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  1. Setting
    We are all low-wage workers that work at a small multi-department store. It has 3 seperate buildings, all of which are connected, with 1 main building in the middle, all of which are fairly small and it only takes around 1-3 minutes to get from one to the other. The 3 sections are Video Games, Books, and a Video section. The store however barely get's customers, only just enough for it to keep running (And it leaves us with a lot of free-time to mess around and such), and managers generally get switched out constantly. They've just did a complete Rotation in the store, meaning they fired everybody and re-hired new workers. We have all been working in the store for over a week now. (Generally i want all of us to love each-other like a family later on, though you can date other characters, just remember that if 2 workers get together there is a possibility of them getting fired if found out (Though most likely not if the Manager or everyone else in the store is cool with it)

    This is meant to be an RP in which we all just have fun and participate in general silliness, with serious things going on here and there. If you feel like you aren't having fun and leave at some point, then feel free, in the RP it just means your character was fired at some point, which allows someone else to take your spot, and if you ever want to come back then you can with your old character, or a new one ^^.

    1. Romance is allowed, and is sometimes encouraged, but nothing 18+. Implied Sex and Masturbation is alright, but don't actually post 'doing the deed'.

    2. This is meant to be a silly RP with a few spots of seriousness here and there, feel free to act silly in any way you wish. Perverted jokes, Movie Reference jokes, Game reference jokes, ANYTHING is accepted, as long as you have fun ^^.

    3. Remember, this is a modern RP, so nothing magical, sci-fi, or fantasy like, unless it's talking about a movie or game or something else that i'm forgetting.

    4. Keep in mind that your all, at the least semi-normal people, so yes tragic pasts and experiences are accepted, but remember that not everyone has a tragic past, and that it's really rare to have one whatsoever.

    5. Like i said before, this is a modern RP, which means modern fandoms/fangroups/groups (Furries, Brony's, Whovians, ect) are all real things here, feel free to express yourself however you wish, but keep in mind not all things are socially accepted by normal people. (Also keep in mind that i said normal people, and previous described us as Semi-Normal, meaning as long you like doing it, we won't do any harm to you about it, though we may make jokes about it.)

    6. Not everyone know's how to fight. (Just putting this out there because i have seen people join Modern RP's and be masters at fighting at the age of 16 or under, which is ridiculous.)

    7. You do have lives outside of the store, but this RP will mainly be focused on the store itself and our interactions with eachother/the customers who come by. You can RP outside of the store if you want to though ^^.

    8. The only posting limit there is, is that your posts at the least have to be 2 sentences long.
    9. If your inactive for too long you may get fired(kicked) in the RP.

    10. Have fun!


    Manager: Casper Riktof

    Front Counter: Lillian "Lilly" Le Fey

    Floor Manager: Brian Willows

    Video Game Section Overseer: Chester Treembly

    Video Section Overseer: Jason Barnes

    Book Section Overseer: Hayley Campbell

    Regular Workers: (I'll allow up to 4 regular workers)

    Archie Wood

    Damian Forsain

    Lydia Owens

    Ashley Yukyun Kang

    ---Customers/Other Characters---
    These are the people who come to the store most of the time, but also interact with the store characters outside of their job if they want to.

    I'll only allow up to 4 of these types of Characters. But keep an eye out on this section, as someone may make a Character that opens up a special spot to be taken. (Like a roommate spot or a Brother/Sister Spot.)

    Akira Iwatomi

    Character Sheet
    Name: (We work in America, Denver, Colorado, so please have an American name unless otherwise)

    Appearance: (If you put a picture please put it at the top of the sheet. Any type of picture is accepted, though i'd prefer Normal Human pictures.)

    Age: (Have to be older than 18, no teenager characters please.)

    Sexuality: (What team does your character bat for?)

    Position: (If your a customer/other character just put that here)

    Role: (What would you say your characters 'role' is? The Adorably Shy Mascot Girl that somehow learns about everything? The man who basically can manipulate anybody, even if they know that he's manipulating them? The Bad-ass front counter girl who you just don't want to piss off and loves to annoy the hell out of people? Feel free to make up any type of 'role' you want ^^)



    Past: (You don't have to fill this out, if you don't than we'll just try to figure out your past ICly ;) )

    Place of Residence: (Where do you sleep and what does it look like? This is just so if other characters visit you and hang out with you at your home ^^)

    Personality: (What does your character act like?)

