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  1. Selene let out a sign as the carriage bumped along the road to the Kunneari Kingdom. Her fingers slid across the page of the book she had been reading on the several hour journey. She had gotten bored of it and has instead switched her attention to viewing the scenery as it passed. It was hard to believe that she was going to get married soon. A year ago it was the last thing on her mind, but now it was becoming reality. She was hoping she would at least get to fall for man she would marry before she was engaged to him, but desperate times called for desperate measures. It was for the good of the kingdom and that's all that she needed to know. It it meant for the good of the kingdom that her parents died to protect, then she was more then willing to give. She hoped that this wasn't going to be a bad match. The twins had tons of questions about her newly betrothal, which made her realize that she didn't know much her future husband. Was he handsome? Is he strong like daddy? Can he use magic? Would he be willing to play with us? She knew that he was the second son of the king. That was about it. She had heard her fair share of rumors, but she wasn't going to really going to believe them until she met him. She prayed that he was at least handsome and had a good heart. If he wasn't going to be a good person for the twins to be around, then she really didn't want to marry him.

    The scenery outside changed to a more stylize look, meaning they were getting close to the castle. She closed her book and set it to the side so she could lean out the window to look at his castle. She held onto her circlet as she gazed up at the large castle up ahead. This was going to be her new home for awhile. She missed the twins already. Both were a little weepy at her departure, though Ashwind would not admit it. She promise to bring them both something. A small smile spread across her face. She was becoming really hopeful with this match. This was going to be good of the kingdom and maybe....just maybe....she will grow to love him....
  2. Kith Karnal, second son of the late King Timmis Karnal and now first in line to the throne, sat at his brother's side in court. The newly crowned King Kendrick was holding a sort of welcoming party, in the hopes that his brother's soon-to-be wife would feel a little less awkward and a little less pressured here. His own wife sat at his right, and Kith on his left. The royal family had heard word that Selene's carriage had been seen just outside their capital, and so everyone was eagerly awaiting this mysterious bride. Everyone, probably, but Kith.

    Kith had been up and about the room, making the rounds and mingling. He did take delight in parties, even if this one was to welcome the woman he was supposed to marry. Kith did not fancy the idea of marriage to anyone, much less someone he didn't know. Still, he had been talked into a corner by his older brother. Kendrick was good at that, and Kith had folded. If nothing else, Kith figured that lots of people were unfaithful in their marriages, and he was rather planning on that. Maybe this Selene would be fine with it, and she could do the same. Still, Kith's attitude and flirting had a bit of a damper on it today. He was well aware that many of the people here at court currently were judging him for being so forward, especially on a day when he was supposed to meet his future wife. Kith could hardly care what any of them thought. He'd have as much fun as he could, and it was interesting to see who would respond and who wouldn't to his flirting.

    The capital was by far the most impressive city in the realm of Kunneari. Their kingdom sat in an almost crescent shape of land with a wide bay on the concave side, and a mountain range on the other. It made traveling from one end of the kingdom to the other difficult unless you owned a boat, so many of the people there were sea-faring by nature. The capital, aptly named Silda, the elvish word for shimmery silver, was indeed just that. It sat not quite on the water of the glistening bay, and the castle in the inner ring of the capital shined in the sunlight and rain alike. The entire outer structure was overlay with the shiny metal, and for people who had never been to Silda it was hard not to look at it. It stood directly in the center, tall and with many spires. In a word, it was elegant. It looked easy to invade, but the shiny metal on the exterior was silversun, a metal not unlike silver but harder than diamond could be. It was lavish, with intricate archways and spirals.

    Silda itself was quite cheerful and clean. It was made up of three circles, the outer wall encompassing the entire capital, an inner wall that separated the richest of the population from the upper, middle, and lower classes, and the innermost circle designed only to protect the castle. The houses within the first circle were mostly well kept where Selene was traveling. Quaint, with brick and wood and thatched roofs. Many of the elves out and about stopped to look at the approaching carriage before turning back to what they were doing. The second circle boasted much larger houses, some sporting the spiral metalwork of the castle in places. It was less busy there, and less noisy, until they got to the castle. There were several guards waiting to escort and welcome Selene to the castle, and to take her to the royal family. The welcoming party was not large - the intention was not to overwhelm her - but also not small enough that it would be hard for Selene to feel excluded from the people who already knew each other so well. There were a few humans at court, but mostly high and wood elves waited to greet her.
  3. Selene waved at a few civilians as she passed them. Elves. She had met a few of them before. Some of the best magicians were elves. Rumor was it that her mother was a decent from a great elf magician. Selene could believe it with how naturally graceful she was. Many said she gained that grace, but that was the face she put on. She was nothing like her mother, but that was who everyone wanted. So that is who she tried to be.

