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Alright, after 5 years of retirement, I am going back to this awful awful game. I don't think I'll be entering competitions anytime soon though, need a couple of booster boxes first.


MTG has trap cards now.


I will make a white-blue/monoblue deck just so I can scream YOU HAVE ACTIVATED MY TRAP CAAAAAAAAAAARD!
I believe that is the newest set out called Zffmahffmm. (Can't Remember) Anyway I always thought people would be shouting "IT'S A TRAP!" But that's just where I come from. I play me magic and I stick to my good old "Tap you Die" deck.
The new set is called Zendikar, though the symbol in that card isn't the Zendikar symbol, nor is it the symbol for Worldwake, the second set in the Zendikar block. It could always be the symbol for the...Yep, just checked. It's the symbol for Planechase, a new mini-set that is made for multiplayer mayhem.
Land + hand + deck destruction decks are BA. I really wish I had some people to play with in my area.
No, I have Aim and Yahoo.
I am in the process of reviving my monoblack weenie aggro shadow deck. This is the latest modification I've made.

dauthi slayer [4]
dauthi horror [3]
dauthi mercenary [3]
dauthi marauder [2]
nether traitor [4]

dark ritual [4]
*creature control* (unamake/rend flesh/echoing decay/hideous end etc) [4]

bad moon [2]
unholy strength [3]
edge of the divinity [3]
necropotence [1]

sign in blood [3]
soul spike [3]
unearth [3]

lotus petal [1]

LANDS [17]
lake of the dead [1]
swamp [16]


But it works somehow. This incarnation gets rid of all pumpable cards like Endless Scream, Shade's form, Drain Life/Consume Spirit. Added a set of Nether Traitors, but got rid of one dauthi horror and mercenary each(yes the previous incaration only had 14 creatures and it worked somehow).

The idea here is to get cheap unblockable creatures as fast as possible and hit them with unholy strength/edge of the divinity, I've sacrificed a lot for pure speed and I think it will work.

Your thoughts? I can provide the original decklist if you want, but it was very messy coz I lent it to a friend for 4 years and it was a bit messed up when it came back.
You need Duathi's Embrace. It's an enchantment that for two black gives target creature shadow until the end of the turn. And a Phage. Turn 1, with one swamp, 3 dark rits, and a Phage, you have Phage out on turn one. If you also have a 4th dark rit in you opening hand along with Lightening Greaves, it's GG on turn 1. And If you plan on playing the deck outside of 'just for fun', you'll need to take out the Lotus Petal. Of course, you could always make it into an EDH deck.

Does anyone have an EDH deck?

Oh, and send me your Yahoo, October, so I can add you to my Yahoo. Then we can play via IM. lol
Phage is the ultimate creature card, god I love pulling her on the first turn.

I'll send you my yahoo, but there is no way I'm playing in IM.......until I get a web-cam. I've tried it before and its really not worth the time and effort.
For me I'd be happy to play anyone over an IM or voice communication program. I have my decks ready to roll against anyone. Honesty is really the key here and I do not see why you would not. I mean losing in Magic is just showing you why your deck does not work. Once you solve that riddle you can make it better.

Anyway I'm up for a game anytime so long as I have a deck constructed.

MSN: [email protected]
Skype: Pseudoping

NOTE: I can keep track of what is in play on a text program so no worries there.
Yea Honesty is key, but the game gets a little frustrating when you cant see your opponent and his/her cards, at least for me it does. Like I said, when i get a web-cam I'm Game.
Piro, you up for a game on Wednesday?

...And all of a sudden it hits me just how nerdy all of this is. lol
Add me on YM and MSN.

MSN: [email protected]

YM: PM me if you want it(I am more active here btw)

Back to my cards, I don't see the point of putting dauthi embrace there(I have them but didn't put them in) because I have no intentions of blocking anyway. And a first turn phage is plausible, but not with 3 dark rits(this will only happen once in like a hundred games).

I'm asking if the balance between the weenies, enchantment pumpers and mana is good.
Sure I'm up for a game on Wednesday. I got two decks ready to go and I will try reconstructing Tap You Die for later games.

As for you Orochi I really haven't played all that much recently and I am a bit rusty. I used to be a blue and black player so I would know a thing or two. Mostly I am a fan of blue and control but I have also taken a liking to the wilder end of things with aggro. So I'm an all around player that knows the inner workings of the more basic arch-types.

As for blue I do remember this one pirate deck that controlled things with Umbilicus and a Parallax Tide. (I think that is what the name of the card was) Basically you take away five lands from your opponent, play a pirate that makes them pay a cost or sacrifice a permanent, then wrap up the next turn by stacking on Umbilicus after Fading so Umbi activates first and thus your Parallax Tide can be played again and used again. Repeat until you have all their creatures gone, made them theoretically landless, and swing in with your pirates.
Well, Oro, the best way to tell if it's balanced is to play it many times against many different decks. And you're in luck! Not counting my EDH decks, I ahve roughly 35 different decks. ^^

Anyways, Piro, are your decks Type 2 legal or are they 'just for fun' decks?
Hmmm not sure if they are Type 2 legal, at least one of them is close. My aggro deck seems pretty close but I'm not sure on the set change. As far as the other deck goes I'm absolutely sure that its only viable formats are Legacy and Vintage. As for my Tap You Die deck that one is 1.X.
Type-two will change next month so bleh.

My shadow deck is legacy, but it'll become vintage if I put in necropotence T_T

My next project will be a red blaster legacy, since my friends and I will focus on that type. We might go for type-2 standard if we like zendikar though.
Zendikar is actually looking pretty cool. I just fear that someone is going to break the new ability Landfall. I know green decks are just going to go nuts with that ability.
Alright, I want to make a Legacy counter-deck.

It will consist of 20-24 counterspells.

Maybe a few card-advantage/drawing cards.

No idea how it will win, honestly I don't care right now. But it will piss off people so much it doesn't matter who wins lol.

I need halp on how to construct it, and how it will win lol. I'm thinking of putting a few genju of the falls or maybe a few blue flying creatures or something. Note that this is a legacy deck, so most cards can be used.