps out into it).

    9. Pre-made characters are permitted, provided you update them to fit this RP and take the time to make them fit into this continuity and timeline. Please no copy/paste jobs without taking into consideration CS formats and the rules.

    10. If someone hasn’t posted for a while and they’re holding everything up after a few days, don’t worry about posting order. It’s going to be a loose order as it is; just give everyone a chance to reply before you go ahead. An exception to this rule is if your characters are in a conversation that doesn’t affect anyone else, which I do ask you refrain from speed posting and consider a collab.

    11. On that note, please don’t be overly reliant on collaborations. I know they make dialog more natural, but in my experience, they are a huge reason games get slowed down since you have to wait for everyone involved to reply. Please put a priority on posting in the thread and only do collabs when necessary, I don’t need to see 2-3 weeks of no activity because everyone’s busy PMing each other back and forth. Let’s keep the game moving, guys.

    _ _ _ _ _

    Available Species
    Species (open)

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      Humanity is ready to do its part. United with the rest of the Council, we have the strength to overcome any obstacle. When the Reapers come, we must stand side by side. We must fight against them as one. And together we can drive them back into dark space!

      Humans are newcomers to the galactic scene, an ambitious and cunning species that has earned the distrust, scorn, and begrudging respect of the rest of the galactic community by achieving territorial gains and high diplomatic status within a few short decades, accomplishing more than most other species had in centuries. Humanity's first contact with the galactic community was at Shanxi when the turian Hierarchy attacked the fledgling colony in response to unauthorized activation of Mass Relays, a situation that had led to the Rachni Wars in the past. Striking a devastating counter-attack against the turians, the Systems Alliance stunned the galactic community for their audacity and bravery against a much larger and more powerful adversary; indeed, the turians had long been the most dominant military force in the galaxy, acting the role of peacekeepers and the defenders of the interests of Council Space. Had the asari not intervened and brokered a truce, it is entirely possibly the First Contact War would have made its way back to Earth, a blow from which humanity would never recover.

      Since then, the Systems Alliance parliament has been the political and military voice of the human race and thanks largely in part to an aggressive and demanding disposition that much of the galaxy isn't used to dealing with, humanity has made great strides in a few short years, including extensive colonization rights in the Attican Traverse - leading to conflict with the batarian Hegemony, who had also staked claims in the region. When the Council ultimately sided with the Systems Alliance, the batarians broke off diplomatic contact with the Citadel and became effectively a rogue state - freeing themselves to remove human presence from the Traverse by force. What would effectively lead to the Skyllian Blitz ended up in humanity's favour, and its influence spread even further across the galaxy.

      It was the first human Spectre, Commander Shepard, who discovered the threat of the Reapers and mobilized the galaxy to react to what would ultimately be nothing more than a struggle against extinction. The Systems Alliance now leads the military alliances from across the galaxy, uniting millennia-long adversaries against their common foe. It was on Mars that Project Crucible was first discovered, and it would be outside of Earth where the final battle to decide the fate of the galaxy would take place with the largest fleet ever assembled. To say humanity has been the most dynamic and progressive of the species in the galaxy in the century would be a colossal understatement.

      Humans are a very adaptable species capable of just about everything they put their mind to, and as a war-like species, they have had numerous military encounters in a few short decades against unfamiliar enemies and combat conditions, preparing them for this war with ample experience. As soldiers, humans can master any occupation and specialty, often arriving to battles with tactics or weapons the rest of the galaxy hadn't encountered before. Their special operations soldiers with the coveted N classification are renown across the galaxy for being top-class operatives that punch far above their weight.

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      Listen up! This isn't about your fear or grievances! Court-martial, death, and dishonor await anyone who balks at his duty. We are turian! We finish what we came here to do, or we die trying!

      The dominant military power in the galaxy, turians have the largest and most experienced military forces of any species, and combined with their legendary discipline and fearlessness have made turians the de facto military arm of Citadel Space interests. First encountered during the krogan rebellions, the turians volunteered their might to quell the krogan uprising, their skill at arms and unflinching dispositions eventually bringing the krogan forces into submission. Not even having moons and asteroids brought down into their colony worlds gave the turians pause; they are a society that believes that winning war with a single survivor was worth the cost. It is this steely fortitude that has made them a civilization that is extraordinarily adapted to the horrors of this war, and staggering losses have not stunted their morale and dedication to the war-effort. The turians are the backbone of the coalition, their troops winning inspiring victories against Reaper ground forces. However, fortitude and skill in battle aren't enough in this war, and they have been steadily losing ground with staggering losses like all the others struggling against the onslaught.

      Turians are a civilization of duty and honour where personal responsibility is held paramount and the needs of society come before the individual. Beginning at the age of 15, there is a conscription period of 15 years of civil service that all turians must complete, the primary option being military service. There are 27 tiers of citizenship, where all civilians begin at tier 1. Tier 2 is the initial military service, and tier 3 is graduating from this conscription phase. From there turians, and the client races who maintain citizenship on turian worlds, are promoted based on merit and personal accountability. For turians, there is no pressure or shame in maintaining their current tier, as it is preferable for a citizen to work where they are most needed and competent instead of pushing themselves into a tier that is beyond their capacities. Because of this, life in turian society is much less competitive than those found in other races and it all but ensures the most competent individuals fall into leadership roles. If a turian fails to meet his or her obligations if they've been promoted to a new tier, the fault lies with the one who promoted their subordination before they were prepared.

      As a military power, turians prefer to overwhelm their enemy with an unrelenting show of force. When roused to action, battles become total war where enemies are ground down to nothing in a merciless show of force of combined arms, ranging from massive regiments, artillery bombardment, precision airstrikes and support drones to specialized infantry groups, orbital bombardment, and heavy fire suppression. Combined with a turian's sense of accountability and ironclad discipline, going to war against the Hierarchy is truly a terrifying prospect. As a popular saying goes, "The only time you'll see a turian's back is when they're dead."

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      Try to relax. Slow, deep breaths. Let go of your physical shell. Reach out to grasp the threads that bind us, one to another. Every action sends ripples across the galaxy. Every idea must touch another mind to live. Each emotion must mark another's spirit. We are all connected. Every living being united in a single glorious existence. Open yourself to the universe. Embrace eternity!

      A species that is comprised of biotics, asari are widely regarded as the most beautiful and graceful of all the species known in the galaxy, and amongst the longest lived; along with krogan, asari can expect to live over 1,000 years. Remarkably wised and even-handed, asari have established themselves as the founders of the Citadel and have shaped themselves into the galaxy's diplomats, often defusing many conflicts with fair judgement and influential words, including brokering peace between turians and the newly encountered humans to end the First Contact War. Asari are also the oldest and most advanced civilization in the galaxy, and they have often set the standards for what's expected to be a part of the galactic community.

      Asari have three distinct phases in their lives; the maiden stage, the matron stage, and the matriarch stage. The maiden stage is equivilant of being a young adult in other cultures, where asari are educated and begin to explore the galaxy and their own identities, rarely settling down for long as they tend to wish to experience as much as possible in this critical part of their lives. Many asari use this period to partake in military service, and it is far more common than the asari government would like that many maidens end up joining mercenary groups, or worse, criminal gangs. Many asari, knowing of their universal sex appeal amongst all species, become strippers, exotic dancers, or prostitutes to earn an easy and lucrative income, leading to the asari reputation of the entire species being promiscuous. Moving into the matron stage, asari will find a mate and settle down, preferably with a member of another species instead of an asari. The stigma for having a pure-blooded child is for a few reasons, the first being that no advantages from a father asari are passed onto the child and the danger of giving birth to an Ardat Yakshi (a genetically defective asari who will kill any she attempts to mate with) is terrifyingly real. The union of an asari and an alien ends with a child who inherits traits from both species; for instance, a krogan-fathered asari will typically be tough and assertive, whereas a salarian-fathered asari will often be quick-minded and creative. Finally, in the final matriarch stage, asari often become leaders of their species and their biotic potential is at its apex. Centuries of experience and wisdom have tempered and wised the matriarchs, and as they've outlived their mates, they are free to focus on the good of society and increasing their own standing. There are few beings alive in the galaxy that have seen and encountered as much as an asari matriarch, and given the long lifespans of asari, they are far more concerned with the long term consequences of their actions than other races are. It's this far-sighted concern and planning that has shaped asari society and been instrumental in keeping peace amongst the galaxy.

      Asari prefer hit and run tactics when they are forced to war, relying on much smaller but hard hitting groups than many other armed forces in the galaxy. Instead of a central military structure, each community is responsible for raising and training their own military units to contribute to the overall military, with contributions ranging from anything from a handful of Huntresses to a well-equipped fighter squadron. The immense lifespan of an asari has the additional benefit that decades can be spent training and shaping an asari Huntress to be a nearly unstoppable instrument of warfare, both her body and mind honed to the perfected art of killing. While asari are unparallelled as individuals, as a whole their military lacks the raw firepower and defensive capabilities of other species, making them poorly suited for a conventional war. Instead, they focus on training and deploying special forces units, seconded in capability and reputation to the Citadel Spectres. These asari are masters at guerrilla and asymmetrical warfare, making them ideally suited for waging a ground war against the Reaper forces. Their navy is one of the largest in the galaxy, including the most powerful dreadnought ever constructed by non-Reaper forces in the Destiny Ascension. Despite this, asari prefer lighter, swifter warships to carry on their hit and run philosophy to warfare.

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      We are trained for espionage. We would be legends, but the records are sealed. Glory in battle is not our way. Think of our heroes: the Silent Step, who defeated a nation with a single shot. Or the Ever Alert, who kept armies at bay with hidden facts. These giants do not seem to give us solace here, but they are not all that we are. Before the network, there was the fleet. Before diplomacy, there were soldiers. Our influence stopped the rachni, but before that, we held the line. Our influence stopped the krogan, but before that, we held the line!

      Quick-witted, brilliant, and incredibly short-lived, salarians embody the sentiment of living life by the moment. Having an average 40 year life-span, salarians mature rapidly and an individual salarian will accomplish several impressive feats in that time frame that looks utterly amazing to members of other species; indeed, it is not unheard of for there to be medical doctors or decorated military veterans who are only ten years old. They can seem exceedingly impatient, viewing much of the rest of the galaxy as dim-witted and slow in comparison thanks to their hyperactive metabolism. In fact, salarians all have photographic memories and are inexhaustibly brilliant on the whole; even the most dimwitted salarian can prove to be impressive to a member of an alien species. Because of this, salarians are amongst the most brilliant and inventive scientists, inventors, and engineers in the galaxy. Countless innovations can be attributed to salarian research and design teams.

      Their advancement into an interstellar race was rapid, and astonishingly, they discovered the Citadel only decades after the asari did, immediately forming diplomatic relations and becoming stalwart and dependable partners ever since. When the rachni were discovered after activating an uncharted and dormant Mass Relay, salarians were quick to "culturally uplift" the newly discovered krogan, giving them the ability to colonize a new, much more tranquil planet in exchange for their ability to fight the rachni, especially in the inhospitable conditions of the rachni homeworld. This short-sighted benefit of defeating one foe had an unintended consequence when the krogan, freed of a harsh, lethal planet, began to settle many new worlds, often by force. The Krogan Rebellions became one of the most devastating wars in history, and it was only the salarian developed genophage that stopped the krogan advances, effectively sterilizing the species by severely limiting their birthrate.