    Silda was a beautiful place. Maybe her future husband could show her around. She would love to see the water during sunset and at night. There was a lake back at home that she like to read by that looked beautiful at that time. She would really like to see if it was just as beautiful.

    The carriage slowed down, notifying her that that she had arrived. She quickly adjust her head piece and smoothed out her dress. This was it. She was going to meet him. Mother, please don't let me make a fool of myself. She sat up as she hear the knob of the carriage be turn and put on her 'serious face'. She was greeted by a footmen that told her that she would be escorted to a party, welcoming her. Great, a party? She simply smiled and thanked him as he helped her out of the carriage. She did one more check over herself before following the men to where the party was being held. She quickly started going over the things that her mother taught her about party etiquette. Smile, greet as many people as possible, speak only when spoke to, be mind of the culture and who you are speaking to. She was lead through the halls and they soon made it to the door. On the other side sat a room full of people awaiting her and her soon to be family-in-law and him.....

    She took a deep breath. 'You can do this, Selene.' she told herself. 'For the kingdom.' She nodded to her escort to announced her and the doors opened. She walked in, head high, and ready to greet them all....
  4. Once the doors opened, Kith, Kendrick, and his wife Mayana all stood to greet Serene. Both Kendrick and Kith stepped down the few steps to the main floor. Mayana stayed behind for now. Kith's hair was pulled back and braided intricately down his back, but his brother's lighter, blonde hair spilled out from under his crown and around his face and neck freely. Kendrick was taller and broader than Kith was, and much more the gentleman besides. Kendrick and Kith both bowed respectfully once they stood in front of Serene. Kendrick smiled and then reached out with both of his hands to clasp one of Serene's, a typical greeting in their kingdom. "Welcome to Silda, and further Kunneari." He spoke, his voice soft and melodic. He and his brother both were dressed in the blue and silver of their family crest and their kingdom. The realm of Kunneari had never known another family to sit on the throne before. The name Karnal was tied to the very roots of Kunneari, and despite the longevity of their country had really only ever been in danger of usurpers twice before.

    Kendrick, always to the point, passed her hand to both of Kith's. "Allow me the honor to introduce my brother, Prince Kith." He introduced them formally, despite having never met Serene himself. Kith embraced her hand as well and then dipped his head a little. He could play the part of the respectful royal quite well, if he chose to. But he wasn't exactly intending on lying to Serene. She would know him likely more than anyone else would ever, if only because she was to be his wife. The word still sounded foreign to Kith.

    "I am pleased to meet you. I trust your journey wasn't too horrible?" Kith inquired. Kendrick was already heading back to his wife, and the guests had already turned to talk to one another again after the introduction had been made. Now it was up to Kith, mostly. Kith mustered up a smile to his face. "Let me introduce you to some of our friends." he added, although it was a suggestion she could refuse if she liked. Kith was glad others were here. It saved him from having to speak privately with Serene for now Let them figure each other out in a more neutral setting.
  5. Selene smile and curtsied slightly, before let the king take up her hands. She made contact and smiled warmly. 'Doing great' she said to herself, trying to encourage herself. The king welcomed her and she nodded slightly. "Thank you for inviting me. My kingdom is grateful for your acceptance of an alliance and hope that we will continue a great relationship." she said. When she attention finally turned to his brother, her future husband, she took a moment to look him over. Thankfully, he was some old pervert man looking for a young bride. He was handsome and young. She started to see the elven grace everyone was so fond of. He seemed kind and well mannered. She slightly wondered if he had a dark side and this was his facade that he put on for everyone, like she did. She instantly erase that thought from her mind. She need to be positive about this marriage or it would never work. "The pleasure is all mine, my Lord. It wasn't too bad. A little bumpy in some place, but never to much a bother." she said, turning on her charm. It was a good thing that the colors of the kingdom was blue and silver. She like those colors. Maybe she was going to have to get some dresses in their colors for visits after the marriage. If the two kingdoms were going to be allies, regular visits were going to be needed. Plus, her soon to be husband may get homesick and she was more then willing to visit for his happiness. When the king left the two of them alone, a bit of worry flash in her face. How was she going to talk to him? What conversations could she speak about? Questions filled her head, but she remember she needed to not panic. She quickly flashed a smile and nodded at her fiance's suggestion."Sure, I would love to met some of your friends." she said, thankful that she could use them as a way to start a conversation with him...
  6. Kith was not nearly as nervous as Selene. For her, this was the rest of her life. A crueler fate than his. Elves lived so much longer than humans did. If Kith thought about it, it almost saddened him. Well, it wasn't like he hated her or anything. Maybe their time together could be good for the both of them, even though Kith had no intentions of settling down any. Still, he didn't want Selene to be miserable. It wasn't her fault they were getting married. His bright green eyes glanced towards his brother at that thought. He was listening to Selene, despite his thoughts being elsewhere. He nodded when she agreed to meet some of his friends. Friends and family both. There was more to his family than just his brother.

