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  1. Heyo everyone!
    My name is Marley, and I'm looking for a new roleplaying partner! I'm not sure if I'll be looking for more than one person, but we'll see!

    What I'm interesting in Roleplaying;
    Harry Potter
    Fantasy Things (Mythical creatures!!)

    What I'm Not Interested in Roleplaying
    Romance/Relationships/Anything sexual
    Playing as a character from whatever fandom (Playing Harry from HP instead of an OC, playing Niall from 1D, ect)

    I haven't really roleplayed/written seriously in a while, so I'll probably be a little rusty! I've got a pretty busy schedule right now, I'm at school a large portion of the day, and on weekends I visit my boyfriend, but I'll try to reply whenever possible during the day! I'll probably be on later, around 7 PM and later (I'm Eastern Standard Time).

    ✿Thank you for looking!✿
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.