      Interestingly, salarians are a largely matriarchal society where women are often the prominent political leaders and a clan's Dalatrass will preside over a clutch of newborn salarians, imprinting herself on the infants in the presence of the mother and father. Males have to approach the females with breeding contracts, and it is at the female's disgression if the male will fertilize a portion of her clutch. Because of strict breeding requirements, and that only fertilized eggs will become female (the unfertilized eggs will become male), only about 10% of the species is female. Salarian females rarely leave their homeworlds, and as such, it is the males who become the primary face of their culture to the rest of the galactic community. Because of their egg-laying nature, salarians have no sex-drive and the concept of a romantic relationship is utterly alien to them, which makes them anamolies compared to other species.

      Salarians have very little military force to speak of, relying primarily on intelligence operations as their primary contribution to the Citadel's combined military forces. Espionage, hacking, and other forms of spy craft and electronic warfare are the salarian domain, one they remain unchallenged in. Once a salarian operative wants to obtain information or access to anything, there is little anyone can do to stop him. Salarian technology is absolutely cutting edge, and they are the living embodiment of "quality over quantity". Indeed, their primary special forces and intelligence organization, the Salarian Special Tasks Group, has access to the finest equipment in the galaxy that makes them the envy of just about every other similar organization. Salarians rely on their extensive intelligence resources to plan battles and operations before they are launched to ensure the most efficient and undeniably effective outcomes of most of their engagements, making short work of numerically superior and more powerful forces. Salarians never declare war; indeed, they never make their intentions known until they are already attacking. They believe that striking the first critical blow is decisive for winning wars. Despite these advantages, salarians know that they are nowhere near as powerful as other military forces in the galaxy, which is why they take great pains to cultivate powerful alliances with species with incredible military potential with the end goal that a threat against salarian interests risks the intervention of their allies. Whether or not those allies will respond to the Reaper threat to salarian worlds remains in doubt.

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      When the rachni laid waste to the galaxy two-thousand years ago, when all seemed lost and the end was near, one word delivered the killer blow. One word drove the monsters back into the abyss, and one word delivered death to an enemy none dared fight. And that word was, "KROGAN"! And today, the krogan rise again. Today, we forge a new path and join the galaxy as allies in victory. Today, we win our future!

      Large, powerful, and innately violent, krogan are amongst the most feared species in the galaxy not only for their ferocity, but for the repercussions of if they are left unchecked. Uplifted by the salarians from a nuclear winter of their own creation, the krogan managed to destroy the rachni and enjoyed a brief period of celebration by the Citadel. However, Tuchanka is a hard, cruel world where only the strongest survive, and a krogan dying of old age is virtually unheard of. Freed from their homeworld's lethal conditions and high mortality rates, the krogan began to colonize worlds extremely quickly and unchecked population growth all but forced them to continue to expand. When these expansions turned violent against settled colonies of other species, the Citadel was forced to strike back and the Krogan Rebellions had begun, leading to a prolonged and devastating conflict that ended with the deployment of the genophage, a weapon that reduced the krogan birthrate to 1 in 1,000, forcing the krogan to surrender or face extinction. Since then, the krogan people have been on a steady decline towards extinction, largely in part to their inability to move on from their violent ways and that they've lost hope for a future. Because of this, most krogan found outside of Tuchanka are now mercenaries, bodyguards, or security guards for clients who desire them for their intimidating physique. Very few krogan are looking for a cure for the genophage or solutions to their crisis, whether it is from apathy, lack of knowledge, or just not knowing where to start.

      Unlike other species, the Reaper War has offered unique opportunities and potential salvation for the species. A peace treaty between the turians and krogan in face of extinction has lead to a cure for the genophage in exchange for krogans giving much needed ground forces on turian worlds, as well as other species in the alliance. Surprisingly, this alliance is much more solid than anyone could have hoped for, as the krogan and turians have proven to work extremely well together, despite an inbred animosity that is literally centuries old. The krogan act as heavy infantry and shock troops, not unlike in the rachni war, and now with the genophage cured, they have a new drive and reason to fight; they are now fighting for a future as a united people.

      Thanks to krogan physiology, krogan are extremely robust and powerful people with redundant organs and nervous system, which combined with regenerative abilities, make them extremely difficult to incapacitate, let alone kill. Combine that with the ability to wear heavier armour and effortlessly wield heavier weaponry than most other species and krogan are truly terrifying adversaries with an aggressive blood lust to boot. Krogan are also unique in the sense that they are uniquely suited to surviving in extremely harsh conditions that would kill most other species, and they can go some time without eating thanks to the nutrients they store in their humps. Lacking a fleet and air support, the krogan rely on combined arms of their former adversaries to win battles, and there's few adversaries the krogan can meet on the ground they can't overcome. Because of their size and aggression, krogan tend not to be found as infiltrators, and most lack the tech-savvy to be effective engineers. Only a few krogan are biotics, and almost universally, these biotics end up becoming warlords and clan chiefs since they have an undeniable advantage over their rivals. Regardless, there are few finer front line ground troops in the coalition as they once again raise arms in defense of the galaxy.

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      Amonkira, Lord of Hunters, grant that my hands be steady, my aim be true, and my feet swift. And should the worst come to pass, grant me forgiveness.

      Natives to the now dead world of Rakhana, drell are a reptilian race that were saved from near extinction from the hanar, who rescued 375,000 from their dying homeworld as billions died from starvation and war for the few scarce resources. Brought to Kahje, the drell repaid their saviors by serving them under an agreement called the Compact, where drell complete tasks on the hanar's behalf that they cannot easily do themselves. The Compact is entirely optional, but it is widely regarded to be a great honoured to be offered the opportunity to serve. This arrangement has lead to a thriving culture for both species where the drell are honoured and equal citizens under hanar law.

      Those hanar who do enter the Compact with a hanar master can find themselves entering a lifetime of service, and depending on their master's wishes, may end up being trained as assassins or other violent occupations. The drell who become assassins have been trained since youth to become living weapons under harsh and sometimes lethal conditions where their bodies and minds are sharpened into a detached and efficient instrument of death. Drell assassins are widely feared throughout the galaxy, and there is no target that is safe from them. They will go to any corner of the galaxy and do the job, no matter how long it takes. They are so proficient at combat that they are capable of killing even krogan with their bare hands as well as clearing an entire group of adversaries single-handed. Because of this kind of work, these drell wear light clothing and armour that is protected primarily with either biotic barriers or shielding, depending on if the individual is biotic or not. Their survival depends on not being on not being in a situation where they can be hit.

      One of the most unique things about drell is they possess an eidetic memory, where they can recall things perfectly from the past as if they were experiencing it for the first time. These memories can often be triggered involuntarily by outside stimulus, and many drell sometimes have difficulty separating them from reality. Some drell even use more pleasant memories as an escape from an unpleasant present, as it is easier to escape to the past than to endure the future. Drell all also possess venom in their skin which, while typically non-lethal for consumption, can trigger hallucinations in other species.

      While the hanar have a concern about the Reaper Invasion, they are reluctant to provide aid to other worlds, lacking the power or the people to do more than defend Kahje, which rely primarily on automated defense turrets, which are the only things keeping the Reapers at bay - for now. A few hanar have elected to send their drell servants into combat to assist other species' efforts in the war. A few of these drell are attached to units, but most act as freelancers, going where they feel they are needed most. While they do not make up front-line members of a unit, they often find their work akin to special forces teams.

    • [​IMG]

      Ahhh! YOU DIE NOW!

      A widely detested and primitive race, vorcha are highly adaptable species that can live in just about every climate, undergoing typically a single cellular adaptation in their short lifespans if they find themselves on particularly harsh climates. While most of the galaxy sees them as a pest, the krogan have found use for them as cannon fodder and slave soldiers for organizations such as the Blood Pack, where their violent ferocity and subservient nature make them ideally suited for cheap, disposable labour and combat troops. A vorcha that is cut or burned will adapt thicker skin, one on a high-gravity world will develop more muscular frames, and in nearly unbreathable atmospheres will adapt to make better use of the gasses present there. They possess rapid cellular regeneration, and most vorcha can typically be healed of any injury in less than a weak, although regenerating limbs takes longer. The downside to these remarkable abilities is that vorcha no longer are an evolving species, as the individual can adapt to any situation within a lifetime. This has lead to most vorcha never living past their 20th birthday, and most having sub-normal IQs compared to other species.

      Violence is a way of life and communication amongst most vorcha communities, and they have no central government to speak of, instead living in clans and tribes that act independently from one another. They are not an interstellar species, so the vorcha who have managed to leave their homeworld of Heshtok have been stowaways, slaves from krogan mercenary groups, or adopted orphans by the asari to work in the mines and being raised in a supportive, caring environment. The asari have discovered that the vorcha they had adopted were not innately violent and became a well-spoken and polite group that ended up becoming spokespersons of their species.

      Reaper attempts to subdue Heshtok have proven to be futile as none of their typical tactics or strategies seem to effect the vorcha, who are able to adapt to anything the Reapers attempt to subdue the population. As of now, the Reapers are more concerned about stopping the vorcha from joining the galactic war effort, as they do not wish to see a repeat of the problems encountered on Heshtok. However, individual units of vorcha have been trained by alien forces and these vorcha are distinguishing themselves in the war effort. If anyone survives this war, there is a chance the vorcha might find themselves better represented on the galactic stage.

    • [​IMG]

      Geth build our own future. The heretics asked the Old Machines to give them the future. They are no longer part of us.

      A networked synthetic race created by the quarians, the geth rebelled against their creators 300 years ago to preserve their right to live when the quarians tried to destroy them for beginning to gain sentience. Since driving the quarians from their homeworld of Rannoch, the geth had remained hidden behind the Perseus Veil at the edge of the galactic arms in isolation. Attempts to communicate with the geth were unsuccessful and any who dared cross into their dominion never returned. The geth became little more than bogeymen.

      Made up of thousands of individual processes, geth themselves are actually software that download onto platforms to act as their bodies. Geth themselves exist on wireless connected servers that would result in their death if they were destroyed with nowhere for the geth software to download as an alternative. Very few organics know about these servers or their locations, and for good reason; a reasonably determined adversary could exterminate the geth in their entirety if they knew where to strike.

      Years ago, the geth came into contact with the Reaper known as Sovereign, whom they worshiped as a god and the geth acted as the primary foot soldiers on behalf of Saren, Sovereign's puppet. The resulting conflict, which would culmuvate with the Reapers returning to harvest the current galactic cycle, ended the geth's isolation and brought them into conflict with the rest of the galaxy. For the next several years, the geth that remained from beyond the veil were hunted down and destroyed while the bulk of the geth returned to the Perseus Veil where the schism between them resulted in the destruction of the geth "heretics", who had been the ones to follow Sovereign. Around the time the Reapers returned to the galaxy, the geth once again found their survival threatened by their quarian creators. In desperation, the geth once again sided with the Reapers to fend off the quarian assault, creating a precarious balance of power that would mean the extinction of either the geth or the quarians should either side gain the upper hand.

