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Living Fairytales

The city of Montgomery, Alabama and a world of fairytales are colliding. Soon, the same will happen to various other cities in America, and then the entire world.

A chaotic, malevolent group called the League of Scoundrels have put their intelligent minds together, opening a portal to Montgomery. They have a plan to dominate worlds beyond their own, which will involve cruel acts of killing and slavery. No one knows this yet, though. In a land where every person lives happily ever after, no one suspects the League of Scoundrels even exists!

The combined forces of humans and fantasy creatures will put an end to this madness. Everything's getting blown out of proportion! It will rain during summer, and snow during the spring. For every human being, there is an enchanted character they have a connection with. The bond is sacred, something you must treasure and help grow for not only yourself, but the sake of others. Powers beyond your imagination will evolve so you can save Montgomery—Save the world.

GM: Fluffy
Rating: PG-13 for fantasy violence, cursing, innuendo and whatever else
Genre: Fantasy/Modern, Romance, Action, Comedy
Application Status: Open!
Character Limit: 2 per player

Something to Note:
Like I mentioned in my OOC intro… For every human, there's a fairytale character to partner with them. Either make a human and fantasy creature for yourself, or partner up with another player! I recommend the latter, because it's more fun that way. For example, there's an average fellow who works at a bookstore and his partner is a fire breathing dragon without a rider. When they meet, obviously, he's the dragon's rider, so they train together to become a powerful force. As time passes in game, they become stronger, like maybe the guy learns a spell or how to use a weapon. Sort of like leveling up in a video game. ;) If this is still confusing, feel free to PM me with questions.



[b]Character Name:[/b] 
If you're not a person living in Montgomery, you're whatever you'd like to be. It's a fantasy realm, after all. Just nothing overpowered or evil.
Be as old or as young as you want. If you're a fairytale character, you can be ancient but look 10 years old or whatever. I'll cool with that.


[b]General Appearance:[/b] 
List up to 4 powers you and your partner will gain in game. In the beginning, you're powerless, but will earn 1 power at a time as time passes. 

[b]Current Goal/Purpose:[/b] 
[b]General Personality:[/b] 
[b]Inner Personality:[/b] 


[b]General History:[/b] 

[b]Present Life:[/b] 

[b]Special Historic Notes:[/b]

Having some trouble concocting a fairytale character? Here are some random ideas to help getcha started:
  • Prince/Princess/King/Queen
  • Jester
  • Talking animal
  • Humanoid with animal traits
  • Goblin
  • Dragon
  • Bard
  • Dwarf
  • Magician
  • Fairy
  • Elf
  • Mermaid
  • Gnome
  • Unicorn
  • Wizard/Witch
  • Ghost
  • Faun
  • Centaur
  • Shapeshifter
  • Harpy
  • Genie

**Slashed characters = Assumed inactive

~ Owen, paraplegic a herpetologist, father and husband. His partner is Estyer, a shapeshifter who was a hired killer! He's got a soft spot for children, so hopefully Owen and his little girl can melt the ice of his heart!

~ Benjamin is a 7 year old boy having some family troubles. His partner is Dei Maa, a feline 'boogie man' who's here to help, but also sneak up on your dreams.

~ Gretchen, an almost 10 year old struggling through school and the hardships of her family. Her partner is an adorable shoulder angel named Vivi.

~ Paisley: Owen's beautiful wife who is always concerned for him. For a living, she makes delicious confections! She's the mother of Gretchen. Her partner is Golem, a lost minion in search of his mistress. At least now, he's no longer alone.

~ Raymond is a marine with a weakness for women and dogs. He has a deep, dark secret that maybe Vanya, a gorgeous Night Elf can figure out. She's always served the ancients, but now must serve a different purpose alongside the rest of the fairytale creatures.

~ Tasha a college graduate with a major in literature. Her partner is Raidne, a seductive siren looking for her singing voice.

