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  1. Hey, I'm looking for moderately active partners. You can check out my characters here (anything marked under the "Luna Valentine Forms" are open for AU scenarios where I use the base of that character and go from there), or we can work out some ideas here. I prefer not playing a human character. You can check out my custom race here. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, slice of life, romance, monster girls, modern, past, and future. By day I am a programmer but I get some time during the day I can check up on rps using my phone. By night I'm a slightly addicted roleplayer who would really love an rp. My writing length varies depending on interest, what I can think to write, the time of day, and my partner's style. However I will NOT write a near novel length, that's just ridiculous.

    If I wanted to write a god damn novel I will (just saying because I'm cranky about length requirements)

    Anyways, I've got about two ideas at this moment.

    1 is adaptable and deals with Her.

    the other is meant for modern times with Her/Her.

    Their bios give a brief rundown of the idea.

    Some Universes I like (I'll add more as I think of them):
    Elder Scrolls
    Ratchet and Clank
    Kingdom Hearts
    Rune Factory
    Mega Man X
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  2. I have a idea that can deal with your ancient warrior.
  3. *leans in* send me a pm or put it in here! I'm listening
  4. I'm still looking but I need something with some major feels! I wanna get something that can cause some majorly delicious drama because all of my rps are nice and action packed but where's the feels?! Give me your drama! Your sad endings! *evil laugh* I feel a need to torment a character!
  5. I got a character that could work well with Teresa LaLyre, and I think we could make a pretty drama/emotion based story.
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  6. sweet. I'm all ears :)
  7. Oh, Rune Factory is a fun thing. Haven't gone through all your characters yet, but hm...

    What part of Rune Factory did you like? Cause it's this weird combination of generic RPG and Harvest Moon farming, so it's sorta hard to understand what people even want out of it. XD
  8. It's literally the combination of my two favorite things. RPGs and Harvest Moon :p @ERode
  9. Hm, do you have any particular plot ideas in mind though? I'm assuming that it'll be more slice-of-life than adventure, but what else? Would we both be RPing multiple characters?
  10. Not really. It's just a universe out there that I like. I tend to be meh at playing multiple characters.
  11. Want a Rune Factory RP on top of a flying whale then? Always liked Frontier's setting. XD
  12. haven't played Frontier but it could be a lot of fun :)
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