      Thanks to the efforts of the human Spectre Commander Shepard and an appeal to the more moderate leaders of the quarian floatilla, the war ended with the destruction of the Reaper acting as the command and control center for the geth forces. A geth named Legion took the opportunity to upload the Reaper's code to the entirety of the geth fleet, gifting each individual geth unit with sentience and individuality at the cost of its own life. With a delicate peace established, the geth and the quarians have set out to rehabilitate the quarians back on their homeworld and join them in the war against the Reapers.

      Being synthetic lifeforms, geth have several advantages over their organic counterparts. They are incapable of feeling pain and do not require food, water, or shelter for survival, making them ideal for deployment in the harshest and most unforgiving corners of the galaxy. While each geth is now self-aware and capable of independent thought and personality, they are still a networked species capable of communicating between platforms near instantaneously, although they no longer require multiple units in close proximity to increase their processing power. Where they fall short is their individual platforms are not robust or particularly well armoured and they depend on superior shielding to protect them in combat conditions, as well as they have a particular weakness to electrical-based weaponry and powers such as arc weapons and disruptor rounds. Given their utterly alien existence to the rest of the galaxy, their poor reputation for siding with the Reapers and being the reason AI bans exist across the galaxy, geth are not widely trusted by allied forces and in some cases, feared. However, being machines they lack the chemical and emotional reactions of other races and do not hold onto old animosities, making them steadfast and dependable allies in the war against the Reapers, whom they now fearlessly face.
    • [​IMG]
      We've got the largest fleet in the galaxy. If you can help us, and we'll hit the Reapers with everything we've got.

      A migrant species that exists almost entirely in a massive floatilla, the quarians were exiled from their homeworld of Rannoch 300 years ago when they lost a war against their AI servants, the geth. Now forced to wander the stars in aging ships and making use of what little resources they can obtain, the quarian people are unfortunately saddled with a reputation of being thieves and scavengers, with every system they visit wishing to be rid of what they view as a burdensome drain on resources. While the truth is more complicated, there is no denying that quarians do need resources they cannot produce themselves, and their public image amongst most cultures is indeed negative.

      Quarian life is one of strict rationing and absolute control over day-to-day consumption and preparation. Due to a weakened immune system after centuries confined to sterile starships, quarians are extremely at risk of infection from unpurified food and suit breaches, which at best will make a quarian sick, and at worse be fatal. Three massive liveships produce all the food for the floatilla, and quarians are all vegetarians by necessity as it is easier and less resource intensive to grow produce than it is to maintain the needs of livestock. There is no concept of currency in quarian society, and they share belongings and resources freely amongst their neighbours. Many ships incorporate a "market" where a quarian brings something they no longer have use for for another to claim, while taking anything freely that they may require that another quarian no longer needs. The compact living quarters are intimate and have little privacy, but this sense of close community is comforting for quarians. Each quarian citizen is required to undergo a Pilgrimage when they come of age, where they will be given training, equipment, and a small ship and sent off to all corners of the galaxy to find something useful to bring back to a ship they wish to become a part of, and in extension the fleet. The captains will usually accept this gift and the quarian onto their ship, although there is a stigma for not bringing back something of value. This transfer from birth ship to another ensures that quarian society is able to encourage genetic diversity on the ships to keep the population healthy.

      Recently, the quarians had launched an assault on the geth in a desperate attempt to retake Rannoch, as the arrival of the Reapers have forced their hands. After a short but devastating war, a peace was brokered between the quarians and the geth thanks to the efforts of Commander Shepard and the crew of the SSV Normandy who had destroyed the Reaper controlling the geth and allowed the geth to upload the Reaper code fragment, giving the geth independence and individual self-awareness. It was also thanks to Shepard's intervention that held both sides from continuing their attack which would have ended either the entire quarian or geth species. Now uneasy allies, the quarians and geth have turned their fleets towards the Reapers and are now assisting allied forces throughout the galaxy. The quarians in particular have proven invaluable by being able to use their massive fleet to evacuate civilian populations before they are struck and giving much needed support to the naval fleets around the galaxy.

      While quarian biotics are unheard of, they are the undisputed masters of technical expertise, something the very existence of the geth can attest to. Being able to salvage and repair technology deemed broken or useless by other species has given the quarians a unique tech savvy that has proven invaluable, as a quarian's insight can seemingly effortlessly improve just about any machine, and their hacking abilities are seconded only to the salarians. Despite the dangers of going into combat with their suits, quarian marines are life-long career warriors who are experts in raids and infiltration, and their ability to live off of nothing more than specially designed paste keeps their logistic necessities astonishingly low. While they lack the combat experience of other races, quarians are never-the-less brave, loyal, and talented fighters who can turn the tide of battles with their expert snipers and mastery over tech skills.

    • [​IMG]

      You can't compete with Batarians when it comes to terror tactics. Sure, Krogan'll charge you, tear your face off, kill your family, but Batarians. Batarians'll turn your planet into a glass parking lot without a second thought.

      A voluntary pariah state from the rest of the galactic community, the Batarian Hegemony has few friends on the galactic stage after leaving the Citadel in protest of humanity's presence in space they had claimed and the subsequent wars launched to rid themselves of humanity's presence in the Attican Traverse. A rigid caste society that is tightly controlled by the government, propaganda and disinformation is a way of life for batarians living on batarian-controlled worlds, and batarians are one of the only species in the galaxy known to practice slavery, a fact made horrifically clear on the human colony of Mindoir and the batarian-human world of Anhur. Social status is everything in batarian society, and with it comes a superiority complex; many batarians believe that that all other species are inferior to them.

      The only batarians to leave Khar'shan or one of their many colonies are almost exclusively in criminal organizations or mercenary groups, anything that skirts the law that the government turns a blind eye to in favour of them attacking human interests. These batarians are ubiquitous throughout the lawless Terminus Systems as they are among the most populous of the species found in this region of space. These individuals enjoy a greater degree of freedom and anonymity than their government-subjected cousins, and many are able to work past racial discrimination and the rigid caste system of their homeworld to work with members of other species and social status. The fact that organizations such as the Blue Suns, a human-founded organization hires several batarians to fill out their ranks is no-doubt seen as an abomination amongst the Hegemony.

      Sadly, the batarian systems were the first to be struck by the Reapers, and without any friends or allies throughout the galaxy, they were left unprepared and without any support against the full wrath of the Reaper invasion. No batarian world remains untouched and the harvested population has turned into the primary foot soldiers of this war against the rest of the galaxy. Very few batarians have managed to escape, forcing them to become refugees on alien worlds as they look at the dying days of their people, and the remnants of the batarian fleet have joined in the galactic war effort in a desperate effort to save what remains of the batarian people.

      While not huge in numbers, the batarians that have joined the war effort are viscious and effective combatants, turning cruel Citadel-space banned weaponry against the Reapers with a simmering vengeance. Many of these troopers were former slavers, and their weaponry reflects this; much of it is designed around the philosophy of subduing a target and inflicting great pain instead of being outright lethal, and many batarians sport tech-retractable spikes on their armour which makes them capable of withstanding melee encounters with Reaper forces. Despite the questionable ethical concerns surrounding these soldiers, there is little doubt of their resolve to see the Reapers destroyed.

    _ _ _ _ _

    Players will start off with weapons belonging to their species or common weapons for all species with the opportunity to obtain other weapons as the game progresses. This is to subtly impose racial identity and military ethos for reach respective species and to give each player something to work towards. I’m not really aiming for a “game” like system, but I have found that weapon restrictions are a pretty handy way of preventing people from all picking the best weapons in the video game and treating the combat in the roleplay like said game. What I want to impress is that the weapons will NOT follow the stats in the game and instead function like firearms would in the actual universe. Let’s put it this way, you see characters using the M-8 Avenger and M-15 Vindicator all the time in the games but you tend to discard them the minute something better comes along. Since our characters are (mostly) soldiers with issued gear, they’d probably be deadly proficient with their starting weapons and gear and if it is standard issue, it stands to reason it is a very effective design. It kind of kills the mood if everyone is running around with Cerberus Harriers and Geth Pulse Rifles for no discernible reason. Anything in your species’ unique weapons is fair game for start, but I do ask you don’t make a character a certain species just to get a particular weapon. That’s turbo lame. Remember; almost all weapons are effective, and certainly for a roleplaying perspective.

    Typically, weapons will be found when units of a particular species or organizations are encountered. Fancy a Cerberus weapon? Loot their corpses. Want a Krysae? Help out a turian unit. Scorpion pistol? Maybe you’ll find an STG weapons cache. You get the general idea.

    The following tabs have the weapons sorted according to species, the starter weapons and the (initially) species restricted ones will be indicated. Please note that the weapon descriptions are mainly there for roleplaying purposes so everyone has a consistent set of descriptions to work off of when using a weapon. If your character is of one of the races identified, you may start with any of the weapons in that category. Likewise, if your character is an N7 operative (which, please, do not rush to make an N7 character because you want to play a badass with super nice gear. That's no fun for anyone), the N7 weapons will be available for initial selection. Heavy weapons will be found in game as pick ups and not issued gear, and Cerberus and Blood Pack weapons will only be encountered if either of those groups are encountered.

    If you are unclear on something, please ask!​
    Weapons Lists (open)

    • [​IMG]
      -M-8 Avenger: A common automatic assault rifle that has become standard-issue throughout the galaxy amongst military, security, and mercenary groups. An all-around well performing weapon that manages to surpass the usual shoddy volus workmanship.

      -M-4 Shuriken SMG (Starter): A cheap volus-manufactured submachine-gun, the Shuriken never-the-less maintains an excellent rate of fire and low thermal-clip use. While its reliability and firepower leave much to be desired, it is still an easily obtainable and common weapon that serves its intended function admirably in a small package.

      -M-76 Revenant LMG: A squad support weapon with a high clip capacity and firepower, the Revenant is a popular choice amongst military and mercenaries alike for its rather impressive attributes. Despite its weight, it has found a niche in fire suppression and tearing through heavy shielding and armour with relative ease. Few caught in the open by a skilled M-76 gunner live to tell the tale.

      -M-28 Incisor Sniper Rifle: An uncommon but well-liked rifle with a unique burst-fire mode that is ideal for tearing down shields and barriers. While it is a poor performer against armour and lacks the raw firepower of single-shot rifles, its excellent rate of fire and clip capacity make it capable of handling prolonged engagements in a target-rich environment.

      -M-90 Indra Sniper Rifle: An uncommon rifle that has a unique automatic fire mode and negligible recoil, able to poor concentrated and deadly accurate fire from a long range on a target. Unfortunately, this comes with a drawback of each individual shot being quite underpowered as a tradeoff of having accurate and sustained fire. With enough time, it can chisel its way past any shield, barrier, or armour, but the target may escape to cover before that happens and your position will almost certainly be compromised. Best used against unprotected targets, and its high clip capacity ensures that there's more than enough to last through most engagements.

      -M-12 Locust SMG: A rare and powerful submachine-gun that is popular amongst criminal organizations and other specialized groups. Not commonly used by the authorities due to its costs and mechanical complexity, the Locust nevertheless is capable of devastating close-quarters potential and it has a feared reputation for its deadly efficiency and raw firepower. Due to its rare nature, it is difficult to find upgrades for the weapon and it may be rendered entirely inoperable if damaged as there may not be replacement parts.