~ Matthew, a police man and Brynhilde, a female Dwarf with unbelievable strength.
My Human;;


Character Name:
Owen Robertson






General Appearance:

A man who specializes in classification of reptiles and amphibians. Maths and sciences are his strengths, and he is very well groomed. Owen has a good level of confidence as well... Enough so he can pursue his goals and not seem arrogant at the same time. This makes him a social expert.

Since he's so scientific, he can't look beyond logic to believe in Gods, fantasy and anything else he considers make believe. Therefore, he's rather close minded. Owen's greatest weakness, though, is the fact he's paraplegic. This puts a lot of limits on places he can go, things he can do, even people he can speak to.

To come


Current Goal/Purpose:
Learn everything he can about is scaly friends!

Mathematics, sciences, drawing, singing, patience, cooking

Walking, learning without books, swimming

The loss of his family

General Personality:
Generally a nice man. It would take a lot to make him angry or sad, since he seems to have a positive outlook on things. Years of being in a wheelchair certainly weighed on his heart, but in time, he learned to be confident. In his mind, he's no different from anyone else. A person is the same if they can't walk and he intends to keep it that way. Around his daughter, he tends to be childish and bubbly. He can communicate well with children.

Inner Personality:
Owen feels like he's living life at a paradise since he still has his family. Even so, he can't help but look at things a bit negatively. Depending on his wife to take care of him causes guilt and he always wonders how his daughter truly thinks of him. It's a miracle he's alive, but he always imagines life would be better if they had a man who could walk. Therefore, inside, he's quite depressed.

Owen always thinks his family would be better off without him.


General History:
This man's had a fascination with reptiles and amphibians ever since he was a child. The dream of being a herpetologist lived strongly, even after the dreadful accident. He was driving home from work one day and got smack dab in the middle of a collision involving several cars. Nobody died, somehow, but many of them were fatally wounded. Including Owen. This all happened when he was 23 years of age, almost finishing at college.

The car was beyond repair, so he let it get sold for scrap metal. Meanwhile, he laid in the hospital for what seemed like endless weeks. When he was told he'd never walk again, he became dismayed not for him, but his family. Yet, his wife stuck with him. She stayed faithful and pledged to take care of him until the end of time.

Even though he graduated college in a wheelchair, it was a proud moment for Owen. He began working at a zoo in Montgomery and offers his services to other local businesses, like pet shops. Owen investigates illnesses, gives breeding advice and studies every creature he can find. It's a job he never tires of; there's always something different too.

Over time, Owen learned he can be happy without his legs.

Present Life:
The Robertson family has a nice house to shelter them, full of Owen's pet lizards, frogs, and snakes. He's currently working with alligators at the zoo, helping to figure out why they're acting differently. Aside from that, he's being a loving husband and father, dedicating all his free time to his daughter and wife. Things have only gotten happier, which he focuses on to keep his mind off of all the misfortune.

My Fairytale character;;


Character Name:


Night Elf

67, though she looks like she's in her late twenties



General Appearance:

A most excellent marksman who can take a life with ease during the silence. She communicates well with animals and can speak a good number of other languages. Charisma is also a plus... Vanya's stunning beauty could get her what she needs or wants on its own. If no animals are around to help her in battle, she can summon them.

Does not blend in well with crowds, since her skin is such an unusual colour and she has facial tattoos. Also, summoning takes quite some energy. Should those critters fail her, she's easier prey, especially if no trees and shadows are around for her to hide herself.

Animal tongue
Frost arrows
Invisibility in the dark


Current Goal/Purpose:
Just to live and learn

Tracking, taming, seeing in the dark

Close combat

Large flames and abandonment

General Personality:
Generally a courageous, intelligent woman. She's forever loyal to her comrades, unless they take a traitorous path to darkness. When she's angry, it's best not to torment her any further. Once she's enraged, Vanya will lash out everything she's got until she can calm down. Luckily, she's usually a peaceful creature.