    Quirks: (What type of Quirks does your character have? Are the Jittery when on trains? Do you pat music beats on your legs? Have you seen every movie since ever?)

    Hobbies/Addictions: (What types of Hobbies and/or Addictions do you have? Do you Smoke? Are you a Furry? Do you love the Supernatural (Like Ghosts and Such)? Do you drink?)

    Dream: (What was your dream before you became a low-wage worker that participates in the silliness?)

    (Keep in mind for any of those people who make characters without pasts. Not putting a past allows someone to make a character who knows you and knows a little about you/are friends/enemies with out/is an old flame of yours.)

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  2. We need at least a Manager, a Front Counter character, and a regular worker to start this. Any seniority job roles that aren't taken are promotions for us to get if we do well enough.
  3. [​IMG][​IMG] (Just get rid of the glasses and replace them with Colored Contacts)

    Name: Jackoline Graves. Though people just call her Jack or Jacky.

    Appearance: Jacky has blue hair (She she has had since she was 10) and wears colored contacts, of which changes color daily. She wears an Oversized version of her work shirt that is unbuttoned, the sleeves go past her hands. She wears a plain white T-Shirt under her unbuttoned work shirt. She wear blue jeans and black sneakers as well.

    Age: 21 years old

    Sexuality: Jacky is Straight.

    Position: Regular Worker.

    Role: The Adorably Shy Mascot Girl that is also suspected of being part ninja, as she is a master at hiding and learns nearly everything that goes on in the store. She also is very good at sneaking up on people and finds it fun.

    Height: 5'4" (yes, she is that small, which makes her even more adorable! Squeeeee!)

    Weight: 130 lbs

    Past: Jacky was originally born with green eyes and black hair with a very large grey streak going from the middle of her hair down to the back, but due an accident later on that took her dads life she now has 1 green eye and 1 red eye. She was picked on because of her eyes and hair, so she got contacts (Since she needed them anyway she got many different colored versions, as she is Farsighted) and died her hair blue. She went through school relatively alone, if not for the 1 or 2 odd friends here and there. Due to this she grew up shy, and because of the bullying she learned how to 'ninja' around. Ever since she was little she's played video games, like the original Zelda and Mario bros. and can give you information and quotes from almost any game due to her addiction to them. Once she turned 20 she moved out of her parents house and rented out a semi-large apartment with the help of her room-mate.

    Place of Residence: Jacky lives with her roommate in a semi-large apartment, all around the walls you can see posters of video games both new and old, and they literally have almost every game system and game. Jacky's room is a little messy, and even more posters can be seen plastered on the walls. She also has a computer with even more games on it, some torrented and some not.

    Personality: Jacky is excessively shy, and can't handle meeting new people. When she meets someone new she is almost always silent when they are around, or around anyone who she isn't familiar with. However, if she gets to know you, she will become more outgoing and a little wacky, quoting games and some movies most of the time. Jacky loves video games, and if you have an interest in it she will instantly go into a sort of 'Gamers Test' on them, asking them questions about games that would be otherwise hard to answer.

    Quirks: Jacky has played almost every game since ever, and can quote and give otherwise unknown information on almost all of them. Jacky also likes to sing out lyrics to songs she knows and pat/tap on things to the beat of them.

    Hobbies/Addictions: Jacky is a gamer, loving video games almost as much as she does her family. Though Jacky is also a smoker (of Cigarettes that is).

    Dream: Jacky wants to create her own video game, and hasn't given up on this dream. She also plans to drag any friends she has into it if possible to help her.
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  4. Sounds interesting. Gimme a bit to work something up
  5. Awesome, can't wait to see it ^^.

  6. Name: Samantha "Sammy" Amaranth

    Appearance: Oddly, she looks like a little girl who happens to be only a little taller than Jacky, (her roommate(?)). Her hair is blond, her eyes are blue, and her drill-tails are ALWAYS held in place by a pair of "sacred" ribbons. This appearance usually lends to people treating her like a little girl. It's the babyface. Under her not-gonna-give-a-shit-today choice of clothing styles, she sports numerous tattoos alluding to a Satanic aspiration and oft-thought gang affiliations.

