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  1. Hi there everyone I am currently looking for a rp buddy. I am very easy going and nice to be around. I am a student and currently looking for a job as well making plushies on the side. When it comes to rping because its fun and able to be creative with others. If you are still interested after looking this list over and aren't scared off.
    Feel free to give me a Pm or a AIM I am a very nice person, just read the rules below and we'll all be golden.

    1. No Text Talk
    2. Yes Pms and AIM. Still new to Threads so have mercy.
    3. I am able to play both male and female genders even though I am a female myself. But at times I really often prefer to play the female role. Although I do double to make it fair on both sides.
    4. Let's brain storm! What's more fun than that?
    5. do not ditch and if I forget the pm or thread just remind me. We're only human.
    6. No Actors, that's goes the same for youtubers too, they're real people not fictional characters. That
    7. I have zero limits expect for a few things.
    8.Neon or very light color font. It hurts my eyes and I won't be able to read it.
    9. As long it's five sentences and not a line I'm happy. I'm not picky about grammar because hell I'm not perfect neither. But as long you give me more than a line of sentence, then we're gonna get along perfectly.
    10. No spoilers, this imply to the Percy Jackson series, I am re reading the series. So I can read the heroes of Olympus series and the others. I haven't peeked at anything yet for the next books. And like everyone, it's the surprise that counts right?
    11. OOC talk is welcome, I like to talk with my rp buds. So we can plan out the next few scenes ahead of the rp.
    12. Don't be a butt, when I say no on something. That means the rp ends.


    AIM: SabrtoothGirl just in case you can't contact me here.

    To make things a little easier if you see this next to the title >> CXO that means Cannon and OC pairings and if you see this one >>> OXO that means it's for Oc pairings. And it goes double for this one too for cannon pairings >> CXC.

    What I am craving at the moment
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    Harry Potter
    Percy Jackson
    X men Evolution
    Pokemon Adventures
    Heart No Alice no Kuni/ Alice in the country of hearts
    Blue Exorcist/ Ao No Exorcist
    Lion King
    Doctor Who
    The Walking Dead
    Team Forest series
    Some Originals

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    Phantom of the opera - CXO,CXC
    Harry Potter -CXO, OXO
    Percy Jackson-CXO, OXO
    Cirque Du Freak-CXO
    Hunger Game-OXO

    Show Spoiler

    Pet Shop of Horror-CXO
    Inuyasha -CXO
    X men Evolution - CXO,OXO
    Soul Eater - CXO,OCXOC,CXC
    Pokemon Adventures - CXO,OCXOC
    Kuroshitsuji/ Black Butler - CXO,CXC
    Hellsing- CXO
    Ouran High School host club - CXO
    Hetalia or Nyotalia: Axis Powers - CXC,CXO
    Kyo Kara Maoh - CXO
    HomeStuck - CXO,CXC
    Heart No Alice no Kuni/ Alice in the country of hearts - CXC,CXO
    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic - CXO,OCXOC
    Jackie Chan Adventures - CXO
    Yu Yu Hakusho - CXO
    Blue Exorcist/ Ao No Exorcist- CXO,CXC
    Saiyuki- CXO
    Full Metal Alchemist - CXO
    One Piece - CXC,CXO
    Assassination classroom - CXC,CXO
    The Eccentric family/Uchouten Kazoku -OCXOC
    Steven Universe- OCXOC,CXC
    Gravity Falls- CXO,OCXOC,CXC
    Attack on Titan- CXO,OCXOC
    Durarara - CXO
    Monster Musume - OXO

    Movie/Tv Shows
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    How to Train your Dragon- CXO,CXC
    Lion King- CXO,OCXOC
    Pirates of the Caribbean - CXO
    Hannibal Rising - CXO
    Sweeney Todd - CXO
    X men - CXO,OCXOC
    Kung Fu Panda- CXO
    Avengers - CXO
    Dr. Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog- CXO
    Doctor Who- CXO
    Rise of the Guardians- CXO
    The Hobbit- CXO
    The Walking Dead - CXO
    Sherlock- CXO,CXC
    Jurassic Park- OXO- (From the dinosaur's point of view)
    WaterShip Down- OXO