Inner Personality:
Nothing significantly different from her general personality.


General History:
Vanya has been a proud defender of the ancients ever since she learned how to fight. Although she's potent in battle with lots of people, she for the most part has been a loner. Animals and the voices of forest spirits provide plenty of company, so she's had no need for contact with other Elves. She's well known at her home, though. Others have always been honoured to fight by her side to push against the invasions seeking to destroy their World Tree. If not that, she's often been sent on missions to scope out foes. Her superb tracking abilities has assisted her allies in getting the upper hand.

Present Life:
Everything's been the same: Fight, track, eat, sleep... Though, now that she's in a new world, she's a bit scared. What purpose does she have in a realm inhabited entirely by humans? Modern aged humans, at that. Where she comes from is so old fashioned.
I want to be a part of this! Fantasy critter here, hopefully I'll find someone to pair up with... Thinking of a Minotaur, Huge Wolf, or something stranger - like a Displacer Beast... Something that few have heard about, but are still pretty cool.

Sort of a 'Big Bad Wolf' archetype... Though a lot of the fairytale folks see me as a villain (since in most tales, I would be), I'm one of the Good Guys here.
Sounds like fun, Frosteh. :3 Can't wait to see your character.

*giggle as Ocha tackles her* Yeeeees~?

EDIT: My human fella is a paraplegic. So if anyone would like, they can make a girl/boyfriend or spouse for him. Otherwise, I write a sad story about how nobody wants to love a man who can't walk, since the burden would be too much. c__c Just throwing an idea out there before I finish this guy up. Could make for some drama if one of their fairytale characters makes a love triangle or... Something. *brain short circuits from swamp of ideas*
Kitti will join all of Fluffy's roleplays.

Character Name: Vivi
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Angel
Age: As young as Spring
Occupation/School/Grade: Advisor to the king of the summer wood.


General Appearance: Can sit on even a child's shoulder. Though a woman's body her voice is very small. She has long flowing purple hair and green wings and dresses in a simple white toga.
-- A note on her appearance, as she becomes more worldly she we appear more an more often like a true guardian. Her hair will got to violet then to a silvery white and her wings will also become paler to the point that they seem white except when in flight where they seem more like shimmering sunlight.
Strengths: She can fly
Weaknesses: Even by comparison to other creatures her size she's not all that impressive in strength.
1) Touch of Truth
2) Sphere of Serenity
3) Invisible Fate
4) Flame of Justice

Current Goal/Purpose: To be able to fly higher and higher and one day reach beyond!
Talents: Logic and seeing the big picture.
Inabilities: Acting on her emotions. She might know it's a bad idea, but she'll still do it if she's compelled by her feelings.
Fears: Never changing.
General Personality: Childlike and innocent. There doesn't seem to be a worry in the world for this small creature.
Inner Personality: Vivi is much more mature then she lets on. She might be forgiving and hopeful but she's not a naive as people assume. Upon first meeting someone she tries to take their measure. Rarely is she wrong about a person's true being.
Secret: Someday she'll be a guardian angel.


General History: Even in a land of legends, Angles are considered almost a legend in and of themselves, but once in a while, one falls down. To rise to heaven once more they must gain life experience so that they can then guide others.

Present Life: Vivi does not recall a time before she was in the summer wood. If there was a time even. She was first seen as an amusement to the king and advisor was nothing more then an empty title. Yet she took to the job as best she could, trying to be logical and not let her own emotions cloud her reason when giving advice. It's too bad her advice is so rarely headed for she is actually a sound creature in the terms of seeing the bigger picture.

Special Historic Notes:


Character Name: Gretchen Robertson
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Female
Age: Almost 10!
Occupation/School/Grade: Happy 4th Grader


General Appearance: Gretch is about average height for her age. She has her mother's blonde hair but her father's brown eyes. She has light skin, which can burn easily if her mother doesn't tackle her with the sunscreen before she runs outside.
Strengths: Gretchen is a bundle of energy. She can keep on going even beyond those of her own age group. She loves running, climbing and crawling around.
Weaknesses: Ah, but she is as quiet as a mouse. It takes a keen ear to hear her shout or cry or sometimes even laugh. She might have a pretty voice, but not ability to project it.