    Bringing her over to a group of people, another smile flickered onto his face. He had a hold of her hand as they walked, just with one hand now since they were in motion. "May I introduce my two younger brothers, Cimin and Cervi, as well as my younger sister, Tari." Cimin was an elf that looked much like Kith, but just a little younger. His hair was shorter, but the same brown, and he was tall and narrow. A young man. Cervi was clearly the youngest out of all of them, equaling a young teenager in human years. He still had his boyish features, a smattering of freckles across his face with short blonde hair and big blue eyes. Tari was right inbetween Cimin and Cervi in age, and already stunning. She had a narrow face, with blue eyes that could pierce through even the toughest man. She held herself with all the grace of her heritage. All three of them were also dressed in the blue and silver of their name and country.

    "Its good to meet you." Cimin responded with a slight bow.
    "Yeah!" Cervi piped up, but a gentle look from Cimin had him remembering his manners and he grinned. "I mean, I hope you like it here." He amended.
    "We would all like to welcome you here to our home. Perhaps soon you will come to think of it as your own as well." Tari finished with a warm smile. It seemed that, at least within the royal family, this marriage was a good thing to them. Kith didn't quite hold those views, but he was going along with it, after all.
  7. Selene curtsy a little to each of the newly-met royal family members as they were introduced. There sure was quite a few of them. Since Selene's mother died fairly early, who knows if she could have had more siblings then just the twins. God knows they were a handful already, she couldn't imagine have another pair of them running around. She smiled lightly at their greetings, laughing a little at Cervi's excitement. Remind her of the twins. Both were just about Cervi's age, if not younger. Though, elves did live longer and therefore Cervi was probably much older then them. Tari almost intimidated her. Her eyes were like her mother, stunning and terrifying at the same time. Selene had inherited similar eyes, but they were dulled out the slight gray hue she had gotten from her father, making a nice combination of the two. They were all very respectable and if this was how her marriage life was going to be like, then she didn't have to worry at all. She could feel a little weight come off her shoulders.

    "Thank you. It is a very lovely home." she said with a smile, "I have always been a lover of elven arts and architecture, but seeing it in person is even more marvelous. I am glad that your brother accepted my hand, even though I am a human. It must be strange, but I hope to get to know all of you and for you to consider me family soon." she said with a slight nod.
  8. Cervi was very excitable. He grinned at Selene, trying to keep a straight face but failing miserably. He had been told over and over again to keep serious, but he just couldn't. "We are glad too." Tari gave a pointed look towards Kith. "Its about time he settled down. You might have your hands full." It was said to be joking and friendly, but it was also meant as a warning. Kith rolled his eyes. If his family thought a wife would hold him back, they were wrong.

    "If you want someone to show you around, you can always ask me!" Cervi said. "I know a lot about the architecture!"

    "Cervi, I'm sure Kith would like to show her around first." Cimin said. Cervi sighed and then nodded.
  9. Selene made a quick glanced at her future husband when his sister have her warning. Did she have to worry about him? They all seemed so nice and circuitous. Was he so different? A little worry started to creep back in but she brushed it off. She needed to focus, turn on the charm. Maybe it will be different with her.