    Video Games
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    Kingdom Hearts- CXO,CXC
    Legend Of Zelda - CXO,CXC
    Portal- CXO,OCXOC,CXC
    Dead Island - CXO,OCXOC
    Five Nights at Freddy's - CXO,OCXOC,CXC
    Corpse Party - CXO,OCXOC
    Team Fortest series - CXO,
    Psychonauts - CXO,OCXOC

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    Welcome to Nightvale CXC-
    Gravity falls and Percy Jackson crossover.

    Show Spoiler
    If it has a little heart next to it then I'm craving it.

    Mafia boss x Shop keeper:heart:
    White Rabbit/Alice (Wonderland)
    Red Riding Hood/Wolf:heart:
    Female Centaur/Male Knight:heart:
    Monster Girl Maid/Master:heart:
    Outlaw/Burlesque Dancer:heart:
    Mobster/Club Singer (1920's):heart:
    Mobster/Boss's Daughter (1920's):heart:
    Brothel Worker/Guard Captain:heart:
    Baroness/Anthro Slave:heart:
    Gang Leader/ Runaway:heart:
    Mage Knight/Princess:heart:
    Mad Max Setting:heart:
    Royal Snob/Peasant Girl:heart:
    Demon King's Daughter/Human Hero Bodyguard:heart:
    Goblin King/Human Princess
    Butler/Countess Daughter:heart:
    Maid/Baron Son:heart:
    Female Angel/Devil's Son:heart:
    Werewolf Queen/Baron
    Werewolf King/Baroness:heart:
    Werewolf King/Vampire Queen:heart:
    Werewolf Queen/Vampire Prince or King :heart:
    Centaur/Human Female:heart:
    (Harlequin Male)/Princess:heart:
    (Harlequin Female)/Prince
    Samurai/Nine-Tail Fox:heart:
    Wounded German Soldier/Jewish Girl:heart:
    Casino Owner/Cocktail Waitress:heart:
    Villain/Hench-Man or Woman:heart:
    Butler/Master's Daughter:heart:
    Dragon King/Human Queen:heart:
    Warrior/Naga (Female):heart:
    Naga (Male)/Shrine Maiden
    Club Owner/Dancer:heart:
    Zombie Apocalypse Surviving :heart:
    Animals (You pick ):heart:
    Cats (think Felidae, the none kids version of Warriors )
    Rabbits (think watership down )
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  2. monster musume or mage knight sound fun!
  3. Hi there! I would be interested in potentially doing an Avengers roleplay, with doubling and would love to discuss possible pairings/plots with you!
  4. Hi! I would love to double with a canon x OC pairing in Harry Potter or even Percy Jackson! :)
  5. Hello! I would gladly take the part of Hermione Granger!! :)
  6. In a Harry Potter role play of course
  7. Oh wait is this OC only? Never mind...
  8. Who are you looking for in Hellsing?
  9. You. I want to roleplay with you.
  10. I would really like to do an Undertale roleplay with you!:)
  11. OH MY... Are you still looking for a homestuck roleplay ?

    I'm afraid that the homestuck fandom is scarce on iwaku (As shocking as that is...) and I've been waiting to find one for so long! Please let me know! <3
  12. I'm interested in a few of those :) I'll shoot you a PM.
  13. I play Skyward Sword Zelda, would you be cool with that?
  14. You still looking by any chance? :P
  15. We could totally do a Jurassic Park roleplay or an apocalypse one?
  16. I'm down for the Lion King or Avengers one if you're still looking =P
  17. Hey! I would absolutely love to do some Canon x OC pairings in Harry Potter with you!
  18. Ooh, if you're still looking, I've really been in the mood to do a watership-down-esque rabbity thing for a while!
  19. I'm interested in the female centaur x knight, werewolf king x baroness and the samurai x nine tail fox pairings.
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