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Drama, angst, dark roleplays, yaoi, modern, set in the future, romance, horror, family, coming of age. I like a lot of shit.

When Benjamin bought the book, Princely Behaviours , the cashier warned him. 'Once you get into that nook, it will be hard to get out of'. Benjamin took it as saying the book was highly interesting, and hard to put down. Oh how wrong was that boy.

It was a mid summer night, Friday night to be exact. Most twenty year olds would have been out, drinking, partying, enjoyinh their youth while they had it. Be that as it may, Benjamin was curled up in his bed, reading Princely Behaviours. He couldn't even put it down. He hasn't since he bought it earlier that day. Just as the cashier stated. Slowly, Benjamin turned the page, and his small apartment began to shake. Everything slowly began spinning, and within a minute? The young man was literally into the book.


"Whoa Zev that gig was awe-Zev? Where ya going man? The after party is-"

"I gotta go, see ya dude!" Zev called back to his slightly buzzed friend, who was holding the door that led to outside to keep him balanced. Throwing up his black hood, Zev ventured out into the pouring ran, knowing he needed to get home. Zev wasn't your average man. He was a prince, who was destined to rule this small country, however in order to do so he needed to be married. And to who? If you're guessing princess, then you're correct. Three months from now, he will be married to s young and gorgeous princess, and rule his country with her by his side. Tomorrow he would be going on a date with her, reluctantly. The Prince wasn't exactly jping for joy that he would be marrying a beautiful princess. He could admit she was beautiful. However, she wasn't his type. For one, she was the wrong gender.

Yup, Zev was gay. His family didn't know this, and there wasn't exaxtly a way the young rebel could tell them. So Zev was forced to live out his life in misery, married to a woman he didn't want. Gray eyes peered out into the rain, as he took backstreets and alleyways to get home. Stuffing his hands deeply in his pockets to warm them, he sunk his teeth into his full bottom lip, thinking about how screwed his life is
Benjamin, or Benji for short opened his eyes once the damned shaking had stopped. He wasn't at home anymore, based on the fact that it was raining and his clothes were getting soaked. He was sitting on a curb, at night, when it was raining. With a growing horror he realized the true meaning of the bookseller's words. He was trapped in the book about a prince. That was what he was certain of.
He stood up and moved to the bustop at the corner of the street. He dug into his pockets to see what he came here with, pulling out a couple of crumpled bills, a pack of gum, and his keys. He had dove into reading his book without really changing or taking things put of his pockets. Thankfully he had something rather than nothing.

The cold started to set in as he sat there, shivering in his wet clothes. Benji could see that no one was around and he didn't know what to do. He wanted to go home. This was horrible. In this world, he had nothing. At home, he had a home and a washing machine and tea. Here, all he had was gum. Dammit, sitting here wouldn't do anything. To get home he probably had to finish the book. So Benji stood up, squeezed out whatever water he could from his clothes, wiped his glasses off though the effort was futile, put a piece of minty gum in his mouth and walked somewhere. If the book brought him here, it would take him to the prince.
Just as Benji guessed, the story sid bring him somewhere. The street where Zev was supposed to meet Chaz, the love interest. Zev ventured across the street, and his eyes were met with the sight of Ben. Soaking wet, without any jacket, and seemed to be alone. Arching a brow, he jogged over careful not to slip. "Hey! Whaddya doin' out here? You'll catch a death without a coat!" Said the prince, trying to speak over the loud rain, pounding into the streets, making a rather loud nose. Taking off his jacket, he threw it over Benji, before he could even refuse, and led him to a coffee shop, that was closed. Standing under their roof to get away from the rain, he finally was able to really look a Benji.

Alabaster colored skin, that was free of blemishes, dark black hair, that sort of fell into one side of his face, gorgeous colored eyes, and rather full pink lips. Caught off guard by the beauty of the boy, he scratches the back of his neck, before asking, "What the hell are you doin' out here dressed like that? Ya know its raining right?" Joked the man, as he tried to squeeze the rain out of his own shitt, before peaking up at the sky. The tain disnt look like it would stop any time soon.
Benji gulped as this man, whoever he was, just came at him, making a large noise. He turned to walk away from this person when a jacket was thrown over his shoulders and he was led away like a captured prize or something. This man made him feel nervous and since he was hot that only made him feel more nervous. The black hair, the grey eyes were seriously attractive. He couldn't help but think he was handsome. The nervousness would compound since he himself was gay.

He had a hard time with people. People in books were easier to know then those in real life. "I...I have no home." Benji said quietly, looking away from this man who had stopped and even put his own jacket on top of him. "I..don't have anything here." It was the truth and whoever he was wouldn't think he was crazy. He had act like one of this guy's fellow countrymen or something even when the details of the blurb seem to leave his mind as he shivered in the cold, looking sad and pathetic and upset. He could bs amnesia or something and find some books or something. Get some info about this world.
"You're homeless? Jeez, man...Thats tough." He grumbled and looked away, his nimble fingers going to play with the cross around his neck. Would it be entirelt crazy to invite this guy to stay the night with him? It wouldn't be too crazy would it? I mean...He had more than enough room.

"Hey...You could like...Stay the night with me, only if your not some crazy ass ax killer or something. If you are I take my offer back." The older of the two teased, hoping to lighten the mood. Rubbed his own muscular srms to warm them up, fighting off a shiver that was threathening to come on. "...So um...If your homeless why ya clothes don't look super dirty?"
"Well how do I know that you're not luring me into your dungeon?" Benji shot back awkwardly. He wasn't sure if he should even go with this guy. "I just became homeless. I got kicked out today. I was under a bus stop for a while but I went out to find food." His stomach let out a loud growl to accentuate his words.

Benji saw this guy was shivering so on impulse he took off the jacket and threw it on the other man's shoulders before he could protest. "It's yours anyway. Oh, I'm Benjamin. It's...nice to meet you. Whoever you are." He should probably take the opportunity. Maybe he could be warm again and maybe even get some food. "Though, if you're really offering, then sure I guess." His brief spurt of normality vanished and he was looking away from him again, talking softly and looking nervous and worried.
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"The names Zev. And yeah, I'm serious offering. I've got like plenty of room at my place." Smiled the Prince. He looked at the rain that was coming down before looking at the shorter of the two. "Alright we are def gonna have to make a run for it. I mean, this rain ain't gonna stop any time soon, so if you wanna get to my place we gotta run."

Could Zev just call someone to gice him a ride? Sure but he wasn't. He was rebelling thw whole prince life at the moment. So having people do what he said wasn't what he wanted. He tossed the jacket back to him, and befoee he could give it back he grabbed his wrisr and oulled him to run.
Benji felt himself being pulled along behind Zev. It was crazy, following a random guy that he didn't know to a random place, but he had to go with it. Besides, he was worried that Zev would use more force to bring him to his house...wherever that was. He kept the jacket around him, knowing that Zev would be stubborn about it. It was warm, and it smelled masculine. It made him feel all warm inside but he wasn't about to tell Zev that or anything.

He struggled along behind Zev, finding the position a bit uncomfortable. He wasn't best runner and he was afraid of tripping and falling to the ground. He hoped that they actually made it to Zev's house before they were sick or anything like that. He already felt like he had taken a shower just by standing outside.
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