    Age: 22.

    Sexuality: "Omnisexual." There is nothing she won't try at least once.

    Position: Regular. I'm gonna wait for a promotion before I try jumping into any position like that. Especially since this will be the first RP I get into on Iwaku.

    Role: I'm jumping for that badass-don't-piss-me-off position at the check-out--unless somebody takes it while I'm working on this, and then a short fuse to boot.

    Height: 5'7"

    Weight: 133 lbs.

    Sammy grew up in a perfectly ordinary household. Her mother's name was Mary, her father's name was George, and they had a dog named Spot. She went to school every day like normal children, church on Sundays, Grandparents on weekends, and absolutely nothing should've gone wrong with her life. She hated every second of it. Despite being raised by kind, loving parents, in an environment where she never wanted for anything, she has matured into the shortest-tempered, angriest, bloodthirsty thing to be born with ovaries since the infamous leader of Femen Terrorist Attack of '99: Svetlana "Win" Landon.

    And she works in retail.

    Place of Residence: (Unless you're uncomfortable with it, Pastaboss, then it'll be the same place Jacky lives.) Her room is perfectly normal-looking, and doesn't even look like it sees use. In fact, the abundance of pink might make many people very uncomfortable...as will the pile of stuffed animals on her bed.

    Personality: Aloof, self-concerned, utterly humorless despite lots of scathing sarcastic remarks. Yeah. Most people think she's a psychotic sociopath--especially when they see her angry. Despite her penchant for violence, there is absolutely nothing Jacky can do that will piss her off--even if it's something Sammy just finished trying to strangle somebody for.

    Quirks: Her taste in decor and a quiet, seething obsession with all things cute is an explosive contradiction to her attitude. When she's drunk, she becomes extremely affectionate and cat-like. Whenever high, her grasp of reality tends to slip away to be replaced with some sort of World War 3 scenario that includes an army of stuffed bunny/cat/teddybear Nazis. These trips seem to be particularly powerful, because they've given her very convincing PTSD.

    Hobbies/Addictions: She's a hard drinking, hard partying, hard f--- you get the idea. Her hobbies include plotting murder, keying the cars of customers she doesn't like, burning things, hard partying, fighting, and looking for cute-tributions to her stuffed-animal collection.

    Dream: Conquer the world under the united imperial tyranny of Teddy. The banners must be pink. PINK, DAMN YOU.
  7. That is an awesome sheet i got to say, i love Sammy already! And of course i'm okay with her being Jacky's roommate, i'm okay with everything!
  8. Whoo! \o/

    My paranoia can stop trying to kill me, now. :D
  9. Awww, it's okay. *Hugs* everything gon' be allll right ^^. Also, WELCOME TO IWAKU!
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  10. *Elated animal noises.*
  11. I can already tell it'll be awesome to have you on this site and participating! :D. Also, if you ever need help or anything else, i'm wide open for you ^^. I'm on this site literally every day and i check on it on my phone while at college/work too >_>.
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  12. I appreciate it, and I'm grateful for the compliments~ I'll keep it in mind, Pastaboss. :D
  13. Welp, now we just need a Manager and we can start, though i'm willing to wait to start even after we get a Manager, just in case some people want to take any big spots, or to be a regular worker.
  14. I will make something for the game section manager. Probably going to be lazy slacker type
  15. Thats wonderful, cant wait to see it, also, i was talking about a manader for the entire multi-department store.
  16. Oh, what about assistant manager? Since the slacker would not want the responsibility of being the actual manager.
  17. It might be more funny if the manager is an ultimate slacker. Sort of conjures-to-mind the shop-owner from Bleach.
  18. Spend all day trying to find ways to be lazier or relax harder, especially since the store doesn't get much activity.
  19. Well, i was going to leave assistant manager out, so that there would be a certified spot for promotion. Why not Floor Manager then? Or you can do J's idea?
  20. OH DANG, i found much better pictures for my Character, i'mma edit my sheet, you guy's should check out her new look! ;)