Current Goal/Purpose: Learn how to whisk without any of liquid splattering! Figure out the difference between a toad and a frog. Oh, yeah, and win the year end track race!
Talents: She not just quick physically, but mentally as well. Given a problem within her ability to grasp she can come up with a solution. She understands more then most people give her credit for.
Inabilities: She gets bored in school, and when she does she start fidgeting. She doesn't know the virtue of patients and has been known to accidently wander off in stores when adults get distracted for too long.
Fears: Losing Daddy! While her mother and grandparents tried to shield her from the events that happened during the car accident, Gretchen was only too keenly aware of what was going on and still has night mares due to the stress of it all.
General Personality: Gretchen is going a million miles an hour, or so it seems. If you can't keep up with her you'll never know much about her. She talks fast, she moves fast and she eats fast (and how many times has she been scolded for that!) Over all she's happiness and cheer.
Inner Personality: Gretchen might move the the beat of a faster drummer, but she will slow down when someone really needs her to. She might not always know how to express it with words but she tries to be a good girl by deeds. However she can also be vindictive with deeds if someone actually did something to really really upset her.
Secret: She was the one that picked all the peonies. She thought Mrs. Miller would like them since she had been sick.


General History: Gretchen is the product of a high school romance. As such she has just about the youngest parents at school, which she finds funny. Over all Gretchen was having a easy childhood until her dad's accident. Those were some very rough months and it was the first time that Gretchen saw that bad things can happen.

Eventually things got back to normal and other then not liking it when other kids make fun of her dad, she's had a good time going to school.

Present Life: She's getting too big to sit on dad's lap for very long, and she's not doing very well in school. Overall life has been getting frustrating for this young lady and she's not very sure how to express it because she's never had to before.

She's spending more time outside and needs to be practically dragged in to eat or do her homework. Homework that she fights about having to do, but once she does it is done quickly.

Special Historic Notes:
This is relevant to my interests. C: Maybe i'll make something for it.
Here's my Human. I'll be working with Frost for the Fairytale component.


Character Name: Benjamin 'Ben' Witters
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Human
Age: Seven
Occupation/School/Grade: Student, Montgomery Elementary School, Second Grade
(Would have put in spoiler-tabs, but image was screwing up)
A small, pale boy with a thick nest of blonde hair. Ben has large, brown eyes that are partially hidden under his hair. He's a bit thin, though he has a round face. He is missing his right incisor tooth His fingers and knuckles are often covered in Band-Aids from where he's scraped himself up. He usually has a slightly sour look on his face. He gets a bit red in the face when he's flustered.

Strengths: As a child, he is naturally curious and inquisitive. This tends to pay off, as people are more likely to open up to a child, and thus, Ben's learned some interesting things about the grown-up world that he wouldn't have otherwise. This makes Ben a lot more mature than people give him credit for. Despite being curious, his maturity makes him cautious about what he hears, and he takes nothing at face value.

Weaknesses: The combination of Ben's maturity and immaturity has manifested in the form of an angry, bitter child. His anger is mostly directed to grown-ups, whom he believes are the agents of his self-professed ruined childhood. His untrusting nature makes him slow to make friends. He has very little confidence in himself due to a bad situation at home, and thus, is quite self depreciating. Being a logical, cynical child, his imagination had suffered. He's a bit of a coward too.

