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  1. (Skip two paragraphs if you don't want unnecessary info)

    Alright due to certain family issues I have an absolute fuck ton of free time. Now what does one do with this if you're an addict for sensory input? You post an rp advertisement

    Now I don't really know what to plunk here, seeing as I'm not that picky and my cravings come and go with no regard for myself. So I'm gonna say what kind of characters I play and what kind of settings I like.

    I like fantasy, scifi and a fair share of "-punk's.

    Now I know that's not much of an explanation so I'll try to elaborate. First off Fantasy is such a huge amount of different flavours that I've decided to just roll with it. You got a unique fantasy universe or a fandom, and I'll be willing to try it. No further discussion. Do bear in mind I'm a Christian and I feel like I'm committing sacrilege if anything hits close to home with the idea of demons and angels.

    Next is scifi. Again so many wonderful fucking flavours! I admit I only really enjoy cyberpunk style scifi (see a few paragraphs ahead) but I'm willing to try it. You're gonna have to give a story for this one beforehand though. I ain't creative with spaceships.

    Next is a collection of the -punk genres I really do enjoy. Steampunk is probably the one most of you guys are aware of, though as I've seen that ain't a lot of people. I don't want to rp something I have to explain with a lot of effort so just skip this para of you don't know it

    Next is dieselpunk. Now I'm only mildly aware of this genre but I'd be willing to rp it. It's something new and feel free for calling me a hypocrite for saying that you'll have to be willing to either forgive or correct errors that will probably happen

    Cyberpunk is fucking awesome. Anything you give with this has a good chance to be successful in giving an rp. (No this ain't scifi, not the pure version. If anything I and i alone consider it two different things)

    So ya, that's my rant. If you actually finished reading this, thank you so much! I think I should make a password thing in case you've read it all, but then people will get the wrong idea and think they have to state it before I talk to them, so ya.

    Have a nice day!


    Recently discovered Biopunk. A very obscure thing where it uses hyper advanced biotechnology. It's also a yes for that
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  2. Still looking
  3. Do you role play fandoms?
  4. @Severusx Depends on the fandom. What do you have in mind?
  5. The fantasy aspect sounds nice but what exactly? What you put is entirely too broad. But I do want to RP with you but I want to know what you're thinking of when it comes to fantasy.
  6. @slifer I like any and all fantasy. So either you come and ask and I'll think one up. Give me a world and I'll rp it
  7. I like a more mideval world. It's less complicated that way.
  8. I feel ya there. I like medieval more
  9. What kind of fantasy elements? Like sorcerers and mages or elves and knights? Like what do you like the best of mideval fantasy that we would use in our RP?
  10. Let's discuss this in pm. Mind sending the message?
  11. Hello, are you still looking for someone? If so I'm interested in doing a fantasy rp with you
  12. Sure thing @Shadow629 ! Pm me if you'd be so kind
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