Mana Academy for Young Magicians.

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  1. ((OOC Talk and Plot is here ---> Have fun, guys~)

    Ally walked out of her dorm room in her Music Maker's uniform. This was the first day of Mana Academy, and she didn't want to screw up her first impression. She took a deep breath and started to head to the cafeteria. "Hmmm..." She didn't really know a lot of people, she only knew the teachers and the deans that were in orientation with her and the first year class. And being the said first year, she was a little bit nervous. She shrugged it off as best she could and entered the cafeteria to get her breakfast.
  2. "Dam it no where to sit." Eric looked onto the cafateria where all the students where eating and tryed to think where he would fit in with all the people since he was new. Aftter standing and just stareing like and idiot eric finnaly realized he has to find a newbie like him. Each table was kind of like a regular school, each had its groups. "Where to sit...hummm" eric began to whisper to him self. He diecided to grab some food before breakfast ended and suddenly bumped into a girl who looked like she was a bit uneasy like eric himself. "Hey the names eric nice to met'cha." He stuck his hand out for a shake but his hand was shakeing allready.
  3. Ally was abouut to head to the breakfast line but collided into Eric. "Oh dear! Sorry about that!" she apologized.

    Once Eric gave his name, Ally chuckled with a smile. "Hello, Eric. My name is Ally," she was not expecting an introduction right off the bat, and that made her feel accepted at the school. "You wouldn't happen to be a freshman here too, would you?"
  4. The line was long, foood was slowly disapering. Eric is hungry but in a way he is allways hungry, eric turned to ally. Eric was glad to meet some one with out going to class yet.
    "Yup im a fressmen, how'bout you?"
  5. "Oh? Nice! I am too!" Ally said smiling, glad she wouldn't have to wait 3 weeks to finally match a name to a face. Time passed and they finally get their food, at least the cafeteria supplied more breakfast for the last time. While she was getting her food, she turned to Eric. "What kind of magician are you?"
  6. Finnaly the food came to eric he stuffed his plate with food and stood there waiting for ally to pick up her food.
    "huh?...oh! im planing to be a Healer like my parents" He smiles hard and asks her the same question.
  7. "Oh a healer? Nice!" Ally pays for her food and runs up to Eric to find a table with him. "So you're going to be a Healer soon...Oh? Me?" Ally blinked but nodded. "Music Maker.~" she said with a grin.
  8. They jumped onto a table so any one wanting to sit would join them in the converstaion. "music huh?" eric grin back and asked "Since your going to become a music maker, sing a song right now"
  9. "Yep~" Ally said. But upon his next request, she began to blush.

    "E-eh?...Hmm..." She was used to singing into her device that caused spells from little melodies she conjured up, but singing for others? That made her a little nervous. But, nonetheless, she softly sang a little melody for Eric. She did know songs, and half the times the melodies were made from those songs. But she couldn't think of any at the moment, so she just sang the melody
  10. She began to blush wich made eric think that she hasint sang to the public yet. She began to sing and her voice was beutifull, it made eric think that all music makers sound like this. He had forgoten that he had been eating and he just sat there and litsined to her melody peacefully. When ally finished her song eric noticed some people were also enjoying her music as much as he was.
    "That was amazeing, I dont know much about a music maker but could you explain?"
  11. isa was at the biggest table and it was completely filled with her so called friends and the only reason they liked her was because she was one of the strongest and also musc maker with one of the best voices and people just wanted her to sing. She grabbed her stuff "i want to go practice alone right now i will be back asap." she was tired of having no real friends.
  12. Once Ally finished her song. She smiled to Eric and then noticed other people were looking at her and her face turned completly red. "O-Oh..h-heh thank you!" she smiled to Eric.

    Upon his second question. Ally leaned to one side a bit, trying to think about how to explain this.

    "'s sort of like this," she began. "If you're a music maker, then you are born with the power to cast spells with music. You can either cast spells from an instrument or use your voice...As you saw, I use my voice mostly." she chuckled a bit nervously at that last one. "But if I were to sing into this microphone thing..." she took out a circular tool that had a hole on the top where she sung into. "I could cast a spell with that one melody...If I were to sing a whole song into it, multiple spells could be cast all at once!" Smiling, she put the tool back into her pocket.
  13. Eric liked the idea of being a music maker but he dosent have the skill to even try. His parents are both healers so no mader what eric had to become a healer. "Ah thats really cool, for a healer all i have to do is focus on healing the person and it will"
    eric took out a medical tool and poked his finger wich started bleeding.
    Eric put his hand over the blood and removed his hand. The blood was gone along with the cut on his finger.
    "simple as that"
  14. Ally tilted her head to the side, wondering what he would do to demonstrate. She then cringed a bit when she saw the blood. "W-Woah dude..." she said as a chill ran up her spine and back. She kept looking and once he completely healed himself, she smiled, quite impressed. "That's pretty good!" she said with a short applause.
  15. Emily walked over to the table where Ally and Eric were sitting. "Hey, um.. mind if I join you guys? I have nowhere to sit," she smiled and waited for a response. She a freshman, as well. Although not a music maker or a healer, Emily had an affinity for something more boy-ish. She was a war fighter with a strong affinity for archery and fencing, though she was skilled at almost every weapon. She COULD sing, although you might want to cover up your ears first to avoid some internal damage. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a ponytail and her light eyes were warm and kind. "and you guys look like you don't know your way around here either!" she laughed.
  16. Ally looked up at Emily and nodded. "Sure you can sit here!" she said with a smile. "Hehehe, don't know one thing except where the dorm and the cafeteria is!" she said, beginning to laugh as well.
  17. "That's understandable... I'd eat and sleep all day if I could!" she said as she stabbed a piece of food on her plate. "So what's up? I can see that you're a music maker, right? That's so cool!"
  18. Ally chuckled again. "Oh yes!" she smiled as she ate a bit of her food as well. Listening to her talk, she nodded. "yep, I'm a music maker.~ And you are a war fighter?"
  19. "That I am! I don't know if I love it or hate it whole dorm is just a bunch of guys! But you know, that isn't exactly a bad thing," she smirked flirtatiously. "I guess I'll just get used to it eventually, but I love the feeling I get whenever I train or even just have a bow and arrow in my hand, you know? I bet you feel like that when you have a microphone. You're an amazing singer!" she admired Ally, jealous that she had a beautiful voice and all Emily had was knowledge about shooting or stabbing things. She also talked a lot, and realized that she was so she shut up for the time being to finish her lunch.
  20. Oh God. Ally held back a laugh at what Emily said. "Pfft~ I see," she said with a grin. "Oh? Heh that's pretty cool! ..Pfft, yep I'm the same way with a mic." she smiled. "Oh? Thank you!" she smiled pleasantly to Emily. She took another bite of her own food. "So what's it like being a War Fighter?"