Powers: (To Come)


Current Goal/Purpose: Keep his parents from spitting up. (And, more internally, try to make the best of his childhood)
Talents: Logical thinking, rationality, fighting people weaker than him in hand to hand combat, puzzle-solving, reading and writing.
Inabilities: Poor imagination, standing up for himself, being sympathetic.
Fears: The dark, being alone.
General Personality: Bitter, Angry, Cynical, Logical, Quiet, Reserved, and Curious.
Inner Personality: Needy, Depressed, Clingy, Vengeful
Secret: Ben wishes more than anything that he could reclaim an idyllic childhood. His parents splitting up or dying are his worst nightmares because he fears that he'll be left alone.


General History:

Ben was born 7 years ago to happy couple named Dave and Camille Witters. They lived in a nice flat in the city and had been married for two years. Ben's father was a banker and investor, and his mother was a high-school French teacher. They both had high expectations for their child. Since they both worked long hours, Ben spent most of his childhood with various nannies and babysitters, but craved the time he spent with his parents, particularly with his father.
When Ben was five years old, his maternal grandfather died of a stroke. The child was unsure of how to react to this, since his maternal grandfather was not somebody he knew particularly well; he had only visited his house a few times, and his memories were not distinct. It broke his mother's heart though, as she had been very close with her father. The worst part however, was that Ben's father wasn't there to comfort her, he was away on a business trip. She begged him to return to comfort her, but he insisted that his work couldn't wait. It was at this point that the formerly happy couple's problems began. Ben's mother began to drink more, and started letting herself go. Ben's father began seeing one of the interns at the bank. They remained married however.
When Ben turned seven, his mother heard about her husband's dalliance with the intern, and officially filed for divorce.

Present Life:

Currently, Ben's parents are in the middle of a large divorce court case which has mutated into a messy custody battle for Ben. Ben takes out his frustration about the divorce out on others, occasionally acting as his school's bully. He stopped applying himself to his classes, and indeed, sometimes stopped going to class at all. He spends his time truant walking around the neighborhood around his school, and going into the various shops and restaurants. He returns to school in time to catch the bus home. When he goes home, he reads primarily. He used to play catch with his father and do his homework after school, but there hasn't been much of that since his father moved out.
Nicely done, Basil. I look forward to seeing what you and Frosty have planned.
I'm considering diving in here too, the idea is awesome. I was thinking about making an evil character, perhaps quite insane too, something like the Joker. That sort of nut jab. So I'd be in need of a creepy or evil looking partner. I'll try and get something up in the next short while. Let me now if anyones interested in pairing up.
That's fine, but he needs to be fighting for the side of good, alright? ;] I can admit characters with bad intentions, but they must cooperate with the team. If you wanna play someone bad, I'll allow you to make someone for us to fight, but they will basically be a killed NPC. Much as it kills me to say this... Since I am a fan of villains, especially villains that win. Hehe.
Oh, No I got that haha. By evil I meant twisted and sorta sadistic...just downright not right! =P

Character Name: Raidne
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Siren
Age: A lady doesn't tell! She looks nineteen or so, but that's grossly wrong.
Occupation/School/Grade: Temptress


General Appearance:
Strengths: Her enchanting song can coax men into doing her bidding, agile and athletic, great at swimming.
Weaknesses: Raidne doesn't know how to make her voice weave with her race's magicks. She's shy and lacks conviction or moxie. Easily disheartened.
Underwater Breathing
Enchanted Song

Current Goal/Purpose: Find a partner! All the men from the shipwrecks were really annoying and lacked hygiene. And also to figure out how to sing.
Talents: Raidne can play harp, violin, and flute. As a result of all her musical training, her ears are keen and she can detect even very faint sounds. She's disciplined and and well-organized.
Inabilities: Talking to men normally makes her flustered and she's terribly shy. Theatre makes Raidne angry and she cannot stand to hear anyone performing a play or reading script.
Fears: Secretly, Raidne's anger stems from fear of all theatre establishments and she won't go anywhere near one.
General Personality: Raidne is overall gentle and sweet, she doesn't like to offend people and is consequently thought to be a dumb but lovely blond because she rarely speaks.
Inner Personality: Raidne is opposed to the violence in her nature and she does not see even her sisters as the villains that other people perceive. She is deeply bitter that their parents relegated them to such an unsavory life. That said, she does not want to hurt anyone. She's very good at reading the emotions of others because they mean a lot to her.