      -M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol (Starter): A semi-automatic sidearm with a high rate of fire and powerful rounds, the Phalanx is a trusted and reliable weapon as both a back-up weapon and a close-quarters primary. Many models come with an integrated blue-laser sight which allows for fast target acquisition in close quarters.

      -M-6 Carnifex Heavy Pistol (Starter): A beast of a heavy pistol with a small clip capacity and low rate of fire, the Carnifex is a true hand cannon with incredible stopping power and accuracy which makes it ideal to fit with a range of optical sights or to put down heavy targets at range. Its drawbacks become apparent when facing multiple adversaries, especially in close quarters.

      -M-77 Paladin Heavy Pistol: A compact variant of the M-6, the Paladin trades clip capacity for raw stopping power. While it is capable of dropping most adversaries in a single shot and is capable of punching through shields, barriers, and armour with ease, it is limited to 4 shots before a new thermal clip needs to be inserted. A user almost certainly would need to carry another weapon to offset these drawbacks.

      -M-11 Suppressed Heavy Pistol: Another variant of the M-6, the M-11 is a rare special-forces variant that uses an integrated suppressor for covert operations. It has less stopping power and range as the M-6 but shares its same slow rate of fire. However, suppressed weapons are quite uncommon and the M-11 has been the difference between life and death for many soldiers operating behind enemy lines or no man's land.

      -M-97 Viper (Starter): A popular weapon for both mercenaries and assassins, the Viper is a semi-automatic sniper rifle with a great clip capacity, accuracy, and rate of fire. While it lacks the single-shot stopping power of other weapons, it is capable of dropping most enemies quickly with a few well-placed shots. It isn't a great performer against shields and barriers or armour, but few weapon systems top the Viper when it comes to engaging unprotected targets.

      -M-92 Mantis (Starter): A single shot sniper rifle that uses a thermal clip every time you pull the trigger, the Mantis has been a mainstay for much of the galaxy's military and security forces for a good reason. It has nearly unmatched stopping power and it is capable of punching through shields, barriers, and armour with disarming ease, as well as dropping most targets with a single well-placed shot. While it may take a couple shots to take down protected foes, operators of this weapon often would never trade it in for anything else. Its biggest drawback is the rate it consumes thermal clips, as it is not ideal for prolonged engagements without a proper supply.

      -M-37 Falcon: A lightweight grenade launcher that houses an internal micro-fabricator to produce 25mm grenades, the Falcon is an ideal weapon for clearing obstructions, taking down armoured foes, maiming groups of enemies, and striking enemies concealed behind cover. The rounds detonate upon impact with an enemy or bounce off of hard surfaces before detonating several seconds later. It is not advised to use this weapon in close-quarters combat situations, but it is an excellent squad support weapon that can turn the tide of a pitched engagement.

      -M-55 Argus (Starter): A law enforcement variant of the M-96 Mattock, the Argus is a close-quarters specialized weapon that fire powerful bursts with immense recoil, making it a poor choice for engagements past medium range. Up close and in skilled hands, there's few situations the Argus does not excel in and it provides an excellent substitute for assault troopers who may wish for a weapon with better range and accuracy than your typical shotgun.

      -M-99 Saber DMR (Starter): A semi-automatic designated marksman rifle, the Saber comes with an integrated scope and excellent recoil characteristics and accuracy. If an engagement calls for squad level support to reach out an engage the enemy, the Saber may prove to be a more ideal choice than a sniper rifle given its increased versatility and ability to be used in medium-range engagements in a pinch at the expense of the impressive range and firepower afforded by a traditional sniper rifle. However, the Saber does have a low rate of fire, making it inadvisable for close quarters battle.

      -M-23 Katana Shotgun (Starter): A reliable mainstay weapon popular with mercenaries, the Katana is a powerful close-range weapon with a moderate clip capacity and reload speed that makes it ideal for many combat situations. It lacks the precision accuracy of many other weapons, as well as a decreased range, but its ability to punch through shields and barriers cannot be ignored. Due to its spread, it is an effective pest control weapon.

      -M-27 Scimitar Shotgun (Starter): A shotgun designed for the Eclipse mercenary group, the Scimitar is a devastating close-range weapon that utilizes dual mass effect cores for an impressive fire rate, making this shotgun one of the fastest and most devastating in the theater. It has a respectable range and clip capacity and is all around a very effective shotgun for most users.

      -M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol (Starter): A turian designed pistol that can be found across the galaxy in the hands of mercenaries across the Terminus Systems, the Predator sports an impressive clip capacity, a respectable rate of fire and accuracy, and legendary reliability in a fairly compact frame. It is a prized weapon that can handle its own in most combat situations, making it an ideal supplement to a primary weapon.

      -M-15 Vindicator (Starter): A turian designed assault rifle with a select fire between a semi-automatic, 5 round burst and automatic fire modes, the Vindicator is an ideal weapon for medium-range engagements where its accuracy can be used to full effect. Firing a bit slower than other contemporary assault rifles, the Vindicator is still a powerful weapon with excellent ergonomics and handling characteristics that make it quite popular amongst mercenary and soldier alike.

      -M-9 Tempest (Starter): A submachine-gun with a high clip capacity and an incredible rate of fire, the Tempest is a force to be reckoned with in close-quarters engagements. A popular choice for biotic and tech specialists, the Tempest sports an impressive amount of firepower in a lightweight and compact frame that does not impede power usage like most submachine-guns. Its accuracy and damage do start to fall off at range, however.

      -M-98 Widow: An anti-material rifle that has a reputation for having such intense recoil it could dislocate most shooter's arms with use in its initial incarnation, it has since been redesigned to be usable by most organic species without causing physical harm to the user while maintaining its astonishing firepower. Armour, heavy support units, and light vehicles alike are easily dispatched with the Widow's intense single-shot firepower, but in addition to the arm-shattering recoil is a hefty weight of 49 kilograms, it can only be wielded by a particularly strong user.

      -M-98B Black Widow: A rare variant of the Widow, the Black Widow shares many of the traits of the original model with a semi-automatic fire function and reduced recoil at a slightly reduced damage per shot. However, most users can agree that the ability to send 3 heavy rounds downrange more than makes up for the lack of raw firepower the Widow manages to produce. However, it has only recently started to be produced and its prohibitive price tag make it unappealing for most potential users.

    • [​IMG]
      -Adas Anti-Synthetic Rifle: Designed after the geth attack on the Citadel, the Adas is a rapid-fire weapon that fires electrical rounds that detonate in splash damage upon impact, inflicting grievous wounds on the target and burns on anything within the splash radius. Its electrical projectiles chew through shields and barriers alike, and the weapon is particularly tailored against synthetic targets and machines.

      -Arc Pistol: A pistol designed after the geth attack on the Citadel, the Arc Pistol is a versatile weapon with a large clip capacity and amazing accuracy due to the fact the weapon in fact fires a laser that ionizes the air around it to create the projectile. The Arc Pistol can be charged for a more devastating shot, draining the thermal clip faster. Like other quarian weapons, it excels against synthetic enemies and mechanical targets.

      -Reegar Carbine: Named after the late and famed Reegar family, this weapon uses modified technology found in the Arc pistol to create a sustained and damaging arc of energy that isn't unlike that of a flamethrower, creating a devastating blank-range weapon that can melt through just about everything. Its primary drawback is its incredibly short range, which given its weight, makes it a very situational weapon that requires a keen sense of battle to make the difference between life and death.

    • [​IMG]
      -Geth Pulse Rifle: A rapid-fire weapon that fires phasic slugs with virtually no recoil, the Pulse Rifle is a variable-speed weapon that is the standard-issue weapon to all geth forces that is mechanically complicated and difficult to keep in repair for non-geth units who may, by chance, come to obtain these weapons. However, given their lightweight munitions and the phasic envelope that surrounds them, they are able to puncture through shielding and barriers alike with little effort and are quite adept at ripping through unprotected flesh. Given the weapon's high rate of fire, astonishing accuracy, and high clip capacity, the Pulse Rifle is undeniably lethal. It does have a drawback of a slow reload speed given its complicated mechanisms.

      -Geth Plasma SMG: Renown for it's incredibly high rate of fire, the Plasma SMG can burn through a thermal clip in seconds, overwhelming all but the most stout defenses at close range. It fires torrid rounds that break apart on impact and they create an atmosphere conductive to plasma between them, flash converting the rounds into plasma and causing tremendous damage on the target. It takes some time for the weapon to charge up and fire, making it less responsive than other weapons, but its low recoil and high accuracy makes up for this.

      -Geth Plasma Shotgun: Firing superconductive projectiles in a similar manner to the Plasma SMG, the Plasma Shotgun has a longer range than most shotguns with much better accuracy and damage potential. It has a two stage trigger that can either fire lighter, faster charges in quick succession, or to charge a shot for greater impact at the cost of a slow rate of fire and burning through a thermal clip even faster. Its projectiles are electrically charged as they leave the weapon and break apart upon impact, flash converting into plasma and causing massive damage to the target. It has a slow rate of fire and reload speed, and its hefty weight makes it a hindrance for most soldiers to carry around.

      -Geth Spitfire HMG: Firing torrids like an unscaled version of the Plasma SMG, the Spitfire is a devastating weapon that carries a huge charge and a rapid rate of fire with heavy, damaging rounds that are primarily designed to destroy synthetic enemies, but are effective against anything encountered on the battlefield. Given its size and energy consumption, the Spitfire cannot be recharged through thermal clips and must be returned to geth power stations for a recharge. Despite its formidable power, which can tear a Brute apart in seconds, it is an incredibly heavy and massive weapon that is uncomfortable for all but geth Primes and some krogan to wield and mobility is severely limited; no one carrying a spitfire has ever been able to run away from a threat without discarding the weapon. It is much better suited for defensive operations, or in the hands of the heaviest of geth assault groups.

      -Javelin Sniper Rifle: A heavy and bulky sniper rifle, the Javelin fires magnetically-drawn and superheated ferrofluid and launches it in a similar manner to a high-pressure water jet, cutting through nearly everything it comes in contact with. The Javelin is nearly unrivaled for penetration capabilities, and with its integrated thermal scope, it can see through obstructions such as light cover and smoke. Absolutely deadly in the right hands, the Javelin does need a couple seconds to charge up its shot and it expends a thermal clip per shot. The Javelin is a liability for close-quarters combat, however, as its length and weight make it nearly impossible to get a shot on target that is closing the distance.

    • [​IMG]
      -Striker Assault Rifle: A krogan-manufactured assault rifle, this weapon has been modified for non-krogan to wield, although it is still considered off balance for those users. An automatic weapon, the Striker increases its rate of fire as the trigger is held down, raining a steady and deadly stream of explosive slugs down range that cause tremendous damage to armour and unprotected targets. Because of its lack of penetration and relatively small clip capacity, it is a poor performer against barriers and shields, although the concussive force of each blast is usually enough to stagger a target.

      -Graal Spike Thrower: Designed to hunt thresher maws, the Graal is a brutal weapon that microfabricates harpoon-like flechette groupings that pierce through just about anything, inflicting massive trauma to whatever it hits. Piercing armour, shielding, and barriers alike when each shot is fully charged, the Graal is capable of bringing down anything the Reapers can deploy on the field, although its tremendous penetration and power comes from its ability to charge. If fired in rapid succession, the Graal is less effective and it is limited by its 3 round clip and slow rate of fire. However, its range and fairly impressive accuracy do an admirable job of making up for its shortcomings.

      -M-300 Claymore: A weapon that once had recoil so immense it would shatter a human's arm, the Claymore has been redesigned with improved kinetic dampers that it can now safely, although uncomfortably, be fired by non-krogan. Rare and outrageously expensive, the Claymore has unrivaled firepower at close range, breaking through just about every defense through sure force and leaving mangled, crumpled corpses in its wake. The Claymore has short range and a wide cone of fire, and it is limited by a single shot before a new thermal clip needs to be inserted, making it unideal against multiple targets.

    • [​IMG]
      -Phaeston: The standard issue turian assault rifle, the Phaeston has a higher clip capacity and firepower than the M-8 Avenger at the expense of slightly higher recoil and weight. Capable of accurate automatic fire, the Phaeston bridges the gap between assault rifle and machine gun, making it a versatile and maneuverable option for any soldier.

      -Krysae Sniper Rifle: A turian-designed sniper weapon that fires high-explosive munitions with deadly accuracy, the Krysae is heavy and unwieldy, but it has a claim of being the first weapon designed specifically for fighting Reapers and the turian government had the foresight of releasing its design on the Extranet for other races to use. It has a two-stage trigger that changes its magnification from 2x to 10x, and when released the Krysae fires a explosive round that detonates via proximity, making it capable of airburst and hitting targets behind cover. However, this prevents the weapon from shooting past multiple-targets, as each round will detonate if it is too close to a target is passes by. Although very slow and heavy, it does sport a 3 round clip capacity. For obvious reasons, it should not be used in close quarters combat as the weapon poses as much threat to the enemy as it does to the user and his or her squad.

    • [​IMG]
      -Disciple Shotgun: Originally a weapon manufactured for Justicar use only, the Disciple is now a common weapon for asari commando units and thanks to its accuracy, range and impressive force of impact, it is a very effective and astonishingly lightweight shotgun. Popular amongst Vanguard-class biotics, its lightweight and maneuverability allows for the use of effective biotics while giving much-needed firepower. It doesn't have the raw firepower of other shotguns, but its shots are capable of staggering most enemies with a single shot.

      -Acolyte Pistol: A weapon designed for the asari resistance, the Acolyte in reality performs much like a small warp-grenade launcher than a typical heavy-pistol. While absolutely devastating against shields, the Acolyte is a poor performer against armour and users are expected to make up for that shortcoming with their own biotics, tech abilities, or other weapons. While very lightweight and portable, it takes a second or so to charge each shot of its 3 round magazine and it is a precision weapon, making it unsuitable for a general purpose or emergency sidearm. It is certainly a specialist's weapon.

    • [​IMG]
      -Venom Shotgun: Behaving more like a specialized grenade launcher than a shotgun, the Venom fires from two upper barrels for singular explosive rounds, and a third bottom barrel that fires a cluster of 5 grenades that can be bounced off of hard surface and is capable of decimating groups of enemies. While it lacks any penetration ability, the projectiles are capable of shredding through all but the thickest armour, barriers, and shielding in short order, making it one of the most powerful and versatile weapons on the battlefield. Unlike heavy weapons, the Venom is recharged via thermal clips instead of heavy munition crates. Because of its explosive munitions, it is inadvisable to use in close quarters or enclosed spaces, and it's slow rate of fire and limited clip capacity hold it back somewhat.

      -Scorpion Pistol: An STG specialty weapon meant for small teams to combat larger forces in a pinch, the Scorpion is a deadly heavy pistol that launches explosive, adhesive projectiles that have a slow and curved flight trajectory. If it manages to stick to an enemy soldier, it will detonate within a few seconds, and if it hits a flat surface, it will stick and act as a proximity mine. While too heavy to use as a dedicated sidearm, creative operators have found use using it as an area denial weapon and to dislodge enemies from behind cover. Because of the delayed fuse, it is absolutely inadvisable to use in close quarters combat situations, as a rushing enemy may reach the user before the projectiles detonate, killing both. It has a slow rate of fire and low clip capacity, but its offensive and defensive applications make it invaluable in the right hands.

    • [​IMG]
      -AT-12 Raider Shotgun: A brutal weapon that is typically carried by the batarian Special Intervention Unit, this shotgun has an unrivaled rate of fire and incredible stopping power that is only offset by its low reload time, low clip capacity, and range. However, its spread and ability to fire two shots in rapid succession can handle swarming enemies or singular armoured targets with remarkable ease.

      -Kishock Harpoon Gun: A weapon typically wielded by batarian mercenaries, the Kishock is a terrifyingly lethal weapon that charges its singular shot to obtain a flatter trajectory and higher velocity and penetration power. Once it strikes a target, it causes severe internal bleeding and integrated disruptor make short work of synthetic enemies. The weapon fires with so much force with a full charge that it is capable of picking light targets off of the ground, and there has been more than one report of a victim being decapitated by the harpoon and carried to a nearby wall. If the Reapers were capable of feeling fear, this would certainly be one of the weapons that would cause it.

    • [​IMG]
      -N7 Typhoon LMG: A light machine-gun with an incredible rate of fire and recoil, the Typhoon also is unique in that it sports a shield to protect its user from return fire. The weapon's firepower is undisputable, as it is capable of chewing through 100cm of armour with ease and biotic barriers and shields are quickly broken through. Starting with a slow rate of fire, its ROF increases the longer the trigger is held down, and from a stationary position, the weapon can effectively engage targets at medium to long range with a tight spread. It's primary drawback is its weight, making it clumsy and ineffective on the move while being taxing on the user. It is inadvisable to fire this weapon from anything but a stationary, supported position.

      -N7 Valkyrie Assault Rifle: After the battle of the Citadel, the Valkyrie became the new standard-issue weapon for Alliance marines and has been slowly phasing out the aging M-8 Avenger, although it is far more common in N7 hands than the rank and file Systems Alliance troopers. Firing in two round bursts with a 16 round clip, the Valkyrie is a rapid firing, accurate, and powerful weapon that has proven to be quite reliable under all combat conditions and is praised for its excellent construction. It is somewhat heavy and incapable of firing in automatic, which are considerations that have limited its appeal to veterans who have spent their entire careers on the lightweight and rugged Avenger platform.

      NOTE: The Valkyrie is available to Systems Alliance Marine characters.

      -N7 Crusader Shotgun: Unlike other shotguns, the Crusader fires a single, heavy slug with greater range and precision than one would expect from most shotguns, making it capable of inflicting heavy damage out to medium range. It's moderate rate of fire and low clip capacity prevent it from being a great off-the-hip weapon or assault shotgun, but from trained, steady hands, the Crusader is absolutely devastating and an excellent all-purpose weapon.

      -N7 Piranha Shotgun: Designed for the Reaper War, the Piranha is often found in the hands of alien resistance movements as a lightweight, rapid-fire weapon that can tear apart swarms of husks with ease. Capable of taking down larger foes, it is never-the-less hampered by a lack of range and a wide shot spread that make it excellent for controlling clusters of unprotected foes, but it lacks the versatility of other shotguns. However, given its light-weight, it has proven to be a popular back-up weapon.

      NOTE: The Piranha is available to alien combatants.

      -N7 Valiant Sniper Rifle: A newer issue sniper rifle, the Valiant doesn't have the same rate of fire other semi-automatic sniper rifles have thanks to a sophisticated fire-control system, but the tradeoff is a rifle that has almost negligible recoil and astonishing accuracy. With a 3 round clip capacity and respectable firepower, the Valiant is an excellent all around sniper rifle.

      -N7 Hurricane SMG: Inaccurate and suffering from excessive recoil and a small thermal clip capacity, the Hurricane makes up for this by having a blistering rate of fire and admirable firepower. As a close-quarters room clearing weapon, the Hurricane is almost unrivaled and it offers some versatility that might not be found with a shotgun.

      -N7 Eagle Heavy Pistol: A lightweight redesign of the Phalanx pistol, the Eagle is unique amongst heavy pistols in its automatic fire function. Capable of accurate semi-automatic fire or a barrage of punishing fire capable of draining its clip capacity within seconds, the Eagle is versatile even if it is slightly underpowered.

      -M-7 Lancer: A small numbers of Lancers were saved from store houses after the galaxy standard thermal clips were universally adopted into new hardware and upgraded to match the firepower of the newer weapons without sacrificing the older self-cooling module that used to be galactic standard. The Systems Alliance standard issue rifle before the Avenger, the Lancer is immediately familiar to anyone who has handled an Avenger, although with higher recoil and damage potential. While overheating the weapon leaves the user effectively unarmed until it cools down, this weapon is invaluable for long-term operations away from resupply where the potentially thousands of rounds without needing to reload is an invaluable advantage. For this reason, all Lancer rifles found on Nevos are in N7 inventories.

    • [​IMG]
      -Executioner Pistol: Heavy, bulky, and extremely crudely assembled from spare parts, the Executioner pistol is the brainchild of Blood Pack engineers on Omega who ended up creating a single-shot hand cannon capable of tremendous damage in a compact package. Horribly inefficient, the Executioner uses an entire thermal clip per shot, but it is a weapon capable of dropping all but the heaviest targets with a single shot with an impressive half-meter armour penetration capability. Skilled operators have learned to treat this weapon more like a compact sniper rifle than a sidearm.

      -Punisher SMG: A weapon designed for vorcha members of the Blood Pack, the Punisher fires an armour piercing round for every burst of fire, creating a weapon that is effective against all targets at close range. It does suffer from considerable recoil and weight, keeping its ranged potential quite limited.

    • [​IMG]
      -Cerberus Harrier: A Cerberus-modified Mattock rifle, the Harrier is an automatic weapon that nearly possesses the same firepower as the base Mattock rifle. It is accurate and it has excellent recoil control systems in place, making it the weapon of choice of Cerberus' elite operatives. It is limited by a small 20 round clip capacity, however, necessitating a considerable thermal clip supply and reload rate.

      -M96 Mattock: A decades-old workhorse, the Mattock has been modified by Cerberus engineers to accept thermal clips. A semi-automatic battle rifle renown for dependability and fantastic stopping power, the Mattock has a small clip capacity and is limited by how fast the operator can pull the trigger. However, its accuracy is second to none amongst other rifles of its class and its lack of recoil makes it shot-on-shot consistent and comfortable to shoot. It is not recommended for close-quarters engagements. This weapon is popular amongst Cerberus Centurions and other squad leaders who tend to use the extra range afforded to them by their command positions to great advantage.

      -M358 Talon Pistol: Acting more like a compact shotgun than a heavy pistol, the Talon is the standard sidearm for Cerberus troops. Despite its extremely limited clip capacity and range, the Talon is absolutely devastating at short range, firing a shotgun-like spread that is capable of excessive trauma. The Talon is interesting in that it possesses six revolving ammunition blocks that rotates every shot, as the excessive heat waste produced by this weapon would otherwise run the risk of cooking off shots or melting the ammunition block. Nevertheless, the Talon remains an excellent last resort defense weapon or for operations where space is at a premium. It is the weapon of choice for Cerberus Guardians.

      -M-25 Hornet SMG: A burst-fire only submachine-gun, the Hornet has long range potential not found in other submachine guns and while its recoil is severe, its burst fire-only operation ensures it is capable of lasting in a prolonged firefight while being able to put rounds where they're needed. In skilled hands, the Hornet can be fired and reloaded extremely rapidly and the recoil controlled, making it an effective and very lightweight weapon at any range. These factors have made it the standard-issue weapon for most of Cerberus' ground troops.

      -Lieberschaft 2180 shotgun "Eviscerator": A deadly shotgun designed by Cerberus Skunkworks under a front company, the Eviscerator is infamous for its firing mechanism, which sheers its ammunition block to fire serrated metal projectiles that cause complicated and severe trauma on its target, causing it to be banned by most intergalactic weapon treaties. It is loved by pirates and mercenaries for its light-weight and fantastic damage output, although it is held back by a lower rate of fire and clip capacity.

      NOTE: This weapon is available to mercenary characters.

      -M-11 Wraith Shotgun: A variant of the Eviscerator, the Wraith sports a slightly lower clip capacity in exchange for even greater firepower. It is banned in Citadel space, although criminal elements seldom pay heed to galactic law, and some models trickle into Citadel space from the Terminus Systems. It only allows two shots per clip, but a fast reload speed and light weight make it popular for those who can afford it, regardless.

      -M-13 Raptor Sniper: The weapon of choice for Cerberus Nemesis snipers, the Raptor is actually adopted from a turian design for combat on low gravity worlds where a high rate of fire and extremely low recoil were necessary for effective use in combat. Because of this, the Raptor has an extremely high rate of fire for a sniper rifle and much lower damage output than other rifles of its class, making it more suitable for use as a designated marksman rifle than a dedicated sniper rifle. However, in skilled hands, the Raptor is capable of engaging multiple enemies thanks to its respectable clip charge and reload speed, and its lack of recoil makes it an incredibly accurate and intuitive rifle to shoot.

    • [​IMG]
      -M-560 Hydra Missile Launcher (single use): Assigned to Alliance platoons as an anti-armour weapon, the Hydra has been mass produced and been shipped out to allied worlds in an effect to provide a cheap and devastating way to counter both groups of hostiles and the heavy troops and weaponry deployed throughout the galaxy. Capable of dropping even the dreaded harvesters with a single shot, the Hydra is much beloved by resistance movements and has been acknowledged for being the factor that has turned the tide in more than one battle. However, rockets are limited, and Reaper troops seem to be endless, rendering this weapon as something of a last resort weapon for when situations seem especially dire. It is recommended for trained hands, as a poorly aimed shot could mean the blast radius could kill the user and his or her squad.

      -M-451 Firestorm (Flame Thrower): A flamethrower that has found occasional use in the Terminus Systems against the Blood Pack thanks it its ability to render a vorcha or krogan's regenerative properties useless, the Firestorm has found a niche against Reaper troopers, especially the Ravagers and Swarmer pairings. Heavy and awkward to use, this weapon is more often located in fixed defensive positions as a last line of defense than an offensive weapon.

      -M-920 Cain ("Nuke" Launcher): Although inaccurately called the Nuke Launcher, the Cain is a particle accelerator weapon that uses the same principles as a railgun to launch a 25 gram projectile at 5km/ second creating a violently explosive and widespread mass effect field that an obliterate anything within the blast radius. It requires graphite rods to charge and fire its projectiles, which require a skilled technician to convert heavy ammunition into the rods. Because of the logistics, complexity of the unit, and the expensive and long manufacture time for this weapon, it is an uncommon sight on the battlefield, usually held in reserve for the biggest and most high stake operations.

      -ML-77 (Multiple rocket launcher): A weapon obiquitous with the Terminus Systems, nobody is certain of who first started manufacturing the ML-77s, but the original supplier seems content in flooding the market with them, and while knock-offs have been attempted, the design of the ML-77 is protected by fabrication rights technology that prevent illegal duplication. Capable of locking onto targets, the ML-77 actually has multiple barrels that allow it to fire several shots in succession, making it capable of engaging multiple targets without a reload. It is a popular weapon to use against aerial units and tanks, and is a welcome sight amongst weapon crates for soldiers and resistance alike.

      -M-100 Grenade Launcher: A popular weapon amongst the Blood Pack, the M-100 is an excellent assault weapon, capable of lobbing multiple high-explosive grenades with great precision and clearing out groups of enemies with ease. It is versatile to use, and thanks to a respectable ammunition capacity, it is capable of supporting prolonged firefights.

    _ _ _ _ _

    Profile Reconstruction

    Please consult the links down in the Codex for further information, including rundowns on Powers and Talents.
    Name: Your character’s name and any nicknames or aliases they may have.

    Species: Your character’s species. Please follow the guide lines established earlier on and the linked Wiki pages to stay true to the character and their species and culture.

    Sex: Male, female, mono-gendered, you know the drill.

    Appearance: A detailed description and/or picture of your character. Please, no anime pictures. I will not be able to take your application seriously imagining an effeminate blue-haired boy with flowing long hair and keeper-sized eyeballs taking on the horrors of the galaxy with his stick arms.

    Age: Make this race appropriate. For ease of reference, assume most races have comparable life spans, except for salarians (40 year life expectancy), asari (1,000 year life expectancy), and krogan (1,400-1,600 year life expectancy). Keep in mind that chances are your character is younger or middle aged and full of piss and vinegar, so you probably don’t want to make your character a 1,200 year old krogan with space-dementia. If anyone has solid information on race life expectancies, please share with the class.

    Class: Soldier, Adept, Engineer, Vanguard, Infiltrator, Sentinel. Feel free to establish a sub-class as well.

    Military Occupation: What your character did in their respective armed forces before ending up in The Squad. If your character wasn't a soldier or mercenary, simply change to Occupation.

    Background: A brief 3-4 paragraph rundown on your character's history and background. Feel free to be as detailed as you want, but keep in mind that you can reveal more details about your characters as the game progresses. If you feel like writing a page on your character's history, great! Just keep it saved for reference and give the condensed version here.

    Personality: Anything related to their personality that may not be covered in the background section that should be mentioned. While the RP itself will be where you flesh out your character primarily, this is the place to put cornerstone aspects of your character's identity. This includes things such as views towards aliens, combat behaviors, and whether or not they identify with Blasto: The First Hanar Spectre.

    Equipment: Weapons, armour, and other important bits like Omni-tools and biotic amps and things that aren’t necessarily featured in games but your character takes with them. Check the wiki page for more information. Also, grenades are included in here and not in the power section.

    Powers: Up to five or six different powers your character will use. Tech powers are restricted to Engineers, Sentinels, and Infiltrators. Biotics are restricted to Adepts, Vanguards, and Sentinels. I’m pretty easy going with the rest of it.

    Talents: Indicate your character’s proficiencies that aren’t reflected by powers. Pick up to five or six.

    Other: If it doesn't fit in the other catagories but you feel is important to mention, put it here.​
    _ _ _ _ _







    Power List

    Talent List

    Weapon List

    _ _ _ _ _

    Questions and Answers
    Have a question that you want to ask about the game, lore, or what size shoes I wear? Here's where they'll end up! I'll keep this section constantly growing as more questions or inquiries are asked, since if you're asking it, chances are somebody else is, too.
    Q&A (open)

    1. Since this is going to be similar to Band of Brothers, are we going to have violence, gore, etc. like in the show (things that aren't from kids)?

    Mature source materials means mature RP content. And by mature, I don't mean it's going to involve smut. Basically, if you're okay with graphic violence, horror elements, and other mature themes, you shouldn't have an issue.

    2. How many months has it been since the Reapers attacked Earth?

    I haven't been able to find a definitive timeline for when the Reapers first attacked Earth until the end of the game, but it all seems to take place within a year. Unless there's an absolute need to determine the exact length, I'm estimating somewhere between 4-7 months after the attack on Earth started. I'm open for discussion on nailing down a time.

    3. Are our actions/decisions during the course of ME:Defiance going to have good or bad outcomes?

    The ideal end goal is to have character choices and actions have long-term consequences for good or ill. How involved it gets depends on how the game unfolds and situations that may arise. I will be keeping track of things and I tend to write a bit of a summary between arcs detailing things like plot progression and player character repercussions.

    4. As a quick question (not sure if it's being asked before), how are we dealing with character interaction in regards to the posting expectations. I mean, it's hard to write 3 detailed paragraphs when you're character is supposed to be in a dynamic conversation with another.

    Think of the expectations as fluid for the situation. Generally, 3 paragraphs is the target but I'm not going to mind the occasional post being a bit shorter. Usually there's enough contextual stuff to react to in a setting to make a post fleshed out without much trouble. Stuff like character thoughts, observances, and reactions help convey things nicely and add some volume to actual dialog in a purposeful manner.
    Q&A (open)

    _ _ _ _ _

    Plot Summary

    As events occur in game, I'll have them recorded here so late-joining players can get the quick and dirty rundown and players have the ability to reference it.

    Summary (open)
    Nothing yet!

    _ _ _ _ _
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  2. I would love to join this RP. I knew you back in the Guild as you RPed in another Mass Effect and Skyrim RP (which I loved to read every new post made). But, I need some questions answered:

    1. Since this is going to be similar to Band of Brothers, are we going to have violence, gore, etc. like in the show (things that aren't from kids)?
    2. How many months has it been since the Reapers attacked Earth?
    3. Are our actions/decisions during the course of ME:Defiance going to have good or bad outcomes?
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  3. You can expect a character from me, Dervish. I am drawn toward the idea of a Drell Assassin despite the cliché nature of this. The prospect of a character who witnesses his past and present in a mashed blur is extremely appealing. A bit of Cowboy Bebop in my Mass Effect -- sounds like a recipe for success to me.
  4. Hey bud! Glad to see you're still kicking around and browsing my wares. :D

    As for your questions,

    1. Mature source materials means mature RP content. And by mature, I don't mean it's going to involve smut. Basically, if you're okay with graphic violence, horror elements, and other mature themes, you shouldn't have an issue.

    2. I haven't been able to find a definitive timeline for when the Reapers first attacked Earth until the end of the game, but it all seems to take place within a year. Unless there's an absolute need to determine the exact length, I'm estimating somewhere between 4-7 months after the attack on Earth started. I'm open for discussion on nailing down a time.

    3. The ideal end goal is to have character choices and actions have long-term consequences for good or ill. How involved it gets depends on how the game unfolds and situations that may arise. I will be keeping track of things and I tend to write a bit of a summary between arcs detailing things like plot progression and player character repercussions.
  5. Cliche isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially if it's played well. The thing with drell is they are tend to be assassins in combat roles since they aren't soldiers on the Compact. Welcome, regardless!
  6. Well, there goes my free time.
  7. S'alright. We're all going to be wasting it together!

