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  1. Hello! I'm fairly new to 1x1, only done two or three in the past. Figure I should list some things before my plots :)
    • I tend to take on two to three characters, and balance out with my partner
    • I can write a paragraph, or several depending on how fun and active my partner is
    • I can be more aggressive or passive depending on my partner, and often switch up depending on the situation
    • I have many favorite genres and would love to hear yours!
    • I play male much better than female, but female tends to be my side characters :)
    I have a few ideas, but I'd love to hear yours!

    Centuries ago, the world above us fell to nuclear fallout. Cities were made underground, and mayors were placed. Those spots often turned to dictator ships. We live in one such city. Terra-Deep was in the state of New York, and the Stock family came to power. The latest son, Richard Stock, is the cruelest man yet to rule the city, and uses a private army called the Iron Battalion to rule over the city. Gangs have begun forming and its clear its only a madder of time before the city crumbles around us. We must either bring Richard Stocks and the gangs down, or perhaps the wasteland above us is safer.
    • Sci-Fi/Apocalyptic theme
    • Mutant creatures.
    • Few ideas if this sounds interesting
    Fallen Kingdoms
    The wars between the three major races of the Human Republic, Dwarven Empire, and Elven Nations was bloody and long. No clear winner was in sight when the armies of undead and monsters attacked the lands. Many cities fell and armies fell apart. Racial tensions still exist between the surviving people, but order remains in the majority of cities.
    Perhaps a group of heroes can form together and find a way to return order to the lands, or maybe they might just be able to survive the horde of undead, creatures of chaos, barbaric tribes, and monsters.
    • Fantasy/ Apocalyptic theme
    • Monsters, Fantasy Races, and Magic
    • More open to world building and making a small cast of characters, or even two
    The dawn of man is coming to a close, and we are here to take their place. People with amazing powers are popping up around the world, some claiming to be heroes of the people, others killers, some work for themselves as vigilantes and others are employed by the government. Maybe we can work together to take down a common enemy, or perhaps we are sworn enemies using our powers to try and one up each other.
    • Modernish Theme
    • Endless possibilities for powers and skills
    • More options for characters
    PM me with more ideas, or if you are interested in any of the ones above!
  2. We could figure up some thing together! Message me ^-^
  3. Hey, this sounds interesting, are you still open?
  4. Terra deep and fallen kingdoms sound interesting.
  5. Because Fallen Kingdoms interests me a lot :D
  6. Ill do the super humans one with you as long as it's no like super heroes or anything lol
Thread Status:
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