General History:
Raidne has lived most of her life on a secluded island near Greece. She lived there with her other sisters and was the child of the group, protected and cared for by the others because she cannot sing. They would tell her stories of her parents and teach her to cast offerings into the sea in hopes that one day their parents might have pity on them and find for them some dignity among the other children of the sea.

Present Life:
Raidne has been pressed by her sisters to travel the world so that she may learn who she is and then, perhaps, how to sing since singing is a large part of the siren identity.
Special Historic Notes:
She's wonderful, Kitti. <3 I love her.
Looks like I'll need to get some peoples willing to make hoomans. I should have known most people would rather not play the regular characters, heehee. XD

KooKoo is "Oooh"ing at my roleplay... Does that mean she wants to join~? *hopeful eyes of cute*
Look Fluffy! I made you a wifu~ 8D

Main Character:

Character Name: Paisley Robertson

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Human

Age: 28

Occupation/School/Grade: Chocolatier/ Loving Wife

General Appearance:

Strengths: An expert at Chocolate and confections of the like, she runs an out of home candy shop with some friends. She prides herself in being a great home maker and wife as well as business woman. She can handle many things at once easily and has the kind of attitude that attracts people to her.

Weaknesses: Her love for fairytales can sometimes put her at ends with her husband and start little and pointless fights between them. A major weakness she has though is that she often suffers severe migraines that can put her out of business easily. When ever she gets one everything just shuts down, she can't think, she's sensitive to everything, and a rather bad temper flares up.

Powers: None Yet.

Current Goal/Purpose: Satisfying the sweet tooth of all people young and old as well as making her husband's life as comfortable as possible.

Talents: Cooking, Cleaning, Running, Planning, Imagination.

Inabilities: Drawing, Repairing, Focusing when suffering migraines.

Fears: The loss of her daughter and Her husbands health getting worse or his death.

General Personality: A very kind and open person, she is accepting of all people, no matter what problems or beliefs they have. She eagerly helps those in need, whether she knows them or not. Around her husband she if lovely dovey and quick to help him with anything. Around her daughter she is sweet and always ready to jump in with a treat or a warm hug and smile.

Inner Personality: Deep down she is actually a worry wart. Her mind is always hopping around with worried like. 'Will I get him to the doctor on time? Will he hurt himself while i'm out shopping? Will I make it to school to pick up our daughter?' It's constant whirl of questions that she can never answer. She also is much more harsh with people who try to hurt her family, she can't help ploting to destroy them when she catches a person insulting or pointing out a problem with her husband or daughter, even if their intentions aren't bad.

Secret: She worries that she might not be able to keep her husbands life easily and comfortable or that she will some day fail him when he needs her most.

General History: Paisely came from a family that was always connected through meal time, so it was only natural that her choice of profession was in food, more specifically desserts and the like. Since her choice of degree had a much shorter learning period than her husbands she was already working full time in a high end bakery in the city. She was just about to leave work when she got the call about the crash.

After quickly rushing to the hospital she stayed by her husbands side every hour she could afford, only leaving when she had to make sure their daughter was alright while staying with the grandparents. When news came about the loss of his ability to walk there was a twinge of guilt in her, that maybe there was something she could have done to prevent this. She however took the news in stride and swore to stay with her husband, the only man that even accepted her, migranes and all.

She eventually quit her job at the bakery to stay home and take care of her husband, though she knew that with the medical bills and future expenses to come they really needed a second income. She caught wind of a weekly farmers market and quickly bought a stand and started to sell any baked good or chocolate that she could make at home. Eventually this sprouted out into a nice out of home business that allowed her to continue her dream, help pay the bills, and watch over her husband all at once.