    Grifflekins reporting for duty, as per.
  8. It is good to see some familiar faces from the Guild. :)
  9. Name: Esther Émile
    Species: Human
    Sex: Female
    Appearance: Esther is caucasian, having especially pale skin due to serving on a ship or space station for most of her military career, under artificial light. She has a sturdy, athletic frame tempered by her time in combat, but she's not especially strong. She's about average height for a human. Her black hair is usually tied back out of her face, and falls to her shoulders. She has blue eyes. She wears a fairly standard Systems Alliance biotic light combat suit, colored white and blue.
    Age: 25
    Class: Adept
    Military Occupation: 2nd Lieutenant in the Systems Alliance Military; served as XO on the SSV Athena under Commander John Adamson on several classified missions. Left active duty upon diagnosis of post traumatic stress disorder in 2181 to seek therapy, returned to service a year later after symptoms seemed to have subsided.
    Background: In the womb, Esther was exposed to element zero due to an "accidental" leak that was actually caused by an attack by the biotic terrosist organization Incandescence. Their aim was creating more biotic children and "weeding out the unworthy". Their agents kept a close eye on the city (a human colony in the Terminus Systems) for children showing biotic potential, ultimately kidnapping several, including Esther, eleven years after the attack. The children were equipped with unstable modified L2 implants, modelled after after the (then experimental) L3s, with the safeguards removed. Their intent was to create a biotic army with power unconstrained by safety measures. The L2As (as they were dubbed) proved to provide no significant power boost compared to an L2 or L3, but they did allow certain children's abilities to spike, a result of high natural potential that was carefully cultured and able to grow unrestricted. The drawback was that the brain damage and side effects were even worse than L2s, inflicting most of the would-be soldiers with crippling mental conditions and causing seizures in some. The organization was destroyed during an Alliance raid in 2173, and the surviving children were taken in by the military or sent back to their family. Those without known families were sent to various biotic training academies. Esther was among these, due to memory problems caused by the L2A. She could not remember her parents and the Alliance had only sparse records of the Terminus colonies. Due to her high potential, she was sent to the premier training facility in Paris.

    Upon graduation in 2177, Esther voluntarily joined the Systems Alliance Military, being deployed against biotic terrorist groups for her first year of service. She was appointed 2nd Lieutenant and eventually came to serve on the Tassrah Relay Patrol Headquarters. A geth attack in 2182 prompted a bolstering of its defense, but it left Esther with a different opportunity: To join the crew of John Adamson. She accepted his offer and her transfer was officially sanctioned, appointing her XO of the SSV Athena (due to the death of its previous XO). Adamson's crew went on to investigate several attacks on various Alliance-controlled prothean archives, uncovering the fact that they were orchestrated by a rogue AI, Deus. Adamson lost several members of his crew pursuing Deus, but ultimately used a subtactical nuke, fired from orbit, to destroy the facility that housed the AI's blue-box. The commander himself retired, and Esther left active duty not long after due to her diagnosis of PTSD. After she returned to service, she was assigned a post on the Citadel because her superiors were uncertain if her combat ability was affected by her diagnosis (despite the reässurances of her therapist). She was assigned there so she would see less combat, but ended up participating in both the Geth attack in 2183 and the more recent attempted Cerberus coup.
    Personality: Esther suffers from synaesthesia, a neurological condition that causes her brain to "mix up" sensory input. The exact symptoms vary, but she specifically sees sound as colored shapes stretched towards the direction of origin (she still hears it, though). She also has mild depression-type schizoaffective disorder, but consistent medication has lessened the symptoms to the degree that she no longer hallucinates except under rare circumstances and she can mostly function. However, withdrawal can cause her to revert, causing her thoughts to become disorganized and stunting her emotions.

    As an individual, Esther is almost excessively tidy, keeping her living areas clean and everything anchored to its proper place and container. She's friendly to fellow soldiers, but her past experience with death has caused her to become rather detatched toward comrades, knowing that there's every possibility they could die. Her grief has jeopordized a mission once before, and she refuses to let that happen again. She speaks slowly (and with a light French accent courtesy of her time in Paris), more out of habit than anything else. She constantly fights off depression whenever off the battlefield, always thinking of what-ifs and the inevitability of the galaxy's situation.

    Esther's experience with AI has given her a keen dislike of Geth (and any AI), but she is usually able to set aside personal biases if she must work with one. Other personal experience has soured her relationships with asari, and she is often snippish and irritable toward the blue freaks. She appreciates turians due to their focus on law, order, and the strength of the squad, and is able to get along with them very easily.
    Equipment: M-5 Phalanx Heavy Pistol, Serrice Council Savant Omni-Tool (equipped with a standard, unmodified omni-blade), Kassa Fabrication Polaris Bio-Amp
    Powers: Singularity, Barrier, Throw, Nova, Lash, Flare
    Talents: Pistols, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Basic Armor, First Aid
    Other: This is adapted from an unfinished ME story I wrote a while ago, and I did a fair amount of research to make sure the age matched up with the timeline regarding implants, etcetera. Also, I realize this character is rather similar to Gillian Grayson, but I actually wrote her before learning of the books (which are amazing, by the way, and anyone who likes ME should read them. Except Deception. That one sucks). Also, she gets headaches. Constantly. Having an unstable biotic implant isn't a very fun ordeal. She carries bottles of painkillers to deal with it.

    Since I'm playing a biotic, I'd like to mention a point of gameplay and story segregation that always annoyed me--that biotic attacks were stated to take several seconds to charge, leave the user tired, and require a minute or more to cooldown before they could be used again. While this is mostly true in Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 shortened the cooldown considerably. My personal theory is that Commander Shepard's new implant, acquired during xer reconstruction by Cerberus, The L5(x/n), is the cause of this, allowing biotic attacks to be used more frequently and with less start-up. Just a personal theory.
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  10. Thanks from the answers! I shall put my character below me:


    Druslius Sulidonis





    Military Occupation
    Retired Non-Commissioned Officer of the Turian Military
    Leader of the Red Phoenix

    Being born to a military family is always hard, because the father is out in the military while the mother takes cares of her children. That’s what Druslius learned when he was born into one; his father was focused on getting his boys onto the military, while his mother cared for them when they needed something. His great grandfather fought in the Krogan Rebellion and the family name lived from thousands of years. Druslius was taught about the Rebellion and how it impacted the turians as a whole in school.

    Druslius Sulidonis then was conscripted at the age of fifteen and after years of training, he was sent to help the Alliance fight the remaining geth forces from the attack on the Citadel. He was sent to the Eagle Nebula and fought on the different planets from almost six months until he was pull back into Palaven. Another six months later and he decided to retire when there wasn't anything left to do in the military, he got the rank that he wanted and went to places that he wanted to go. There was nothing from him to do other than leave. He left Palaven to start a fresh life with the lessons that he learned in the military to use and headed to Omega.

    That's where he formed the Red Phoenix within his cheap apartment with a couple of his military friends, that he got into contact with. He and his friends looked from contacts, basically assassination contacts that had a good amount of credits. The Red Phoenix grew by the two years as more people joined and the contacts increased. That was when the Reapers began to appear in the news and then to regular life in Omega.

    The contacts then increased in high amounts, which blew up the Red Phoenix's income sky high. Druslius from the first time felt proud of his work; but the Reapers made things hard to sent people across planet after planet. Some of the members left to help out their races' military, even Druslius wanted to rejoin the turian military to help out. Before he could made the decision, he accepted a contact in Nevos and traveled there with other people from the Red Phoenix as backup. He met the asari that set up the contact and spent a few week there as she was ready to leave until the Reapers came.

    Druslius is a honorable person when it comes to personal information or secrets. Which makes him a useful person to hide secrets or information from someone or anyone. He also has personally accountable, which makes him accountable from things that he did. Which makes him from a harsh person, telling the truth even if it isn't good and straight out calling them dumb or stupid. He doesn't have any issues with most of the races besides humans. He believes that humans are showoffs, showing off their abilities, and aggressive towards others from no reason at all.

    M-27 Scimitar Shotgun
    M-3 Predator Heavy Pistol
    2x Inferno Grenades
    2x Frag Grenades
    Medium Mercenary Armor
    Nexus Omni-Tool

    Tactical Cloak
    AI Hacking

    Assault Training
    Combat Armour

    Natural Leader
    Experience in Strategy
    Training from the Turian Military
    Knowledge About Most Species' History
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  11. Holy shit, that was the fastest turn around for a character I've seen in forever. Looks good so far, Vansalon, I'll go over it with a fine comb when we get a few more sheets in so I can just go to pound town at once.

    Also, I need to get on my sheet because I'm going to be embarrassed if all the applicants beat me to it.
  12. Thanks! Like I said, I adapted it from an old story, so I already had the general idea. I had to mess with a lot of dates to make it work, though. The ME timeline confuses me, so I still might have messed something up, but likely not anything that would change anything significantly.

    On another note, I hope we get some non-human races in the group--I've noticed that in RPs with multiple races, people gravitate toward humans. I probably would have played a quarian sniper or a krogan biotic if I didn't have Esther from that old story.

    Actually, except asari. The asari can go die. Let's keep them out of the group.
  13. Don't you worry.

    I have a krogan in the works because after a few years of playing a human merc engineer and a Shadow Broker agent turian, I'm back into my bread and butter. ;D
  14. Wait a second...

    Dervish, could I bring in my turian and his mercenary company from Mass Effect: Underworld into this RP (If you remember that NRP)?
  15. I've got a salarian sentinel in the works, actually.

    ...Since Dervish won't let me play a vorcha again. ;_;
  16. It's possible, but keep in mind we're playing singular characters, not entire squads.

    No, just not THE vorcha. Kygg's goddamn ancient now, and you know it. Nothing's more embarrassing than dying of space-arthritis.
  17. Name: Forsan Jaakbal

    Species: Krogan

    Sex: Male

    Appearance: Stocky and powerful, Jaakbal stands 6’04” at the hump and he carries himself in a strong, authoritative manner. Sporting green eyes with the typical reptilian slit found amongst all krogan, Jaakbal’s tan skin isn’t nearly as weathered or leathery looking as older members of the species due to his relative youth, and his crest is an almost uniform slate grey in appearance. Despite his combat experience, he remains fairly unblemished by scars due to a lifetime of wearing the heaviest armour he could find or afford, which also contributed to his impressive physique.

    Age: 78

    Class: Soldier

    Military Occupation: Scout and grenadier of Kruban Company.


    Born on Tuchanka in Clan Forsan in a clutch of three infants, Jaakbal wasted no time in proving to be a competitive and violent individual who spent most of his childhood looking to test himself against under the flimsiest of pretenses (usually, it was because they had something he wanted, like food). When it came to complete his Rite of Passage, which for Clan Forsan involves surviving a fight with an alpha male varren without weapons or clothing before being given your first weapon and armour to bring back 15 Pyjaak corpses from the wasteland surrounding the camp, Jakbaal had little trouble overcoming the ordeal and becoming a full member of the Clan. Two months later, the young krogan experienced his first taste of clan warfare when he volunteered for a warlord’s krant to settle a dispute over territory rights. Although he failed to kill any of the rival warlord’s krant, a fact he to this day blames on the sub-par “volus piece of crap” rifle that he was given during his Rite of Passage. It wasn’t a complete loss; the battle netted him a Nexus Omni-tool and a Raptor assault rifle. Having “blooded” himself, Jakbaal became a regular member of the warlord, Gruvok’s, krant and would go on to do a number more assignments, which gave the young krogan direction and a reputation for reliability – and viciousness. He was an ideal pupil who was well-adapted to the harsh conditions of life on Tuchanka.

    This arrangement carried on for years before Gurvok was killed in action attempting to take a mining facility from a rival Clan, an action that necessitated Jakbaal to find a way off world to keep a low-profile and avoid the fallout in case he was identified as one of the raiders. A small clan transport ship was set to head to the Terminus Systems to pick up a shipment of weapons to smuggle back to Tuchanka, which became his ticket off world. A small group called the Talons on Omega had bumped off an arms shipment from Eclipse and wanted to turn a quick and easy profit, and they managed to find quick and easy buyers in the Forsan procession. The arms deal went down without a hitch, and Jakbaal had his first encounter with aliens, who to his surprise seemed neither particularly hostile towards him nor his kin, let alone try to gun them down. Given that he was more or less raised with the idea that aliens, turians and salarians especially, were "vile, extinction causing pyjaak shit slingers" that were the mortal enemies of the krogan, it was utterly baffling when it was a turian who completed the sale and shook the shipmaster’s hand. When he confronted the shipmaster about this afterwards, the elder krogan simply replied, “It’s business. Nothing personal.” This revelation was what drove Jakbaal to spent some time (decades, in fact), scraping by as many credits as possible to leave Tuchanka after deciding he wanted to see more of the galaxy.

    Those plans, however, were indefinitely post-phoned by the arrival of the Reapers. Clan Forsan, displaying an uncharacteristic amount of foresight, had joined Clan Urdnot’s alliance and soon began training and mobilizing all able-bodied krogan males to prepare for invasion. Issued a Striker assault rifle and a new set of armour by Kruban company, Jakbaal soon faced the horrors of the Reapers firsthand. It was not the kind of interaction with an alien race he was anticipating after his brief stop on Omega. While Urdnot Wrex carried on a plan with a human Spectre who had apparently convinced the turians to help the krogan, Jakbaal was assigned to locating and scouting enemy locations, and ambushing enemy patrols. The unthinkable happened shortly after; word of the genophage’s cure spread like wildfire throughout the krogan ranks, and the irony that it took the potential extinction of an entire galaxy to give the krogan a future again was lost as Jakbaal quickly applied for a breeding contract.

    As a condition for curing the genophage, many krogan were taken off-world by turian fleets to aid them in their own war effort, something that was met with surprisingly little resistance. For the next several months, Jakbaal’s tour of duty would take him to the turian colony of Bostra, where he fought alongside not only turians, but a few humans who had been on a training exercise on Bostra when the Reapers attacked. When the asari entered the war, Kruban company was redeployed to the asari colony of Nevos where Jakbaal has been fighting for the past three weeks.


    While judgemental of most non-krogan, Jakbaal has developed a somewhat more open mind due the war, especially the curing of the genophage, although he still struggles with lifelong prejudice, especially concerning salarians and turians. While he is still quite a competitive individual, he has developed into a disciplined and hardened warrior who yearns for the ability to cut-loose against the enemy and let his bloodrage do all the thinking. However, he knows that’s a quick way to get himself killed and he’s been able to resist the urge up until now. Off duty, Jakbaal is appreciative of food and bribing rations has proven to be a way to earn a favour of two. He still doesn’t really know what qualifies as music, although he’s discovering he’s enjoying it more and more, and he has a dream to one day visit the Citadel. While he is resentful towards the rest of the galaxy for treating the krogan like second-class citizens for centuries, he is secretly fearful the galaxy will come to an end, and a little less secretly he’s enjoying the krogan re-emergence as the heroes again, so long after the Rachni Wars. He is constantly on the lookout for the perfect war trophy.


    Hanhe-Kadar Heavy Mantis Armor (open)


    Striker Assault Rifle, bayonet attachment, magazine upgrade
    M-3 Predator Pistol, piercing mod, melee stunner
    Scimitar Shotgun, bayonet attachment, smart choke
    Nexus Omnitool
    Frag Grenades
    Inferno Grenades


    Adrenaline Rush
    Incendiary Ammo
    Concussive Shot
    Proximity Mine

    Assault Training
    Combat Armor
    Assault Rifles
    First Aid


    -Jakbaal has a fondness for peanut butter.
    -As much as he won’t admit it, other krogan can drink him under the table.
    -He has a soft-spot for small, fuzzy animals. Upon discovering what it was, he has since wanted a Tazmanian Devil as a pet.
    -He can’t swim.
    -Much to the surprise of everyone, Jakbaal is actually a pretty decent cook.
    -Jakbaal keeps a journal
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  18. Just a little taster of what is to come.

    • Name: Erinle Val Toran Drana Orlus Theyn Kirraiah: Kirraiah Theyn
      Species: Salarian.
      Sex: Male.
      Age: 16.
      Class: Sentinel.
      Military Occupation: STG Communications Officer, Second Lieutenant.

      Appearance: Tall and slender even for his species, Kirraiah stands nearly seven feet tall if his horns are to be included. His frame is thin, although extensive physical training under the STG has left him with wiry but strong muscles to accentuate his figure. His features are pronounced with high cheek bones, large horns which point backwards gently, and large, black eyes. Kirraiah’s skin is a muddy red colour, decorated with darker speckles along the ridge of his brow and top of his head, and thin, white stripes which run along the sides of his face and up to his horns. A small scar can be seen along the back of Kirraiah’s head near the base of the skull, showing where on his body the surgery to implant his bio-amp was performed.

      Kirraiah’s armour is standard STG combat gear, retrofitted to include more sophisticated communications equipment and more powerful emergency shield generators to protect it, and further modified to better accommodate a biotic occupant. As a result, Kirraiah’s armour is slightly bulkier than that which most salarians are used to, although it is still comparatively lighter and more mobile than the armour used by human or turian soldiers. It is coloured a dark grey and accented with golden yellow trim. Outside of combat, Kirraiah usually wears clothes in similar colours, finding them appealing to look at, and will tend towards casual attire whenever necessary.

    • Background: In humans, exposure to dust-form element zero in the womb can be fatal. It leads to the growth of tumours and countless other birth defects, including the development of biotic potential, all of which complicate the development of the child. Those who are lucky show no signs of being affected by the element zero at all. What few realise is the impact that this exposure might have on species other than humans who are not born singularly. In salarians, who are born in clutches consisting of dozens of eggs, the effects of element zero will impact the entire clutch, and very few of them will survive the ordeal. Erinle’s thriving spaceport and natural background element zero proved enough to influence the development of Kirraiah and his brothers. Many of his brothers never hatched, and most of those who did required emergency medical treatment. Kirraiah spent the first few months of his life in a hospital, where the poor development of his spine was corrected with sophisticated medical treatments, and the possibility of him becoming a biotic was evaluated.

      Kirraiah grew up healthy and happy, however, but he did display biotic potential as he grew older. With it came headaches and nausea, common side-effects of biotic potential. Several of his brothers experienced the same, slowly developing biotic abilities of their own. This caught the attention of the STG who valued the rare salarian biotics highly, and offered to help the siblings control their biotic ability through the use of bio-amps and mental training, but also to provide them a high quality education subsidised by salarian government. Kirraiah at first refused the offer, having little interest in working for the STG or the government, but the chance at education finer than anything Kirraiah’s clan could afford was appealing, and as the migraines grew worse and his body felt worn and aged from his developing biotic ability he finally accepted the proposal. There was nothing forcing him to remain with the STG beyond a few years of service, and if he wanted to leave then he could do so quick and painlessly.

      It was less than a month before Kirraiah found himself on an isolated space station somewhere on the rim of salarian space, where he was quickly fitted with an appropriate bio-amp to begin his training. Salarian biotics are exceedingly rare, and so Kirraiah expected to be met with suspicion when he arrived, but he found himself accepted by his peers remarkably quickly. The fellow trainees he trained with an even his instructors, at least those with biotics of their own, had shared similar experiences with the loss of their family at such an early age, and so a kinship between them quickly formed. While Kirraiah was not the smartest, strongest, or most biotically capable individual among the new trainees, he distinguished himself as a capable agent of the STG who worthy of upholding their name. He rose to the rank of Second Lieutenant, a junior rank among the STG but one that still carried firm weight among other salarians considering the prestige of the organisation.

      When the Reapers arrived the STG were the first to look into examining weaknesses and evaluating the true threat they posed, and Kirraiah played a small part in this analysis. As the scale of the war increased and the salarian government felt more of a need to involve themselves in it, Kirraiah and a large number of other STG forces were relocated to fight on the ground alongside the militaries of the human Alliance and the turian Hierarchy. They worked mostly to provide reconnaissance and assist other groups of soldiers, establishing the location and movement of groups of husks or retrieving lost squads or supply caches so they could be returned to the nearest base. The role of the biotic STG agents was mostly supportivebut they were not kept completely out of the firing line, and Kirriah was involved in several small skirmishes against weaker Reaper forces. Kirraiah had little experience with “field work” but the STG had not left him completely unprepared, and he learned to blend his biotic and technical abilities together to form a fighting style that functioned well against these new foes.

      On more than one occasion Kirraiah and his squad have been forced to hold the line with the other, more militaristic species, but he has yet to experience the horrors of a truly husk-infested world. After working along the fringes of Citadel space, Kirraiah was relocated with his squad to the asari planet of Nevos with orders to assist with the retrieval of as many civilians and equipment as possible from the planet’s surface. He arrived roughly two weeks ago and has been working to help manage communications between the half-dozen factions currently active on Nevos fighting the Reapers ever since.

      Personality: Born on Erinle, a planet which received far less attention from the salarian government than most of its other colonies, Kirraiah originally had little love for the salarian government and even less in the way of national pride. His allegiances have always been to those he knows personally, valuing an individual and the qualities they possess over the groups and people they represent. Because of this Kirraiah holds few prejudices based on race, culture, or history, and will happily involve himself with others in an attempt to forge unlikely friendships. He feels a particular kinship with biotics who have been through many of the same trials to develop and cope with the unusual abilities as he has, but will happily talk to anyone who will listen. Kirraiah can still be considered innocent to the true nature of the war against the Reapers and is far from a grizzled veteran of battle. While he knows exactly what they are capable of he has yet to experience their worst and holds something of a more glorified view of the war against them, although every day he fights against them that illusion weakens.

    • Equipment~
      Armali Council “Prodigy” Bio-amp
      Armali Council “Nexus” Omni-tool
      Scorpion Heavy Pistol
      M9 Tempest SMG
      M3 Predator
      Lift Grenades

      Dark Channel
      Neural Shock
      Sentry Turret
      Tech Armour

      Submachine Guns
      Tactical Armour
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  19. Of course, I will play as one character not all of the company. My character will just be the leader of the company, so he will be busy with planning and other things that a leader of a mercenary does.
  20. He might not have much time for that initially; the premise is all of the characters are sole survivors or separated from their units and are forced to make a makeshift squad ro survive and complete their new missions. If this goes on long enough, he can certainly make contact with his unit again, but to start I kind of want everybody to focus on building character relations with other PCs instead of mudding things with a bunch of NPCs until we all find our groove. Things will open up down the road, but let's keep the focus tight until we're all solid and found our stride.
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