    "Maybe later. I would love to spend from time with all of you over the next few days. Since we are going to be family, I would love to get to know you personally." she said, with a small laugh. "And hopefully one day you can one day come to mine and introduce you to my family. I am sure that they will be happy to meet you."
  10. Kith nodded when Selene said she'd see the architecture later. Cervi bounced on his heels a moment and then left to bring over a pretty female around his age. "May I introduce my friend, Lillianna?" He asked, pretending to be just like Kendrick when he'd introduced Kith. Cervi grinned and Lillianna blushed. It was clear the two of them were a little more than friends, but not old enough to really be anything much.

    "Nice to meet you." Lillianna said with a quick curtsey. Kith smirked a bit, glancing at Cervi and then back at Lillianna. He thought it was cute, the way Cervi doted on this girl. The first to be introduced to Selene outside of the royal family was a big deal in their circles.

    "So, what do you like to do?" Kith asked, figuring they should get to know one another. At least as much as a public space would allow.
  11. "It's a pleasure, Lillianna." she said, giving her own curtsy. Ah, young love. Cervi must really liked her. It must be nice, to like someone and to have them like you back. She would hope that her and Kith would be like that. She would like that and that would make this match even better.

    When she was asked what she liked to do, she paused for a moment. Sure, she had hobbies, but they weren't very interesting. "Uh..let's see." she quickly scanned her brain for what she should say. "Well, I like to read....And I like to go horseback riding and listening to music...." she laughed sheepishly, "I spend a lot of time studying magic and overseeing my sibling's training these days." She had many other hobbies that she like to do, like swimming, singing, and running around the flower fields at home with her siblings, but they were not fit for a princess. She needed to make it look like she was regal and mature. She can't say that she loved to pull pranks with her siblings on the magic tutor. That was unbecoming. She needed to quickly deflect the attention off of her.

    "So, what about you, my lord? What do you like to do?" she said, turning her attention to him.
  12. Cervi grinned and then looked at Lillianna, taking her hand again. "Come on." He encouraged, leaving the older adults behind. He was probably going to get into trouble later, for whatever it was they were about to do. Despite pretty much everyone knowing that, no one stopped Cervi or Lillianna. Kith looked back at Serene as she answered his question. He nodded a little. She sounded boring. At least the magic was something interesting, and they did share horseback riding as an interest too, but these were all predictable things. Their family was renown for it's magic usage, and anyone knew how to ride horseback. Of course, enjoying it was something different, but still.

    Glancing at his siblings, Kith wondered if Serene was in to anything else. It wasn't that he was disinterested in Serene. On the contrary, Kith loved to meet new people. It was just the nature of their meeting that made Kith weary and even perhaps a little awkward at times.

    "I too, like horseback riding." He responded on his interests. "We have some of the swiftest horses in the realms here, I'll be sure to include them when I take you on a tour later." Swift though they were, the horses were no good in a combat situation. While the high elves got into more battles than their other elvish kin, peace was still very common in their land, and mounted attack very much uncommon. The horses they bred were for speed and show, rather than any practical use. "I like sword play, but more often I like to enjoy the company of others." Cimin coughed and Tari gave Kith a sharp look. Kith merely grinned as he glanced at his younger siblings and then back at Serene. "Parties, and such." He added.
  13. Selene nodded as she listened to Kith's interest. God, she must have sounded boring compared to them. It wasn't like it was her fault. The advisers really didn't like her to act outside of her status. You can't do this. You can't do that. Your mother would disapprove. She was so afraid of stepping out of line that she was afraid to try anything. She cursed herself in her head. 'Come on, you were doing so good. Get it together.' she told herself and went back to listening...

    Good, he likes horseback riding. They can bond over that. She loved her horses. She didn't need to play pretend with them. They just wanted to be to be she did. And sword play. Not much of her department. She could barely do combat magic as is. Ashwind might enjoy it. He had just started taking sword lessons since his magic was not showing to be as strong as his sister's. She must remember to ask if he could show Ashwind some moves sometime. The last one made her question things again. There it is again. What were these people implicating? Was Kith a bad choice of a husband? What could this mean? She was going to have to ask about it later.

    "Ah, then this must be the norm for you then. We have not thrown very many parties since my father's disappearance. I will be sure to have a large ball set in your honor when we return to Asayndra. I am sure the court would appreciate some joy and celebration these days."
  14. Kith was quite good with a rapier. Even so, he did not delude himself in thinking he was the best. He'd never seen real combat before, and didn't wish to. Mostly he just liked the exercise and the skill it took to wield a weapon. It was exhilarating, even with blunted points. Out of all his siblings, he was the best with the sword. He wasn't too shabby at archery either, but even his youngest brother could best him there, so he tended to stick to the rapier.

    When Selene suggested a ball, it was obvious Kith was both interested and pleased. A large smile spread across his face. It likely would have been polite to decline, even if it was a false one done out of courtesy, but he didn't. "Well, I think that would be quite marvelous!" He responded. "Thank you, I shall look forward to it." Especially since it was in his honor. He did, at least, show the proper respect about the topic of her father. "I am sorry to hear about your father, the King." He sounded sincere, and he was. Death was hard, but he imagined disappearance was more so. He could be alive or dead, and if he was alive he could be anywhere with anything happening to him. That he hadn't returned wasn't a pleasant thought, and likely it would be better if he was dead at that point, although Kith would of course never say so. Death was more likely anyway, since no one had come forward demanding ransom money.
  15. So he did like parties. Good, considering it was the king's job to be the diplomat of the kingdom. He was in charge of all social events and alliances as well as the happiness of their subjects. The queen was actually the one in charge of the armies and military strength. In the royal line, the women were the powerful magicians therefore where in charge of leading armies into battle. Her father had taken up both jobs when her mother died. Thankfully, he was a good general before his marriage and was able to handle both the political side of things and the military. Selene wasn't good at either. She wasn't a very strong magician and it was obvious that she wasn't exactly the best socialite. Kith seemed prefect for the job.

    When he gave his sympathies for her father's disappearance, she placed a hand on her heart and gave a slight bow of the head. It's was something that her people did out of respect of the dead while mentioning them in conversation. "Yes, King Ezekiel is missed greatly. We wish for his safe return one day, but sadly, we must move on." she said softy. Selene was very close with her father. She and father often when spend hours talking about their mother and how they met and fell in love. He was going to let her pick her husband. They had spoken about it a few days before he left. He was lucky enough to marry into love that he thought his daughter should too. Sadly, she will not be able to. It broke her heart a little, but she must do what is needed. She lifted her head and looked back at her future husband. 'I really hope you work out.....' she prayed to herself.

    "Do you mind if I get something to drink? My throat feels a little dry." she asked her fiance.
  16. "Oh, of course." Kith responded. "Here." He took her hand again, showing her over to several tables laid with food and drink both. They had included both their own traditional elvish food and food from Asayndra. That food may not be prepared as well, but they had tried. It was both to make Selene feel at home, and to harken back to their union between them. Kith took her to the drinks first, although he was intent on getting a small plate of food for himself.

    While Selene picked what she wanted, Kith stood by her. "So, do you like parties and balls as well?" He asked. Balls had music, so perhaps she did. His eyes looked out across the small gathering of people. "This is only a small portion of the court. We didn't want to overwhelm you. I understand that Asayndra is a long way from here, so if you're tired just let me know and I can show you to your room." It was not very far from his own, but Kith was already thinking about who he was going to invite tonight. He had several 'regular' lovers. Ones he trusted to keep quiet with the right amount of coin. No one of higher standing just for that reason, but no one too beneath him either.
  17. Selene smiled at the food spread. It was so kind of them to try to bring a bit of home to her. She would never admit it, but she was a bit of a glutton. Going to the kitchen and stealing food was a regular occurrence at her castle. But she would never show it here. No way. It was not lady like. Instead, she only grabbed a drink and a few horderves. She took a small sip from her drink as her lord asked her a question.

    "Oh, no. I love them." she said, looking out. "The music, the dancing....but sadly, I am not very good at conversation. So I tend to say in the background of events like this." A sad smile spread across her face. "Father really loved balls. He use to try to throw one at least once month. Many thought it was silly but..." she started to play with cup a little, "He said they use to make my mother happy, so he tried to find any excuse to throw one." She let out a sigh and turned towards. "Thank you very much for accepting my hand in marriage. I can not tell you how much it means to my family and I. Please take care of me." She said with a warm smile and a slight bow. She turned her attention back to the party. It was really lovely, really, but Selene was growing tired from her trip. She didn't want to seem like a downer though. They threw this party just for her. She didn't want to just show up and then go to bed right away. It would be rude of her.
  18. Kith took some food when Selene did, but didn't bother with a drink. He took mostly the elvish food, but wanted to try a few of the ones from Selene's country as well. He found them interesting. If nothing else, Kith was a curious person. He noticed the tinge of sadness in Selene's smile, but said nothing about it. More than that, he was surprised when she thanked him for accepting her hand. He had hardly had a choice himself, and he wondered if Selene knew that. He wasn't exactly sure what to say to her gratitude. He could neither think of how he might proceed or even what might have been considered polite to say back. Probably a promise to take care of her, but Kith wasn't sure he was going to promise that. It wasn't that he wasn't going to take care of her, just that in the capacity she was speaking of, he didn't know that he could pledge himself to that. Kith didn't know how to take care of anyone but himself. He cared for his siblings, but he'd never had to take care of them.

    Still, Kith couldn't exactly just not say anything. "I think that our alliance will do both of our countries good." He picked his words carefully. He hesitated, glancing about. It was just the two of them standing there, the other people mostly out of hearing range. "I also think... its only fair that I tell you I don't want this, though. Its not you. You seem very lovely." Both inside and out. "It's just marriage in general is a thing I never really wanted. Kendrick is King, and I'll do as he says, but I will not be unkind to you. I just think... its only right that you should know." Know what she was getting herself into.
  19. Selene's heart ached a little at his confession. It wasn't like she was exactly keen on the idea of getting married to a complete stranger, but she had hoped to make the best of it. But it seemed that he too, was not all to happy with the arrangement, and wasn't exactly ready to make it anything out of it. It was okay, though. She knew this had a chance of happening and she wasn't going to let it get to her....right?

    Selene closed her eyes and let out a breath. "I figured as much. If it makes you feel any better, this marriage was not my idea. The adviser of my court were the ones that set this up, not the royal family. In fact, my father would have disapproved of the idea." she opened her eyes and peered over the crowd. "He was a strong believer in marrying for love and not power. But we are desperate. The kingdom needs strength at a time like this and it was either me or one of the twins. They are too young to marry for political reasons. I will do anything to protect them. It's my duty as not only their future queen but their older sister." She shifted her gaze to look at him from the corner of her eye, taking another quick drink. "I understand you are not to overjoyed with this marriage, but you should also know that I will do anything for my family and thus will sacrifice my heart for them. So when I say "Please, take care of me." please know that I plan on making to most of this marriage." Selene looked down at her feet and let out another small sigh. "Even if it is empty and you may never love me, I will do my best for my siblings' and for my kingdom's sake" She looked up at Kith, giving him a small sad smile. "So please.....take care of me...." she said and she went back to looking out over the crowd. She hoped that he understood her position as well. Selene picked at her food and tried to eat it, but she was finding that maybe she was too tired for the party after all. "Maybe I should turn in for the day. I would hate to be such a party killer, but it seems my travels have worn me out more then a thought." she said, finishing off her drink. "If you are willing, I would like to be taken to my room now, please."
  20. Kith took in a deep breath and then let it out slowly. He finished the food he had taken and then let one of the waiters take the plate away from him. They were talking without really looking at one another, and Kith had no problems with that. He kept looking out across the court too as he listened to her. "I admire your self sacrifice. I truly wish you didn't have to, though." He let her know. It was a tiny bit upsetting. Her father sounded like a decent man. Kendrick was too, but it had been his idea for the marriage, when Selene's court had suggested the alliance. It was both a political move and a personal one, as far as Kendrick was concerned. It was his intention to both strengthen their allegiance and get Kith to settle down, and Kith knew it. As of late, the rumors were getting progressively more vocal, but they were still only rumors.

    Taking her hand again when she asked to be taken to her room, he nodded. "Its required before leaving to say goodnight to the king." He let her know, uncertain of most of her human customs and figuring she would be the same about theirs. "Its only a curtsey, he won't make you stay." He added, walking them both over to Kendrick. Once Kendrick had given his goodnight to them, Kith left the party to the quieter coorirdors. A lot of the castle had archways to the outside, and from the hall they were in one side was arches overlooking a courtyard and garden. It was grassy and quiet out there, the garden filled with flowers and trees not far as they passed by. The sky was only just starting to darken. "I can take you on a tour tomorrow, since you're so tired." Kith told her. "There are several handmaidens for you if you didn't bring any of your own, and they can direct you to breakfast, where I'll meet you tomorrow."
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