After his graduation, Paisely expaned her business a bit more and continued to take care of her family like any mother, life finally returning to something more relaxed than it had been since the accident.

Present Life: Paisely currently runs the lovely house they now live in, a nice custome kitchen that she had paid for from her own jobs profits. It is currently forbidden to the number of reptiles that live under her roof, though on occasion one or two have slipped in a surprised her. She continues to be loyal and true to her hasband and raises her daughter with more love than there is in the world, holding on to the happiness that currently is in their lives in hopes of covering up the painful years they once had.

Special Historic Notes:

Fairytale Character for my character: Spammy's Character 8D

Fairytale Character:

Character Name: Brynhilde Dalavesta Acholate

Gender: Female

Species/Race: Dawrf

Age: 26

Occupation/School/Grade: Dwarven Princess Warrior

General Appearance:
In this picture she is with her father.

Strengths: Even though she is small she is quite strong, able to lift things that weight more than even her! Her small size is also a benefit because it makes it easier for her to dodge attacks. She also has great muscle control so she could stop her attack before they hit the person they are aimed for, just in cause she was quick to jump to assumtions.
Weaknesses: Because she wear a lot of armor, and that armor is quite heavy, she certainly isn't the faster person. She also is quick to anger and will not hesitate to swing her hammer at someone that upsets her in any way. She also is sensitive about her hight, since usually people look down on her, no pun intended, for it.
Fire Hammer
Bull's Punch
Healing Armor

Current Goal/Purpose: To prove that women also can handle power and be as strong as men.

Talents: Great hand-to-hand combat, Quick learner, Can speak in many other languages (including elvish), Can read, Holds alcohol well.

Inabilities: Healing, Can't control her temper, Dancing, Cooking.

Fears: Not being able to prove her worth.

General Personality: She is loud and proud and will not give in to anyone she sees as unworthy. She believes that everyone can be great as long as they strive to be, whether they are man or woman. She is loyal to her kind and name and is eager to since praises about her race. She can be kind, and that kindness is usually rough and hearty, full of loud laughs and heavy slaps on ones back.

Inner Personality: Deep down, she is a lot quieter, often thinking about her people or current events and planning for anything. She is also a little more girly, finding interest in flowers and jewels and dresses like other women. She looks upon all her precious people with a love and devotion so strong that no army could ever destroy it.

Secret: She really wants to get married and have many children, finding babies and young ones to be very adorable.

General History: Brynhilde is the Eldest child to King Riffin of the Dwarven kingdom. From a young age she was trained to be a warrior and she did wonderful in her teachings. For years she believed that she would take over the thrown when her father passed on, however it seemed that other's thought otherwise. Many of her father's advisors that he choose one of his younger sons, calling Brynhilde unfit to rule the kingdom. Outraged and insulted, she burst in and challenged all the advisors, demanding they take back such words.

For a moment it seemed like a fight would break out there in the thrown room when her father spoke up. He said that he believed that Brynhilde was fit to take his place, but offer a deal to his adviosrs. Give her a task to complete, one that will prove her worth, and see if she completes it. If she does, she will continue to he his heir, if not then he will replace her with one of his sons. Brynhilde was quick to accept the challange and the advisors started to devise the most difficult challange they could.

They eventually can up with a quest of great difficulty, demanding that she collect a scale from each type of dragon, Fire, Ice, Water, Earth, Lightening, and Shadow. These creatures certainly aren't easy to defeat and she was allowed to gather the scales as she saw fit. As soon as her quest had been declared, she was leaving the dawrven caves she had lived in all her life, and ventured out into the unknow.

Present Life: She is almost done with her quest, having been away from home for almost 3 years. She was only one scale away from finishing her quest...when she was sucked into this strange world. She is very confused and angry at this new change of events, seeming to be the only one of her kind in this world. Of all things why did it have to be over run with humans?!

Special Historic Notes: